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On the Forbidden Letters - by Ieounas Urano

Truly amazing their knowledge about Alchemy. This is my reaction, and parts of my personal experience. I would be very glad if you published it among the responses to the "Forbidden letters". Maybe someone else are interested in a person that can attest what is there written.


Ieounas Urano [nom de plume],

Letter 1  |  Letter 2

Letter 1

When I read the letters of the Paris 4 my reaction is that I finally and for many years find something that make me very interested to stay and read more. Paris 4: your letter reveals you have the true knowledge and at same time reveal that other people know quite clearly about this. However very few are authentic to this knowledge and even fewer practically follow. The Great Work requires combination of character that is quite rare in these times.

A bit about me:
Since I was about 7 I was deeply interested in hidden parts of life. I had a friend, a very close and special friend, that stimulated me, and in many ways we talked about the real meaning of life and our fantasy and reasoning was very creative and deep.
I started early with meditation. Being single I saved my seed (not knowing then how important it was I didnít take to the usual way of waste) and exposed my creative energy trough reading, art, music, innovations, writing etc. I also meditated now and then, but never very much.
My key change and first introduction to Alchemy was trough a Gnostic group. I later become an instructor of that movement, and instructed people about meditation, spirituality, alchemy, how to save, transmute and use sexual energy, etc. Many ideas there are true, but some are also mistaken as I look on it today.

However my fire started at Early June 2000. It culminated in July, but august it suddenly run out of my body.

I can just add, that before this, I had made several practices, of "circulating the light" inside my body. This I assume, formed the "stone" together with a much closed vessel (I never emitted my seed).

I can just describe it as a great sexual spring rush. It was truly the "Bath of Alchemy". Mays dew had already passed and spring was coming into my body. The 4 elements broke down and forcifully mixed to a thick black oil. I was awake nights to follow the process. The "melt down of all ego" as I call it. On days my spine become super erect, I walked like on clouds, and I had tremendous energy. The right and left side of my body united and a large electromagnetic field was around me. Some of my great friends was the great alchemists of ancient, Sendivogius, Fulcanelli, Flamel, and many others. I had an instinctive feeling of what text was true, and was not. My source was Adam Mcleans great page about alchemy at levity.com. However, back to the process.. It culminated in July and suddenly in August it all cracked. The serpent disappeared, the fire was gone, but still I was burning. A friend was visiting me and he couldnít be close to me since I was very hot. But "Hell" come to my life at that moment. I sunk down without protection. I had REALLY to bite together and force myself of walking and carrying on my life as usual. I decided not to see and doctor or anything since I know this was a part of the process. It was the breakdown. I lost my fire-energy but it was somewhere else to be prepared for some future. During the following 9 months I had great heart ache, sucking sensations in my brain, uncontrolled sexuality, and other unpleasant things. But I still carried out my instruction as a Gnostic.

I tried to make myself understood to the Gnostic group but they didnít understand my state. They thought it was just ordinary feelings that was part of the way. So I decided to quite that and also since the way had become to much concepts. I had already passed the state where you "burn all books", that is leave all theories and intellectualism.

However the next year, 2001, the light come to me again. It was not fiery and forceful as last time, after a dream, where I saw a fiery sword in seven stars coming down from heaven, and a kind of lightbody come into me, and it was even more powerful than summer before. I even has power over weather and I had to be centered in a a great balance not to disrupt the great energy that surrounded me. It lasted from May 7 2001 to about 18 august 2001, with peak in middle as usual. Much to say about this all but I remain short.

Since that date I have been out of this light more or less. And felt like I lost chakras, and feeling quite empty. But I know something is growing very calmly and I donít wait for something fast and forceful as last time, but on the steady new "Jerusalem". I cant tell you how thankful I am for your letters, Paris 4. It made much consolation to me. However about, your "Gay man", I am experiencing some of the same, and I understand this path, this sacrifice of making us totally empty to transform us some day.

Ieounas Urano [nom de plume],
Lessebo, Sweden.

Letter 2

About transmutation of Energy in the human body and soul

This knowledge is the foundation of all real scientific, cultural, religious and philosophical teachings. All of what has been known as the Alchemists, the Gnostics, the Kabbalists, the Illuminatis, the Freemasons, etc., are people who benefited from these truths and who gained a greater mastery over themselves and their energy. And because of this they made monumental stamps in the history that remains a riddle to the afterworld.

The ray of Truth cannot shine into a temple that is void of light, that is in disorder ...
To be able to create the Light of Knowledge we have to know the real source of all kind of spiritual Alchemy:  Namely: the transmutation of grosser energy to finer energies.

There are two factors involved in this:

1. Stop any leakage of energy.
2. Transform lower energy to higher. To die in the old structure and be reborn to a new form.

The alchemists symbolized very clearly the "stopping of leakage" as a chemical glass vessel. Often we see one vessel and a longer neck. Noone, no matter how much spiritual practice, no matter how much amount of meditations, benevolent acts, refined manners, etc., can gain progress if they don't preserve the energy, if they don't stop the leak.

Leaks are at many levels ranging from the physical to the emotional, to the mental, to the will and all up to the intuitive and spiritual levels.
The first leak is when a man emits his semen. With this kind of leak no energy are able to transform upwards since all is wasted at the root. The alchemists clearly symbolized this by many kindled pictures, like vessels resembling the male organ, etc.

Are we safe there? No way. A second leak (both men and women) is when we engage in sexual fantasies especially of pornographic nature, or when we think about others in possessive way. Yes even when we send love in selfish ways. What happen is that, even if we save our seed, we will waste emotional and sexual energy trough these fantasies so this is example when energy are lost on a vital, emotional and mental plane. 

Here also are a lesson about the invisible cords forming between persons especially when desire and love is involved. These cords acts as vampires to our energy and must not be given attention to. It can be erased by a Higher Law, by attending to Spiritual Practices, by changing to a higher level of being.

Are we safe now? Not by any means. We have all a habitual way of not focusing in the present, of the now. In these ways people are always thinking of their plans, of past, but never totally focused. This means leakage of mental energy.

Right form of meditation is a technique or therapy where we can overcome these vital, emotional and mental leaks. While sitting in full self-awareness we pay attention to our inner space or of some particular point of concentration. Such a practice, one hour in evening / night and one hour in early morning will not take anything from our daily lives, might steal some time from our sleep, but on the whole we will win, since our sleep will be better even shorter, and our health will improve.

Lets take an analogy of saving money. To stop the leak at the root is the same as not wasting our salary immediately when we get it. To stop the mental leaks is to save enough to live very energetic and happy AND at the same time have some money over every month! These money will be taken up, to our "Divine Mother" the mistress of our Soul Energy and Caretaker of our Soul Bodies in the same manner as our physical mother took care of our physical bodies.

So if we are now on this level, we are already progressing well.

However it is known to the alchemists that energy never transform without a strong catalysts of some kind. The wise have somewhat different opinions of the nature of this catalyst, and sometimes disagrees if it is only one way or many possible. I will not go into that debate here. However if we continue to study the wise alchemists, the Fathers of the Freemasons that were some of the important Fathers of Modern Culture, Civilization, great Architecture, we will see that they subtly shows that it is a DUAL matter.

When sun and moon meets in a union, a third is created: The Mercury of the Wise, the element that is later to be transformed to Spirit Energy (or Gold). So when Female and Male energy mixes, it creates a chemical meltdown that will transform our interior and build up something new in its place if it is attended to with care and precaution.

Often this catalysts of the opposite energy is a real being of opposite sex. However it don't need to be. It can be a spiritual being helping us with this, as in the case of the Tibetan Saint and Master Milarepa. 

We must always know that we have both feminine and masculine sides in ourselves and when these two sides combine, we form the Alchemical Hemaphrodite, a terribly powerful Being that embodies a balance point of energy between and pillar from heaven to hell.

I will not write more at this moment. But if there would be any interest I can write a continuation of this.

Ieounas Urano [nom de plume],


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