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The Forbidden Letters - Newsletter 1

Newsletter 1 on the Forbidden Letters
by Paris 4

Dear Visitors of World Mysteries,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the Paris 4 we have been following the international discussion on the Forbidden Letters, as you may understand. And we feel we have to bring in some balance.
Balance when it comes to homosexuality being a conditio sine qua non for alchemy in particular.
Because we have seen many people worried on Forums about that part. People who ask themselves: can't we be saved, because we are not homosexual?

Let us just correct that here and now.

We have that information on homosexuality from the man we described in paragraphe 8 of part 2 of the Letters.

Here is the part.

"We (and that includes our gay man) in Letter number four said that we never saw the source manuscripts of the New Testament. So how can our gay man ensure us (because that's what we write too) that 'most of the manuscripts is found back in the parabels of 'Jesus' about the Kingdom of God'?
Our gay man was informed about the manuscripts in emails in 2000, just before his night of the soul. By a mailer on an alchemy-website. This man informed him that the manuscripts were packed with alchemy in farmer-allegory (like in the Gospel). But how, you will ask, did our gay man know so sure that his informant was speaking the truth? He didn't. But he decided to trust him because of a very odd incident. A very odd incident indeed.
For that anonymous mailer could tell our gay man about his sexual fetish. A thing our gay man had only shared with a few lovers. And it was our gay man who contacted the mailer, not the other way around. Because if it would have been the other way around, it could simply have been an ex-boy-friend having a pratical joke ofcourse.
Our gay man admits that he is, therefor, not absolutely sure about the theory on the manuscripts from 120 BCE, but that he trusted the man's statement, because he could tell precisely about his (our gay man's) deepest sexual feelings."

It was this man who said to our gay man that 'only certain homosexuals posess the necessary balance of the microcosmic male and female to safely conduct the kundalini-fire'.

We failed to point that out. If one just reads the Letters and part 2 as published, one might think that we had some kind of 'divine revelation' on this.

Which brings us to the article by the CE2.

"Alchemy is not only the 'goal of evolution', as the Paris 4 say, it is on top the one force that fights entropy. And is thereby evolution proper.

Another important detail on alchemy that wasn't mentioned by the Paris 4 in the Letters is the alchemical saying 'You need Gold, to make Gold'. Important, because we wouldn't be surprised if it is fetched by some, for the benefit of many...
(And would they be called solar heroes? Microscosmic solar heroes? They would indeed!)"

We are more than sympathetic to that quote.

Then, this newsletter gives us the opportunity to react on the excellent article by
Mr. Otto Reich too.

The part about Fulcanelli:

In The Gnostic Science of Alchemy, chapter 12, Vincent Bridges writes

"And so, at long last, we arrive at the point where Fulcanelli began, the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe. In his 1926 masterpiece, The Mystery of the Cathedrals, Fulcanelli claimed that the Gothic Cathedrals were Hermetic libraries in stone with the secret of alchemy displayed for all who could read it. When our investigation began, this seemed, in its own way, the most incredible of all Fulcannelli's claims. It was easier to believe that someone had stumbled privately onto the real secret behind the alchemical
transformation, than it was to believe that some secret society, or societies, had encoded this information deliberately into the design and the decorations of the greatest of all Christian monuments.
For this to be true, several important preconditions would also have to be true, such as the existence of a secret, or not so secret, group with access to the highest levels of the church, bottomless wealth, connections with the Holy Land and the Moslem world, and knowledge of the inner core of alchemy."

"(Otto Reich:)One is tempted to think for a moment that the Paris 4 are exactly such a 'secret, or not so secret group'. And if they are, this group would then be at least as old as the French Cathedrals."

We are in no way connected to Fulcanelli. His riddle is, in our opinion, correctly explained by Reich, and the Notre Dame indeed has alchemy encoded (like many other French cathedrals). But we are not connected to Fulcanelli, or to any other group, secret, or not so secret. We are simply the four friends of the gay man.(Although the Fulcanelli-theory is correct in our view of course, that alchemy is about the End of Time).

Yet, the question arises now of course: is September 4th 1986 and the things that are, according to us, going to happen in the not so far future a fulfillment of the Hendaye Cross and the theory of Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges? We don't know.

Then, we are sympathetic to this quote too:

"The Paris 4 are all heterosexual too. And quite enjoying their mission at the same time. That might just mean not all is lost when you're heterosexual. That only certain homosexuals, like that gay man, are perhaps capable of fetching the Gold of Immortality, but that it is fetched at the same time for the benefit of all, as the CE2 say. And isn't the Alchemist in the end a Christ? And isn't a Christ a saviour? In other words: I feel quite relaxed about all this."

(Our gay man likes to point out though that it is not a human who saves, but the alchemist, so beautifully called 'the only living god'. The 'god within'. Our gay man feels like an 'object' in all this. He points out that he is of the opinion that he had no active part in the past 20 years of his Work of the Sun. It was all done by the 'inner alchemist' he says. It is the alchemist that saves, not the vessel, meaning our gay man.)

And we think this quote, from the Reich article, makes sense too.

"Reading the Forbidden Letters, all of a sudden the mystery seems solved why Kundalini-awakenings in the past didn't lead to physical lightbodies and physical immortality. And why, in teachings on alchemy, that lightbody was gradually turned into an after-death-body and physical immortality into
soul-immortality or a prolonged life. (Only certain Tamil schools still stick to their teachings on physical immortality.) - Because a Kundalini-awakening is not yet the Work of the Sun. 
You apparently need the whole thing. To produce that stone, to be decapitated, to have that wheel
raised in the head and to descend into the earth. All the things described in the Great Work of Alchemy apparently have to happen to you.(...) The Kundalini-awakening will be a vital part of the Great Work, but on itself without a doubt only a sub-atomic phenomenon, although a potentially
extremely dangerous one."

And please, dear Visitors of World Mysteries, remember what Mariette points out, quoted in the Hanno Temming article:

'There is nothing any of us can do that would change the metaphysical destination of our world in general, or of any human being in particular. It is very important to realize that the alchemical process is utterly autonomous.'

Whether our Pope-theory is correct, or not, we all simply have to wait. Our gay man, you, and we too.

With our warmest wishes to you all,

The Paris 4.

Paris, October 26, 2006.

* * *

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