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On the Forbidden Letters - by Pedro Caz

In dedication to HRH the Duchess of Cornwall

'Ce qui manque aux orateurs en profundeur, ils vous le donnent en longueur.'  - Montesquieu -


'In the Corpus Hermeticum God is called Archetypal Light. The term (archetypal) also occurs in De Divinis Nominibus (On the Divine Name/Caz). In I.6 we find (the expression) Archetypal Stone.'[Jung/emphasis added]
[ http://www.eden.co.uk/shop/dionysius-pseudo-dionysius-areopagita-de-divinis-nominibus-1188595.html ]


'It is the rooted conviction of the West that God and the Ego are worlds apart. In India, on the other hand, their identity was taken as self-evident.'[Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis (MC hereafter), par. 125]

'Man is a mortal God and God an immortal man.'[Corpus Hermeticum]


'We have not only the early testimony of Zosimos of Panopolis from the third century, but that of Petrus Bonus of the fourteenth century, which point to the parallelism of the alchemical secret and the God-man.'[Jung, MC:xvi]

'In the last days there will come upon the earth a most pure man through whom would be brought about the liberation of the world.'[Dorn in Jung, MC, par. 34, n.228]

'For the alchemists the dark side of the world has never been conquered (as Christians would say/Caz). And this was the task they set themselves in their Work.'[Jung, MC, par. 49/emphasis added]


'For the Kingdom of God cometh not with observation but is within us, as Christ says in the seventeenth chapter of Luke. Recently though "within you" (greek: entos humoon) has been (wrongly/Caz) translated as "among you." This shows the modern tendency to replace man's inner cohesion by outward community (i.e. church/Caz). It is this deplorable tendency that paves the way for mass-mindedness.'[Jung, MC, par. 9, n.45/emphasis added]


'Flesh and blood correspond to the inward and hidden fire.'[Dorn in Jung, MC, par. 11, n.52/emphasis added]


[ Isis ]

'And at night, Isis placed the child in a fire to burn away all that was mortal in him.'[Baring and Casford]

'In Greco-Roman times Isis was represented as a human-headed snake.'[Jung, MC, par. 14, n.81]

'Nobody knows the origin of the Black Madonna-cult.'[Peller]

'The Cognomen of Isis was chumeia, the Black One.'[Jung, MC, par. 14]

'Since ancient times Isis was reputed to possess the Elixir of Life.'[Ibid.]


[ Image from the Splendor Solis ]
Image source: http://www.levity.com/alchemy/images/ss11.jpg

'The inflammation by desire has its analogy in the alchemist's gradual warming of the substances (in his astral-body/Caz) that contain the secret..'[Jung, MC, par. 34]


[ Philip Gardiner ]

'I listened to the information the Paris 4 were sending, and I thoroughly enjoyed their interpretation, whilst having reservations on why they wished to remain secret. I can still only assume it may have something to do with the gay aspect spoken of in their work or maybe they just want to remain private.'[Philip Gardiner]

'The (alchemical Redeemer) does not play the game of shepherd and sheep, because he has enough to do to be a shepherd to himself.'[Jung, MC, par. 491]


'You know that there is a beast inside all of us.'[The Paris 4]

'That raging torrent that flows for all eternity in the darkness of the psyche.'[Jung, MC, par.125/emphasis added]

'When you see your likeness, you rejoice. But when you see your images which came into being before you, and which neither die, nor become manifest, how much will you have to bear!'[Gospel of Thomas, logon 84/emphasis added]

'That beast has to be let out in a certain crisis in alchemy. It is raw psychic energy (libido). And exactly that dark energy is used to build up the lightbody. It is extremely dangerous and leaves you with a pandemonium of aggression-impulses for several months( and other complaints), and in weaker form for several years (the energy is consumed more and more and the impulses gradually disappear). To safely conduct this energy you need an extraordinary strong mind (he who will overcome). This process is sometimes called the night of the soul. It is absolute horror the first two weeks. Horror still the next three months and quite a burden for about three years, till the whole beast is consumed and transformed into lightbody and chakra's (well hidden then still).'[The Paris 4]

'You must go through the gate of the blackness if you would like to gain the Light of Paradise and the whiteness.'[Ripley, Chemical Writings, p. 51]

*) Note that the remark by Jung ('for all eternity') and Thomas 84 ('neither die') imply that only some energy is taken from 'the beast' to create the Lightbody. But that the beast stays intact.


[ Human livercells ]

'Most people do not know that the immortality-button is switched off in our bodycells. The infrastructure for immortality is there and ready. And nobody knows why.'[Reinhard]

'The idea of restoring telomerase for cellular immortality is not assuring enough as immortality in cells other than stem cells or germ cells means malignancy.' [vide http://www.physiology-physics.blogspot.com/2007/08/hayflick-limit-telomere-and-aging.html ]

'The research is based on the idea that certain cell lines are immortal; that is, unlike "somatic" cells (all cells except those that create new life) wither and die, germline cells (sperm and ova cells) produce new organisms. They then replicate and make new germline cells, and are therefore effectively immortal. Moreover, these cells have much greater staying power than somatic cells. Germline cells are designed specifically to convey genetic information to offspring, and as such, have enhanced immune systems and greater resistance to genetic stresses that would destroy regular cells. The team has, in essence, been able to trick the somatic cells into acting the same way as germline cells..'[vide http://www.worldhealth.net/news/researchers_believe_genetic_mutations_ca/  / emphasis added]


'Christ is signified to us by the venerable stone. This reference is valid if the 'stone with the seven eyes' is taken not as the Keystone, but as the Foundation Stone of the temple (i.e. the Lightbody/Caz]. The first reference is to the lapis angularis (i.e. the Cornerstone/Caz], whose parallel in the Eastertide Consecration of the fire is the silex or firestone from which the spark springs forth. "O God, who through thy Son, who is called the cornerstone, has brought the fire of thy light to the faithful, make holy for our future use this new fire struck from the firestone."- '[Jung, MC, par. 46, n.89/emphasis added]

'In short, my friend, build a temple [meaning a Lightbody/Caz] from a single stone.' [The alchemist Zosimos of Panopolis]


'For you will remember too that in certain grail-lore heads are taken of and replaced by other heads. Now, we are not talking about the head of flesh to be taken of. That would be lethal ofcourse. It is the microcosmic, subtle head, interwoven in the head of flesh that is taken of and replaced after the (kundalini) fire by a new subtle head, the Christ.'[The Paris 4]

'The (wingless) dragon is equated with the human-headed serpent of Paradise which had the image of God in its head. "His head lives in eternity."[Albertus Magnus] Hence we get the parallel of the dragon's head with Christ.'[Jung, MC, par. 140 ff.]

'The dragon's head contains the precious stone.'[Jung, MC, par. 141]

'It's a possibility that the Stone is produced of the old microcosmic head. And that the head placed back after the Kundalini-fire is again that Stone. This would mean that there are as many Grails as there are human heads.'[John Raven on the Forbidden Letters]


'The figure of the Son of Man and of Christ the Redeemer has archetypal antecedents. It is these (antecedents) that form the basis of the alchemical analogies.'[Jung, MC, par. 146]

'Those wo identified the lapis (i.e. stone) with Christ stopped working in the laboratory, and those who preferred laboratory work slowly gave up their mystic language.'[Jung, MC, par. 148]

'I have met and worked with a number of real alchemists here in France. A transmutation of metals was perfomed in my kitchen fireplace.'[Laura Knight-Jadczyk]


'There is in the unconscious an already exsiting wholeness, the Whole Man of Western, and Chen-yen or True Man of Chinese Alchemy.'[Jung, MC, par. 152/emphasis added]


'We are closing for today. If you search in alchemy, at one point you will find the expression V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (= visit the centre of the earth and by rectification you will find the stone). The alchemist- writers are quite mistaking here. We recommend our 16 words from our first mail: first the stone is produced, then the journey to the inner earth starts. The stone is found in the body, not in the earth. Mind you, everything is, in the end, found in the body. If an alchemist travels through the earth, he's doing that in the microcosmos of the body. Remember what we said: the real sun and moon (and earth) are in you. Not outside. And this explains why our friend could still hear common street noise outside his apartment when he traveled to the centre of the earth over 19 years ago with tremendous speed.'[The Paris 4]

'The Aurora Consurgens [ vide http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurora_consurgens  ] equates the earth with the bride. It is in the earth that the Holy Wedding takes place.'[Jung, MC, par. 154]

'The misfortune of the alchemists was that they themselves did not know what they were talking about.'[Jung, MC, par. 147]


[ The Yin (inner female) and Yang (inner male) symbol ]

'The content becomes fixed through the mystery of the coniunctio in which the opposites unite. "The two shall be one, and the outside as the inside, and the male with the female neither male nor female." This apocryphal saying of Jesus from the beginning of the second century is indeed a paradigm of the alchemical union of opposites.'[Jung, MC, par. 200]


'The dragon (i.e. serpent) is analogous to the devil, and the lapis (i..e. stone) to Christ.'[Jung, MC, par. 235]

'c) The snake is driven out. Our friend doesn't know where it went. Up the spine, but after that: no clue. (Into the earth?)'[The Paris 4]

*) It is very amusing to see how bits of alchemy chaotically landed in the New Testament:

"[1] And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

[2] And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,

[3] And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.

[4] And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

[5] But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

[6] Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years."[Revelations 20/emphasis added]

'A little metallic like wheel (like in a clock) starts to spin in the decapitated head, either on the left side, or the right side (our gay man doesn't remember), near the ear and then, spinning fast, makes a 90 degree move to the forehead. (We can't help thinking about Revelation/ the sign on the foreheads.)'[The Paris 4/emphasis added]


'The Stone is produced about where the liver is.'[The Paris 4]

'Turn inward for your voyage. You will not find the Stone in foreign parts.'[Angelus Silesius]


'If (the alchemist) succeeds in transforming the arcane substance, he will simultaneously accomplish his own wholeness, which will manifest itself as the glory of the whole world.'[Jung, MC, par. 290]


'If you produce that stone and were consumed and reproduced through that fire, you will achieve individual and physical immortality, and nothing less.'[The Paris 4]

'As the alchemists strove to produce an incorruptible, glorified body, they would attain that state in the Albedo, where the body became no longer subject to decay.'[Jung, MC, par. 319]


[ Biophoton-image (left) of the human hand ]

'That cells emitted light was first suggested in 1938 by the Russian biologist Alexander Gurwitsj. 'Every living system emits, absorbs, and stores light, (...) and every living cell emits at least 100.000 light particles per second.'[Boswinkel] Untill today though 'nobody knows how biophotons are being produced. A thing that seems certain is that they are messengers or bosons. They carry information.'[Boswinkel]'[Richard Morley at http://www.world-mysteries.com/PhilipGardiner/forbidden_letters_24.htm ]

'The "refracted rays of the Divine in the world and in created things (Caussin)" correspond to the "certain luminosity" which the alchemists said was inherent in the natural world.'[Jung, MC, par. 344/emphasis added]


'Here Ripley [ vide http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Ripley_(alchemist) ] describes the (alchemical) renewal of the King and the birth of the Son as the manifestation of a new Redeemer, which sounds very queer indeed in the mouth of a medieval ecclesiastic.'[Jung, MC, par. 443]

'One is driven to conjecture that medieval alchemy was in the last resort a continuation of the doctrine of the Holy Ghost (i.e. fire/Caz) which never came to very much in the Church. The Paraclete (i.e. the Holy Ghost/Caz) descends upon the single individual, who is thereby drawn into the Trinitarian process (i.e. the Great Work of Alchemy/Caz).'[Jung, MC, par. 444]


'Our gay man likes to point out though that it is not a human who saves, but the alchemist, so beautifully called 'the only living god'. The 'god within'. Our gay man feels like an 'object' in all this. He points out that he is of the opinion that he had no active part in the past 20 years of his Work of the Sun. It was all done by the 'inner alchemist' he says. It is the alchemist that saves, not the vessel, meaning our gay man.'[The Paris 4]

'For the Redeemer is, in the view of the alchemists, the inner spritual man.'[Hippolytus, Elenchos, VII, vide http://en.wikipedia..org/wiki/Hippolytus_of_Rome ]


'The idea of hermaphroditism has been invoked to explain homosexuality..'[Lesley Hall]

'The rise of the modern homosexual identity coincides with the death of the “true" hermaphrodite.'[M. Vicinus]

'In at least the monistic tradition the same religious claim is made for homosexuality, as is made for androgyny.'[Jones/emphasis added]

'To further complicate matters, the definitions of androgynous, bisexual, hermaphrodite and homosexual all overlap in many dictionaries and reference books. For instance, the first definition of bisexual in Webster's Collegiate Dictionary is "hermaphrodite", not someone of either sex who's attracted to both. Yet the same dictionary defines the actual word hermaphrodite as:

1. . . . b. homosexual.

2. something that is a combination of diverse elements.'[Excerpt from 'Bi any other name: bisexual people speak out' - Alyson Publications, 1991, co-edited by Loraine Hutchins & Lani Kaahumanu]

'The inversion of the (male-female) roles is probably the chief psychological source for the alchemical concept of the hermaphrodite. In a man it's the anima, in a woman it's the animus.'[Jung, MC, par. 225/emphasis added]


'David Bohm [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bohm ] said that matter is a kind of condensed or "frozen" light.'[Briggs & Peat, 1984:264]

'The changing of bodies into light, and light into bodies, is very comformable to the course of Nature, which seems delighted with such transmutations.'[Isaac Newton]


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