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The Forbidden Letters - Newsletter 4

Newsletter 4 on the Forbidden Letters
by Paris 4

Paris, December 2009.

Dear Visitors of World Mysteries,

Our gay man decided to inform the readers of the Forbidden Letters about something that happened in his youth and that might be important in respect to the Great Work. When our gay man was five years old he was playing 'household' with his sister. They used several items from the drawing room to fake a kitchen in which they would 'cook.' In one item, a little jar that was on the piano, there was, as his mother told him later, a needle. And not a small one, as she said later. Our gay man apparently swallowed that needle while pretending that he was drinking fluid from it during 'diner.' The moment he had swallowed that needle his mother came in and questioned him. She found the jar empty and then wanted to bring him to the hospital. Our gay man remembers though that he said to his mother that he had only swallowed spaghetti (Our gay man is surprised here too, remembering this). His mother took him to hospital nevertheless.

He was operated, and a few days later he was dreaming at night that his operation-wound opened. What he saw was the following thing: first a globe (earth in space) appeared, slowly turning in the open wound. Then a baby appeared and it turned into a young man (a man he later recognized when he was in grammar-school and fell in love with!!!). Then the head of the young man came off. Something in his dream caught fire, but he can't remember what: the head, the young man, the baby, or planet earth. The funny thing as we found out later was that he saw that globe as it was photographed only years after by Apollo-crew: a beautiful big blue ball:

Now, the scar of this operation leads from the navel to three centimeters under where the sternum begins.

(You can see the sternum here (on top of the liver/the bone in the center of the rib-cage) as well as the liver itself.)

Now, children have a very lively mind. There memories can be totally wrong. But there is alchemical symbolism in his dream, and it might just be possible that not a needle was removed but the Stone of Alchemy put in. This sounds outrageous. It would mean that stone is macrocosmic too, and that possibly his mother knew about this, but at least the surgeon. (Possibly his mother, because it is possible that he swallowed a needle indeed through 'destiny'. That destiny, in other words, took care of the fact that he would be on an operation-table to receive the Stone.) But the staff (or at least the surgeon) would be involved in this plan (not?).

We decided to take this all to World Mysteries (in spite of the fact that it sound all very Omen-like), because it is coincidental that the very man who 'produced' the Stone of transmuation produced that in a place that was accesible for the surgeon ('just about where the liver is').

For what it's worth,

and with our warmest wishes to you all,

The Paris 4

Paris, December 2, 2009.

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