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The Forbidden Letters - Newsletter 3

Newsletter 3 on the Forbidden Letters
by Paris 4

Paris, August 2009.

Dear Visitors of World-Mysteries,

Here is our small, but possibly important third Newsletter.

In our second Newsletter we wrote:

"The ligthbody of our gay man is still growing. But we have surprising details contradicting the assumptions of the spiritual world on that body. Since spring 2007 the big chakra's are slowly disappearing. The little ones in the hand, arms, legs (back of knees), and under the feet have disappeared already since over a year. But to our surprise the large ones are disappearing too. The only bodily chakra that is still active is the heart-chakra. The head-chakra's though are still active like on day one (they opened not after 2001, but on September 5 1986, as you will recall). They are steady. No change. They can become a little bit stronger and then weaker again now and then, but this change is the same since 1986."


"In two alchemical texts we once found the phase of torture. We always thought that was an exaggeration, pointing to unpleasant moments in either the phase of Resurrection, or the Night of the Soul. But we think we know now what that word stands for. In March the heart-chakra started to work in a new, very painful way, for almost 24 hours. Our gay man was that much 'tortured' that he even contemplated going to a hospital. But he was afraid of that too, because the physicians would ask questions, or want to make scans. And he wished to remain hidden.

It fortunately all stopped after 24 hours. And didn't return till September (2007) with two less violent attacks. The first about 12 hours, the second about 10 hours. He said he had never had so much pain in his life and that he couldn't have imagined before that a human body could produce so much pain. So the phase of torture seems to exist and seems to point to a certain phase of the transforming work the heart-chakra does. "

That was almost two years ago. We have more news on that. The 'torture' returns in a irregular pattern. Sometimes two times a month, sometimes not for months. The other bodily chakra's are still silent or almost silent, but the one chakra (of the heart) that is situated where the diaphragm is situated is always the center of pain. It is from here that the attacks are orchestrated and the pain spreads out. (After an attack our gay man is very exhausted.)

Here we have a picture of the diaphragm. It is just below the lungs and the heart. Right where the heart chakra is.

This is strange, but maybe not. Because we once read a curious remark by, if we remember well, Jung (but, again, we are not sure). He said that the Ancient Greeks thought that the psyche (=soul) was not in the brain, but that it is situated where the diaphragm is.

And in 'Depth Psychology' Dennis Patrick Slattery says:

'Freud's understanding seems to me close to that of the Ancient Greeks who located psyche (=soul) in the diaphragm.' [ Depth Psychology: Meditations in the Field, Second Edition
also available from http://www.daimon.ch/ ].

For what it's worth,

And with our warmest wishes,

The Paris 4.

Paris, August 2009.

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