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On the Forbidden Letters - by Bashir Ibn Salah

The Stone

'The stone is produced about where the liver is. It ignites the Kundalini fire.' [The Paris 4]

'With this fire the Godhead itself is mixed.' [Gloria Mundi]

'Adonai (God) is sometimes called lapis (stone), for the latter is the foundation of the whole fabric of the world.' [Carl Jung]

'God is a Stone.' [J. Wiley]

In his intriguing September 2010 response-article on the Forbidden Letters to Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn, Wilhelm Wundt suggests that life is in fact inanimate and only becomes animate when touched by the Stone of Transmutation. Wundt:

'But how can we be sure that we can distinguish between animate and inanimate in the first place? As scientists point out, any technology sufficiently advanced and complex appears to us as magic. But is mere technology nonetheless.' [Wundt]


'So can, what we call life, not be animate at all, but only matter sufficiently complex. In such a way that it only appears to us as animate. This would be interesting, because it could mean, in the light of the Forbidden Letters, that there exists only one form of life, and such life would be alchemical. It would have its origin in The Living Stone of Transmutation through Kundalini fire. This would imply that a human being still untouched by the Stone of Transmutation would only seem animate, but is in fact not.' [Ibid]

Wundt would probably agree with Paul Davies then that, what we call life, at rock bottom has the same logical structure as a computer.'[1999:115] The software of 'life' being biological information. But where, Davies asks himself, 'did biological information come from?' [1999:55] He proposes that it is 'our task to find an algorithm, a natural law that leads to the origin of (biological) information.'[1999:12]

In Claude Shannon's theory of life [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claude_Shannon ] information is treated as the opposite of entropy,'[1999:56] because the Second Law of Thermodynamics insists that information can no more spring into being spontaneously than heat can flow from cold to hot.'[1999:57] According to Davies information can't even get made. 'It must have been there at the beginning, as part of the initial input. The conclusion we are led to is that the universe came stocked with information, or negative entropy, from the word: go!'[1999:62]

Belief that, what we call life, is written into the laws of nature carries a faint echo of a bygone religious age, of a universe designed for habitation by living creatures.'[1999:12] If this is the case, that 'life is bound to arise given the right conditions, then something truly amazing is happening in the universe.'[1999:17]

[ Urea ]

A simple experiment by Friedrich Wöhler [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_W%C3%B6hler ] in 1828 suggests that life is indeed 'written into the laws of nature.'[Davies] In that year Wöhler managed to 'synthesize urea from ammonium cyanate, an inorganic substance. By breaching the invisible barrier between the inorganic and organic world, and demonstrating that life itself was not needed to make organic substances, Wöhler scotched the idea that organic chemicals are subtly different from the rest (i.e. the inorganic world).'[1998:38/emphasis added]

But back to information. Davies thinks that gravity is the source of all information, and thereby of biological information too: 'In some as yet ill-understood way, a huge amount of information lies secreted in the smooth gravitational field of a featurless, uniform gas.'[1999:64] As the system evolves, the gas 'comes out of equilibrium, and information flows from the gravitional field to matter. Part of this information ends up in the genomes of organisms, as biological information.'[Ibid] Thus, 'all life feeds on the entropy gap that gravitation has created.'[Ibid] The 'ultimate source of biological information and order is gravitation.'[Ibid]

It's about time, in my opinion, that scientists started to investigate the enormous claim of alchemists when it comes to their Stone. The claim that it was their Stone of Transmutation that had all the information from the word: go! 'In this Stone lies hidden al that God and eternity, heaven and the stars and the elements contain and are able to do.' [Jakob Boehme] A Stone being our universal ancestor then, our Alpha, and, if we are to trust Alchemy once more, our Omega too.


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