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On the Forbidden Letters by Hanno Temming

The Letters are captivating and venomous at the same time - decadent, yet brisk. And their gnostic acid is a scream. It's a pity Crowley isn't around anymore. He would have loved the Paris 4 and their workings.   [Raven]


'If you produce that stone (...) you will achieve individual and physical immortality' 
[The P4 in the first Forbidden Letter]

'The goal of evolution is alchemy.'
[The P4 in the second Forbidden Letter]

In the Gospel according to the Egyptians Salome said

'Until when shall men continue to die?'

Christ answered

'So long as women bear children.'

Salome then asked

'I have done well then, in not bearing children?'

Christ then says [clearly evading the question]

'Every plant eat thou, but which hath bitterness eat not.'

Clement of Alexandria, 150-213 AD, has this:

'For they say, that the Savior himself said: I came to destroy the works of the female.'

Those 'works of the female' are identified by the Church as lust, which shouldn't surprise us, because no Church of course likes to degrade pregnancy in particular, and procreation in general. [Kline]

It is, I believe, not a coincidence that we almost only find direct or indirect teachings about physical immortality in [copies of] Gospels found after 1810. Gospels that couldn't be edited or destroyed by the Church anymore. The most famous one being the Gospel according to Thomas of course.

A truly beautiful example I think of an indirect teaching on physical immortality [not detected by the Church] is the conversation between Jesus and his mother at the wedding in Kanaan. Indirect, because it has to be read in my opinion in the light of Jesus' conversation with Salome.

'Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come.' [John 2:4] [under Forum-name]


Christianity is eating the menu, not the meal. It's the alchemist, the future Christ, who's eating the meal.[under Forum-name].


Nobody can pursue divinity. The Grail can not be invited. What is it India says to humiliate her many seekers and self appointed masters and saints: those who seek, the greedy and eager, are the least talented. [Jugal Kishor]


In Norse mythology, the world tree, was a sacred ash which spanned heaven and hell. It was evergreen and tended by the Norn goddesses of past, present, and future.

Yggdrasil had three roots with a spring under each one: one root descended to the well Hvergelmir in Nifelheim or Hel, the realm of the dead; another ran to the well of Mimir, the source of all wisdom, under Jotunheim, land of the giants; and the third reached Urd's well under Asgard, home of the gods. Urd's well was a regular meeting place of the gods and was guarded by the Norns, who sprinkled the tree with its waters every day to avert decay.

Various creatures inhabited Yggdrasil, including an eagle and a hawk in the branches; four sacred harts who fed on the foliage; and Ratatosk, the strife-making squirrel, who travelled continuously up and down the trunk to maintain the hostility between the eagle above and Nidhogg, a dragon which gnawed ceaselessly at the root connecting to Nifelheim. [ http://encyclopedia.farlex.com/Ygdrasil ]

That world tree is a microcosmic tree, residing in the spine and brain.

Wikipedia tells us:

The axis mundi (world axis), in religion or mythology, is the world center and/or the connection between heaven and Earth. It exists in virtually all cultures on Earth, although it plays a much more explicit role in those cultures utilizing shamanic practices or those with animist belief systems. It is thought that the axis mundi idea spread throughout Eurasia as a part of the Proto-Indo-European religion, more specifically as the world tree concept. It is familiar today as the Rod of Asclepius, the symbol of medicine, and the similar caduceus; the staff is the axis itself, and the serpent (or serpents) are the guardians or guides to the other realm. It is a common shamanic concept, the healer traversing the axis mundi to bring back knowledge from the other world. The axis mundi connects heaven and earth as well as providing a path between the two. [Wikipedia]

The squirrel Ratatosk is identified as the devil. Heaven and hell exist only in you.

(...) A divided house must fall [mortality]. And what is it that squirrel does [in the psyche of man]? It maintains hostlity between the eagle at the top [in the skull], the microcosmic 'male', and the dragon, the Kundalini-snake, at the bottom [in the coccyx], the microcosmic 'female'.

If the squirrel could not do that anymore, the snake would be able to climb the trunk [the spine], touch the eagle, and free the eagle. The house then wouldn't be divided anymore.

The seventh chakra would be opened then.The Paris 4 confirm in part 2 of the Letters, email 1, that it is that top-chakra that opens first, and not last, as India claims. [under Forum-name]


Anything that contains important information which is not instantly recognisable on the surface can be considered to be a retainer of a code or cipher, and we can be sure that this is what the Great Pyramid is in structure.(...) ...no one can really doubt that the amount of information that can be gained from closely studying the Great Pyramid and its location – even if much of this information was intentionally encoded or not – is indeed so mind-boggling, that one could be forgiven for thinking that ‘God’ or some ‘higher intelligence’ not constrained by the laws of our reality had built it, saying: “There you go, all the information you need to know about you and your reality is all stored within this monument – find it and use it!” . . . [Osborn/Gardiner]


'Happy the lion who is eaten by a man, because that lion will become a man. But woe the man that is eaten by the lion, for he will become a lion' [Jesus in Thomas on the Night of the Soul]. It's the theme of the Sphinx. [the P4]


The pyramid is the capstone of the Obelisk, the Obelisk the successor to the Ben Ben-stone. The pyramid is therefor a symbol in stone for the stone that ignites the holy fire of the Bennu-bird, the Phoenix of the Greeks. [under Forum-name]


There is some evidence in the ancient texts that the eventual addition of the capstone (and thus the completion of the pyramid to its full design) was seen by the initiates as symbolising the return of the Light to the world in the Messianic person of the resurrected Osiris. [Lemesurier]


We're awaiting the Stone. [saying in Alchemy]


The Paris 4 write: "The stone is produced about where the liver is. The stone ignites the Kundalini fire (the fire can actually be heard) and starts to move about, increasingly violently. Fire getting stronger. Arms and legs break into pieces."

Arms and legs breaking into pieces? That sounds osirian enough. And what's more, Seth, who trapped Osiris, had 72 conspirators.

The alchemical process is said to clean too, and to deliver a shining white Lightbody, the bridal clothes of the Gospel.

Now, in the Gospel according to Philip, Jesus entered in the dyeing of Levi. He took 72 colors and threw them in the cauldron. Then Levi was in anger, but Jesus "took them out all white and said: 'It is thus indeed that the Son of Man is come as dyer'". [Raven]


In spite of the fact that no mummies were ever found in pyramids, Egyptologists, for reasons of orthodoxy, will keep telling you that the pyramids are graves. [under Forum-name]


The name pyramid is greek and means 'fire within' or 'fire in there'. If you confront an Egyptologist with that, he will tell you that the ancient Greeks called those stone buildings pyramids, because they resembled in shape a cookie of ancient Greece called pyramidion by the Greeks. (...)

I doubt very much though that the ancient Greeks, who admired the architecture of ancient Egypt, would call masterpieces of that architecture after a cookie. I think it is more likely, that the cookie was called after the building, and not the building after the cookie. (...)

And why too would a cookie be called 'fire in the middle'? Because it has been in an oven perhaps? - All cookies have been in ovens. [under Forum-name]


An Egyptologist I consulted on this, simply turned that table by asking: why would a building be called 'fire in the middle'? Perhaps because the pyramid symbolizes the capstone of the Obelisk. The Ben-Ben. The touchstone to the holy fire of the Bennu or Phoenix. That metaphore for the human body consumed in Kundalini-fire as we know now through the [Forbidden] Letters. In that way it would have 'a fire within'. A fire it could pass on. To a human being for instance. [under Forum-name]


And if that stone indeed resides (and where else could it reside?) in the microcosmic or sub-atomic realm, then this would mean it is potentially everywhere, since there is no such thing as distance in the sub-atomic world. That living stone [1 Peter 2:4], the Christ, is also described as the 'prima materia'. Well, let us listen to what it has to say in the Gospel according to Thomas in logon 77. Jesus said, "I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth [the prima materia], and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there [omnipresence]. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there [omnipresence]." [Raven]


The capstone of the pyramid, which was also placed at the apex of columns and obelisks, representing the shamanic ‘world pillar’, was called the Benben and represented the ‘seed-point’ of creation. In other words, the pillar or obelisk represented the phallus of the supreme god Atum-Ra, who personified the source-centre of the cosmos and all of creation – the Benben on top representing the sperm or ‘seed-droplet’ which seeded this creation. [Osborn/Gardiner]


Both the Benben stone and its related archetypal creature, the bennu bird, (a Heron) which is often depicted perched on top of the capstone of an obelisk (‘sacred pillar’ – shamanic), also represented the ‘soul’, the ‘divine spark’ or ‘life force’ that is said to reside in every man and woman (...). [Osborn/Gardiner]


The Bennu (Phoenix) lived on the ben-ben stone or obelisk within the sanctuary of Heliopolis. The Bennu was said to have created itself from the fire that burned on the sacred Persea tree in Heliopolis. [geocities]


Ancient Egypt called the Great Work of Alchemy the Work of the Sun. Here the microcosmic sun is meant. It is supposed to open in the coccyx right after the Night of the Soul starts. That sun conducts the psychic energy of the beast in us that is freed during the Night of the Soul, and composes the lightbody with that energy: the Kingdom within. [under Forum-name]


There is no broad, light and safe path to paradise. It's the rape of the Resurrection and the terror of the Night of the Soul, a dark, narrow and dangerous path, to quote Jesus, that is going to do the trick. And no uninvited man passes the flaming kundalini-sword of Eden safely. But whoever does, will be overcome through the Great Work of Alchemy in the end. And once that is done, he will reign over the universe timelessly with Christ, his new microcosmic head. That is the core of the Gospel, the Good Message. [under Forum-name]


Mind, consciousness, is only spin-off. Psychic energy is all we are. 'Only feelings are real'[Sinisa Dragin]. The world, and that means my flesh too, is only projection. [Raven]


Wolfram von Eschenbach states that his main source was a Provencal bard named Kyot rather than Chretien de Troyes who composed a similar romance, but with major differences, at around 1180. He was said to have been illiterate and to have dictated the story to a transcriber. It was from the mysterious Kyot, thought by some to a fictional device, that Wolfram claimed to have learned the Grail mysteries, which he states were acquired by Kyot in Toledo.

In Toledo, Jews, Christians and Muslims had lived peacefully for centuries. It was here at the great library that many ancient Greek and Roman works were protected from the Inquisition. The city was captured by Alfonso VI in the 11th century and according to Wolfram, Kyot obtained a manuscript in "heathen writing" there which was the source of his knowledge of the Grail.

The manuscript was said to be written by a "heathen" named Flegetanis. On his father's side, he was said to have descended from a heathen "who worshipped a calf." He was also said to have descended from King Solomon of Israel. Wolfram describes him as a skilled astrologer. [Manansala]


(...)that there is no such thing as reincarnation. And if people feel they remember past lifes, they actually remember a past life of somebody else. The macrocosmos and everything that has ever happened in that cosmos, is in the microcosmos. And that cosmos is passed on in our genes. So yes, we can get flashes from things that happened in the past, but they didn't happen to us personally. You are born once with a soul and a body, and a third agent [Spirit] can come in to save that body and soul by making it immortal in the Work of the Sun. Hence: woe the soul that depends on the flesh, and woe the flesh hat depends on the soul. [Gospel of Thomas]


Although I'm gay, I couldn't care less whether von Eschenbach himself was gay too, but will you look at his last sentence in the Parzival (we know how cutting his irony could be):

"To good women, if they are sensible, I am all the more worthy--in case one of them wishes me well--now that I have completed this story. If it was done for a woman's sake, she will have to speak sweet words to me."


[under Forum-name]


Kundry and Kundalini not only share the root Kun, they also share the same skin: von Eschenbach says Kundry has the skin of a snake.


There is nothing any of us can do that would change the metaphysical destination of our world in general, or of any human being in particular. It is very important to realize that the alchemical process is utterly autonomous. [Mariette]


I really don't know how the whole process will eventually end in detail for mankind, and intuition is often nothing but wishfull thinking of course. But I like to believe nevertheless that those who will in the end reign with Christ, their new microcosmic head, will reign with wisdom and benevolence. [Mariette]


"I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I am watching over it, until it blazes."
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. It will come on a Saturday!
[Anonymous message left on the site of Gary Osborn/ quote taken from Gospel of Thomas 10. (Temming) ]


I've been thinking about that prophecy. January 17th is sometimes a Tuesday (in 2007 it's a Wednesday my agenda says). If the date of the resurrection (September 4 1986) was a Thursday, then... Yes, then what? First his biological birth (Tuesday), then his rebirth (Thursday), then gloria olivae (Saturday). [Pete] [Osborn site]


Yes, September 4th was a Thursday. http://www.hf.rim.or.jp/~kaji/cal/cal.cgi?1986  [Pete] [Osborn site]

[By the way, the famous date of December 21 2012 is a Friday. (Temming)]


The stone of Alchemy lies in dirt, as the alchemists say. Nobody wants to have anything to do with it. [Under forum-name]


The original lie is that everybody is potentially a candidate for salvation. The second lie, that you can contribute to your salvation. And the third, that you can ruin it. Those three lies, highly respected around the globe, keep millions in business, and billions in darkness. [Mariette]

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