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On the Forbidden Letters - by Richard Cayce

'In history there are two architectural mysteries: the explosion of Pyramids in ancient Egypt and a similar explosion of Gothic cathedrals in France. And both these explosions, what coincidence, have, as we know now, an alchemical agenda.' [Ruth Day on the Forbidden Letters]

'Most people are unfamiliar with the fact that the macrocosmic capstone of a pyramid, the pyramidion, represents the microcosmic Benben-stone, a.k.a. the Grail, or Philosopher's Stone: the agent to the alchemical fire of Kundalini.'[Emile de Beauregard on the Forbidden Letters]   

'The name pyramid is Greek and means fire within or fire in there.'[Otto Reich on the Forbidden Letters]  

'Although squaring the circle is mathematically impossible, because Pi cannot be exactly measured, the Great Pyramid comes very close to that squaring.'[Jason L. West]


In his 1859 book 'The Great Pyramid. Why was it built? And who built it?' John Taylor [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Taylor_(English_publisher) ] showed that the numbers Pi and Phi were effectively incorporated into the design of the Great Pyramid. A pyramid whose perimeter is close to 2Pi times its height.  

If the height of that pyramid is then taken as the radius of a circle, then the circumference of this circle is the same as the perimeter of the base. This provided the squaring of a circle and the circling of a square.  

The key to this relationship is, again, knowledge of the value of Pi, as well as designing the angle of the pyramid to be exactly 51 degrees and 51 minutes. In the words of Jerry Leslie:  

'No other pyramid (than the Great Pyramid) had been designed to be a geometrical solution to one of mankind's most difficult mathematical challenges: the squaring of the circle.'  

This intrigued me, since the alchemists too said that the circle had to be squared. They called that the quadratura circuli. It involved 'making a circle out of a man and a woman, deriving from it a square, and from a square a triangle, then making a circle.'[Maier]

  [ Emblem # 21 of Atalanta Fugiens ]

The actual, mathematical squaring of the circle is of course irrelevant to the Great Work. The alchemists took the quadratura circuli to stress the enigmatic nature of their Work. But it is conspicuous in my opinion that the macrocosmic symbol for the microcosmic Stone of Transmutation, the Great Pyramid, is at the same time the one building that comes close to the quadratura circuli by its proportions.  

And there's more. The Great Pyramid's cubit [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cubit ] is based 'on the axis of the earth. Therefore the builders of the Great Pyramid knew the size of the earth more exactly than anyone else until the last two hundred years.'[Leslie] And we know how important planet earth is in Alchemy. The alchemist has to descend into that planet, where at the same time he is that planet. 

   [ Emblem # 1 from the Philosophia Reformata ]

So if the Great Pyramid's proportions point to our planet, then, in all probability, not because of some playfulness of its architects, but because these architects liked to link their macrocosmic symbol for the silex or firestone to our earth. To the very planet in which the Alchemical Wedding takes place in kundalini-fire, whereby the Saviour of the Macrocosm of the alchemists is born.


Many people believe that the Great Pyramid was not built by the ancient Egyptians. The pyramidologist Petko Nikolic is one of them. Nikolic:  

'The length of the First base in centimeters = 23,192.867

 The length of the Second base in centimeters = 23,040.57495

 The difference between two bases = 152.2920451cm

 The length of the First Base = 365.242 sacred cubits = 365.242 days = 1 year

 365.242 : 152.2920451 = 2.398299923

 2.398299923 : 3.14159 = 0.76340322 days

 152.2920451 x 0.76340322 = 116.2602377

 116.2602377 x 3.14159 = 365.242

 152.2920451 : 0.76340322 = 199.4909651

 1 sacred cubit = 63.5cm

 199.4909651 : 63.5 = 3.14159

 1 inch = 2.54cm

 199.4909651 : 2.54 = 78.53975004

 78.53975004 x 4 = 314.159 = 100Pi.' [Nikolic]  

These measurements and numbers 'can only be found if we use the metric system. The ancient Egyptians though did not know of the metric system, which probably means that they were not the builders of the Great Pyramid.'[Nikolic] And since the French didn't build it either, we are left with a huge mystery here.   

Richard Cayce 2009

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