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On the Forbidden Letters - by Gary Osborn

By Gary Osborn

Part 1

The ‘Serpent Grail Prophecy’ Letter
sent to Gary Osborn from the “Paris 4” – Nov 14

Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 3:47 AM
Subject: The Paris 4 contacting you

Dear Philip and Gary,

We read on Gary's Messageboard that he is going to write an article on the Forbidden Letters (on his own?).

Our gay man has instructed us because of this upcoming article to contact you and to inform you in more detail about the 'prophecy' that you two are to write yet another book on the Grail.

That 'prophecy' comes from a 1949 letter by Thomas Mann. That letter came into the possession of our gay man on September 1 1986, so three days before his resurrection. He got that letter together with a copy of the collected short stories ('Die Erzählungen) by Thomas Mann.

The passage about you two (translated from German) is:

But now to the mentioned book ('zum besagten Buch').

It will be published ('veröffentlicht') during 'gloria olivae' ('während 'gloria olivae'').
There are two authors ('Urheber').

The title is ‘the Serpent Grail’ (Mann uses the correct English title).

These two authors will write the last book on our stone ('über unseren (our!) Stein') (italics are ours). (...) To these two authors reveal your Work of the Sun. But be sure to stay hidden yourself. ---- End of quote.

Thomas Mann will come to you as a surprise, we are sure, but it makes sense, as we discovered. Discovered what? That most of his short stories (and none of his novels!) are about alchemy. From the decapitation in 'Die vertauschten Köpfe'(1946) to the aggression impulses and the darkness of the Night of the Soul in 'Der Kleiderschrank' (1899).

And another thing. When was 'Die Erzählungen' (collected short stories) for the first time published? In August 1986 by Simon Fischer Verlag. A few weeks before our gay man's resurrection. A few weeks before he 'needed' them. Coincidence?

We wish you all the best,

And are abandoning this emailbox (hacker danger!) and vanish into thin air again.

The Paris 4.


The above email letter, which was also sent to Philip Gardiner, turned up in my Inbox.

Apparently this letter did not get past Gardiner’s ‘Spam filter’ and bounced back to the Paris 4, who were not amused. They then sent me the letter again – this time headed with the automatic response from Gardiner’s address . . .

Hi, it's " . . . @philipgardiner.net. I finally decided I'd had enough of junk mail, and installed a fantastic application that gets rid of it all. Unfortunately, you are not yet in my trusted senders list!!

The Paris 4 sent me another email – asking me to forward the letter onto Gardiner, and that’s one of the reasons why I am placing it here – not only so that Gardiner can view it, as requested by the Paris 4, but also because there are a few points I want to make here.

Firstly: I have cut all ties with my former "co-author", so I cannot see how this ‘prophecy’ is going to be fulfilled.

Secondly: I have no wish, and no need to write another book with Philip Gardiner.

Thirdly: Having stated this, I would seriously consider ‘personally’ writing another book on the Grail and in relation with what has been divulged in the Letters – but only if the Paris 4 can present or provide ‘proof’ of this ‘prophecy letter’ that had been written by Thomas Mann in 1949, as well as the letter that had been delivered to their ‘gay man’ in 1986 as they claim.

If proof of this could be presented, then this alone would be highly significant and all that they claim would then be worthy of some serious input – naturally. This is not just for my benefit but also for others who remain sceptical about the claims made by the Paris 4.

This leads me to a few other things that I want to make quite clear here . . . my part in the writing of The Serpent Grail and the events that led up to it.

The Truth Behind The Serpent Grail

There is no doubt in my mind that the strange circumstances and events in my own life leading up to my becoming a writer and author are quite extraordinary to say the least – especially when I look back to the year 1986.

In that year there was no indication of my ever becoming a writer – especially in the genre in which I write. At the time, I was a graphic artist and screen printer, and looking at everything realistically, I really had no aspirations beyond that. In that year the most notable event for me was the birth of my daughter Lisé (Li) on September 17th.

Any desire on my part to write anything had to wait until after November 1993, when I went through a life-changing experience. This “awakening” event was more than two years after my brother Paul’s experience of this same “awakening” phenomenon around midday on June 7th 1991.

There is no question that Paul’s own experience and our numerous discussions about it afterwards had a serious effect on me where I experienced the same two years later.

In any case, Paul and I both did some research into this phenomenon and discovered that what we had both experienced was the ‘enlightenment’ known by the Hindus as Kundalini. We had never heard of this term and wasn’t aware of this experience or this phenomenon before these experiences began.

During, before and after the years these ‘awakenings’ took place – say between 1989 and 1995 – my brother and I also had many kinds of paranormal experiences; these experiences were often accompanied by paranormal phenomena and effects witnessed by Paul, myself and members of our own family and friends.

I made notes and have now written a record of all these events, which include accounts given by all who were involved. Some of those who knew about these events were of the opinion that some of the experiences we described were similar in content to what we find in “alien abduction” accounts. Paul and I reserved judgement on this but also looked into this phenomenon and discovered some interesting correlations. We also acknowledged the fact that we had each experienced strange unexplained events that went back to our early childhood, but until now had kept these experiences to ourselves.

It was soon after my own ‘core-experience’ in 93, that I began to receive deep insights. I began making connections between things where no connection was perceived to exist, either by myself or others before these experiences began. I also wrote these insights down and would immediately write on anything that was available at the time just in case these thoughts left me as quickly as they came.

Over the following five years and using a word processor, I had amassed around four to five volumes (books) worth of material – all information that really came from within. Its difficult to say how much of this material might be “worthless”, as I would find that the true significance of many of the insights and ideas that had come to me, and the theories and connections which I had made over the years – even up to the present time – would only become apparent later. Many a time, this infusion of information/knowledge, would be accompanied by the strangest coincidences or synchronicities.

In 1997, I met Jacqui, the woman who would become my wife and the mother of our three children, and also met up with writer on Shamanism Mark Dunn. Over three years Mark and I became close and had many discussions about our experiences and we learned a lot from each other regarding the nature of consciousness, reality and esoteric subjects. In 1998, and after some email correspondence with physicists Jack Sarfatti and Fred Alan Wolf, also author Colin Wilson, Mark and I were both invited onto physicist Jack Sarfatti’s exclusive email list and contributed to the forum discussions.

I discovered that many of the people who were on Jack Sarfatti’s exclusive email list – and this list included physicists, researchers/authors, journalists, members of various Intelligence Agencies, politicians, multi-millionaires, and some of the world’s leading scientists and industrialists – had experienced Kundalini at some time in their life. These people told me about their experiences in private emails.

Through my research into this phenomenon I discovered that this experience was happening to many people in the west – most being spontaneous and with the experiencer having no prior instruction in Yoga, nor any prior interest in or knowledge of mystical subjects – especially the physiological processes associated with the chakra system. As a growing phenomenon in the west, I would say it began around the late ’50s.

It appears that I am now the ‘bridge’ between 1), the synchromesh of phenomena that surrounds Jack Sarfatti and which has been written about in The Stargate Conspiracy by Picknett & Prince, and 2), this new and growing interest in Alchemy, Christ consciousness, and the link to Kundalini as presented by the ‘Paris 4’.

In the discussions that are going on in both these circles, questions have been brought up about the possibility of a coming Eschaton event.

Up until 2002, Mark and I had submitted several articles for publication – Mark’s articles appeared in a few ‘new-age’ magazines.

Then around January 2002, and after seeing an advertisement in a magazine for Philip Gardiner’s book The Shining Ones, I decided to send the author an email. Something about the title, which was about an ancient shamanic priesthood, clicked with me.

I understood that this universal name or term was associated with this ‘enlightenment phenomenon’ my brother and I had experienced. Gardiner and I began a casual correspondence over two years – sending each other the odd email on occasion.

In July 2003, through the post I received Philip Gardiner's original manuscript of The Serpent Grail. In the weeks preceding this, I had agreed to his offer to work together on this book and possible future books. Again, we had been corresponding close to two years before we finally made the decision to venture into a co-author partnership and there was much that we had already discussed and shared. We both signed a contract to collaborate on all future books, and this signing was verified by friends who also signed as witnesses.

Reading Philip Gardiner’s manuscript, his initial insight was that to cure or heal others, the ancient shaman or tribal witchdoctor would mix snake's venom with snake’s blood. The venom can kill, but the blood of the snake acts as an antidote to the poison and neutralises it, and so it was found that both mixed together would create a potent substance that when swallowed could cure most or all diseases.

We find today that snake’s venom can indeed cure many ills and actually boosts the human immune system. Scientists and immunologists had already been researching into the medicinal benefits of snake venom and other venoms for years. Powdered snake is common in Homeopathy and other alternative treatments, so this ‘revelation’ was nothing new in itself. However, Gardiner’s angle was that the mixture of both the snake venom and blood was perhaps the original ‘elixir of life’ and this is what made his thesis refreshing and exciting.

In his original manuscript Gardiner stated that these two properties of the one snake were mixed in a ‘human skull cap’ – adding that this “bowl” was possibly the origin for the Holy Grail vessel. Gardiner also said that this snake ‘elixir’ could have given rise to the various snake or serpent cults that were worldwide in ancient times and even earlier as there was evidence to show that the high-protein venom could even act as an hallucinogen – initiating an altered state of consciousness and numerous psychedelic experiences.

This is what interested me most and realising this; the correspondences and connections then came thick and fast. It was possible that the snake’s venom and blood also facilitated the shamanic trance state which can lead to higher states of consciousness – even ‘enlightenment’ itself – hence the reason why ‘wisdom’ was applied to the snake or serpent.

Now when I first received Philip Gardiner’s manuscript, I noted that it had the subtitle which it has now: The Truth behind The Holy Grail, The Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life.

Having read the manuscript, my thoughts were that this subtitle was an overstatement, and so I intended to bring my own insights to the book, which would hopefully validate the claims expressed in the subtitle. With what I had learned over the years through my own research into my own experiences, I was confident I could achieve this.

In section 24 of his response article on the ‘Forbidden Letters’, Jonathan Rice writes:

'Although Gardiner and Osborn did not, as they claim on the cover, know the 'truth behind the Grail', as we know now after reading the Letters, the Serpent Grail is, in my opinion, still the best possible introduction to the Forbidden Letters. Because of the secondary information it contains.’

I disagree with this statement: I cannot vouch for Gardiner, but I knew and understood exactly what lay behind the Grail; what the stories meant and what they were alluding to symbolically as I experienced the very thing that the Grail symbolises.

I also explained, and perhaps for the first time, the real meaning behind the “Philosopher’s Stone”.

As for The Serpent Grail containing ‘secondary information’ when compared to the information given in the ‘Forbidden Letters’, I have to disagree with this too. My work is far from complete and the articles on my website contain more additional information about these connections that I do not see anywhere else.

I knew that my own contributions to The Serpent Grail, which in general take up the first half of the book, would have some import, as I was bringing attention to certain things and making logical connections that no researcher or author had made before, and this is supported by the fact that soon after The Serpent Grail was published, these letters first appeared, as sent by the Paris 4.

Although their first letter was sent to Gardiner, the Paris 4 and their ‘gay man’ concentrated on specific themes in the book that were really my own contributions, and surprisingly they did not mention anything specific about the main theory of the book as presented in Gardiner’s original manuscript – this being the shamanic ‘concoction’ of both the venom and blood of the snake that Gardiner believes was the original ‘elixir of life’.

Since my experience and what I had come to understand about the processes that lead to enlightenment and the whole ‘awakening’ phenomenon, it was always my intention to bring this experience out into the open – making it accessible to the general public and to the ‘man on the street’ - and I saw this book as the vehicle to launch these new ideas.

As for Gardiner’s claim in the subtitle – i.e., that his theories contained the truth to the real meaning behind the Grail, I was surprised that the enlightenment experience known in India as Kundalini (“serpent fire”) wasn't mentioned at all in Gardiner’s original manuscript, because it was obvious to me that this phenomenon is what the Grail legend is really all about. Gardiner hadn’t had this experience so he was wasn’t really aware of its importance and failed to see that most ancient texts and even the Bible and the Gospels were chock full of allegory and symbolism that referred to this phenomenon repeatedly.

Also, I could see that the dual processes associated with Kundalini lent some correspondence to the two properties of the snake – not only for healing purposes, but also the ‘immortality’ and ‘wisdom’ element relating to the elixir and the Grail.

The subject of ‘Duality’ was not presented in the manuscript – not alone the ‘mid-point’ (the ‘third’), which is the principle theme in mysticism and one of the most significant secrets in the schools of the esoteric and of course most so-called ‘secret societies’.

The ‘Law of Three’ and especially the ‘third’ neutral element – being the union and/or ‘fusion’ of the aforementioned opposites, is what grants us the answers to most mysteries associated with human consciousness and the nature of reality, and so a general understanding of this principle is indeed paramount when researching into these mystical subjects.

Even though the concept is indeed simple, it’s amazing that only a few people will grasp it immediately.

Indeed my own contributions nearly didn’t make it into The Serpent Grail, and mainly because of the lack of understanding by the publishers and others during the editing process. Some of it was also highly controversial. It took some of the people involved a long time to come around to an understanding of these connections – many of which are ancient and evident in the esoteric texts. Just goes to show that even these connections themselves present a paradox to many of us – being both complex and simple to understand – and this simplicity is only acknowledged once one gets beyond a certain level of understanding where the pieces all begin to fit into place.

Gardiner also had problems understanding these concepts, and once the “penny finally dropped” he rushed out Gnosis under his own publishing company Radikal.

Bear in mind that this was only two months after The Serpent Grail had been published. Naturally, I hadn't been told by Gardiner that passages from my own written work had been included with no quotation references . . . something he promised to put right in subsequent print runs, and even in the new published version, and hasn’t.

He has now issued an apology for this on his website and has stated that he will now amend everything.    See here: http://www.gardinersworld.com/content/view/156/54/ 

[Editor's note: Here for your convenience is the content of that page.]

Tuesday, 28 November 2006


I just wanted to clarify a few things. The first one is to acknowledge the input and insight from my co-author on The Serpent Grail and the newly and mis-titled book The Shining Ones. The Shining Ones - the new version was put together whilst I was still co-running a business and was mostly written by Gary Osborn based upon his work with the kundalini and the enlightenment experience termed the Shining.

I hinted heavily at this as the answer to the term in the original version (see pages 94 etc). Here's a quote from the original book I wrote:

"The aim of the shaman was to free his thoughts from his physical body. In the same way that Buddhists and Hindus try to achieve this result, the shaman attempts to "remove the obstacles". To become what is known as an "angakok" (phonetically similar to Annakim and Anannage), he must call down the positive power of god. Just as the spirit touched the apostles and flames licked above their heads, so too this powerful spirit comes upon the shaman and is called "gaumanek" which means "illuminated" or "shining". The shaman literally becomes the Shining One on earth.

"… a mysterious light which the shaman suddenly feels in his body, inside his head, within his brain, an inexplicable searchlight, a luminous fire, which enables him to see in the dark, both literally and metaphorically speaking, for he can now, even with closed eyes, see through darkness and perceive things and coming events which are hidden from others."

There is nothing different here from the experiences of the biblical prophets, the Egyptian priesthood and the Hindu and Buddhist monks. Enlightenment is experienced in much the same manner the world over." Etc Etc

What Gary eruditely did was to take this book and re-write most of it in a brilliant manner to which he should be applauded as he basically took this shining element and went much deeper with it. I then added a few chapters about modern and ancient secret societies in relationship to this term.

During the process of this work I was busy finishing off working for my company and ending things there, whilst desperately doing radio shows and promotion activities on The Serpent Grail and without Gary The Shining Ones would not have been re-written. In the same respect, somebody had to be front man and promote. But we BOTH wanted the book's name changing because it was completely re-done and has no resemblance to the original book - in fact Gary wanted the title The Inner Sun and I completely agreed. Alas our publishers did not and we had no choice because we had already signed the contract. Because of Gary's input I stated that the book should have AND and not WITH Gary Osborn, because of this. Also during this time, I met lots and lots of people all influencing me in a great many ways, including the input Gary had and I spent a lot of time with various Gnostics and Sufi's and came to an understanding about Gnosis and the Temple and so I decided to write about it for a future book. It seemed to me that I had finally come to an understanding, much deeper than I had when I first wrote The Shining Ones and now of course 2 years after writing it, there is much more. There was work needed to be stated on the kundalini and the void to explain this to people as part of the process of enlightenment and I knew Gary had written on this and that it had to be cut from our books together so I asked him if I could use it, to which he very kindly gave permission. In the UK version of the book I put in a thank you in a couple of places for this, but unfortunately these got edited out, partly my fault, from the US version. I have instructed the publishers to have these credits placed back into the book, because Gary wrote the Kundalini and Void excerpts and I simply adapted them according to my own viewpoint on the them and included my views on quantum entanglement - more of which will come soon. Unfortunately I have upset Gary by this omission and I did not intend to. We have had our differences, as all co-authors seem to, it seems to be the nature of things, but I wanted to publicly say sorry to Gary for the omission and say that this will be set straight. The kundalini and the void were exceptional inputs to the book and that's why I asked to use them, I was at fault for not ensuring credits were placed in there. It is not worth falling out with anybody over, there is zero money made out of these things, regardless of what peoples perceptions are. If you wish to publish - then SELF publish as you will make more out of your own project that way.

As for The Serpent Grail, again, I had already written the book and discovered the serpent worship and venom and blood links in alchemy etc and gotten a publishing deal on it, but then Gary introduced his remarkable work on the philosopher's stone and the enlightenment which simply had to go with a work such as this and so I pulled the deal and told the publishers to wait for Gary to do his thing. This meant that the work was now 100% and not only 50% right!

I hope this sets the record straight and I will endeavour to not be so busy doing all the radio shows etc to make sure his contributions are credited in future, because regardless of what the likes of James Randi say about Mr Osborn, they are not right and he is on to something quite profound, regardless of the minor things (kundalini) that we may disagree on, which is human and our prerogatives. Even carl Jung stated that synchronicity is more profound than our modern scientific minds can comprehend and I would suggest that Randi et al look towards quantum physics for answers rather than sitting and waiting smug like for others to find them.

Again, my sincere apologies for the omission and my warmest wishes to all.

My future work stacks up in a strange manner. In March I have The Ark, The Shroud and Mary due out which goes heavily into quantum physics and various other things that I dare not say at present. I am finishing off a book at the moment about the Delusional state, from a perfectly psychological perspective, which will go into depth on illusions and the world of our own creations. I am working with several people, including Steve and Julie of Soul Path on a Yoga dvd, Michael Bourne on a UFO dvd and several other more entertainment based projects, as writing books is not something one can make a living out of easily to say the least. I find the world of the dvd fascinating and more creative and I am privelaged to be working on these with other creative people, including planned ones on Crystal Skulls and the paranormal. I am also working hard at Reality Entertainment trying to make sure we have good distribution networks for our dvd's, books and audio books. In addition to this I want to really make the Book of Thoth book contest do seriously well and to get all those who contributed a leg up on the ladder. The cover competition was outstanding. Well done to all those guys at renderosity.com

Anyway, back to my work on The Serpent Grail . . .

Having researched into the nature of ‘duality’ – being the result of my own Kundalini ("serpent fire") experiences – I began to apply my own insights and knowledge to Gardiner's initial insights about the original ‘elixir of life’.

I understood that the Holy Grail is associated with the ‘Holy Trinity’ and further that the Holy Trinity – based on the esoteric Triad – is associated with the opposites as well as the ‘neutral point’ – the point of enlightenment where all ‘duality’ is cancelled out – a non-dual state in consciousness. The physical location of this enlightenment appears to take place within the centre of the head or brain – hence my own insight as to why these opposite ingredients of the one snake were ‘symbolically’ mixed inside a ‘skull cap’ (head) and why this macabre bowl and the shamanic ceremonies that took place around the partaking of this elixir – like the Christian Eucharist or Mass – was perhaps the original one on which the Holy Grail vessel was based.

Looking at the reference made to the Holy Trinity in Matthew 28:19, and knowing what the ‘Holy Trinity’ really stood for, I felt it necessary to divide our perceptions of the Grail into three levels and these ‘three levels’ correspond with the principle Triad belonging to the various mystery schools of the esoteric and also the Holy Trinity as expressed in many of the world’s religions.

As far as I know, no one – no Grail expert or researcher – had ever done this before. And so by adopting the esoteric principle of the Triad I was able to explain and answer a great deal about our history as well as ourselves in terms of human physiology, the body’s immune system, human consciousness and its processes – as well as the nature of reality.

This work of mine is still ongoing; I have a mission to fulfil (that's how I see it) and cannot really continue without including and/or touching on the subject of the Grail, so it’s more than likely that I will be writing about the Grail again.

I have already written an article about the subject that can be found on my website: The Grail and the Alpha-Omega.

However, whether what I write is something that would be endorsed by those behind the ‘Forbidden Letters’ and/or those who are interested in the letters and the response articles is another thing . . . but I can assure people that I will no longer be writing with Philip Gardiner.

I felt that with this response to the Paris 4 letter in which the question has been raised as to whether we will write together again, and more specifically write a book on the Grail, I should say ‘No’ and give my reasons why.

Gary Osborn

November 15, 2006

Part 2

The Second Letter – Nov 17

After I had written the document presented in Part 1, I posted a note on my Messageboard, informing people that I had written a reply to an interesting letter I received from the Paris 4, dated 14th November, and that this reply was now on my website, but ‘locked’ so that people could not view it.

My reasons for locking it were that hopefully my note on the Messageboard would reach the Paris 4, as it was only right that I should first have their permission to publish their letter in full.

The next day I received a response from them telling me that I had their permission to publish the letter. I then wrote them an email asking if they wished to read the document I had written in response to their letter before I published it, and they agreed. After receiving the document, I received the following letter from them.

Note: In my response document presented in Part 1, I had stated that I would like to see proof of the 1949 letter by Thomas Mann and the 1986 letter sent to their “gay man” which included the 1949 prophecy by Mann in regard to our book The Serpent Grail.


Sent: Friday, November 17, 2006 2:21 AM
Subject: Paris 4

Dear Gary,

Thank you for your answer.

The authentic letter by Mann is not in our possession. Our gay man got

a) the book 'Die Erzählungen,

b) a picture of Thomas Mann when he was in the USA and

c) the Mann-letter only quoted in a letter by his (our gay man’s) father. That is all.

That letter was written in the mother-language of our gay man. Only the Mann-part was in German. And the father of our gay man (died 1989) could never have produced that German on his own. Furthermore, the exact term ‘Serpent Grail’ is in that letter.

Sending that letter (in copy for instance) wouldn't do any good then (as proof), because we could simply produce that letter. (That letter not having to be a letter in the handwriting of Thomas Mann.)

(By the way: you say ‘the prophecy letter by Mann as well as the letter that had been delivered to their gay man in 1986...’ This is very strange. Because how did you know that the letter 'delivered in 1986 to that gay man' was not the actual (i.e. original) letter by Mann?). After all, this was not in our mail? This is mysterious. But probably not important.

You also say that proof (and again, we could only give proof of our gay man’s father letter) would make things worthy. But what about the many articles on World Mysteries who so sensationally confirm our Letters? Don't they make things ‘worthy’?

To your article:

a) The Grail doesn't symbolise anything. It does something. It's a do-er, not a symbolizer.

b) It is not surprising that ‘we did not mention anything about the main theory of the Serpent Grail'. Because that main theory is incorrect. Rice is quite correct in his section 24. By the way, we did, indirectly, discuss the main-theory of the Serpent Grail, in the PS to Letter number 5.

c) Your awakening, we are afraid to say, is not the ‘whole awakening’. We recommend the part in which somebody says (Reich-article): you apparently need the whole thing (decapitation/little wheel in the head etc.).

d) You say that you were surprised that Gardiner didn't mention the word Kundalini, since you knew that the Grail and Kundalini are connected. This amazes us, because if you did, you must have known too that the Phoenix fire and the stone igniting the Phoenix-fire (as is said in the Parzival) is about Kundalini and the Phoenix hence a metaphor for the human body consumed and recomposed in that kundalini-fire. Yet you nowhere arrive at that important conclusion in your book. (Nothing to be ashamed of, because before we started publishing the Letters nobody ever made that link of the Grail-stone igniting Kundalini. The Phoenix is nowhere in literature identified as Kundalini. We searched for almost 17 years, and no word on that connection.)

e) You are well advised not listen to all those Masters and Teachers and Mysterie-schools. They know nothing. An alchemist is he who performs the Work of the Sun in his body (and that includes that little wheel and the decapitation etc etc)

f) If you are sure that you will never work with Gardiner again, than the Mann prophecy failed (The part: ‘These two authors will write the last book on our stone’). We cannot explain that either.

You have permission to communicate this email to the public. Please leave out the email-address.

We will be leaving this email-box for good now and wish you and your loved ones all the best.

The Paris 4. 

Reply by Gary Osborn

Thanks for explaining. However, I do think that although it’s not 'proof', either sending me a copy of the letter that was sent to your ‘gay man’, or perhaps publishing a copy of the letter on the Internet would be better than ‘nothing’ at this stage. Remember that we only have your say on this matter. Also, I know that Thomas Mann had written a collection of letters around 1949, so the question is, are any of the Thomas Mann letters in the public archive? – Especially the one quoted in letter given to your ‘gay man’ by his father?

As to how did I know that there were two letters? It was a logical deduction made from the information given in your first letter.

As to what you say about the articles on WorldMysteries – despite not knowing who these people are who have written these articles, yes they do bring something to the “table” that makes all this interesting and worthy of some input or comment: But again, ‘proof’ of what you say concerning this prophecy about us (Gardiner and I) and our book The Serpent Grail, would be the “starting gun” that would prompt me to write a related book on the Grail.

My answers to the responses made by the Paris 4 to my document

The Paris 4:

a) The Grail doesn't symbolise anything. It does something. It's a do-er, not a symbolizer.


Yes understand, but when people think of the Grail they mostly think of a cup or chalice or other – all being a 'symbol' for and of this.

The Paris 4:

b) It is not surprising that ‘we did not mention anything about the main theory of the Serpent Grail’. Because that main theory is incorrect.


I would agree in part to that – especially being related to the Grail, although it is a historical fact that snake’s venom and blood was utilised by the shaman in many ways as this is still being practised today. Also, after I made the connection, I found that the correspondences between the venom and blood of the snake and the pingala and ida channels (nadis) had already been noted in various esoteric traditions.

. . . Rice is quite correct in his section 24.


In relation to Gardiner’s limited understanding, yes, perhaps.

. . . By the way, we did, indirectly, discuss the main-theory of the Serpent Grail, in the PS to Letter number 5.


Yes and I include it here:


Did we destroy your past and future books on Gnosis, the Grail and esoterics, or did we not? Do they look like child's stories, or not? They do, n'est ce pas? But don't despair. After all, we have great confidence in you and you have in possession the real truth behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life now. And which other author can say that? For, if we wouldn't have mailed you, you'd still be in the dark. And stayed without a doubt in that dark all your life. So don't be depressed: a crisis that is not for the better, is the most rare thing on earth (Persian saying)”.


Not depressed at all, one is always learning . . .

The Paris 4:

c) Your awakening, we are afraid to say, is not the 'whole awakening'. We recommend the part in which somebody says (Reich-article): you apparently need the whole thing (decapitation/little wheel in the head etc.).


Difficult to say: we all use different terms and/or analogies when describing this ‘indescribable’ experience. At the climax of this experience, I felt as though my head had become detached from the body, as if I were just an orb of light which encompassed everything.

As for the “little wheel” in the head, I experienced this too at the climax – and as the energy ends in the head. During the first phases of the experience one will feel “two wheels” going up and down the body – indeed like two “hoops” of energy separating and uniting as they pass each other at the centre of the body. There is also a loud roaring noise which fades and grows louder as the energy passes up and down the body.

The Paris 4:

d) You say that you were surprised that Gardiner didn't mention the word Kundalini, since you knew that the Grail and Kundalini are connected. This amazes us, because if you did, you must have known too that the Phoenix fire and the stone igniting the Phoenix-fire (as is said in the Parzival) is about Kundalini and the Phoenix hence a metaphor for the human body consumed and recomposed in that kundalini-fire. Yet you nowhere arrive at that important conclusion in your book. (Nothing to be ashamed of, because before we started publishing the Letters nobody ever made that link of the Grail-stone igniting Kundalini. The Phoenix is nowhere in literature identified as Kundalini. We searched for almost 17 years, and no word on that connection.)


On the contrary, I did know about the ‘Phoenix-fire/Kundalini-awakening’ connection, and had already practically deciphered the ‘Phoenix Code’ – as I call it – as a result of my own experiences. (See extract from my writings at the bottom of this page). This was barely touched on in The Serpent Grail, but I’m sure some indication was given about this connection in The Serpent Grail. So much was left out of that book.

In any case, I describe and explain this Phoenix-Kundalini connection carefully and step-by-step in the new version of The Shining Ones. I wrote this into the book – two chapters being dedicated to it) – some months before I received the first of the ‘Paris 4’ “Forbidden Letters” forwarded to me from Gardiner. I’m not surprised that you couldn't find any reference to this ‘Phoenix-Fire / Kundalini Awakening’ connection anywhere else. I couldn’t either, and it seemed so obvious, but then again I understand that this experience is a ‘precondition’ to then be able to notice and see these connections.

Please read a copy of the book – The Shining Ones. (Watkins, 2006) In my opinion this is a much more informative book than The Serpent Grail, as I was able to present more of these fascinating connections. Shame that the book is now a promotional disaster.

The Paris 4:

e) You are well advised not listen to all those Masters and Teachers and Mysterie-schools. They know nothing. An alchemist is he who performs the Work of the Sun in his body (and that includes that little wheel and the decapitation etc etc)


Yes I would agree. I have said much the same.

The Paris 4:

f) If you are sure that you will never work with Gardiner again, than the Mann prophecy failed (The part: 'These two authors will write the last book on our stone'). We cannot explain that either.


I know that we are able to access information from the future – I have written about this and have my own theory about how this might be achieved. However, although interesting, I suspend any blind acceptance or belief in these claims about the prophecy given in the letter written in 1949 by Thomas Mann – because if it were true, surely he would have written “author” instead of “two authors”, because going by what has come to light only recently, it is now doubtful whether Philip Gardiner wrote anything or contributed anything that was really his and from his own head and heart. Perhaps I'm not being fair here, as he surely did contribute something.

I don’t know; my own work is not yet finished. Anyway stranger things have happened. Perhaps the prophecy has already been fulfilled with the new version of The Shining Ones (chapters 7 and 8) – although the new insights given on the ‘Stone’ – either in this book or even in The Serpent Grail - was written by myself.

The Paris 4 write:

“The stone is produced about where the liver is”.


Yes, that would be correct, which is why Jesus is speared in the right side of the body in John's gospel – being the location of the Liver. The wound is vaginal shaped – the ancient Egyptian RU symbol, signifying the portal of physical birth and also the portal of spiritual rebirth (the thalamus at the centre of the brain).

This right-side wounding also makes a correspondence with the constellation of Orion and the south King's Chamber shaft (spear) of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which aligns with the star Al-Nitak – the first of the three belt stars of Orion and which represents the right side of Orion (Osiris) – the ‘resurrection god’.

Again, the story of the crucifixion is an allegory to the Kundalini Awakening by which one enters the Kingdom and is reborn. The left side of the body connected to the feminine-related right brain becomes as female, and the right side of the body – connected to the masculine-related left brain is where the Kundalini fire begins – hence the wound to the right side of the body by a pointed spear which also symbolises the striking serpent and the venom (fire) which must rise along with the cooling energy (water-blood) of the feminine.

They rise together to the other ‘stone’ which is the Thalamus – the “cosmic egg” within the brain (nest of the Phoenix).

Gary Osborn

18th November 2006.

Part 3

Extract from material written for The Shining Ones (2006):
Note: Only some of this made it into the book.

Unraveling the Phoenix Code

by Gary Osborn

Gary Osborn. Copyright © 2005. All Rights Reserved

The ‘Tree’ of the Phoenix represents the human spine.

Ovid’s descriptions of the ‘tree,’ the ‘oils,’ made from the tree – which are placed in the ‘nest’ at the top of the tree, and all associated with the Phoenix bird which symbolises ‘transformation,’ ‘rebirth’ and ‘immortality’ – are highly symbolic – which is stating the obvious really.

Now taking the individual level here, these items are more clues to the physiological aspects of the ‘enlightenment experience’ in that they symbolise various organs or components associated with certain unknown processes that take place in the individual’s body – the spine. Let’s now follow the clues in Ovid’s descriptions to see where it leads us:

Frankincense and Myrrh (oils) were mentioned and these have been well known for their ‘anointing’ and healing powers for thousands of years. Both these oils are made from resins; dried sap from the Burseraceae family of trees which are common in Somalia – possibly where the word soma, comes from, being the name given to the ‘elixir of life.’ Myrrh was an ingredient used by the ancient Egyptians in their mummification preparations, hence the reason why the dead predecessor of the newly reborn Phoenix is wrapped-up in an “egg of myrrh.”

The spice, cinnamon, is also associated with immortality. The frankincense and myrrh being produced by the tree, and resting in the nest of the Phoenix at the top of the tree, are excellent clues to what all this is leading to and are therefore part of the code. Like the Biblical Dove, which in later Christian iconography was associated with Jesus, the ancient Phoenix too was associated with a ‘Christed one’ or ‘Anointed one,’ and long before the time of Jesus.

The term, ‘Christ’ is originally rooted in both the Egyptian word ‘Karast,’ meaning, ‘Anoint’ – i.e., caress with oil – and the Chaldean word ‘Chris’ meaning, ‘Sun’.

‘Christ’ also stems directly from the Greek ‘christos’ – equivalent to the Hebrew word messias, as in the term ‘Messiah’ – both terms meaning, “Anointed one” – i.e., a person who is ‘anointed’ by God.

However, it must be emphasised most strongly, that his epithet of ‘Christ’ is merely a title that applies to any gifted Avatar or person of profound wisdom – his or her wisdom being the result of an extraordinary experience by which one is, or becomes, “anointed”.

Baptism is also associated with one’s ‘anointment’, in that both were really part of the same rebirthing ritual. There are seven sacraments by which one receives the grace of Christ – the first being Baptism. As Jesus is reported to have said: “My Church has seven Sacraments . . . Gates to the kingdom of heaven, Where divine glory awaits”.

We are again reminded here of the theme of seven – i.e., ‘seven seals’ ‘seven trumpets’ and ‘seven bowls’ of Revelations in the Bible – all associated with the seven levels of reality as represented in the seven chakras.

As many of us will know, 3 is also an important number, and in some ways is more important than 7. We also find that during one’s baptism, the individual is dipped in water three times and that there are three oils associated with anointment.

We have now discovered that like the ‘stone’ these ‘anointing oils’ are really metaphors associated with the ‘enlightenment experience’ and its processes, through which the ‘division’ in mind and consciousness is healed, and internally – even if for a split second in our time.

It is through the “burning,” bright light of this internal illuminating experience that one is resurrected or ‘reborn’ like the Phoenix from the flames and knows that he or she is ‘immortal’. In other words, one realises that we live, die and are born again.

By all accounts, this rebirth (enlightenment experience) is also associated with the shamanic ‘trance state,’ as the trance state can actually initiate it or “trigger” it.

Now if the ‘tree’ of the Phoenix is the spinal column, then aside from the outstretched branches, which is a metaphor for the brain, its ‘nest’ is also a metaphor for the human head or skull. This also means that the contents of the nest – i.e., the ‘egg’ which contains the “body” of the dead predecessor – as well as the “oils” – are symbolic of certain organs, inside the brain.

This will become more apparent as we go on – suffice to say that all the evidence points to there being three important organs – ‘three jewels’, ‘golden apples’, ‘berries’, ‘thrones’ – as based on the esoteric Triad.

As many of us will know, ‘Three Kings’ or ‘Three Wise Men’ or Magi gave three gift items to the baby Jesus – frankincense, myrrh and gold.

These three Magi are also said to be connected with the ‘three belt stars’ of Orion, which – according to Bauval’s ‘Orion Correlation theory’ – the three great pyramids of Giza are reflecting on the ground and to which the Great Pyramid itself is aligned.

Earlier I mentioned that it was originally believed that there were three components to the ‘third eye’ – three organs in the brain, making up a Triad. These are the pineal, the pituitary and the central thalamus.

Those who were initiated into these mysteries believed that the functions of two of these organs (pineal and pituitary) – each associated with one of the opposites – were somehow synchronised or fused (mixed together) so as to activate the central “eye” (thalamus) and possibly trigger the enlightenment experience. If so, then Jesus – a ‘Christed One’ – like the avatars before him – personified this experience, which is why he was presented with three gifts that actually symbolised these three organs and this internal process. The gesture of presenting these three gifts to Jesus is allegorical in that he was being identified as the ‘Christ’ – a ‘Shining One’ who possessed the innate spiritual knowledge and experience associated with these internal processes which brings one closer to the ‘source of intelligence’ to which we are all linked.

The teachings attributed to Jesus were all about this process, and his crucifixion is really symbolic of the enlightenment experience, and so it was intended that the story of his life, as borrowed from the more ancient myths surrounding the archetypal shaman, such as Osiris/Horus for example, remain as an example to the rest of us. However, seeing how much these teachings were twisted and exploited, it could be said that pearls were merely being “thrown to swine”.

For instance, the following sayings of Jesus taken from the Gospel of Thomas allude to the ‘union’ or ‘fusion’ of opposites’ as being the ‘key’ to greater inner spiritual strength and unlimited energy to do the “impossible” – and this deeper meaning has been lost on a lot of people.

Verse 61: “ . . . I say if one is whole, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness”.

Verse 48: Jesus said, “If two make peace with each other in a single house, they will say to the mountain, ‘Move from here!’ and it will move”. [1]

“Moving the mountain” is a metaphor – meaning that via this superimposition or fusion of one’s divided energies, one has the extra energy to achieve anything one desires. What seems to be implied here is the ability of psychokinesis – mind over matter.

Now returning to the Phoenix:

As said, the Phoenix is equatable with the Bennu bird of the ancient Egyptians, and the Dove of the Bible and Christianity, but it is also the Firebird of Russian folklore, the Yel bird of the Native Americans, the Ho-Oo bird of the Japanese and the Feng-huang of the Chinese – a bird that again, symbolises the union of yin (female) and yang (male) opposites. Are we surprised?

Its evident that the symbolic device of the ‘Phoenix’ as used by the Shining Ones to communicate and preserve in man’s memory, several themes at once – concerning not only their knowledge and wisdom, but also the nature of the catastrophe that ended the ‘Golden Age’ – seem to have come ashore at different places around the world – hence the reason why the myth of the Phoenix is worldwide. Going by the more popular accounts, at the end of its life cycle and at the point of death, the mythical Phoenix – whose gold or orange-yellow wings give it a flame-like appearance – is said to ‘self-combust’ – turning its nest into a funeral pyre.

After being consumed by fire, the Phoenix is then reborn from its own ashes in the form of a worm which grows from the bones and marrow of the dead bird and “slivers” away, only to then mature into a self-reincarnated, adult Phoenix.

Again, the ‘worm’ is a further symbolic clue also associated with the snake or serpent as this worm was later called the ‘Lindworm’ and ‘Lind’ or ‘Lin’ means, ‘snake’ or ‘serpent’. This detail, which was added later, is an obvious clue – further evidence that relevant information has been added to the myth at certain points in history, as if to nudge certain people in the right direction. The people are those initiates who would understand it, so as to solve the mystery for themselves – being the only way a person would believe it.

What processes are these items – as associated with the spinal column and the skull – describing?

Well the clue to this is in 1,) the ‘fire’ through which one dies and is reborn, and 2,) the included detail of the Lindworm – which is really the snake or serpent.

The processes being described can only be the Kundalini – the ‘inner serpent fire’ – an experience triggered by the shamanic trance-state.

If the ‘nest’ is the head or skull, then we can see that the funeral pyre in the nest – i.e., the ‘nest being alighted’ by the sun – is the ‘Inner Sun’.

This is an unmistakeable reference to the climactic phase of the enlightenment experience – the “fire” – through which one becomes reborn. This can only be the bright-white-light explosion, which takes place at the centre of the head at the point of enlightenment, brought about by the fusion of one’s opposite energies at this location.

The human head or skull then, is the Mixing Bowl – the Grail.

This Gardiner and I had determined in The Serpent Grail. However, there is more to the Grail than the head – its what is inside the head and the nature of the processes that are taking place in the brain – i.e., the Hindu ‘power centres’, in which the two opposites are mixed to produce the spiritual elixir of immortality.

I will quote writer William Henry:

‘Grail researcher Andrew Sinclair says the original French word for Grail was escuele. Phonetically, escuele, like eschol, is ‘a skill’ (a skull or skool). This makes sense. Christ was called ‘wisdom’. His skill involved a transformation of homo sapien into a pure one, a Cathar. In conclusion, the blue apples of Eschol (the Languedoc?) represent powerful physiological knowledge: the means to transform human blood into the blood of light . . . preparatory to entering the gate of God’. [2]

We are reminded of the line from The Taittireeya Upanishad.

‘Where the skull divides there lies the Gate of God’.

I would remind the reader that the Roman historian Tacitus said that the Phoenix “infused the nest with the germ of life” – meaning that it placed something within the nest. This would also be the “egg” containing its dead predecessor, and this reveals how clever this code is. The dead predecessor in the “egg” is a metaphor for the memories of the former self and selves which are being carried over into the next life.

In other words, the “egg” represents the reincarnating soul.

And again, if the nest is the skull, then its possible that out of these three organs, the major centre in the brain is also the alchemical “egg” – believed to represent the soul of the individual.

The correspondences here are wrapped-up in occult Green language – appropriately called the Language of the Birds. We can see that to get at the true meaning, a bird’s egg has been crossed with the human female ovum also an egg, which contains the genetic nucleus. This nucleus is the ‘stone’ – a metaphor for the seed-stone found at the centre of the“fruit”.

What all this amounts to is that the “egg” in the nest (skull) at the top of the tree (spine) is the Thalamus, which is located at the centre of the brain, and which has often been described as an “egg” by contemporary physicians. Esoterically, the physical thalamus represents the ‘Cosmic Egg’ of rebirth and regeneration, and I have uncovered a mountain of evidence for this, which unfortunately is outside the scope of this essay.

The spherical “fruit” in the above analogy would be the skull. The reason why this thalamic centre in the brain is identified with the ‘Cosmic Egg’, is because being at the centre of the head, it was seen to be synonymous with the core-centre of the earth, the ecliptic centre in the heavens to which the polar axis was once possibly aligned – also the centre of the universe and the centre of creation itself.

Furthermore, the spherical head, like the earth – as symbolised by the spherical fruit – is associated with the feminine principle, as in the earth being the body of the ‘world mother’ – especially its interior which was believed to be the domain of the Underworld, which in terms of the human psyche, we have linked to the ‘collective subconscious’. Again these are shamanic beliefs, which means that the people who devised this code, and have been adding to it throughout history, were familiar with these shamanic cosmologies and principles.

If the spherical head is associated with the female, then the straight body or spine (linear) is associated with the male, and here again we have the two binary symbols I and O – as seen fused together in the Ankh symbol – the crux ansata.

And if the tree or ‘world pillar’ on which the Phoenix perches itself, is the spinal column, and the apex pyramidion of the pillar is the head or skull, then the “egg” is the thalamus – the part of the body that was believed to represent the soul and the part that was passed over from incarnation to incarnation.

We can see that the Phoenix bringing the ‘egg’ containing the ashes of its former self to place on the altar of the Temple of the Sun – the altar being an obelisk or pillar – has the Shining One’s belief in Reincarnation at its core.

As we know the Phoenix places it on top of the pillar.

The Bennu bird of ancient Egypt, which is based on the Phoenix, is associated with the Benben capstone of the pyramid, and the pyramidion capstone is the same as the capstone of the pillar, and so the same can be applied to the pyramid.

This would also mean that the Pyramid, which is based on the world-mountain and the human spine, and illustrates the rising and converging energies which end at the apex, is a large-scale Benben stone and therefore it is also a large representation of the skull or head of the Shining One where rebirth takes place.

If the capstone represents the egg of the Phoenix or Bennu then it also represents the thalamus in the brain, which is associated with centre of the seventh chakra point – again, the bindu point above the head – the Inner Sun.

It is said that the opening of the ‘third eye’ (inner vision) as associated with hypnagogic trance state, is really related to the thalamus, and that this awakening in the thalamus is activated by some kind of synchronisation taking place between the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain which secrete chemicals – the “oils” of the tree.

The awakening of the third eye can lead to the enlightenment experience associated again, with the seventh chakra, the bindu point above the head as symbolised by the capstone of the pyramid. The shape of the pyramid is like the peaked wizards hat, which gives emphasis to that point above the head. And the conical hat symbolises the vortex, which reduces into a point – the “eye of the storm”. It’s interesting that the Egyptian word ‘Bennu’ sounds like the Hindu word, ‘Bindu’, and that the Benben stone – as was the Bennu bird – signified the sun.

We would note though that the capstone, the Benben of the Great Pyramid, is missing from the structure, as if emphasising the ‘point’, that in general man is unconscious of this spiritual source and these ‘life-death-rebirth’ processes, and that his acknowledgement of this will again initiate a collective rebirth. I would conclude that only then would be the right time to place the capstone on top of the Great Pyramid.

The Phoenix myth and everything associated with it, is a code that when broken down, conveys the processes associated with reincarnation.

This process of rebirth – Kundalini – that can happen to an individual during his or her lifetime, is being used to convey the message that this same process plays its part at the point of death and in the reincarnation of the self after physical death.

The symbolic Phoenix device is also being used to convey the ‘rebirth’ of the Shining Ones after the ‘death’ of their people (former self) and the destruction and their homeland, and therefore the rebirth of the human race as a whole.

For those who are sceptical and would perhaps criticise my interpretation of the Phoenix myth, I would like to stress the point that I have merely followed a logical path to this conclusion with the clues we have been given.


1. Patterson, Stephen and Meyer, Marvin, The Complete Gospels: Annotated Scholars Version, Polebridge Press, 1992

2. Henry, William, Secrets of the Cathars, Why the Dark Age Church Was Out to Destroy Them, Atlantis Rising magazine, Dec, 2002

Gary Osborn.
Copyright © 2006.
All Rights Reserved

Note: Presented with permission

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