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On the Forbidden Letters - by Emile de Beauregard

'I have met and worked with a number of real alchemists here in France.  A transmutation of metals was performed in my kitchen fireplace last year with about 25 people present. I have shared with these individuals printed copies of the material you are promoting [i.e., the alchemical theory of the Paris 4/de Beauregard] and, without exception, they read it, laugh and point out that such nonsense is useful because it separates the wheat from the chaff.' [Laura Knight-Jadczyk]

'Interestingly, if you do a websearch, you see a lot of people going around the web, promoting that Philip Gardiner - Paris 4 nonsense. Even on Christian forums! They just invade everywhere! Sure is looking like a concerted Pentagon backed operation to me.' [Laura Knight Jadczyk] 

Part 1

In the 1920's Sir Flinders Petrie ensured the British public that the Great Pyramid was nothing but 'a tomb erected for Cheops, soured as he had been by the excesses of the followers of Piazzi Smyth who tried to turn that pyramid into a house of biblical prophecies.' [Oderberg] - But, there is in fact no indication 'that anyone was ever interred in that pyramid.' [Oderberg]

The designer engineer Olaf Tellefsen evaluated the Great Pyramid as 'unique, a special case, indicating superior knowledge, not manifest in other pyramids.'[Oderberg] The well-shaft for instance is 'completely without meaning if that pyramid, equidistant from the pole and the center of the earth, is a tomb.'[Oderberg] And that shaft would of course be explained just fine if it enabled the adept to symbolically enter the earth; a key-phase in the alchemical process.

Image Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splendor_Solis

Most people are unfamiliar with the fact that the macrocosmic capstone of a pyramid, the pyramidion, represents the microcosmic Benben-stone, a.k.a. the Grail, or Philosopher's Stone: the agent to the alchemical fire of Kundalini. Indeed ancient Egypt possessed 'amazing kernels of alchemy'[Wedekind], especially if we look at the Resurrection. When, for example, the Paris 4 tell us that their man is 'on the floor on his back,' that a thread of some metaphysical kind closed 'around his neck,' decapitating him, and that a fire was then ignited by virtue of a stone, enveloping his body in flames, then we are immediately reminded of the hypocephalus of ancient Egypt:

'A hypocephalus is a small diskshaped object that was placed under the head of the deceased. Because the ancient Egyptians believed it would magically cause the head and the body to be enveloped in flames and radiance, making the deceased divine.' [Wikipedia]

Alchemy is of course not about dead corpses. It is performed through a living Tree of Life (spine and brain) in a, hence, living body. And once that body through the Great Work is purified, 'its union can take place with the astral body, whereby the Enochdianus emerges, the celestial man, i.e., man endowed with divine forces, which by right belong to man, because, in the words of Paracelsus, 'heaven is man, and man is heaven, and all men one heaven, and heaven only one man.' [Pagel]

Part 2  


'A vast literature on alchemy has been accumulated and numerous books produced. They all leave a feeling of frustration in the reader, none of them achieving more than a well illustrated catalogue of what appears to be yet another human folly.' [W. Pagel]

Image Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splendor_Solis 


'Now you will also understand the parable in which Jesus talks of a garden in which a tree is planted (the spine and brain in kundalini- fire as the tree of life). But no fruits (chakra's) are produced for years (the night of the soul is part two of alchemy, and doesn't occur untill after many years (after the kundalini/resurrection)). The owner wants to cut down the tree, but his servant says: let me just shake the tree, and give water and fertilizer. Perhaps then the fruit will come. That is the Night of the Soul.' [The Paris 4]

Image Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splendor_Solis


'From Adam to John the Baptist, among those born of women, no one is so much greater than John the Baptist that his eyes should not be averted.

But I have said that whoever among you becomes a child will recognize the (Father's) kingdom and will become greater than John.' [Thomas 46]

Image Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splendor_Solis


'According to von Franz the snake (or dragon) frequently 'appears in ancient mythology combined with the motif of the child.' A secret connection 'exists between the snake and the eternal child.' And since 'the divine child is also the symbol of the Self, i.e., God], he is also the source of life. Like many mythological saviors he has the source.' [von Franz] [Hume]

Image Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splendor_Solis


'The alchemical process is said to clean too, and to deliver a shining white Lightbody, the bridal clothes of the Gospel. Now, in the Gospel according to Philip, Jesus entered in the dyeing of Levi. He took 72 colors and threw them in the cauldron. Then Levi was in anger, but Jesus "took them out all white and said: 'It is thus indeed that the Son of Man is come as dyer'". [Raven]

Image Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splendor_Solis 

* * *

Emile de Beauregard
Lyon, France, January 2008.


Copyright 2008
Note: Presented with permission

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