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On the Forbidden Letters - by Paula Johnson

Note: Paula Johnson is a pen name of the author of this article

'The sacrificer, being the sole and unchallenged master of his sacrifice, performs his karman in sovereign independence from the mortal world. This karman is his self. The sacrificial fire, established through his own karman, is equivalent with the inner self. Independent from the mortal world, it cannot but be immortal and inalienable. Hence the inextricable junction of fire, self and immortality.' [Jan Heesterman 1997:58]

[ Ars Magna Lucis ]


'The Letters are like your first Picasso: you need time.' [Amina Bubic]


'Following this thread, we found evidence that Alchemy is a demonstration of the physics at work in the galactic core [which resides in our microcosm, according to the Paris 4/Jonathan Rice].The true inner core of Alchemy appears in this light as the ability to apply the physics of creation to the task of personal immortality.' [Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges]


'If you produce that stone and were consumed and reproduced through that fire, you will achieve individual and physical immortality, and nothing less. Whoever died was not an alchemist and did not produce the stone. [The Paris 4]


'The Letters are a cheap imitation of the Priory of Sion hoax.' [Laura Knight-Jadczyk]


'I should also add that the person who brought the Letters to this forum is another of an endless series of specimens of the schizoidal psychopath. Geeze, how many are there out there? His ignorance (as well as that of the writers of those ridiculous letters) includes ignorance of the truth about "kundalini" as well.' [Laura Knigth-Jadczyk]


'I warned Vincent Bridges to have nothing to do with Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Her entire site reeked of anger and repressed violence. Even then I sensed this emotional turmoil underneath the thin veneer of her supposed erudition.'[Jay Weidner] [ http://www.cassiopaeacult.com/jay_weidner_cult_freak.php  ]


'As for the [Forbidden] Letters, I am concerned that this may be some kind of fulfillment of the Hendaye Cross. The final secrets of alchemy will be released before the end of time.'

[Jay Weidner, author of 'A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross']


'Somebody sure is anxious to spread this Gardiner/gay thing around and since Weidner lives pretty close to John Grace, AKA Val Valerian, and Valerian was the progenitor of this kind of whacko hooey, (not to mention being "well-connected" gov. wise), my guess is that this is just another gov psy-op that takes in all kinds of looney birds looking for a branch to land on.' [Laura Knight-Jadczyk]


'We are in no way connected to Fulcanelli. His riddle is, in our opinion, correctly explained by Reich, and the Notre Dame indeed has alchemy encoded (like many other French cathedrals). But we are not connected to Fulcanelli, or to any other group, secret, or not so secret. We are simply the four friends of the gay man.' [The Paris 4]


'The colloquial use of the word "stuff" in letter # 3 - "We would appreciate a short reaction on this stuff" - suggests that it is not true that the originators are native French speakers.  Also, the sentence construction.  It comes across as deliberately mangled here and there to create an illusion, though the mangling is not how a native French speaker would do it.  Look at this paragraph:

"Again, we mailed you this morning on this email address how we can find your forum on which you publish our mail. We searched on www.gardinerosborn.com/forum , clicked ouserselves silly on the site itself, but weren't able to find it."

The first sentence is mangled, but then you come to "comma, clicked ourselves silly on the site itself..." Native English speaker.

Here's another:
"We didn't read them either."
Native English speaker. 

A native French speaker would have written: "Also we did not read them."   

A native French speaker is also not so familiar with contractions such as "didn't" etc.' [Laura Knight-Jadczyk]


'The Paris 4 don't say their 'translator' is a Frenchman.' [Forum]


'P.S. Our mails are composed in Paris. Then sent to our gay friend and then sent to another country in Europe, recomposed on this email address, and then sent to you from a public computer.' [The Paris 4]


'Gary Osborn tells us on his website that the British Secret Service conducted an investigation into the identity of the Paris 4.' [Forum]

[ drawing by Tom of Finland ]


'God loves all people, but homosexuals cannot ascend to the realm of God through inner work and alchemy. Perverted sexuality prevents the creation of the solar bodies.' [Gnostic Teachings]


'Nothing is said by the fact that the oldest copy of secret Mark (if it is one) is only a few centuries old. Nearly all books from the New Testament are copies dating from the 11th century (or the 4th). I'm quite sure that people did their best to destroy secret Mark if it has existed in the second, fifth or ninth century.' [Forum]


'The nonsense about Secret Mark is fairly well known among New Testament scholars.' [Laura Knight-Jadczyk]


'We don't know whether Secret Mark is authentic, but homophobia might be a reason why it is discredited so passionately around the globe. New Testament scholars will not accept a gay Jesus.' [Paul Maynes]


'The two excerpts [of Secret Mark/Johnson] suggest resolutions to some puzzling passages in the canonical Mark.(...) 'In Mark 14:51-52, a young man in a linen cloth is seized during Jesus' arrest, but he escapes at the cost of his clothing. This passage seems to have nothing to do with the rest of the narrative, and it has been suggested that the young man is Mark himself. The first excerpt, however, recounts an earlier encounter of Jesus with such a young man in a cloth.'(...)' [Wikipedia]


'The second excerpt fills in an apparent lacuna in Mark 10:46:"They came to Jericho. As he and his disciples and a large crowd were leaving Jericho, Bartimaeus son of Timaeus, a blind beggar, was sitting by the roadside." The lack of any action in Jericho suggests that something has been lost from the text, and the second excerpt gives a brief encounter at this point. Helmut Koester and J.D. Crossan have argued, because of the narrative discontinuity, that Secret Mark preceded the canonical Mark, leaving open the question of whether the canonical Mark is an abbreviated Secret Mark, with an original "Mark for the uninitiated" having been lost.' [Wikipedia]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_Gospel_of_Mark  ]  


'Later theosophists such as Aleister Crowley, promoter of the occultist pagan Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, as well as Charles Leadbeater, whom Blavatsky called her “bishop,?were noted homosexual pederasts. There is good reason to think that such activity was not the expression of personal weakness, but the consistent expression of pagan spirituality.' [Peter R. Jones]

A view of the Washington Square Arch with the World Trade Center in the Background in July, 2001.

[ Washington Square Arch - New York City ]  


'What is Washington Square Arch doing there right after the words 'drop their seeds..'?' [Message left at the website of Gary Osborn]
[see the Introduction of http://www.world-mysteries.com/PhilipGardiner/forbidden_letters_17.htm  ]


'That Arch is in New York's Greenwich Village, the gay 'ghetto''. [Message left at the website of Gary Osborn]


'New York. No Adam, no Eve. The triangle of the Emperor.' [The CE2-riddle, taken from http://www.world-mysteries.com/PhilipGardiner/forbidden_letters5.htm  ]  


'Michaels points out that 'the concept of immortality during one's own lifetime is a provocation for Christians and Muslims [2004:340]' Both Christians and Muslims consider the possible equality of God and man blasphemous.' [Amina Bubic]


'Yet, 'the greatest truth that can be told to mortals is, that their bodies are the gestating womb of a god [Alvin Boyd Kuhn].' [Amina Bubic]


'According to Pannikar 'God is dead from having created [1992:93].' He 'dies in creating his creature; there is no room for two at this level [1992:105].' Thus 'man must compose god in order to be able to have immortality [Michaels 2002:343].' - I don't know. Somehow de la Censerie's theory makes more sense to me. When he says that the timetable of the Forbidden Letters implies that God is 'on his way in our genes.' [Amina Bubic]


'Psychology does not know what good and evil are in themselves; it knows them only as judgments about relationships. Good is what seems suitable, acceptable, or valuable from a certain point of view; evil is the opposite.' [Carl Jung]


'There are always optimists who believe that the Golden Age can be ushered in simply by telling people the right way to go.' [Carl Jung]


'In the human body is concealed a certain metaphysical substance which needs no medicament, being itself an incorrupt medicament.' [Gerard Dorn]


'The Naassenes considered Naas, the serpent, to be their central deity. (...) Eden, they said, is in the brain.' [Carl Jung]


'The Sethians, Hippolytus says, compared the Father with the cerebrum and the Son with the cerebellum and spinal cord.' [Carl Jung]


'The hieroglyph for Seth has as a determinative the sign for a stone.' [Carl Jung]

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