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On the Forbidden Letters - by Joan Quin

Part 1 - The Deep Inner Body Experience (DIBE)

'e) One starts to descend into the earth. After 2 minutes our man 'fell asleep' or passed out in another hypnagogic way. Hypnagogic, because he couldn't remember that moment the morning after. If you lose consciousness you remember. So he 'fell asleep'.

f) 10.30 in the morning. He woke up. Coccyx and back of the head firmly attached to the floor. As said before, it took him about 30 minutes to free himself.

g) September 5 1986 : the top-chakra opens.'    [The Paris 4] Source: The Forbidden Letters - Part 2, #12

Reading the details given by the Paris 4 in the first and fourth Forbidden Letters to Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn, as well as in section 12 of part 2 of those Letters, we may ask ourselves: is the alchemical descent into the earth an Outer Body Experience (OBE), or something else?

People having had OBE's all tell us that they could see the world around them.. Be that world a realistic one, or not. The alchemist though, according to Paris, only feels something: that he is pulled during his descent. And that does then,  in my opinion, not point to an OBE. And since Paris maintains that the 'real earth is microcosmic and in you,' the alchemist is in all probability enjoying an inner experience here. An experience we might then term Deep Inner Body Experience or DIBE.
And this also explains why the Chymical Wedding by Rosenkreutz [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chymical_Wedding_of_Christian_Rosenkreutz ] invites us to 'descend within ourselves, while being transformed.'[Antoine Faivre] What's more, that descent, the Letters say, opens the crown-chakra after about 36 hours. And who ever heard of OBE's opening chakra's?

Part 2 - Quotes


'Could those Letters point to 2012 perhaps?'[Forum-post on the Forbidden Letters]


'The proposal of the December 21, 2012 date is based on the unproven belief that the (26.000) precessional cycle actually means something for human evolution, and, amazingly, as far as I know no one advocating this end date seems to have even bothered to try to prove this basic assumption. Moreover, while there is extensive evidence that the Maya based prophecy and prediction on shifts between baktuns, katuns, tuns etc, not a single ancient Mayan text mentions the 26,000 year precessional cycle. Based on nothing more than belief, a culture has subsequently emerged around the December 21, 2012 date, since it serves as an ideal projection screen for fantasies, fears and hopes, rather than something that can be proven and understood scientifically based on the patterns of the Mayan calendar.'[C.J. Calleman/2009:passim]


'(Our gay man) starts to descend into the earth.'[The Paris 4]


'Then, you asked us whether 'we would recommend the use of drugs as part of the process' (of resurrection). Philip, the grail is not on drugs.'[The Paris 4]


'Transpersonal experiences may have strange characteristics that shatter the most fundamental assumptions of materialistic science. Although those experiences occur in the process of deep individual self-exploration, it is not possible to interpret them as intrapsychic phenomena in the conventional sense.'[S. Grof/emphasis added]


'A strange, Möbius-like leap seems to occur [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%B6bius_strip ]  in which deep exploration of the individual unconscious (the sea of the alchemists/Quin)  turns into a process of experiental adventures in the universe-at-large.'[S. Grof]


'The ultimate of all experiences appears to be that of the Meta-cosmic Void, the mysterious primordial emptiness and nothingness that is conscious of itself and contains all existence in germinal form.'[S. Grof/emphasis added]


'In this Stone lies hidden all that God and Eternity, heaven, the stars and the elements contain and are able to do.'[J. Boehme]


'a) Our man is on the floor on his back. He had his eyes closed during the whole resurrection. A 'thread' (very thin) is closing around his neck. The head is decapitated by that 'thread'.

'b) The stone is produced about where the liver is. The Stone ignites the Kundalini fire  (the fire can actually be heard) and starts to move about, increasingly violently. Fire getting stronger. Arms and legs break into pieces.'[The Paris 4/emphasis added]


'The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz is presented in the form of a septenary, which quite clearly represents the traditional operations of the Great Work. Before the final realization, a particularly trying ordeal awaits the adept, who must witness the beheading of the royal persons. But the Phoenix, symbol of resurrection, soon appears.'[A. Faivre]

(Note that The Chemical Wedding has the Phoenix and the Decapitation correctly connected, but placed at the end of the Great Work, where in fact they are at the very beginning, according to Paris/Quin.)


'But do grace and redemption occupy an essential place in Alchemy? Doesn't the alchemist give instead the impression of a sort of demiurge seeking to scale the steps leading to the gates of heaven by his own means?'[A. Faivre/emphasis added]


'Your God and heaven spell alchemy.'[The Paris 4]


'We read on Gary's Messageboard that he is going to write an article on the Forbidden Letters (on his own?). Our gay man has instructed us because of this upcoming article to contact you and to inform you in more detail about the 'prophecy' that you two are to write yet another book on the Grail. That 'prophecy' comes from a 1949 letter by Thomas Mann. That letter came into the possession of our gay man on September 1, 1986, so three days before his resurrection. He got that letter together with a copy of the collected short stories ('Die Erzählungen) by Thomas Mann.'[The Paris 4]


Thomas Mann explicitly referred to his great novel Der Zauberberg [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Magic_Mountain ] as a hermetic (i.e. alchemical/Quin) story.'[Hanegraaff]


'Paris says that none of Mann's novels is hermetic where Mann says one of them (The Magic Mountain) is. Very confusing.'[Forum-post on the Forbidden Letters]


'Farewell, Hans Castorp (main character in the Magic Mountain/Quin). Your story has come to an end. That story was neither entertaining, nor boring. It was an hermetic story.'[Thomas Mann at the end of The Magic Mountain]


'Though The Magic Mountain is full of motifs derived from alchemy and Grail-mythology, this does not seem to have motivated students of Western esotericism to consider Thomas Mann as an obvious object of research.'[Hanegraaff]


'Is it a coincidence that Mann was homosexual too?'[Forum-post on the Forbidden Letters]


'Thomas Mann explicitly referred to Hermes as his favorite deity.'[Hanegraaff]


'When Mann addressed the students of Princeton again one year later (meaning 1940/Quin) he significantly changed the text. There are strong reasons to suspect that in doing so he was deliberately trying to cover up his tracks.'[Hanegraaff:passim/emphasis added]


'It would have been easy for Mann to play on the fact that Wolfram von Eschenbach describes the Grail not as a bowl, but as a "Stone." However, Mann simply begins by using the Grail-legends, and then switches after reading Thalmann.
The two symbolic systems stand side by side and are connected only indirectly, by being interpreted as two different ways of referring to the same process.'[Hanegraaff]*)

*) All Hanegraaf-quotes on Thomas Mann were taken from 'Esoterisme, Gnoses & Imaginaire Symbolique: Melanges offerts a Antoine Faivre,' Peeters, Leuven, Belgium, 2001, 575-594.


'What easier for Thomas Mann to secretely point to alchemical decapitation, the only decapitation followed by a new head, than by dragging in that old myth of Sita and her two husbands in his short story The Transposed Heads?' [Forum-post on the Forbidden Letters]


'Kundalini is a lot of claptrap.'[Agehananda Bharati [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agehananda_Bharati ]


'Kundalini is imaginary.'[Patanjali [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patanjali ]]


'The idea of the Kundalini-serpent traveling from its hiding place near the human anus for a secret tryst with Shiva in the cerebrum is latter-day-nonsense.'[Agehananda Bharati [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agehananda_Bharati ]


'No matter what they tell you, the method of arousing Kundalini is not yet known. India is full of posers, and so is the New Age Industry.'[Jane Wilkins]


'Nobody knows what alchemy is about for sure and in detail, untill somebody actually produces that famous Stone of Transmutation in the true oven of the alchemist: the body. That man, and that man alone, will know the secret.'[A. Duret]


'Wilhelm Reich [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_Reich ] claimed he had discovered the physical basis of the libido in what he called orgone energy, which, he maintained, was a visible and measurable substance. Nik Douglas [ http://www.tantraworks.com/bionik.html ] thinks that during his researches into orgone energy Reich had "undoubtedly stumbled upon the all-powerful Kundalini-energy,
which has its roots in the sexual centers."[1971, p.53] -'[B. Walker]


'(The alchemist) will become immortal and remain unharmed at the time of the Great Dissolution.'[H. Gould]


'In Thomas 11. Jesus said:"The dead are not alive, and the living will not die."

The dead are those not reborn from that fire ('let the dead bury the dead' [Jesus]). The living, those reborn through that fire.'[M. Strom on the Forbidden Letters]


'Jesus (i.e. the Living Stone of Alchemy/Quin) said: I have cast fire upon the world, and behold I guard it until it is ablaze.'[Gospel of Thomas:10]


'According to an ancient view man stands at the center of things. He is an axis mundi and a focus of a vast range of forces.'[Benjamin Walker]


'Nothing will be impossible for you.'[Jesus]


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