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The Forbidden Letters - Newsletter 2

Newsletter 2 on the Forbidden Letters
by Paris 4

Paris, October 2007

Dear Mr. Osborn,
Dear Gary,

We discovered why Philip called us fraudulent and psychotic in the summer of 2006. Two weeks after we first contacted you in 2005 we received an email by somebody from Phil's Forum who warned us and said Philip couldn't be trusted. That worried us of course. You too warned us that Phil couldn't be trusted (plagiarism). We decided to put him to the test by inventing a character, meaning a second alchemist. A person claiming he had the same experience our gay man had. We used the Latin text as a spill, that person saying 'I'm pretty sure I live in the same town as your gay man.' - This was daring of course, because we don't know whether possibly more alchemists exist at this moment.

And we didn't want to blur the knowledge we sent to you on alchemy. But then we all decided that a possible second alchemist is not a threat to the alchemy itself and had our fictional alchemist mail Philip. It then showed, we still regret to say, that Philip did not past our little tests: he produced two fabrications and twice didn't do what he promised to do.

Last week we found out that this little email-correspondence was the reason he later called us fraudulent and psychotic. Because he contacted the British Secret Service (you know about that) through a friend who then checked our IP's. And of course every email (including the one by our fictional alchemist) came from one and the same city, being the city of our secretary. And they all came from about 10 public different computers. So it was discovered that IP's of the Paris 4 were matching the very IP's of the fictional alchemist. And then he jumped to his conclusion.

Now, the conclusion was partly correct: that second alchemist didn't exist, but we were surprised that

a) he didn't contact us to confront us (was his request to the Secret Service illegal and that the reason why he couldn't disclose his info?)

b) he didn't understand that the fictional alchemist could have used the same public computers we used (after all, that fictional alchemist already said in his mail that he was pretty sure he was in the same city as our secretary).

Anyway, this email gives us the possibility to react on a few other things as well.

1) New York is in no way involved. We don't know how that Washington Arch entered the (very excellent!!!) response articles on WM (through the CE2-riddle?), but we have no connection with New York. We're all in Europe.

2) A friend of Graham Hancock suggested that we are a 'much larger group'. We are not. We are surprised that people can't simply accept 4 Parisians, an alchemist and a 'secretary' helping us with translating.

3) The ligthbody of our gay man is still growing. But we have surprising details contradicting the assumptions of the spiritual world on that body. Since spring 2007 the big chakra's are slowly disappearing. The little ones in the hand, arms, legs (back of knees), and under the feet have disappeared already since over a year. But to our surprise the large ones are disappearing too. The only bodily chakra that is still active is the heart-chakra. The head-chakra's though are still active like on day one (they opened not after 2001, but on September 5 1986, as you will recall). They are steady. No change. They can become a little bit stronger and then weaker again now and then, but this change is the same since 1986.

It appears then that the bodily chakra's are possibly only phases, and will not show up in the end-product, the Lightbody. That they do their work, but after that disappear. This is new. We found that nowhere in literature. But of course, there is the possibility that they will return again, or show up in the Lightbody in the end again. But for now they are silent for months. And the minor chakra's for over a year.

The Lightbody is by now so strong that there are strong 'electrical' currents in his body, mainly in his hands. If for instance he washes his hands in warm water then the current becomes so strong that the hand starts to pulsate. The pulsation cannot be seen though, but he can feel it.

4) In two alchemical texts we once found the phase of torture. We always thought that was an exaggeration, pointing to unpleasant moments in either the phase of Resurrection, or the Night of the Soul. But we think we know now what that word stands for. In March the heart-chakra started to work in a new, very painful way, for almost 24 hours. Our gay man was that much 'tortured' that he even contemplated going to a hospital. But he was afraid of that too, because the physicians would ask questions, or want to make scans. And he wished to remain hidden.

It fortunately all stopped after 24 hours. And didn't return till September (2007) with two less violent attacks. The first about 12 hours, the second about 10 hours. He said he had never had so much pain in his life and that he couldn't have imagined before that a human body could produce so much pain. So the phase of torture seems to exist and seems to point to a certain phase of the transforming work the heart-chakra does.

5) We have an amusing (and possibly childish) story we decided to share with you and the public. Our gay man last summer asked himself whether he was the only one who had produced the Stone. He had done that before, contemplating the possibility of more alchemists being on earth right now. But now, in a funny moment, he did something which he had once read in book about magic: if you want to know the answer to a question: open up a big book with your eyes closed and point down on the page given and then you might get a hint. But first things first:

The life of our gay man, in spite of the fact that he has a very down to earth mentality, has many strange coincidences. We are talking about the period before 1986 here. Two numbers were somehow in his mind from childhood. The numbers 171 and 172. But not those numbers exactly. These numbers could turn up in different ways. And a zero didn't matter. So 100072 was valid, and so was 7110. Or 117. It was not untill September 1986 that he discovered that his birthday was under that number too (January 17th being 17.1). Now, there are three important data till now in his life: his birth (171), his resurrection (September 4 1986/ we couldn't make anything of that date) and the starting point of the Night of the Soul: October 7 2000 which is 7 10 2000 = 712). Keep this all in mind.

Back to our story now. He opened a big book blindly, being a German dictionary, the Duden (1996 edition). He pressed down blindly and interestingly pressed down on the word 'hindruecken', which means 'to press down'. That had us laughing of course.

A few hours later he went to bed and as he was about to fall asleep, something in his mind urged him to open that dictionary again. He first refused, but the feeling came back and back. He then left his bed and opened the book and looked at 'hindruecken' again. Only to find out that, like in the afternoon, he was not pressing down 'hindruecken'. 'Hindruecken' was the word that appeared above his nail. In other words, he had been pointing at 'hindruecken' but pressing down the word below. And that word was: Hindu, a Hindu. Coincidence you will say, but here comes the kicker: the page on which he was pressing down was 712, with 711 on the back...

For what it's worth (at least a smile, we're sure).

The Paris 4.

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