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Philip Gardiner has been described variously as - the anti-Christ, the Devil incarnate, a seeker after truth, shocking, the most interesting interviewee ever, challenging, controversial, the new Salman Rushdie, and was even banned from the United Arab Emirates.

Philip has acted as an advisor to various authors and radio programmes regarding mythology and history as well as having ghost written many articles for various magazines.


Philip is married with two children and lives in the heart of Robin Hood country in England. He has a Masters Degree in Strategic Marketing and 9 diploma’s ranging from Personnel Management through to Holistic Medicine and the craft of Etymology. Although he has been asked on numerous occasions to become “a member” of several institutions, Philip has strictly refused on the grounds of independence – seeing membership of certain organisations as being overtly influential on his research and understanding of the truths of mankind. Philip believes that some authors/researchers have been lead into membership of institutions or “societies” and are therefore of questionable authority. His background in the history of propaganda and the ancient and ongoing manipulation of mankind tell him that such things do indeed occur. He has however joined (upon being requested) a couple of what are known as secret societies in-order to find out what was happening inside – the conclusions of these journalistic forays appear in his books and he is no longer a member of any organisation.

Before retiring to dedicate his time to researching and writing, Philip was a Marketing Director and owner of a company in the UK. Part of this role included giving lectures on the art and history of marketing and propaganda to various organisations including certain government bodies and companies.

Philip began his writing career with a book entitled Proof? Does God Exist?: Is There Any Evidence for the Existence of God?  Published in 2002 and followed this up with his best selling The Shining Ones: The World's Most Powerful Secret Society Revealed, which launched in the UK and immediately outsold.

In his book The Shining Ones he set about proving a theory regarding an ancient priesthood called The Shining Ones who developed into the worlds' most powerful and ancient secret society. Philip uses history, etymology, archaeology, mythology, symbolism and his own expertise of propaganda to prove his theories. During the launch he appeared on over 200 radio programmes, tv and in the general media during this launch. Gardiner was called by several of these articles "the next Graham Hancock."

The next stage in his work was The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life (Watkins Publishing released The Serpent Grail worldwide in September 2005), co-authored with Gary Osborn, which delves back in time to actually discover the most remarkable of secrets - the Holy Grail, the Philosophers Stone and the Elixir of life - as well as uncovering a worldwide cult that spawned the whole thing.  One television company called the book "The most important story on the planet."

British Museum - Bowl with serpents

Following this Gardiner and Osborn have uncovered yet further secrets, which will simply amaze the world. They will reveal a secret chamber in the Great Pyramid, the truth about Ley Lines the world over, the hidden secret of the world's Royalty, answers to all paranormal phenomena and much more.

Gardiner and Osborn are currently writing the script for a major television documentary about their discoveries.


Copyright 2005 by Philip Gardiner
All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.



The Ark, the Shroud and Mary: The Untold Truths About the Relics of the Bible

The Ark, the Shroud, and Mary
by Philip Gardiner

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Here's a couple of reviews:

Last I knew, the Ark was in Ethiopia where Graham Hancock had tracked it down to. Man was I wrong. This DVD (and the book) completely blew all that away and so much more. In fact, it really did make the other theories look almost mad. Gardiner has a way of making things that are incredibly profound appear so logical - because they are. The truth of all this has almost been right in front of our eyes and yet we all missed it. Brilliant DVD that I could watch again and again - come to think of it, I will right now.

Robert Kintrade, Edinburgh, 32rd degree

Just when you think that Gardiner couldn't come up with anymore secrets he does it again with this beautiful DVD. Not only is it profoundly insightful and full of revelations that made me personally sit bolt upright, but it is also full of fantastic music and incredible imagery. Once again we follow Gardiner on his global treck as he traverse Egypt, Ethiopia, India and Europe to evaporate one theory after another and bring to us some remarkable and brand new insights. I will never read the Bible or see the Shroud in the same way again - simply mind blowing.

Rev. John Sinclair, Prague

* * *

From the new book and DVD - The Ark, The Shroud and Mary by Philip Gardiner

In the last few years I have researched and written on several ancient and not so ancient mysteries. I have delved into the black heart of Nazi secret societies and uncovered the existence of the present day Holy Vehm; I have sought out the secret of Solomon’s Temple and come away with sacred paths; I have even caused huge controversy in the realm of serpent lore. But, there were certain mysterious relics, existent and non-existent, that I had no intention of trying to disentangle and two of these were the Ark of the Covenant and the Shroud of Turin. Fate however often has a peculiar habit of dealing out joker cards and I pulled out a whole pack of them.

It all started in Winchester, England. I was there to give a speech. Having stayed the night before in a hotel, I awoke early and decided to take a walk around the wonderful cathedral to kill time.

I took with me my new digital camera in the hope that I might get some shots for a DVD I was working on at the time called Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed released by Reality Entertainment. Walking around like a zombie tourist with my eyes peeled for images of the Temple, Solomon, Sheba and all-manner of esoteric devices I eventually arrived at a beautiful image of Prudence holding aloft a serpent and with two faces, one of a man and one of a woman. It was the beauty of Oneness, of the dual nature in man united by the power or energy of the inner serpent - a concept widely spoken of in literature and on the internet. This was something Gnostics and mystics have spoken of for hundreds of years. I took a few photographs and then noticed something else. To the left on the same mausoleum was a beautiful image of Moses and the Jews carrying the Ark of the Covenant across and before the Great Pyramid in Egypt. It was a wonderful picture and something inside told me that there was a secret being told, especially as this was part of the same creative work of art as the Prudence statuette. And so I walked around the whole thing and on the other side discovered another carving, this time of Jesus emerging from the tomb with his Shroud about him. At that moment all the research I had done on the ancient mysteries came together in one blinding flash of inspiration and I suddenly realised the truth of the Ark. It struck me there and then that the whole design was an esoteric work of art, revealing the Ark of the Old Testament and the one of the new. In the following months I gathered around me all the books and sources available on the Ark, the Shroud and the sacred feminine principle of Mary.

You see the Ark itself I found was derived from a much older tradition, stretching right back into Egypt and beyond and the reason for this was because it was a natural part of man himself. Solar b’arques or Arks would daily travel through the Otherworld carrying the deity and bringing him back for new life the following day. It was a re-creative process of the sun, and internally of our very selves, as we too disappear mentally in the darkness of sleep. The sun of God would travel into darkness and re-emerge with new life each day. In the same way God himself was encased in the Ark of the Covenant and would be seen as the shining light of the sun. In the same way God as Jesus was placed in the Otherworld or Underworld tomb within the Shroud, which then carried his image, placed there by light. And Mary too, was the one who would carry the divine within her womb, to bring forth the light once again.

All of this esoteric language was united in symbolism, but I wanted more. I knew that man in his various ways had always manifested the inner world in art, architecture, music and texts and so I wanted to know; had man manifested these symbolic objects such as the Ark or Shroud physically?

My research lead me through a world that many before had travelled and yet I discovered that there had been such a lot of information missed, because the links had not been understood properly. There is simply not enough space in one article to reveal all the discoveries and so I will choose one element – the Shroud.

Ever since the carbon dating of the infamous Shroud of Turin in the 1980’s, which placed the linen cloth in the 13th/14th centuries, many had presumed that was the end of the tale. Others had stated that the image was that of Leonardo da Vinci or even that of the Grand Master of the Knights Templar. However, the evidence I discovered would throw this dating out of the window and bring it back again into the 1st century AD. It appears that following the carbon dating, many researchers had shown how the scientists themselves had not been telling the whole truth and had in fact known which of the various test linens was from the Shroud. This itself discredits the tests in many ways. However, the Shroud of Turin Research Project found that the image was in fact not made up of any physical substance such as paint or pigment. It was in fact an alteration of the surface of the linen by some effect of light or radiation, something which also makes linen turn yellow.

In a letter to the editor of Nature magazine on 16th February 1989 Dr. Thomas J. Phillips of Harvard University posited the following explanation that the body of the man in the Shroud:

"…may have radiated neutrons, which would have irradiated the Shroud and changed some of the nuclei to different isotopes by neutron capture."

In fact, what I discovered was that an altered state of consciousness brought on by beating or other forms of physical extreme could also excite the atoms within the body, stimulating heat generation. This process I discovered also aids the escape of neutrons from the atom, thus causing neutron radiation as proposed by Dr. Phillips. Add into this the embalming fluids used on the body and a process of magnification aided in the creation of the almost photographic image on the Shroud itself.

This neutron radiation would in fact have ruined any possible chance of dating the Shroud correctly and now places it back again in the 1st century as I reveal in the book.

I was now coming to some peculiar conclusions. Could it be, I wondered, that the image on the Shroud was that of an adept who had been in a state of ecstasy and who had emitted radiation?

The man in the Shroud had been beaten to a pulp, nailed to a cross and was surely near death.

There is little wonder that the Ark, the Shroud and indeed even the God-bearer herself – Mary – were all depicted in art as emitting light – for they all carried the symbol of the sun - the light. They were all esoteric devices of a truly human experience that has been misinterpreted for hundreds of years because of our own perceptions. Linked with the life giving rays of our own solar power the union of these devices is one of the most profound stories on planet earth and it is the subject of the journey to discover them that is in the forthcoming Book and DVD The Ark, The Shroud and Mary.

Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed (UK - now selling)

Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed (US - coming soon)
by Philip Gardiner

  • Paperback 300 pages (November 1, 2005)

  • Publisher: Radikal Phase Publishing House Ltd

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 1904126049

  • Synopsis
    In 2005 Philip Gardiner and his co-author Gary Osborn brought to the world the secret of the Holy Grail, the Elixir of Life and the Philosopher's Stone with international acclaim. For the first time somebody cut across the trend and revealed the truth. Now in this exciting and incredibly thought provoking work, Gardiner reveals the truth behind Solomon's Temple. For generations scholars and researchers have tried in vain to discover this fabled edifice, only to be confronted by one problem after another. All the problems raised by these disparate and often desperate people have now been fully answered and can be revealed to the world. From the Queen of Sheba to the arcane secrets of the Christian Gnostics; from the Muslim Sufi to the Hindu Avatars, this book weaves a tale so profound and so precise that it will re-write not only the history of this "Temple to the Lord", but will also bring to the world a new method of psychology. Gnosis discovers from the depths of ancient mystical language and secret societies that the truth of Solomon's Temple has been known all along within the realm of esoteric understanding. Using a unique insight gained from years of research and his own infiltration of ancient secret societies Gardiner once and for all tells the truth in plain language ? something the adept and mystic refuses to believe is possible. Also including a massive Knowledge Directory at the end of the book, giving new insight on thousands of arcane myths. Find the true secret of the Knight's Templar and the mysteries of the ancients. Find the truth for yourself in Gnosis

    The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life
    (UK - now selling)

    The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life
    (US - coming soon)

    by Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn

  • Hardcover 384 pages (September 30, 2005)

  • Publisher: Watkins Publishing

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 1842931296

  • Synopsis
    This is the story of the discovery of the ultimate secrets of the world's most enigmatic mysteries including the Holy Grail, the Elixir of Life and the Philosopher's Stone.

    The Shining Ones: The World's Most Powerful Secret Society Revealed
    by Philip Gardiner (Paperback - May 13, 2005)

    • Paperback: 306 pages

    • Publisher: William Ernst Publishing Ltd. (May 13, 2005)

    • Language: English

    • ISBN: 1904126006

    Book Description
    A prose book. The story of The Shining Ones is the real history of mankind. Every twist and turn on the pathway of human evolution was put there deliberately by this secret priesthood for a mysterious and extremely long-term goal. On our journey to uncover the Shining Ones we will learn that history, as we know it, is a lie. History is, as Justice Holmes said, "what the people who won say it is." It has been warped over vast periods of time to fit with each generation's idea of what is fact and what is truth. Our belief systems, whether religious, scientific or political, have been manipulated by a secret and deadly group of individuals who have a history going back thousands of years. They have a name, they have a power base and they have a secret, locked away within their initiated few, which has major implications for the future of mankind. We will discover the secret and reveal it. Once we decipher the Shining Ones' clues, we will see how the mysteries of the ancient and not so ancient world can now be solved, from megalithic standing stones, the Holy Grail and alchemy to the truth behind religion and our present political systems. We must forget the false interpretations of myth and religion we have heard so many times, and know them for what they really are: the secret language of the Shining Ones.

    Proof? Does God Exist?: Is There Any Evidence for the Existence of God?
    by Philip Gardiner (Paperback - June 1, 2002)

  • Paperback 112 pages (January 2002)

  • Publisher: Radikal Phase Publishing House Ltd

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 1904126014

  • Book Description

    I honestly thought this author must have been joking or quite simply gone mad when he came up with this idea. What on earth gave him the right to poke his investigative nose into this subject? There can never be any proof for God or against Him. And yet I quickly warmed to his method and his intriguing idea of what indeed amounted to proof. In the past we have had the great minds of the world give us their wonderful and philosophical insights into the 4th dimensional or 5th elemental existence of a deity. From Plato to Aquinas we have wandered a road fraught with mental dangers. Whenever we listen to anybody, we simply listen to bias. Most of the apologetics were and are highly evangelical in their methods. Most of the atheists remain disgruntled and violent. The two worlds never meet. Or that’s what I used to think until I read this book.

    The author is and has been somewhat of an expert in the field of religion and mythology and has appeared on tv and radio assisting in investigations. He never really lets on what he believes, and yet we read his words and warm to him as a human being. This is ideal when reading up on such a subject. We may be reading from the perspective of believer or unbeliever, but either way we will be opinionated. Philip, gently takes away our anger and guides us through the minefield of evidences. Many of these mines I myself did not even realise existed. What on earth is septenary design? Now I know.

    Eagerly I moved forward through this book and with every step I took I was saved from a blunder by this author. It is so easy to make rash judgements and believe in something without all the information. I am glad I read this book and much like when I read his other work, I had my world changed. It may be his background in marketing and his investigative methods, but every time I read this author he amazes me. I implore you to make no decisions, make no judgements about the world until you have read Proof and the authors other work, The Shining Ones.

    Many years ago the author challenged himself to find out whether there really was any evidence for the existence of God. This book is the practical conclusion to his searching. Some say there can be no proof either way. This book challenges you to decide for yourself. Outlined within the pages of this book is all the evidence from all sides, in lay-mans terms. It is time to decide for yourself.




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