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On the Forbidden Letters - by Julia Cicci


I am grateful to Benito Marucci for his advise on the Kaluza-Klein/theory and Sophia Ponte-Weill for the many penetrating discussions I had with her on the Forbidden Letters.

Lausanne, Switzerland, March 2009.


'And this explains why our friend could still hear common street noise outside his apartment when he traveled to the centre of the earth over 19 years ago with tremendous speed.'[The Paris 4]

'What if it's all true? What if tests show conclusively that Kaluza, Klein and their successors were right about the hidden recesses of space?'[2004:292]

'We are in deep water here.'[The theosophist Sarah Johansson on the Forbidden Letters at moonfruit.com]

[ Theodor Kaluza ]

In his 1914 paper on the possibility of a unification of the electromagnetic and gravitational fields, the Finnish physicist Gunnar Nordström[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunnar_Nordström  ] claimed that the interpretation of James Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism allowed us 'to regard four dimensional space-time as a surface in a five dimensional world.'[Nordström] That world was to be proposed independently by the German mathematician Theodor Kaluza five years later in a letter to Albert Einstein.

At first Einstein was thrilled: 'The formal unity of your theory is astonishing.' But, after realizing 'the extra metaphysical poundage that theory would add to general relativity, Einstein politely resisted for a time.'[2004:8] Later he would embrace that dimension again, clearly placing no more restrictions on the size of it, assuming 'that all fields (of four-dimensional space-time/Cicci) are extended, like strands of spaghetti, into five-dimensional space-time.'[2004:195]

In physics Kaluza's theory is a model that seeks to unify the forces of gravitation and electromagnetism. It was Kaluza who extended general relativity 'to a five dimensional space-time.'[Wikipedia]

The question now is, could Kaluza's five dimensional space-time actually be the microcosmic cucurbita of Alchemy? After all, that mysterious microcosmic space is, at the same time, believed to be 'a whole world in itself, a macrocosm.'[1970:pars 410]*)

*) See http://www.world-mysteries.com/PhilipGardiner/forbidden_letters_27.htm

The Paris 4 tell us that not the microworld is a product of the macroworld, but the latter an output of the former ('the real sun and moon are in you'/ 'the world is my projection'). Now, the latest development in physics, the M-theory, seems to agree here with the Paris 4. Because that theory 'imagines the universe as a shadow-theater.'[2004:11] In other words: as mere projection. And it's only these shadows, the projections, the Nordströmian surface, that can be seen. The 'backstage area (of five dimensional space-time/Cicci), called the bulk, can never be seen, because it admits no light.'[Ibid.]

Nevertheless, researchers 'are trying to test this new model of physics (the M-theory/Cicci) and their strategies make use of experiments that rely on gravity, rather than light.'[2004:12] Because only gravity 'is thought to have special access to this backstage.'[Ibid.] According to M-theory only gravity 'can penetrate the bulk.'[Ibid.] And that was already pointed out by Anil Sriram of course in his July 2008 response article on the Forbidden Letters at World-Mysteries:

'An alchemist who has to descend (into the earth/Cicci) is somehow pulled of course. And this strongly suggests gravitational forces might be at work here to enter this mysterious dimension of traverse. And this makes a lot of sense. Because physicists discovered that only the force of gravity 'is capable of exerting an extra-dimensional influence.'[2008:188] The other three forces of nature, the electromagnetic, the weak nuclear and the strong nuclear are not capable of exerting such influence. 'Only the gravitational force can leak into other dimensions.’[Ibid.][Sriram]

One person in particular, the theosophist H.P. Blavatsky, was sceptical of extra dimensions in space. In The Secret Doctrine Blavatsky rejected that idea altogether, arguing 'for new ways of understanding the characteristics of matter.'[2005:45] Many fellow theosophists maintained interest though in a fourth spatial dimension, 'equating it to the astral plane.'[2004:46] According to one of them, C.W. Leadbeater, that plane is the 'nonphysical domain in which clairvoyance and other occult phenomena supposedly take place.'[Ibid.] A plane, according to solipsism, still rooted in the human Self, the, in the words of Edward Edinger, 'ordering and unifying centre of the total psyche, the central source of life energy, the foundation of our being, most simply described as God.' Because that alone, in my opinion, could explain why the descending alchemist 'could still hear common street noise' in four-dimensional space-time when he was riding five-dimensional space-time. If he was riding an extra dimension in the first place of course, and not something else.

© Julia Cicci


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