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On the Forbidden Letters - by Maria El Safti


I would like to thank Otto Reich for so skillfully editing this article beyond recognition.
Dresden, Germany, Easter Sunday 2008.


'The human body is an alchemical body.' [David Gordon White]

'Our man is on the floor on his back. He had his eyes closed during the whole resurrection. A 'thread' (very thin) is closing around his neck. The head is decapitated by that 'thread'.' [The Paris 4]

'Eggelink thinks that the Mahavira pot used in the Pravargya ritual "is the head of Vishnu, the sacrificial man, and sacrificer." So in this ritual the sacrificer's divine body is supplied with its head. (...) In this way the sacrificer becomes immortal.' [Grace Cairns]

'According to Pannikar "God is dead from having created [1992:93]." He "dies in creating his creature; there is no room for two at this level [1992:105]." Thus "man must compose god in order to be able to have immortality [Michaels 2002:343]." - ' [Amina Bubic]

'Man is a mortal God and God an immortal man.' [Corpus Hermeticum]

'I can only say that if you are impressed by this stuff, go for it.' [Laura Knight-Jadczyk]

Part 1


[ Toledo - Spain ]

In her 1953 book The Ancient Secret, Flavia Anderson points out that although the cities of Phoenicia had at one time successfully freed themselves from Egypt's imperialism, they had kept Egypt's Gods. And the very city, Toledo, where, as Wolfram von Eschenbach claims, the true story of Parzival and the Grail was found, was originally a Phoenician settlement, meaning, therefore, a settlement with its religious roots initially firmly planted in the theology of Ancient Egypt and its Pantheon. This all is a strong indication, ladies and gentlemen, that at least one line leads directly from the Benben Stone of Heliopolis to von Eschenbach's Grailstone.
And that makes sense, because 'the origin of Alchemy was not chemistry, but knowledge of certain mysteries.' [Julius Evola [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julius_Evola ]]
Mysteries pointing to physical immortality, divinity and the Solar Hero. Because 'in man there is an invisible sun, identified with the Archeus' [Jung][ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archeus ].
And the Solar Hero is he who frees this sun and puts it to work in the Great Work of  Alchemy to compose the Lightbody.

In many myths that hero is either wounded in the thigh, the groin, or the foot. In the Guido Popp article on the Forbidden Letters John Grigsby is quoted discussing the Egyptian equivalent of that wound:

'Certain members of Egypt's Ennead, the Egyptian pantheon, indeed seem to personify specific phases of the Great Work of alchemy. This they appear to have in common with some of the main characters in Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival. A beautiful example is, in my opinion, given by John Grigsby here:"Within the (Grail)castle is a king, known as the Wounded or Fisher King grievously injured with a spear or sword, usually through the ¡thighs¢ [or groin/Popp], a euphemism for testicles, and as long as his wound remains unhealed, the land is laid waste. It is the purpose of the Grail knight to find the castle and ask a specific question. Failure to do so results in him waking the next day with the land still blighted, and the castle gone. If, however, the right question is asked, the land and the king are healed, or he is at last allowed to die and the hero succeeds his position as the Grail King."[Grigsby] Now, Coffin Text 228 states "that Osiris is wounded in the thigh. Horus says:'Tell him I have come thither to save myself... and to dispel the sickness of the suffering god, so that I can appear an Osiris in strength. That I may be reborn with him in his renewed vigour. That I may reveal to you the matter of Osiris' thigh and read to you from that sealed roll which lies beneath his side, whereby the mouths of the gods are opened." - The healing of this thigh wound, the egyptologist R. T. Rundle Clark says, restored fertility to the land.'[Popp]

The alchemist of the Forbidden Letters also has a Solar Wound:

'Our gay man is, as we wrote earlier, Anfortas too. Meaning that he has that mysterious pain in his left testicle. That pain started a few months before his Kundalini. It is described by von Eschenbach in his Parzival. Especially the part about the wound getting cold as ice is correct (there is no visible wound on our gay man though). During the months that lead up to the resurrection the pain gets worse and worse. In the end he had difficulties of walking even.'[The Paris 4]

Flavia Anderson has digged up a Christian version of the Solar Wound in Robert Graves' book King Jesus:

'(...) when we come to consider the significance of the lameness of the Grail King. - Mr Graves in his book King Jesus was the first to realize that some mystery probably lies concealed in the fact that so many solar heroes are wounded in the foot or thigh. (...) Mr Graves (...) postulates a theory that the Divine Youth always underwent a ritual mutilation by having his hip-bone torn out of joint. (...) It would not be worth while to discuss such a postulation, had Mr Graves not chosen to suppose it a Jewish custom, and to have described in his half-historical, half-fictional life of Our Lord (i.e., Jesus Christ) a repulsive ceremony in which Christ himself willingly undergoes such a mutilation.'  [Flavia Anderson] 

The Grail-keeper/Alchemist is probably a redeemer. We do not know in what way exactly, but a redeemer most likely. He becomes capable of 'transforming other beings, indeed, the enitire universe, through his limitless powers,' says Professor David Gorden White [DGW hereafter] after having spent years of studying alchemy in India. A country correctly teaching that, in their subtle bodies, all humans are 'essentially androgynous with sexual intercourse an affair between a female serpentine nexus of energy, generally called the Kundalini, and a male principle, indentified with Shiva.'[DGW] But, a country at the same time never having contemplated the possibility that a second form of androgyny [see the first Forbidden Letter], a psychological one, rooted in biology, is needed too, to safely turn the alchemical key. A key ultimately related to the unity of the soul with the prima materia.

That unity 'is truly lived and known only to the extent to which the work has progressed along the road to its completion. - And here we touch on the real secret of alchemy, why everything that is said about it must of necessity remain no more than an indication and a symbol. Because materia prima, the fundamental substance of the soul (psyche) is in the first place the substance of the individual (...), then of all psychic forms (...), and finally of the whole world. All these interpretations are valid, for, if the 'web' of the world were not fundamentally of the same nature as that of the soul (psyche), every individual would be imprisoned in his own dream.'[Titus Burckhardt] Therefor it is said that 'the third and last stage of the Work is seen in a union of the will of the Alchemist with the macrocosm.'[Raven] Because, in the words of Paracelsus: 'heaven is man, and man is heaven, and all men one heaven, and heaven only one man.'

The gay man of the Letters nonetheless asks himself whether more alchemists could be on earth 'right now.' It would be interesting for me, as a woman, to consider the possibility here that at least one of them, if they exist, could be female.

Jay Reed Armstrong gives us reasons to be pessimistic here, reminding us of the fact 'that exactly the disciple who represents the Living Stone of Alchemical Transformation, Peter, is misogynic: 'Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life.' And the Paris 4 are worried that the microcosmic female, kundalini, might not be tolerated in the macrocosmic one.

David Gordon White gives women even more reasons to despair here, pointing out that sperm is an absolute must for alchemy too. 'Semen is the raw material and fuel of every psychochemical transformation.'[DGW] A transformation through which 'a new, superhuman and immortal body is conceived out of the mortal one.'[DGW] That semen 'has to be retained.'[DGW] According to India throughout the Work, according to Paris only during the phase of kundalini. He who is unable to retain his semen (here) 'is condemned to death.'[DGW]

In an email on the Letters to Otto Reich, Jay Gould insists that only because 'women have no sperm, doesn't mean that women can't be saved. It only means they cannot become Alchemists, meaning Solar Heroes.'[Gould/presented with permission]

So what are we to conclude here? Are women only incapable of becoming Solar Heroes, lacking testicles, lacking sperm? Or are we alchemically doomed altogether? Surely not.

If the Solar Hero is a redeemer, then these technicalities about sperm and testicles might be irrelevant. Then that Hero could 'simply' transform us through his will, thereby saving us from a sleeping kundalini, meaning death. Because 'the kundalini, when she sleeps, is identified with the kalagni, the fire of time that slowly cooks all creatures to death through the aging process.'[DGW]

Part 2  [Quotes]

Pyramids at Giza evening


'It seems that this change from the step-pyramid (of Djoser) to a true pyramid was due to the victory of the Heliopolitan solar cult and that the pyramid form was inspired by the benben, a high-pointed, conical stone worshipped at Heliopolis.'
[Cerny, 1952:107] [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaroslav_Cerny ]


'By the power of that Stone the Phoenix burns to ashes, but the ashes quickly restore him to life again.'[Wolfram von Eschenbach on the Grail-stone/see also Part 1 of 
http://www.world-mysteries.com/PhilipGardiner/forbidden_letters_23.htm ]


'The androgynous character of the phoenix was well known to the Ancients.
[Marie Delcourt] [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Delcourt ]


'In Evola's own words: "It is inappropriate to apply, as Plato does, the metaphysical meaning made evident by the myth of the hermaphrodite to homosexual love." - Inappropriate, because Evola was a homophobe.' [Susan Sanders]


'It might then be that the words androgynous and hermaphroditic when used in a metaphysical, hermetic, alchemical context, are euphemisms for the word homosexual.' [John Raven on the Forbidden Letters]


'The role of sacred homosexuality was lost.' [Thurban]


'Thoth (the father of Alchemy/El Safti) contained the potential for sexual differentiation, which suggest that he/she was conceptualized androgynously.' [Wyatt, 2005:242]


'No matter what they tell you, the method of arousing Kundalini is not yet known. India is full of posers, and so ist the New Age Industry.' [Jane Wilkins]


'I cannot see why Kundalini myth ever came up with the idea of there being a stone involved.' [Jana Dixon, the author of 'The Biology of Kundalini']


'The stone is produced about where the liver is. The stone ignites the Kundalini fire (the fire can actually be heard) and starts to move about, increasingly violently. Fire getting stronger. Arms and legs break into pieces.' [The Paris 4]


'In this Stone lies hidden all that God and Eternity, heaven, the stars and the elements contain and are able to do. There never was from eternity anything better or more precious than this. It is in a simple form and has the power of the whole Deity in it.' [Jacob Boehme]


'The stone is a true stone (as we have said earlier), although not like an ordinary stone. It is even pointy and about the size of a child's fist.' [The Paris 4]


'It must be emphasized that Alchemy was not, in its origins, an empirical science, a rudimentary chemistry.' [Mircea Eliade, 1962:9] [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mircea_Eliade ]


'The prototype of alchemical literature, the work of Bolos of Mendes, a Hellenized Egyptian who lived in the Nile Delta in the second century BCE, was entitled Physika kai Mystika (physical and mystical matters).' [Italo Ronca]


'The Christian scriptures are a vehicle for alchemy. The source-author is a Greek writer from Egypt who composed two manuscripts with sayings in around 120 BCE. These manuscripts are not in our possession. We didn't read them either. We don't know even whether they still exist. Most of the manuscripts is found back in the parables of the fictional character Jesus about the Kingdom of God/Heaven our gay man ensures us.' [The Paris 4/note that Paris is not talking about the Physika kai Mystika here/El Safti]


'Although the problem of the historical origins of Alexandrian alchemy is still unsolved, one could explain the sudden appearance of alchemical texts at the beginning of the Christian era as the result of the encounter of differing currents. [Eliade]


'The Gnostic creator-god is always pictured as evil, while the hermetic (i.e., alchemical/El Safti] one is not.' [Jonathan Peste, 2002:12]


'Several scholars have paid attention to the importance of a divine man, Anthropos (Man), in several religious traditions of Late Antiquity. Gilles Quispel
[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilles_Quispel  ] notices that Philo polemicized against the Anthropos being androgynous.' [Peste, 2002:31]


'One has to imagine a perch extending out of the waters of the Abyss. On it rests a grey heron, the herald of all things to come. It opens its beak and breaks the silence of the primeval night with the call of life and destiny. The Phoenix, therefore, embodies the original Logos, the word of declaration of destiny which mediates between the divine mind and created things. (...) It is the first and deepest manifestation of the soul of the High God.' [R. T. Rundle Clark, 1959:246]


'We don't know why there is a period of 14 (!) years between the Kundalini and the Night of the Soul.' [The Paris 4]


'Know that the alchemical path is a very long path (longissima via).'[The Rosarium Philosophorum] [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosarium_philosophorum ]


'India ist still full of 'alchemists' who swallow gross mercury and gross sulphur hoping to induce alchemical reactions, thereby only inducing chemical, if not lethal ones of course. It is apparently impossible to explain to people that the alchemical process is not depending on anything macrocosmic.' [Antoine Bucc]


'The tan-t'ien, the 'fields of cinnabar,' are to be found in the most secret recesses of the brain and belly; here it is that the embryo of immortality is alchemically prepared.' [Eliade, 1962:111]


'The Calabash, of course, plays a considerable part in Taoist ideology and is regarded as representing the cosmos in minitiature. In this gourd-shaped microcosm resides the source of Life and Youth.' [Eliade, 1962:98]


'This region, if still seen as a spectral 'land beyond', appears to be a whole world in itself, a macrocosm. If, on the other hand, it is felt as 'psychic' and 'inside', it seems like a microcosm of the smallest proportions.[Jung, MC, pars 411 et 412] 'Whoever wished to commit this (alchemical/Cambronne) act (...), would therefore have to get outside himself, as if into an external glasshouse, a round cucurbita which represented the microcosmic space of the psyche.' [Jung, MC, pars 410]' [Paul Cambronne on the Forbidden Letters]


'You need to be well read to appreciate those Letters.' [Alchemical Tribe]


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  • Professor White, D.G., The Alchemical Body, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 1996

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