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On the Forbidden Letters - by Richard Morley

'Mathematicians and poets love infinity, but physicists do not. A single speck of infinity could demolish all of physics.' [Alan Lightman, 2005:436]  

'Most of science is having a wonderful time.' [The physicist Jerry Friedman]

In his May 2006 article on the Forbidden Letters at World Mysteries Hugo Palts asks himself whether there is anything known about a possible infrastructure for light (i.e. electromagnetic radiation) in the human body. Palts then turns to biophotons. (Photons are the carriers of electromagnetic radiation.)

A biophoton is a photon 'emitted in some fashion from a biological system. From a scientific point of view, there is no difference between such a photon and a photon emitted by any other physical process. One might then argue that it is more correct to attach the attribute biological to the emission process, as in bioluminescence, because no specific biologicalness can be attributed to the photons themselves, once they are emitted. However, the term "bioluminescence" is generally reserved for higher intensity luciferin/luciferase systems, while "biophoton emission" refers to the more general phenomena of low-intensity photon emission from living systems.' [Wikipedia]

By now more and more countries do research on biophotons. 'Everywhere the research into biophotons (...) is classified as high priority.' [Dr. Johan Boswinkel reporting on the 5th annual conference on Biophotons, held in Beijing, China, in October 2003.]

That cells emitted light was first suggested in 1938 by the Russian biologist Alexander Gurwitsj. 'Every living system emits, absorbs, and stores light, (...) and every living cell emits at least 100.000 light particles per second.'[Boswinkel] Untill today though 'nobody knows how biophotons are being produced. A thing that seems certain is that they are messengers or bosons. They carry information.' [Boswinkel]

One theory claims that it is the DNA 'emitting the photons and that the source is inside the double helix. Reason for this assumption is, that there is only one source of photons per cell, and DNA is the only thing in a cell of which there is only one per cell.' [Boswinkel]

Another fact that seems to support the DNA-theory is 'that red blood cells do not contain DNA and do not emit photons either.'[Boswinkel] The human skin 'always shows photon emission.'[Boswinkel] And people with darker skins 'have less photon emission.' [Boswinkel]

But not only cells emit or carry light. Atoms too are filled with photons. Indeed, it is the electromagnetic force, that 'binds atoms and molecules together and gives shape to form and matter. The palm trees that are waving outside; the flowers that open to the sun; radios, cell phones, TVs; the ability of your eyes to see (...) illustrations; all of chemistry and biology, all the plants, animals, humans and their brains; all of the collected behavior of gases and solids  - everything is held together by the electromagnetic force. Life is choreographed by the electromagnetic force. [Stephen Hawking, 2001:44]

D.H. Wolfraim, reviewing Dr. Lawrence Fagg's book 'Electromagnetism and the Sacred,' says, that Dr. Fagg's general thesis is that electromagnetism 'underlies the very fabric of the physical world, from atoms, rocks and planets to minds and living organisms, and that the creative role of light in manifesting physical reality is analogous to the indwelling presence of spiritual light manifesting as the sacred throughout nature; a belief found in all major religions throughout the world - that God is Light.' [Wolfraim]

Now, if indeed life is orchestrated by light and if light underlies 'the very fabric of the physical world,' and God is not to be found outside the Self, the, to quote Edward Edinger, 'ordering and unifying center of the total psyche, the central source of life energy, the foundation of our being,' then physical immortality through light might, in my opinion, be the least thing possible through the Great Work of Alchemy. And in case the reader wonders how a Lightbody can be forged within a 'solid' human body: bodies are composed of atoms, and since atoms are 99,9% empty space, human bodies too are 99,9% empty space.

Through that Great Work of Alchemy certain polarities in the subtle stratum of our body are unified. They are called King and Queen, Sulphur and Mercury, or Sun and Moon. First that unification takes place in the thalamus, then in the rest of the body too. Once that process is completed from head to toe such a person is alchemically 'no more divided' and ignites like a star. Hence: '...if one is (whole), one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness.'[Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas] And if certain very old alchemical teachings are right, that body will be immortal then too. In the words of Jesus again from that same Gospel of Thomas: 'Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.' The beautiful thing being here that, with an alchemically unified body, we are still talking about a carnal body. A body that is 'at the same time spirit.' [Jung]

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