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On the Forbidden Letters - by Fernando da Silva


Part 1

In their fifth Letter to Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn the Paris 4 tell us that the alchemist, in the second phase of the Great Work, has to 'let out his beast.' The energy freed thereby is then used to build up the Lightbody, the Kingdom of God within. That beast resides in everyone of us. Because 'everyone has a masculine and a feminine nature and each of these complementaries is further split into a light and a dark side.'[Leonard Shlain]

If the alchemist succeeds in transforming this energy, then his Green Lion will turn golden. This process is usually called the Night of the Soul. According to Paris it is 'absolute horror the first two weeks,
(and) horror still the next three months.' A night that apparently cannot be skipped, since we
 'cannot escape our obligations to the animal who is lending us his body for our own advancement.'[A. Boyd Kuhn]

A night also described in the Gospel of Thomas, that 'most alchemical' of all Gospels: 'When you see your likeness, you rejoice. But when you see your images which came into being before you, and which neither die, nor become manifest, how much you will have to bear! '[Gospel of Thomas/84/emphasis added]

Part 2

'Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity - in all this vastness
 - there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.'[Carl Sagan]

'No one can really doubt that the amount of information that can be gained from closely studying
the Great Pyramid and its location – even if much of this information was intentionally encoded
or not – is indeed so mind-boggling, that one could be forgiven for thinking that ‘God’ or some
‘higher intelligence’ not constrained by the laws of our reality had built it, saying:
“There you go, all the information you need to know about you and your reality is all stored within this monument – find it and use it!” -'[Gary Osborn with Philip Gardiner]

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Since the publication of the Forbidden Letters it is understood 'that the macrocosmic capstone of a pyramid, the pyramidion, symbolizes the microcosmic Benben-stone, a.k.a. the Grail, or Philosopher's Stone: the agent to the alchemical fire of Kundalini.'[de Beauregard]*)

[ *) A capstone, who, in Carthago, was 'almost without exception shown in combination with a caduceus.'[ Reuter] ]

It is highly unlikely though that the people of ancient Egypt knew this too, although the priests might have. Von Mosheim for instance says that the Egyptian priests had a sacred code of their own 'founded on very different principles from those which characterized the popular religion, and it was studiously concealed
from the curiosity of the public by wrapping it up in characters the meaning and power of which were only known to themselves.'[Von Mosheim/Vol. I,21]

But, as said, the people would concentrate on the macrocosmic version of that stone, in other words:
on the symbol. A symbol believed to be made of star-material.

'At some point in time the Benben sat in a temple. The Sumerians had great plans for stealing it and even constructed a very expensive temple to house it. Their king was told by god to make this temple as strong
as the "House of the Serpent," an old mystery school name for the Great Pyramid.'[Tony Bushby]

But wait a minute? Why was the Great Pyramid called "House of the Serpent?" Because, according to Bushby, ancient Egyptian priests maintained that, "a serpent lies coiled in the Great Pyramid."
[Bushby] Just like the Kundalini-serpent lies coiled in the human body till it is driven out by the
'unnatural fire' or ignis innaturalis of Alchemy - the fire of Kundalini:

'The words 'stone (producing) kundalini' (...) imply the exit of the serpent through the spine.
It is driven out by that fire.'[The Paris 4]

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Note: Presented with permission

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