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On the Forbidden Letters by Don Willis

'So what are you then, my God?'
[St. Augustine]


"The Paris 4 contacted me and asked me to listen to their viewpoints on the Grail legend.(...) Their research is complex and their insight into the "internal" world of the mind, that of somebody who has obviously experienced such things." [Philip Gardiner]


"I think my contact in the Paris 4 is a gentleman and a scholar and that he has only true and good intentions and I can fully relate to that. (...) My warmest wishes and thanks to the Paris 4 and especially my contact (who I can't name), especially, as they have given me such an amazing amount of undeserving publicity!" [Philip Gardiner]


"No, there are no links to the completely fraudulent Paris 4 on this website because it has all come from within the mind of one deluded and intimately psychotic and bipolar individual. Those who take it all seriously are being deluded themselves by a psychotic individual, which strangely attracts other psychotic individuals. Beware of the trap. Others have walked blind into it."
[Philip Gardiner on his website]


"Gardiner has never experienced Kundalini, and therefore doesn't know what he is writing about."
[Gary Osborn]


"Gardiner's agenda to bring ridicule and/or serious concern to the subject [of Kundalini/Willis]."
[Gary Osborn]


"I think you overestimate Gardiner's ability to grasp what is being conveyed in the Forbidden Letters."
[Gary Osborn]


"The saviour is the sun, which gives us birth by seeding the earth mother with energy, and then ticks away the hours of our life, and ushers in our end." [Philip Gardiner]


"What kind of a saviour is that, who 'ushers in our end'? A saviour has to save. From death."


"Gardiner also had problems understanding these [alchemical/Willis] concepts, and once the “penny finally dropped” he rushed out Gnosis under his own publishing company Radikal.

Bear in mind that this was only two months after The Serpent Grail had been published. Naturally, I hadn't been told by Gardiner that passages from my own written work had been included with no quotation references . . . something he promised to put right in subsequent print runs, and even in the new published version, and hasn’t." [Gary Osborn]


"I've cut all ties with [Philip Gardiner], for moral reasons." [Gary Osborn]


"That gay man has a footfetish. Somebody on the messageboard of Gary Osborn pointed out that Krishna is often depicted sucking his big toe." [Forum]


"Gary, check out www.netmar.com/~maat/archive/dec2/boerman.htm  Could that gay man of the Forbidden Letters be part of that 'new breed of people'?" [Message to Gary Osborn on his website]


"The gay connection to Kundalini, as brought to our attention by the Paris 4, has proven to be a very sensitive subject to some people."  [Gary Osborn]


"I'm afraid that the Forbidden Letters are beyond my expertise. But I suspect that they involve seeing correspondences where none exist. It's a familiar phenomenon, and an inevitable one in view of the human mind's need to 'make sense' of chaos. I should point out, incidentally, that 'labor solis' is simply Virgilian Latin for a solar eclipse, just as 'labor lunae' is for a lunar one...." [Peter Lemesurier in an email to me, presented with kind permission]

[Comment by Don Willis: the Work of the Sun does not refer to the macrocosmic sun, but to the inner, microcosmic sun. The one that is said to reside at the base of the spine and composes the lightbody. Hence 'You have the energy of the sun in you, but you keep knotting it up at the base of your spine' [Ibn Rumi summarizing the alchemical Work of the Sun]


"By what process or force is the Work of the Sun actually performed? Could cold-fusion for instance be involved in the process of fusing the two opposites of alchemy?" [Hugo Palts at World Mysteries on the alchemical theory of the Paris 4]


"In 'The Gnostics' by Tobias Churton, Churton says that the Key of Transformation from 'de triplici minimo et mensura' by Giordano Bruno (English translation not available!) contains ideas for 'a primitive and magical form of nuclear physics'." [Message to Gary Osborn]


"I've made these same connections [on cold fusion/Willis] some years ago." [Gary Osborn answering]


"This is all awesome stuff. I've printed the [Forbidden] Letters and the articles. I am a little worried though about the female 'not being able to host Kundalini'." [My good friend Carla Harper at the Website of Gary Osborn]


"I too am concerned by this(...)" [Gary Osborn answering Carla Harper]


"We read on Gary's Messageboard that he is going to write an article on the Forbidden Letters (on his own?).

Our gay man has instructed us because of this upcoming article to contact you and to inform you in more detail about the 'prophecy' that you two are to write yet another book on the Grail.

That 'prophecy' comes from a 1949 letter by Thomas Mann. That letter came into the possession of our gay man on September 1 1986, so three days before his resurrection. He got that letter together with a copy of the collected short stories ('Die Erzählungen) by Thomas Mann.

The passage about you two (translated from German) is:
But now to the mentioned book ('zum besagten Buch').
It will be published ('veröffentlicht') during 'gloria olivae' ('während 'gloria olivae'').
There are two authors ('Urheber').
The title is ‘the Serpent Grail’ (Mann uses the correct English title).
These two authors will write the last book on our stone ('über unseren (our!) Stein') (italics are ours). (...) To these two authors reveal your Work of the Sun. But be sure to stay hidden yourself. ---- End of quote.

Thomas Mann will come to you as a surprise, we are sure, but it makes sense, as we discovered. Discovered what? That most of his short stories (and none of his novels!) are about alchemy. From the decapitation in 'Die vertauschten Köpfe'(1946) to the aggression impulses and the darkness of the Night of the Soul in 'Der Kleiderschrank' (1899).

And another thing. When was 'Die Erzählungen' (collected short stories) for the first time published? In August 1986 by Simon Fischer Verlag. A few weeks before our gay man's resurrection. A few weeks before he 'needed' them. Coincidence?" [The Paris 4]


"I am interested to learn that Jiddu Krishnamurti - who had a Kundalini Awakening in 1922 - had actually visited writer Thomas Mann, while both were in Los Angeles. Krishnamurti also met physicist David Bohm. (...) This is interesting, because Bohm had studied under Einstein, and later it was physicist Jack Sarfatti (another Kundalini experiencer) who studied under Bohm. So here we have another link between what the Paris 4 claim about Thomas Mann (...) especially in regard to Kundalini [the fire of alchemy/Willis]." [Gary Osborn]


"Pay attention Gary: the Black swan by Thomas Mann. One of his mysterious short stories. Here is a summary.

The setting is Germany in the late 1920s. Rosalie, the central character, is a "sociable," cheerful 50 year old widow who lives with her adult unmarried daughter and her adolescent son. Her manner is youthful but "her health had been affected by certain critical organic phenomena of her time of life." Rosalie is keenly aware of all that menopause implies: the loss of sexual allure and of a (biologic) purpose in life. She feels "superannuated."

Along comes a young man, well-built, who is the American-born tutor for her son. She is overwhelmed by physical attraction for him, becoming infatuated, much to the disapproval of her repressed, cerebral daughter. She feels young and attractive once more, believing that her heightened state of sensuality has resulted in the resumption of what appears to be menstrual bleeding.

Planning to declare her love to the tutor, Rosalie arranges a family excursion to the Rhine castle where the black swans swim. In the decaying alcoves of the castle, she does so; the pair will rendezvous that night. The rendezvous never takes place; Rosalie has hemorrhaged. She is found to have a large, metastatic uterine tumor. [ [ http://litmed.med.nyu.edu/Annotation?action=view&annid=107  ]

[The swan is the symbol for Lohengrin, the son of Parzival, i.e. the Alchemist deified at the end of the Work of the Sun. He is probably made black by Thomas Mann because of the morbidity of the message: cancer and death, instead of pregnancy. The black swan hisses at Rosalie in a hostile way.]

You have to read this all in combination with Temming, paragraph 1.  

"[Message to Gary Osborn] Temming-article, paragraph 1:

'If you produce that stone (...) you will achieve individual and physical immortality' [The P4 in the first Forbidden Letter]

'The goal of evolution is alchemy.' [The P4 in the second Forbidden Letter]

In the Gospel according to the Egyptians Salome said 'Untill when shall men continue to die?' Christ answered 'So long as women bear children.'

Salome then asked 'I have done well then, in not bearing children?'

Christ then says [clearly evading the question] 'Every plant eat thou, but which hath bitterness eat not.'

Clement of Alexandria, 150-213 AD, has this:

'For they say, that the Savior himself said: I came to destroy the works of the female.'

Those 'works of the female' are identified by the Church as lust, which shouldn't surprise us, because no Church of course likes to degrade pregnancy in particular, and procreation in general. [Kline]

It is, I believe, not a coincidence that we almost only find direct or indirect teachings about physical immortality in [copies of] Gospels found after 1810. Gospels that couldn't be edited or destroyed by the Church anymore. The most famous one being the Gospel according to Thomas of course.

A truly beautiful example I think of an indirect teaching on physical immortality [not detected by the Church] is the conversation between Jesus and his mother at the wedding in Kanaan. Indirect, because it has to be read in my opinion in the light of Jesus' conversation with Salome.

'Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come.' [John 2:4]


"As for the [Forbidden] Letters, I am concerned that this may be some kind of fulfillment of the Hendaye Cross. The final secrets of alchemy will be released before the end of time."
[Jay Weidner, author of 'A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross']

Copyright Don Willis
Note: Presented with permission

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