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On the Forbidden Letters - by Pablo Uribe

'Most people are unfamiliar with the fact that the macrocosmic capstone of a pyramid, the pyramidion, represents the microcosmic Benben-stone, a.k.a. the Grail, or Philosopher's Stone: the agent to the alchemical fire of Kundalini.' [1]

'The intellect that could build the Pyramid could also grasp the mystery of immortality.' [2]

'As an egyptologist once told me, when it came to metaphysics 'Egypt kept everything, threw away nothing.' [3]

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[ The Subterranean Chamber in the Great Pyramid ]

Part 1

If, dear reader, a man has to identify 'with the regressive flow of his libido, he will suffer the pain of dismemberment and annihilation in the Realm of the Mothers,' [4] that is: in the underworld.
If he does not heroically resurface from these microcosmic depths, then he 'becomes permanently damaged.' [Ibid]  The Aryan Jung was of the opinion that 'only Aryans could safely make this trip.' [5] According to Jung only they 'could experience this sacrament of rebirth.' [6]

The Paris 4 nowhere discuss ethnicity in their Letters. Instead they say that only a specific balance of the microcosmic male and female is crucial in that sacrament. A balance supposedly only present in certain homosexuals.*)

*) Michel Foucault tells us that the view on homosexuality gradually changed in the nineteenth century. "The sodomite was considered a temporary aberration; the homosexual was now a species ... homosexuality appeared as... a kind of interior androgyny, a hermaphroditism of the soul." [emphasis added]

Heinz Lichtenberg tells us that Desmond Morris in his book 'The Naked Man' put forward that 'man are made gay because they retain infantile or juvenile characteristics into adulthood, a phenomenon known as neoteny.' [7] However, since many homosexuals have realized well before puberty, meaning well before neoteny even had a chance to 'make them gay,' that they felt sexually attracted to their own gender, it is proposed on the website of Gary Osborn that it is not neoteny producing homosexuality, but homosexuality facilitating neoteny, thereby preserving the (inner) child-god, that 'god of life, death and resurrection.' [8]

In any case, the microcosmic male and female have to be united and can only be united, according to Alchemy, through an agent, usually called spirit. And if that agent is successful, if the two can 'make peace within a single house,' [9] then they will become omnipotent. 'They will say to the mountain, move from here, and it will move.' [10]

This, ladies and gentlemen, accords beautifully with Indian alchemy which 'conceives of the world as power.' [11] Because in Tantra 'the world is nothing but power to be harnessed.' [12] (Actually, it is nothing but information to be harnessed.)

But, 'human' omnipotence can only work of course if the Self is already the organizing center of the universe. If, in other words, the microcosm is the fundament of the macrocosm, and not, as most people think, the microcosm a mere reflection of the macroworld. (After all, what would such a reflection serve?) Next to will, consciousness might be a key-factor here and therefor possibly 'an irreducible scientific entity in its own right, similar to concepts such as mass and gravity.'[13]

Any solipsist would agree here of course. What's more, he would declare that mass and gravity are only properties of consciousness.

Part 2


[Egyptian ouroboros]

[ The Serpent biting its own tail is first seen as early as 1600 years BC in Egypt. From there it moved to the Phonecians and then to the Greeks, who called it Ouroboros. ]

Although many people believe that Gnosticism is akin to Alchemy, the two currents have in fact very little in common. Gnosticism teaches a universe in which the human race is somehow trapped after some kind of fall. Troubled by hostile forces, the Gnostics were 'seeking a way into the Kingdom of Light.'[14] And that goal, the Kingdom of Light, is about the only thing Gnosticism shared with Alchemy.

Arthur Versluis in his 2007 book 'Magic and Mysticism' gives the following elements as characteristic of stereotypic Gnosticism, meaning 'found in a wide range of twentieth century scholarly depiction of Gnosticism.'[15]):

  1. a hostile cosmos; Gnostic antipathy to nature;
  2. a demiurge, or ignorant creator responsible for botched creation and hostile to human spiritual awakening;
  3. dualism: opposition between the realm of light and the realm of matter;
  4. an elaborate mythology;
  5. myths concerning Sophia (Wisdom) and her fall and restoration;
  6. belief in a hidden God, not being the demiurge;
  7. difficulty of spiritual progress due to the archons or other hostile powers in the cosmos; ignorance the inherent (fallen) human condition;
  8. existence of the Ogdoad, or eight spheres (including the seven planetary spheres) and possibility of their transcendence;  and
  9. the necessity of gnosis, or direct spiritual knowledge from the realm of light.

As said before, this has little if anything to do with Alchemy. In Alchemy, as Antoine de la Censerie so beautifully said, 'God is on his way in our genes.' [16] No fall, no hostile forces, no childish stories. Even the 'dark' energy released in the Night of the Soul is welcomed since it is used to build up the Lightbody.

Although some writers on alchemy indeed 'used gnosticism to drop their seeds,' [17] they wouldn't dream of trying to explain evil, since they didn't even acknowledge the existence of evil. They simply awaited their Stone. Because the Royal Art has, from its very beginnings, always been an Art 'Beyond Good and Evil.' [18]

[ Aleister Crowley ]


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