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On the Forbidden Letters - by Heinz Lichtenberg


I would like to thank Hilde Wieland-Maier for helping me with my English and Otto Reich for editing part 2 of this article.

Cologne, Germany, June 2008.

Part 1


'Westerners tend to believe in a kind of soul-principle that constitutes individuality.
'[Richard Howey]

[ Angels carrying the soul of St. Bertin to heaven, Simon Marmion, 1480 ]

Long before I discovered the Forbidden Letters to Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn, I asked myself what chakra's could be made of. Are they photonic? Subtle? Or matter gross after all? And what are you and I made of in the first place?
With Eric Olson 'I don't mean our chemical composition here. I want to know whether we are made of matter at all.' [2007:13] Or whether we are made of something other than matter. 'Or partly matter and partly something else. Come to that, are we made of anything at all?' [ibid]

The alchemical theory of the Paris 4, as well as the numerous response-articles on that theory, all seem to imply that whatever we are made of ends with death. Nihil post mortem: there is nothing after death. Yet, many people around the globe claim to have had Near Death Experiences, or NDE's. Experiences suggesting that the Paris 4 could be wrong if they assume that the soul, our psychic tissue, dies with our body. - But are NDE's about death?

On page 138 of Timothy Ferris' 1992 book The Mind's Sky, Ferris informs us about a Swiss NDE dating from 1871. In that year the Zurich Alpinist Professor Albert Heim fell from an alpine glacier while climbing at an altitude of 5,900 feet. He saw his whole past life 'take place in many images while falling.' [Ferris] 'Everything was transfigured as though by a heavenly light and everything was beautiful, without grief, without anxiety, and without pain.' [Heim]

Now, a climber falling from a cliff is not dead. 'He is not even ailing. He is fully fit and is near death only in the sense that he has every reason to expect that he is about to die. If, as we have seen, the mental transfigurations he experiences closely resemble modern near death accounts, then the NDE phenomenon tells us about trauma, not death. And if it doesn't tell us about death,
it doesn't tell us about life after death either.' [Ferris/emphasis added]

It appears then, as Ferris says, and I would agree here, that the physiological basis of a Near Death Experience is stress: the human nervous system releasing a deluge of chemicals into the bloodstream in response to a life threatening situation.

Part 2


'So how do you guys know all this? That gay's can't handle kundalini for instance?' [Hermetic Research]

'The practice of homosexuality pollutes the energies of the chakras, spills the kundalini fires into vortices of deceleration, and causes the three-fold flame to be incrementally lost, which is the worst form of imbalance. Because the practice of homosexuality causes the disintegration of the spiritual life support systems of man, the lifestyle must be forsaken if the soul is ever to take and master the initiations necessary to return home to the sacred heart. The return to the sacred heart is our passport home to the divine city, the Kingdom of God, which is the only context for eternal life.' [The Homeward Bound Journal]

'Homophobic myths are even more creative than anti-Semitic ones.' [Heinrich Sommer]

'Read a book where it was mentioned that a study was done in San Francisco where 50 straights and 50 homosexual people were filmed having sex with Kirlian photography. The straights exchanged noticeable amounts of energy, and the same sex partners did not. This would fall in line with sexual alchemy which is defined as the divine union of opposites.' [ www.abovetopsecrets.com ]

'It has escaped most people that the Divine Sex leading to the Alchemical Wedding is sex between the inner male and female, and that it has, therefore, nothing to do with heterosexual sex. In the words of Otto Reich: 'male and female belong together. But not in bed.' [Günter Preis in an email to me in May 2008/ presented with permission by both Preis and Reich/ emphasis added]

'As Stephen Jay Gould and Ashley Montagu suggest, it is through neoteny, as well as through natural selection, and random mutation - that man has evolved. This is true morphologically as well as rationally and emotionally. Montagu writes that neoteny is "the retention into adult life of those human traits associated with childhood."- ' [Stanley Carruth]

According to Timothy Materer 'Robert Duncan and James Merrill found in the occult art of alchemy a lost understanding of sexual identity that tolerated rather than repressed androgyny
and homosexuality. '[Timothy Materer, Cornell University Press, Dec. 1995:12/ emphasis added]

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung seems to have been the first physician who realized that homosexuality might possibly be about psychic androgyny. In paragraph 146 of 'Concerning the Archetypes and the Anima Concept' he conjectures that homosexuality might represent an 'incomplete detachment from the hermaphroditic archetype, coupled with a distinct resistance to identify with the role of a one-sided sexual being, (...) preserving the archetype of the Original Man, which a one sided sexual being has, up to a point, lost.' [emphasis added]

In their March 2007-article on the Forbidden Letters at World Mysteries, de Renzi, Fenelon and de la Censerie, quoting Wilson and Rachman from their 1998 book Born Gay, pointed out that...

'...evidence from independent laboratories across the world has shown that the brain of gay men and lesbian women are cross-sex shifted in certain respects more than those of heterosexuals.'

This all seems confirmed in a June 2008 Sunday Times article by Science Editor Jonathan Leake. 'Scientists investigating human sexuality have found that the brains of homosexuals have structural and functional differences from those of "straight" people. Lesbians appear to have a lower proportion of grey matter in their brains than straight women, giving their brains a more “male-like” structure. The brains of gay men appear to have structural similarities to those of heterosexual women. They also exhibit the same powerful response as straight women to the sex hormones released in male sweat.(...) In one study researchers (...) at University College London used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (...) to look at the brains of 80 men and women, including 16 gay men and 15 lesbians. They found that lesbians had a “male-like” proportion and distribution of grey matter in their brain when compared with heterosexual women.

In a paper published in the Public Library of Science, the researchers said:

“In homosexual women the perirhinal cortex grey matter displayed a male-like structural pattern.” The perirhinal area is associated with social and sexual behavior.' [Sunday Times]

Seven months earlier another article on homosexuality, this time by Richard Brooks, had been published in the Sunday Times. In that article it was suggested that the inner child in homosexual people is more alive then in heterosexual people. That child allegedly has to be peeled out in a certain crisis in alchemy, the ludus puerorum or Play of the Children. According to Jung that 'child lurkes in every adult,'[1970:311] representing 'exactly that part of the human personality which wants to become whole.' [ibid] That child is also called puer aeternus (eternal boy). Brooks:

'Desmond Morris who became a bestselling author by applying zoology to explain human behaviour, has now utilised the techniques to put forward an explanation for homosexuality. In his latest book, The Naked Man, he concludes that men are “made gay” because they retain infantile or juvenile characteristics into adulthood - a phenomenon known as neoteny. [emphasis added]

(...) Morris points to work done by Clive Bromhall, who produced some of his television programmes.

“Gays do infantile behaviour in the extreme,” said Bromhall, who, after gaining a PhD in zoology from Oxford, left academia to form a company making educational films.

Morris (...) long thought that absent fathers led to boys and young male adults becoming gay.

“(It is) the dominant and ever-present mother theory,” he said. “But now I’m convinced that (theory) is wrong, and that it is neoteny which makes people gay." [Morris] - '[Sunday Times]

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Note: Presented with permission

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