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 What's New - Sample articles and additions


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Mystic Places - Fatima

On May 13, 1917, in a field called Cova da Iria near the Portuguese village of Fatima, "a beautiful lady from Heaven", shining like the sun, appeared to three peasant children, and delivered a prophecy that would change the world.

Secret World of Anagrams - by Doug Yurchey

We all know what 'anagrams' are [an "anagram" is a rearrangement of the letters of one word or phrase to form another word or phrase].
But are we aware of the strange, and sometimes unbelievable, coincidences surrounding many of them? For example: "Michel de Nostradame" anagrams to : "The demonical dreams", "Statue of Liberty" is "built to stay free"...

Essiac Cancer Treatment

Essiac is an herbal cancer treatment developed by a Canadian nurse, Renée Caisse (1888-1978). (Essiac is Caisse spelled backwards.) Ms. Caisse claimed that the formula had been given to her in 1922 by a patient whose breast cancer had been cured by a traditional native American healer in Ontario.

Inborn Patterns of  Behavior

It seems that inborn patterns of our sexual behavior, just like our other instincts, are based on inherited “patterns of connections” in specific areas of our midbrain.
[The photo shows fragment of a mannequin's chest. Our brain interprets it in more than one way...]

Mass Mind Control Through Network Television:
Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

Why do countless American people go along with the War on Iraq? Why do so many people call for a police state control grid? A major component to a full understanding of why this kind of governmental and corporate corruption is to discover the modern science of mind control and social engineering.

Ego - The False Center

A child is born without any knowledge, any consciousness of his own self. [...] He does not know who he is; he simply knows what others think about him. And this is the ego: the reflection, what others think.    

Egyptian roots of the geographical names of ancient locations
 in the Western Hemisphere?
Egyptian, Atlantean, Greek, Judaic presence in the Western Hemisphere,
5000 years before Columbus?
Three articles by Ed Z, Stamford, CT, and Johnny Ziomek (Los Angeles)


Aliens in Archaeology - by Robert B. Baird

As you read this article you will have to suspend the disbelief you feel when confronted with my assertions that for at least 5000 years man has been in close contact all over the world.

 Remote Viewing
Remote viewing (RV) is a skill by which a person (a "viewer") can perceive objects, persons, or events at a location removed from him or her by either space or time. In other words, one does not actually have to be there, nor does one need any so-called "physical" connections, such as television, telephone, etc., to gain information about the target. RV exploits and improves upon what is more commonly called "psychic" ability (an overused word that has accrued unfortunate connotations), and works whether the target is in the next room or on the other side of the planet. Neither time nor any known type of shielding can prevent a properly-trained remote viewer from gaining access to the desired target.

Thy Will Be Done 
by Robert A. Herrmann Ph. D.

God forced his ideas into my mind. He was literally changing my mental patterns and His supernatural power led me into new knowledge and its wise application. [...] My walk with God and my increase in God's wisdom has further progressed beyond anything anticipated. He has not only healed me from physical ailments but has allowed me deep understanding of many of His concepts and supernatural processes.

The Science of God by Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn
Regardless of whether or not there is a God, simple human knowledge of self, rationality and emotions all contribute to our present revolutionary pace. And yet, we still need to answer the most fundamental question of where we come from with the idea of God. Perhaps we should try to look at the whole thing in a different way, and by doing so, understand how we could be manipulated because of these basic human traits.

Secrets of the Brain: The Mystery of Memory
Even though science continues to give us ever increasing insights into what memory is, much of it remains a mystery. Researchers consider memory a process, and when you remember you are actually reconstructing the event from bits of information stored in various parts of the brain. But the mystery is, what initiates the reconstruction? Is it, as some suggest, directed from outside the physical body, from the energy body? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, let’s look at what science can tell us about some of the chemical activity in the brain.

Astrological Mind Reader

Can We Read Your Mind?
You will be amazed... and amused!

Robert Bruce Baird "The Collective Works" CD
History is largely propaganda and a web of journalistic intrigue written to benefit those who have been in charge. They won the wars they generated through their NEEDS, and usurped the knowledge of sincere adepts, like Jesus and Buddha. Many scholars know that and it still goes on today; but the reasons for this social engineering and priestly manipulation or economic intrigues are known by few if any.

Michael Levy

Articles by Michael Levy
Just as religion had to succumb to scientific knowledge, so now, science is beginning to unravel the mysteries of the universe with Quantum physics and their latest findings are stretching science into the realms of metaphysical spirituality.
Michael's philosophy reveals the root cause of peoples ingrained problems.
It provides authentic meaning that can transform a human life into a true joyous existence without a dependency on drugs or dogma.

America - Land of the FREE?
One of the chapters from the upcoming book by Robert Bruce Baird:
"The Unnecessary War".   Despite Watergate and the coup d'etat which surrounded the assassination of JFK we find many Americans still harbor illusions or delusions of being the protectors of democracy and freedom.  The American people are programmed to believe and they are culpable by supporting the acts of this cabal or corruption that has colonized the world for corporations. It involves a huge enterprise far bigger than just oil and the various spoils of war and financial things.

The Fifth Stage of Creation: Moons, Comets, Meteors, Asteroids and the Rings of Matter around the gas planets.

In the Big Bang the creation of matter begins. It undergoes four stages of creation until it reaches the formation of planets.
Related Article:   The Time/Space Dis-Continuum

Athena and Eve
Guest Article by Robert B. Johnson Jr

Ancient Greek religion, what we call mythology, tells the same story as the Book of Genesis, except that the serpent is the enlightener of mankind rather than our deceiver. Athena represents Eve—the reborn serpent’s Eve in the new Greek age.

Interview with Jordan Maxwell

JORDAN MAXWELL continues as the preeminent researcher and scholar in the field of occult/religious philosophy since 1959. He served for more than 3 years as the Religion Editor of Truth Seeker Magazine; America's oldest free-thought journal since 1873. His research on the subject of secret societies, both ancient and modern, and their symbols, has fascinated crowds from many countries for 4 decades. 

Divine Way of Spiritual Heart
Guest Articles by Vladimir Antonov

To become able to love the Creator — we must learn firstly to love the Creation.

Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life. Methodology of spiritual self-perfection.

New Articles by Story Waters

Your life is about finding and following your dream, overcoming fears, accepting yourself, and creating the reality that you desire.
We are all one and yet you are each uniquely special in your expression. With the opening of your heart, mind, and spirit to the expression of All That You Are, so you will aid all beings in speaking their own truth and living their own dream. There will be Heaven on Earth. You will all become a Unified Diversity and change All That Is forever.  

The Starchild Project  - an update to our Mystery Skulls section

"After four years of struggle, we finally received the necessary help from England and private contributions to get the skull's DNA tested by a topnotch ancient DNA laboratory. There were some ups and downs in that process, but ultimately we learned that we are on a solid track to prove beyond doubt that this amazing relic does indeed come from a once-living being who was not entirely human."    - Lloyd Pye

Sample Articles
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