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On the Forbidden Letters - by Maud Perkins

'Wherefore it is said that the Stone is in every man.'
 (propter hoc dicitur quod lapis est in quolibet homine.)
[Albertus Magnus]

Carl Jung

[ Carl Jung ]

Rarely have I been so fascinated by a piece of prose as I was by the Forbidden Letters to Gary Osborn and Philip Gardiner. Here, no doubt, for the first time in history, the actual scenario of the Great Work of Alchemy was revealed, and revealed in astounding detail. All the mysteries of Alchemy seem solved. 'From the ludus puerorum to the decapitation, and from the role of the stone to the alchemist having to visit the center of the earth. Everything fits, and fits neatly. Even the Phoenix is explained being a metaphor for the human body consumed and recomposed in Kundalini-fire.' [J. Rice]

In spite of the Bible warning us not to give to the dog what is holy, Paris relentlessly published what they had discovered about Alchemy. This, I'm sure,  they could do because they had understood that they were not dealing with a secret here, but with a mystery. A mystery that has apparently been with us for at least 200 generations. 

Carl Jung thought that mystery represented some kind of psychotherapy ('the goal of the Work is the unity of the personality'), thereby missing the core: deification and immortalization of a human being from within. Nonetheless, as Mark O'Neill points out, Jung's books on Alchemy 'are a feast and full of frightfully interesting alchemical data' if you are familiar with the alchemical theory of the Paris 4.

In this article I would like to present you with exactly such data taken from a work on Alchemy by Carl Jung not yet discussed on World Mysteries, the Mysterium Coniunctionis (MC), being 'an inquiry into the separation and synthesis of psychic opposites in Alchemy,'  a book Jung had been engaged on for more than a decade and that was completed in 1954. Here we go.


'In Dorn's view there is in man an invisible sun, which he identifies with the Archeus. This sun is identical with the sun in the earth.' [Jung, MC:pars 49/italics by me]


'You have the energy of the sun in you, but you keep knotting it up at the base of your spine.' [Ibn Rumi on the Great Work of Alchemy]


'In the eyes of the alchemist the fire-point, the divine centre in man, was something dangerous, a powerful poison which required very careful handling if it was to be changed into the panacea.' [Jung, MC:pars 49]


'Kundalini either saves, or destroys.' [de Beaumont]  


'End of august till September 4 1986 : our gay man becomes a child. That is, psychologically during certain minutes. During those minutes, and to his own surprise, he even produces a child's voice. (...) This reminds us of the words of Jesus: you must become like a little child again if you want to enter the Kingdom of God.' [The Paris 4]


'If by God's Holy Ghost thou art beguiled, there will be born in thee the Eternal Child.' [Angelus Silesius quoted by Jung, MC:pars 444]


'Jung gave his very best separating the alchemical redeemer from the Christ of his faith.' [H. Breitner]


'The redeemer figure of Alchemy is not commensurable with Christ. Whereas Christ is God and begotten by the Father, the filius regius (the victorious alchemist) is the soul of nature, born of the world-creating Logos. The filius is also a son of God, though of more distant descent and not begotten in the womb of the Virgin Mary but in the womb of Mother Nature.' [Jung, MC:pars 124]


'I do not doubt the historical reality of Jesus of Nazareth.' [Jung, MC:pars 146]


"Such was the power of the world's theocracies that, despite the publication of thousands of scholarly books and articles refuting every part of the Judaeo-Christian bible, to this day the existence of unchallengeable proof that the bible is a work of fiction is unknown to ninety percent of the population in Christian-dominated societies." [W. Harwood]


'If an alchemist travels through the earth, he's doing that in the microcosmos of the body. Remember what we said: the real sun and moon (and earth) are in you. Not outside. And this explains why our friend could still hear common street noise outside his apartment when he traveled to the centre of the earth over 19 years ago with tremendous speed.' [The Paris 4]  


'It may well be a prejudice to restrict the psyche to being 'inside the body.' In so far as the psyche has a non-spatial aspect, there may be a psychic aspect 'outside the body,' a region so utterly different from 'my' psychic space, that one has to get outside oneself or make use of some auxiliary technique in order to get there. If this view is at all correct, the alchemical consummation of the royal marriage (...) could be understood as a synthetic process in the psyche 'outside' the ego.' [Jung, MC:pars 410]


'By the way, your man is a gay man, born on the 17th of January and in possession of that very special balance in microcosmic male and female forces. A balance never possessed by heterosexual men.' [The Paris 4]


'The androgyne has everything it needs.' [Senior, de chemica, p. 108]  


'These are they that were not defiled with women; for they are virgins.' [Rev. 14:4]


'Rev. 14:4 might then not be about celibate priests, but about the homosexual alchemist. Especially since celibacy is unbiblical.' [Forum-post on the Forbidden Letters]

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'In Gnosticism the original man Adamas, who is nothing but a parafrase of Adam,  (...) was equated with the ithyphalic Hermes and with Korybas, the pederastic (i.e. homosexual/Perkins) seducer of Dionysus.' [Jung, MC:pars 589]


'They told that (on a evangelical) talk-show somebody told a very strange little story. It went like this: The Son of God descended from heaven, saw Adam, loved Adam, kneeled down, kissed his feet and tickled (!) his feet. End of story.' [The Paris 4 in part 2 of the Forbidden Letters]


'The appearance of Adam Kadmon (i.e. the alchemical redeemer/Perkins) (...) brings about an illumination of the 'inwards of the head.' This is a veiled but for the psychology of alchemy typical allusion to the transfiguration of the adept or of his inner man.' [Jung, MC:pars 606]


'It is said of Adam Kadmon (the Letters part 2, email 8) that he has light 'coming from his mouth, ears, and nose'.' [M. Strom on the Forbidden Letters]21.

'It is strange that, as Eleazar says, this earth is 'mingled with fire.' This recalls the alchemical idea of the 'ignis gehennalis,' the central fire. (...) In it dwells the Mercurial Serpent, the Salamander whom the fire does not consume and the Dragon that feeds on that fire.' [Jung, MC:pars 632]


'Fire getting stronger. (...) The snake is driven out. Our friend doesn't know where it went. Up the spine, but after that: no clue. Into the earth?' [The Paris 4]


'The Peacock's Tail (cauda pavonis) is the only phase that seems not explained in the Forbidden Letters. Mather Walker though may have vital information on that tail, linking it to the third eye. 'In Egypt the third eye was depicted by the upright cobra, the uraeus, at the center of the forehead. China had a peacock feather there, and India a small red dot.'[Walker] According to Walker in the alchemical treatise The Secret of the Golden Flower 'contact with the third eye is followed by the process known as the Circulation of Light.' A circulation reminding me of a specific paragraph in the Second Newsletter by the Paris 4:'The Lightbody is by now so strong that there are strong 'electrical' currents in his body, mainly in his hands. If for instance he washes his hands in warm water then the current becomes so strong that the hand starts to pulsate. The pulsation cannot be seen though, but he can feel it.' [The Paris 4] Could that current be light circulating?

The third eye is in my opinion also discussed in Matthew 6:22: 'The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single (aplous), thy whole body shall be filled with light.'[Matthew 6:22 King James Version] The keyword here is single (aplous). The original meaning of aplous is 'not double.' Most bibles translate with 'simple' here.' [P. Martin]


'Alchemy has performed for me the great and invaluable service of providing material in which my experience could find sufficient room, and has thereby made it possible for me to describe the individuation process at least in its essential aspects.' [Jung, MC:pars 792]


'Fundamental to alchemy is a true and genuine mystery which since the seventeenth century has been understood unequivocally as psychic. (...) But I do not imagine for a moment that the psychological interpretation of a mystery must necessarily be the last word. If it is a mystery it must have still other aspects. Certainly I believe that psychology can unravel the secrets of Alchemy, but it will not lay bare the secrets of these secrets.' [Jung, MC:pars 213]

The secrets of these secrets.

Norwich, England, December 2007.


  • Jung, Carl G., Mysterium Coniunctionis, Princeton University Press, Princeton, N.J., USA, 1970.
  • Dorn, Gerardus, Theatrum Chemicum, Strasbourg, 1613.

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