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On the Forbidden Letters - by Jane and William Kaposi

'I also completed a work called The Order of the Alchemists which is somewhat of a historical film about the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta. It deals with their rise to power, the alchemical intrigue with Count Cagliostro and of course, their current roles and dealings with the security group Blackwater.' [Philip Gardiner in April 2008]

'I think you overestimate Gardiner's ability to grasp what is being conveyed in the Forbidden Letters.' [Gary Osborn in June 2007]

[ The Phoenix, British Library, Royal MS 12 C. xix, Folio 49v ]


'How can man escape from the prison of his imperfection? How can he transcend his present conditioning, to become God? This is the question that ultimately confronts us when we consider the riddle of Alchemy.' [Stanislas Klossowski de Rola]


'Pitty for myself I haven't read these articles (on the Letters) before. There are so many brilliant comparisons, information, awakening points.' [The numerologist Mirjana Sirbegovic]


'The life of our gay man, in spite of the fact that he has a very down to earth mentality, has many strange coincidences. We are talking about the period before 1986 here. Two numbers were somehow in his mind from childhood. The numbers 171 and 172. But not those numbers exactly. These numbers could turn up in different ways. And a zero didn't matter. So 100072 was valid, and so was 7110. Or 117. It was not untill September 1986 that he discovered that his birthday was under that number too (January 17th being 17.1). Now, there are three important data till now in his life: his birth (171), his resurrection (September 4 1986 - we couldn't make anything of that date) and the starting point of the Night of the Soul: October 7 2000 which is 7 10 2000 = 712). Keep this all in mind.' [The Paris 4 in their Second Newsletter]


'September 4 1986 - we couldn't make anything of that date.' [The Paris 4]


'According to the Coptic Calendar that gay man of the Letters was resurrected not in 1986, but in 1702 (the combination 172 again/ see the Second Newsletter by the Paris 4). To be precise, the 4th of September 1986 corresponds to 29 Mesori 1702.' [Forum-post on the Letters]

[ http://calendar.madness.sk/coptic_calendar-is.php?ly=1986 ]


'There may, however, have been another reason for Hecataeus [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hecataeus_of_Miletus ] to equate the Benu(bird) with the Phoenix. We have seen in connection with the discussion of the Egyptian ideas concerning the Benu that the conception of the dying and reviving sun bird was not unknown in Egypt, although the sources on this point are rather scarce.' [van den Broek]


'In the second half of the fifth century a mosaicist near Antioch showed the Phoenix standing on a pile of rocks arranged in the form of a pyramid.' [van den Broek]


'The bird is a symbol for the soul.' [Michael Wigner]


'Since the Phoenix is a metaphor for Kundalini-fire, and India the teacher on that fire, it is interesting to learn that Apollonius of Tyana  [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollonius_of_Tyana ] distinguished between Egyptian and Indian concepts of the Phoenix.' [John Wilkins in an email to us on the Forbidden Letters]


'With the exception of the Physiologus [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Physiologus ], the Phoenix was never said to come from India. Lydus [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joannes_Laurentius_Lydus ] noticed that Apollonius had the bird live in India, but assumed nonetheless that it burned itself in Heliopolis.' [van den Broek]


'The secret fire is described by alchemists as a fire burning without flames.' [Stanislas Klossowski de Rola]


'Asians can't even agree on the number of chakra's, which strongly suggests nobody there ever produced a lightbody.' [John Wilkins in in an email to us on the Forbidden Letters]


'According to Hindu tradition there are seven main chakra's (some say six/Kaposi), the Buddhist tantras speak of only four here.' [Mircea Eliade]


'There are many nadi's (tubes) in the subtle body.. Some figures have been proposed: 300.000, 200.000, 100.000, but especially 72.000. Amond them 72 are of particular importance.' [Mircea Eliade]


'The Paris 4 write: "The stone is produced about where the liver is. The stone ignites the Kundalini fire (the fire can actually be heard) and starts to move about, increasingly violently. Fire getting stronger. Arms and legs break into pieces."
Arms and legs breaking into pieces? That sounds osirian enough. And what's more, Seth, who trapped Osiris, had 72 conspirators.
The alchemical process is said to clean too, and to deliver a shining white Lightbody, the bridal clothes of the Gospel. Now, in the Gospel according to Philip, Jesus entered in the dyeing of Levi. He took 72 colors and threw them in the cauldron. Then Levi was in anger, but Jesus "took them out all white and said: 'It is thus indeed that the Son of Man is come as dyer."- ' [John Raven quoted by Otto Reich]


'No religion was ever made from scratch.' [Henry Penn]


'It was Horus and the fomulae repeated by Thoth (the Father of Alchemy/Kaposi) who performed the ceremony of resurrection, the first expression of that radical idea in the history of mankind. "Horus comes to thee, he separates thy bondages, he throws of thy bonds - Arise, give thou hand to Horus, that he may raise thee up. The tomb is opened for him." Then Osiris awakes.' [Richard Gabriel]


'And they came into Bethany. And a certain woman whose brother had died was there. And she prostrated herself before Jesus and said to him, Son of David, have mercy on me. But the disciples rebuked her. And Jesus, being angered, went off with her unto the garden where the tomb was, and straightway a great cry was heard from the tomb. And going near, Jesus rolled away the stone from the door of the tomb. And straightway, going in where the youth was, he stretched forth his hand and raised him, seizing his hand.' [Secret Mark]


'It was the heart, as the seat of truth, that was weighed against a single feather in the final judgment by Osiris. If the judgment was negative, the heart of the deceased was thrown to the "Devourer of Hearts," a terrible beast that waited beside the scales of judgment to be fed. The monster ate the heart at the spot whereupon the deceased suffered the most horrible of Egyptian fates, the second dying, in which the person ceased to exist forever.' [Richard Gabriel]


'Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power.' [Revelation 20:6]


'The central idea in Heisenberg's picture [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werner_Heisenberg ] of nature is that atoms are not actual things.' [Henry Stapp]


'The world is my projection.' [The Paris 4]


'Semen is the raw material and fuel of every psychochemical transformation.'[David Gordon White] A transformation through which 'a new, superhuman and immortal body is conceived out of the mortal one.'[DGW] That semen 'has to be retained..'[DGW] According to India throughout the Work, according to Paris only during the phase of kundalini. He who is unable to retain his semen (here) 'is condemned to death.' [DGW] [Maria El Safti on the Forbidden Letters]

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'Simon Magus  [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Magus ] teaches that in semen (...) there is a very small spark.' [Carl Jung]


'Alchemy too has its doctrine of the Scintilla, the little soul-spark. In the first place it is the fiery center of the earth. For all things have their origin in this source.' [Carl Jung]


'So what are we to conclude here? Are women only incapable of becoming Solar Heroes, lacking testicles, lacking sperm? Or are we alchemically doomed altogether? Surely not.' [Maria El Safti on the Forbidden Letters]


'Women, I'm sorry, are the portal to death (nothing wrong with women because of that, of course/after all, they can't help the fact that we are mortals, as Genesis would like to suggest). Remember the Hayflick-limit. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hayflick_limit ] As soon as the egg and the sperm unite the clock of death starts to tick. No redemption I'm afraid through the womb. Only death. [Forum-post on the Letters]


'Hayflick-life is not life at all really. It's only a pendulum that got a push.' [Jenny Martin]


'Let the dead bury the dead.' [Jesus]


'But even if it's true that women can only be saved through a male alchemist and not become alchemists themselves, does not mean that women are inferior to men. Let me give an example here. Who is giving birth to the Tree of Life and the Vessel of Alchemy, meaning the human body? Exactly: women. And are men inferior to women because they can't give birth here? If you study the El Safti-article carefully, then women take care of the Vessel and men of the Work. What counts is the end-product: a salvator macrocosmi, able to redeem nature.' [Forum-post on the Letters]


'The Forbidden Letters are named so because I suppose they carry around a certain animosity that gets the topic locked, ignored, and or ill treated. (...) So here are the Forbidden Letters, read them carefully, and if you will respond in this thread do so with caution.' [yuku.com]


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