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‘Five thousand years ago, technologies were slim remnants from past/superior civilizations of Incas and Egyptians. The first Indians flew and later battled other knowledgeable tribes. They could easily have crossed the ‘pond’ and been the flying ‘gods’ in ‘sky chariots’ of the Old Testament. Whoever had the biggest GUN; possessed the most power and technology …was GOD! HUMANS with ‘technology’ played and pretended to be God to the simple children of ignorant masses that had long forgotten or never experienced technology. How easy it would be for a complex race of Air Forces to wage war and utterly dominate hordes of refugees out in the wild.’    -- Doug Yurchey

GOD – History is Backwards
Commentary by the Author

The proposed film is a semi-remake of George Pal’s 1961 classic ‘Atlantis, the Lost Continent.’ In today’s age of Avatar, Clash of the Titans, blue-screens and CGI special effects…doing the quintessential ATLANTIS FILM is a must! ‘GOD’ (actually a post-Atlantis film) coming out in 2011 would be the exact 50th anniversary of the George Pal film. New film spans from 5000 BC. to 2000 BC.

In the film from ‘61, a simple Greek fisherman is suddenly picked up by a SUBMARINE and taken to a world he had never realized (Atlantis). A world of technology; giant crystal lasers; where men can be changed into animals. In ‘GOD,’ an Egyptian boy is saved by an ANGEL…which is an advanced PILOT of a saucer-craft and a MAN. This is a time of mythological creatures and dinosaurs as genetic experiments. This is a mad time AFTER the collapse of Atlantis and the Egyptians (who were flyers with once a super technology).

The boy is introduced to a war between those few that still utilize fragments of ancient technology while masses have survived as barbarians. The devolution occurred only after earlier NUCLEAR WARS turning lush lands into deserts.

Here are events before and after the Great Flood plus OLD TESTAMENT stories portrayed closer to reality; closer to SCI-FI and maybe…generally…we are viewing what REALLY HAPPENED! For example:

  • Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by an atomic explosion as the fire and brimstone. Lot’s wife turned into a ‘pillar of salt’ as a result of radiation.

  • Ark of the Covenant as an electrical POWER device that was carted into war and was the ‘Hand of God.’ Uzzah gets electrocuted and the MACHINE knocks down the walls of the massive fortress at Jericho!

  • Jonah taken aboard a submarine.

The boy in the story becomes the Angel and vice versa. There is the FATHER/SON relationship down through time as the (same faces) same actors recreate future lifetimes; implying REINCARNATION.

The CONTROVERSY here is light-years beyond ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ We view Bible stories such as how the FLOOD could have really happened…and WHY! The title alone (‘GOD’) will guarantee a built-in audience or great INTEREST. The ‘epic’ STORY should match the grandiose title and ‘GOD’ does not disappoint. Good and bad Angels waged WARS while the primitives of Egypt were caught in the crossfire. STAR WARS meets THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

GOD – History is Backwards

a film script by Doug Yurchey





history is backwards


Close up of old eyes and wrinkles of an East Indian. Eyes slowly close.


He is alone, sitting. His expression is of peace and serenity. More background is viewed. Old, white-bearded, long-haired GOD-figure meditates in front of his ‘sky-abode.’

He SMILES broader with complete assurance of his safety. Structure on mountaintop is futuristic and east Indian in style. White clouds float high above him.

God-figure, priest, dressed in white robes, DREAMS of recent events.



Large room contains colorful, family members dressed in very modern (East) Indian attire. Same, old patriarch in white is surrounded by loving family. They are DISTRAUGHT.

A younger man makes a HOVERING SCREEN appear. Family shows old man a schematic of other ‘sky-abodes.’ A BLUE FORCE FIELD (outline) appears around each futuristic dwelling on screen.

NO DIALOGUE. The dream-memory is pantomimed by the elder and his family. Worry and sadness are etched on the faces of the family.

God-figure remains stubborn. Old man puts HAND UP in a ‘stop’ gesture. He refuses their desperate suggestions and remains confident that his sky-abode will not be attacked.

A few of his female family CRY over his decision. The worried, Indian men continue to convince the aged patriarch. The family’s efforts are in vain.


Old Indian is again alone and comes out of the memory. He stretches thin, wrinkled arms over his head when… His eyes OPEN in terror! He hears and sees a fearsome presence above.

A dark saucer or (West Indian) WAR-MACHINE BURSTS OUT from a large cloud! The flying armada called JUGGERNAUT jettisons a smaller disk of death as it finds a vulnerable target.

Old man’s face expresses stark FEAR.

FLYING P.O.V. as the smaller saucer descends upon the priest. A RED BEAM shoots from the disk and the East Indian is instantly KILLED! His beautiful dwelling is also destroyed!

CUT TO BLACK. (long pause)



A VELOCIRAPTOR is engaged in a life and death struggle with a SABER-TOOTH TIGER! The large-fanged cat fights valiantly. More clawing, biting and shrieking happens.

The powerful velociraptor WINS the deadly, jungle battle. It BARKS a victory cry over the long-toothed beast.

The 2-legged, scaly dinosaur with rows of teeth GORGES its bloody fill at the neck of the still tiger. The raptor’s eyes SEE MOVEMENT above and follow a descending creature.
The mighty velociraptor lifts itself up; blood drips and again SHRIEKS a loud roar!

A PTERODACTYL with a 30-foot wingspan SWOOPS down toward the ground. Then, the fast-moving creature changes its mind. Pterodactyl quickly ascends away from the victorious velociraptor.

FLYING P.O.V. as the pterodactyl GLIDES over a stunning panorama of the jungle canopy. More aerial scenes of natural, colorful wonder are viewed from an area of Tera untouched by WAR.

The pterodactyl smoothly FLIES DOWN to a waterhole in a clearing. The dinosaur LOOKS BOTH WAYS making sure no predators are nearby. It bends down and DRINKS from the calm pond.

The grounded creature is startled and squawks as it HEARS a sound from the jungle behind it. Before the pterodactyl can take to the air, an ARROW IS SHOT INTO ITS NECK!

Another fast-moving arrow penetrates dinosaur’s neck and then a third in rapid succession!

A fourth arrow is SHOT into the face of the beast and a final, fifth arrow goes through the heart. The creature COLLAPSES on the shore. DIES an excruciating death and is motionless.

NOISE; a rustle of bushes is heard. The dinosaur-killer emerges from the thick jungle. He is a large man in a loincloth made of animal skin. He has the HEAD OF A BULL!

The MINOTAUR holds a multi-arrow, automatic CROSSBOW! He PUMPS a strong arm like after a good shot is made in sports.


Finally, GOT YOU…great one.



‘Five thousand years ago, technologies were slim remnants from past/superior civilizations of Incas and Egyptians. The first Indians flew and later battled other knowledgeable tribes. They could easily have crossed the ‘pond’ and been the flying ‘gods’ in ‘sky chariots’ of the Old Testament. Whoever had the biggest GUN; possessed the most power and technology …was GOD! HUMANS with ‘technology’ played and pretended to be God to the simple children of ignorant masses that had long forgotten or never experienced technology. How easy it would be for a complex race of Air Forces to wage war and utterly dominate hordes of refugees out in the wild.’ - Doug Yurchey

QUICK DREAM-SEQUENCE OF ATOMIC EXPLOSIONS IN THE PAST is visualized inside the head of EZOCH, the Wanderer. The young and adventurous, Egyptian boy SNAPS OUT of a subconscious cataclysm.


The young couple have completed love-making and are under the covers of Meralda’s bed.


AH…your father will NEVER approve.



Certainly not of…YOU!


Meralda’s tanned arm wraps around the boy. Ezoch holds her tighter. The Egyptians are in love. The boy has snuck into her tent as they hide from the rest of those in the encampment.

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Copyright by Doug Yurchey
All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission

Doug Yurchey can be contacted:
[email protected]  
He would enjoy your comments.

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