Children of the Stars: 
An Uncommon Wisdom, An Uncommon Sense
Healing from Ritual abuse

by Paul Mitchell

Copyright by Paul Mitchell. All Rights Reserved. Presented with permission of the author.

Directly below is my personal introduction and why I wrote the above titled work. This is followed by the actual dedication, table of contents and introduction written in the main body of the book. This book describes a very unorthodox way of looking at the dynamics of abuse and ways to heal from them. It might appeal to those evolutionary and growth-minded people who wish to expand upon - or go beyond - the old, tired and sometimes ineffective ways these issues have usually been approached in the past. At the bottom of this page there is a direct pdf link from which the entire book can be downloaded.

In addition to the pdf link to this book, there is also a link to something else I wrote. It is an article, also in pdf which gives a brief overview of the relationship between the nurturing of and maintenance of a child's self-esteem and how this is conducive to a simultaneously developmental, cumulative increase in desire for continuous educational growth. This article is entitled: "The Development of Self-Esteem and a desire for Continuous Educational Growth in Young Learners of English"

My book speaks about some of the imbalances and unhealthy dynamics that exist within the world, and ways to heal from these; the above mentioned article describes how healthy, peace-loving people can be raised beginning from the time they are in their mother's womb.

Note from the Author

My name is Paul F. Mitchell, BA, BSW. I am just a person who might have something to offer an audience of like-minded individuals and groups. You haven't met me before. I am simply sending this book out to people who might find it useful. Just think of me as a concerned person living on planet Earth who is trying to do my share to raise consciousness. I have spent the last 14 years researching and putting this book together. It began when I wrote a model of practice in my graduating year of social work 15 years ago and it grew from there, taking many twisting and spontaneous turns and different routes along the way. Perhaps I have sent you a copy of this book before. If I have, it would have been in a rather chaotic and unrefined state of development. The process of writing this book has been one of integrating and putting on paper that which I have been researching, analyzing and realizing for a long time. While sending this book out in different stages of development, each successive stage represented a significant development within me. This process itself reflects the very dynamics I write about. I delve heavily into the processes and dynamics of Catharsis throughout the book. I feel that the gradual development of the physical contents of the book itself had the same alchemical, dynamic affects on me that I describe in the contents of this written commentary. At each successive stage of development it became more real for me.
I don't want anything out of this for myself. Although this work is copyrighted, I have had this done primarily so that it can not be used by others to make a profit. Feel free to make as many copies and pass them around as you want. Think of it as the way the original healers in the days of Hippocrates thought: if they were able to offer some healing to their fellow human being, having the ability to give assistance in this manner was all they wanted in return. I do hope and am confident that, although very unusual and certainly unorthodox, I have learned something through my own experiences, as well as the usual avenues of learning that other people might benefit from.   I think you will find the reading quite interesting. Whether you are Jewish, Native American, Muslim or  Buddhist, I think people will find this material quite eye-opening. It illustrates that all people are the same, literally so. I am as much Jewish and Native as I am Christian of German heritage. I am as much a Taoist as I am a Muslim. We all were created from the same ground source.
In addition to the traditional ways of looking at and dealing with the areas of concern discussed in this book, it would be great if it gave individuals, groups and organizations further insight into the subjects covered.
The prime reason I have completed this research is to do my part in helping to close the gaps that separate people. In addition to this I include possible ways world society can begin a true healing from the injuries that humankind has incurred because of hypocrisy and bigotry, in fact violence of all types. Everything is related.
 In viewing this material, the main thing people have to utilize is their imagination; to expand perspectives beyond the narrow, fragmented and constricting ways that prevail at the moment. There is nothing original in this book. I have brought together a variety of apparently different perspectives and in fact demonstrate fairly consistently that these imagined differences are more of an illusion than anything else. The most important psychological dimension I include in this social and psychological analysis is a spiritual one,. This is a dimension that simply includes and takes into consideration the higher workings of the human psyche. The most important human dimension to be considered is our children and the type of Earth that is bequeathed to them for the future. 

What follows is the title and dedication, table of contents and introduction to my book. 

Children of the Stars: 
An Uncommon Wisdom, 
An Uncommon Sense
Healing from Ritual abuse

Researched and written by Paul F. Mitchell  
Copyright: by Paul Mitchell, 2006 

For The People  

This book is dedicated to Rachel Thraves 
The closest thing I ever had to a daughter
My wish is that the symbol she represents to me can 
teach young people how to become individuals and 
healthy intelligent human beings connected with other 
people and their whole environment in health

This book is further dedicated to those people who 
have been oppressed, brutalized and mute-lated while 
those cowards who commit these acts are allowed to 
do so by those who patronizingly display sympathy for 
these victims but also cowardly turn a blind eye, simply 
to save their own skins. Those who commit or become 
accessories to these acts covertly and thereby 
hypocritically are to be pitied far more than those who 
do not try to hide their actions. 

Table of Contents

Pgs. 6 - 37 Introduction

Part 1
1. Pgs.38 - 42 Materialism, the Unconscious and the Development of Bigotry
2. Pgs.43 - 51 Compassion and Empathy on the Different Levels of the Psyche: the Horizontal Earth Plane 
3. Pgs.52 - 58 Destruction of the Lower Levels of the Psyche; Ignorance of the Higher Levels: the Horizontal Earth Plane.
4. Pgs. 59 - 64 Repression, Regression and the Development of Sadism and Masochism: Enter the Addictive Personality
5. Pgs. 65 - 71 How Society Aids and Abets these Dynamics: Most Groups are a Type of Cult
6. Pgs. 72 - 81 Exposing Cult Dynamics
7. Pgs.82 - 103 Exposing the Psychological Dynamics of Ritual Abuse: Covert and Overt, Unconscious and Conscious
8. Pgs.104 - 112 Control of Environment
9. Pgs. 113 - 122 Evolution, Regression and Devolution: Seeing in Reverse. Social Violence
10. Pgs. 123 - 168 Viewing these Dynamics from an Abused Man’s Perspective
11. pgs. 169 - 194 A Brief Chronology of Combating a Cult: A Personal Experience
12. Pgs. 195 - 202 How Society’s Institutions Help Perpetuate these Dynamics. The Big Picture: Maintaining the Machine.   

Part 2
13. Pgs. 203 - 239 Exploring the Healing Relationship: Healing the Mind
14. Pgs. 240 – 280 Healing the Client and Healing the Healer are a mutual Affair.

Part 3  Healing from Ritual Abuse
15. pgs. 281 - 290 How to Recognize a Survivor of Ritual Abuse in the Healing Relationship
16. Pgs. 291 – 309 The Psychic Dynamics of Childhood Sexual Abuse
17. Pgs. 310 – 312 The General Principles of Survivor Therapy
18. Pgs. 313 – 315 The Enemy In the Healing Camp: When the Psychotherapist(s) are Cultists, Either Unconsciously or Consciously
19. Pgs. 316 – 322 Problems Inherent in Treating the Client as Different, Special and other Professional Points of Interest
20. Pgs. 323 – 366 Enough Diagnosis: Let’s Look at the Nature of True Therapeutic Healing
21. Pgs. 367 – 431 The Universe: Wholeness Produces Superb Psychologists
22. Pgs. 432 – 446 
Appendix: Cult Dynamics Pgs. 447 – 453
Glossary of Terms Pgs. 454- 461
Bibliography Pgs. 462– 470
Index Pgs 471 – 488
8 - 489


The following quotes I place here because of their importance in the context of Human liberation, especially as it relates to the Dignity, Psyche and Soul of all Human beings

“If everyone keeps taking an eye for an eye pretty soon the whole world will be blind”

-- Mahatma Gandhi

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.” 

-- Dr. M. L. King Jr.

“Each spiritual tradition looked at in the context of the particular perspective it is supposed to represent, makes each one of them as valid as the next. They all spring from the same source, therefore each one of them express a reality of that source of creation; but only one aspect of the whole truth. The solution is to include of them those which people find healthy and beneficial. No one individual is able to practice (in practice) all religions. If, however, one is able to perceive the universal truths and themes expressed in all of the traditions, the segregating effect of labels can be dropped. Then we can develop intolerance against intolerance. We can have freedom to express from the heart, to individuate. Then, it becomes clear we were all saying the same thing in the first place; just in different ways.

-- Paul Mitchell Calgary, 2001

“I spoke with a woman one time who worked for a law firm while studying towards becoming a paralegal practitioner. During our conversation about justice, she said that the outcome of justice, sometimes, might be a result of who was in power politically and who was not. This pertained to an innocent person being found guilty or a guilty person or people being found innocent.…

… ‘I was in such a panic, thinking about everything lately and especially not hearing anything from Human Rights for almost a month. I had so much fear and frustration to release that I was amazed at how much I cried.’ - 9/15-16/02. Based on over 100 pages of documentation, Human Rights tentatively said there was one incident where they might be able to help. If I had of pursued this with Human Rights I would have been opposing someone who had very powerful friends in organized crime. In all of the documentation that I had provided this was also a part of the documentation that might have indicated a possible infringement against the rights of a member of a group that is protected by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Separate from the small segment of documentation mentioned above, in respect to 99% of what I documented, because I was not a member of a protected group –“Human Rights protects the rights of disadvantaged people and groups” – my human rights were not protected. I point out that I am a member of a group of people that Human Rights usually targets, while my oppressors were sometimes members of groups that Human Rights protects. The message I was being given was that I was not worthy of human rights. “ 

-- Paul F. Mitchell

This book describes a personal process of searching and growth to the same extent it contains a social and psychological analysis

How would people feel if there was an individual in their midst who was in contact with everyone on a Soul level but was attacked by just about every other person, on a Soul level and on the mundane plain of existence, with the exception of a few mature and Holy Souls. I am referring to a person who could read Souls and knew when they were dishonest or honest, life-taking or life-giving, unbalanced or healthy. Picture a highly evolved Soul living among the people who is attacked and forced to carry all of the projections and reversal’s of everyone in that Soul’s environment. This would be an attempt by the darkness of humankind to destroy a gift of The Creator. This would be an example of less evolved entities sacrificing a highly evolved entity of life for the purpose of maintaining evil in the world. I don’t think the Creative Source and the mature Souls would be impressed.

Reading this work only one time will not give an individual the entire possibility to understand what is being described here. As with most written pieces of work that deal with in-depth topics, rereading them will usually give the reader a greater insight into the nature of what is being put across. Importantly, although it is not usually good literary style or practice to repeat something that has already been said, throughout this work I will do this. I will do this for precisely the reason I just gave in the above, especially as it relates to having more information to work with each time something is repeated. Most of our actual thinking takes place on an unconscious level. As for rereading the material, going back to it at a later date, after the psyche has had time to “digest” what it has taken in, different and deeper layers of understanding will usually transpire. Most importantly, as you read the following material, as I repeat several times throughout, be very conscious of your feelings, emotions, and especially any thoughts that you have while taking in some of the material I present here. Being aware of these thoughts and physiological reactions that you have will tell you far more about the accuracy of what I am saying here than the intellect alone. Another important factor to keep in mind is to try to empathically place your self in many of the dynamic scenarios I will be describing throughout this work.

Rather than spreading fear and creating separation by expressing what this work covers, my wish is that it promotes the exact opposite. In this material I present a way of closing separating gaps between people. Although I am not saying anything here that thousands of people before me have not tried to say, here, I am trying to do my part to bring everything together, to create an over-all context and overview, as a way of raising people’s consciousness so that a true healing among humankind can take place. My deepest wish is that peace will eventually engulf the world and that people will learn how to love themselves as well as others; to love other people as they would love their self. With conscious practice this will naturally develop into a love for their fellow human being as if he or she were themselves and extend outward to include the whole environment.

The purpose of this work is to demonstrate and expose the sources of bigotry, anarchy and social violence that run rampant throughout world society today. My main thesis is that most of this bigotry develops on the unconscious levels of the human psyche, both individually and collectively. In today’s world and throughout most societies and cultures, people operate from and hold world views that stem primarily from extreme competitive ego perspectives, primarily unconsciously and collectively motivated that drag far behind technological capabilities and our ability to do violence against each other.

I am referring to majority worldviews that have become unconsciously fragmented and dichotomized, affecting in a parallel fashion what it means to be and how to live as naturally oriented, peace loving human beings. This is expressed at the fundamental level throughout the book, with certain sections going into more detail than others. We discuss the dynamics that produce a worldview that has focused on and developed a materialistic mindset and way of being that is a direct expression of a fragmented ego and psyche. It becomes a two-way, self-replicating and self-perpetuating dynamic. This is a false ego view that only respects and honors what can be quantified and categorized, then turned into a profit. Hypocrisy and bigotry necessarily follows from this worldview that represses people’s true natures and refuses to acknowledge what it truly means to be a whole human being.

One of the primary results of this disempowerment of the human psyche is a focus on, and misuse of power. Misuse of power is a way that fragmented and disempowered people-psyches try to compensate for this loss of potential and wholeness; for loss of their health. It is usually expressed through a need to control and manipulate others in an attempt to obtain energetic psychic and therefore physical requirements. These are energetic needs that could easily be achieved by people in conscious and aware interaction with the whole of their psycho-physiological and environmental reality. Reciprocal interaction of people’s inner psychic realities with their environment would naturally connect them to the human collective psyche at all levels and also the greater environment, providing a two-way exchange of energetic needs. The result, as homeopathy, traditional Asian medicine, American First Nations traditions and other perspectives have been saying for a long time, is greater health.

This relative state of unconsciousness that we have fallen into has usually expressed itself through increased violence to ourselves and also to others. In reality this separation does not exist and what we do to others we do to ourselves; what we do to ourselves we also do to others. Although this violence originates unconsciously, it eventually manifests itself psychically and physically. Materialism, as we will explore and see, for the time being refuses to acknowledge that the individual shares a collective psychic and physical reality with all other human beings, indeed all life forms on earth. We share a collective world environment that is alive and grounded in a natural desire to evolve into higher levels of integration, complexity and reality.

The astounding advances humankind has made in the development and use of technology is being misused and, primarily unconsciously, sabotaging the human psyche and human potential. It would be nice if humankind could avoid the historical reality demonstrated in individual as well as collective historical development that – quantum - jumps in evolution and developmental growth are usually impelled to move forward by some sort of shock or crisis if that development has been interrupted in some way. I will qualify this last statement by saying there is a possibility this frustration in growth is natures way. Although I will not develop or search these possibilities in great depth, there is scientific and historical suggestibility, further demonstrated by some of the world’s wisdom traditions that when it comes to quantum jumps in development, so to speak, this is indeed the way nature provides the impetus to propel evolution forward. In this respect I am not talking about the concept of survival of the fittest. When it comes to humanity in today’s world this is simply an outmoded mindset inviting collective suicide. Because of what has happened world-wide psychically and socially, environmentally, materially and in a whole Earth sense, we now find ourselves on the brink of world-wide catastrophe. Consciousness-raising can change this.

It is awareness developed through consciousness-raising that can change the destructive use of technology and a technological mindset, to be instead used for evolutionary purposes. Instead it is in many cases being used to maintain and exacerbate a war-like and lower level state of fragmented psychic reality that simply perpetuates the cycles of bigotry - separation - between people. This is also a bigotry that goes against nature, in all of its manifestation, lower and higher, Earthly as well as Heavenly - the horizontal Earth plane and the vertical Heavenly plane. This latter plane is not some sort of imaginary place in the starry night sky but a higher place within the universal and archetypal human psyche that was made in the creator’s image. It refers to the higher levels and potentials of the human psyche. First and foremost this higher potential can only be found and initiated within individuals, as individuals. In addition, it can only be initiated in individuals who are in or open to the potential for compassionate connection with the whole of the human family and in extension, the greater environment.

We will explore the psychological reality that most of the decisions, thoughts, emotions and actions of human beings originate on levels far below the usual levels of conscious awareness, for most people. Similar to technology developed under controlled laboratory conditions and then “let loose” in the environment, unconscious human behavior, individually, between individuals and therefore collectively, have unforeseen consequences on the collective environment. When humans operate only from an egocentric level they maintain this relative state of unconsciousness.

The word occult refers to virtually any hidden aspects of human and psychic activity and thought. Everything is psyche or mind. However, compared to times in the past, we have become unconscious of what was not at one time included in the occult. We are all responsible for becoming aware of our selves, especially when the results are violence and harm, to ourselves, to others and to the larger environment. We are all responsible for stopping the maintenance of this destructive cycle. To say “I was just following orders” does not cut the cake. We are all responsible for making these unconscious dynamics conscious once again.

In respect of the occult, as will be explored in depth in the following work, the idea of consciousness-raising is important for a very good reason. We will see that many of the unconscious dynamics within the psyche, for most people, are manipulated and in fact controlled and directed by a few elite at the top of the world power structure. Today there are greater and greater numbers of people, some more consciously than others, involving themselves in the occult, striving to expand of their awareness and consciousness. Unfortunately, most of the people entering into these areas have not overcome many of the egocentric tendencies society has conditioned into them. Many of these people have not healed their traumatized and wounded natures. When people who operate from a wounded and/or lower ego perspective enter into the occult – ritual, spiritual and the deep arcane - they run the risk of being controlled by the more powerful forces, energies and psyches within and at the top of the (energetic) power structure. This is simply because they do not know themselves. They are not in control of themselves.

In today’s world these controlling forces are not always of a benevolent sort. This will be heavily explored, however there is a very important point I am making here. Most of what we call the occult, in all areas of society - not just in those areas we would call the deep arcane, spiritual or psychological realms of the psyche - is heavily controlled by unnatural processes. Most people comprising the world’s population are being controlled by these forces at the top of a power pyramid. This is a crime against humanity and is the reverse of what nature (The Creator) intended. The only solution to this is to completely open the doors for everyone, to awaken people’s curiosity, imagination and especially a true sense of justice, equality and human liberation. We have to expose the hidden potential within all human beings. This is the heritage of all people. It can only be achieved by exposing many of the shadowy forces and energies that have taken over the operating controls of human destiny and in many ways hampering or preventing humankind from evolving and realizing its full potential.

The separation, fragmentation and bigotry that subsequently develops as long as we remain unconscious (of the previously mentioned dynamics) results in the formation of groups that operate primarily on an unconscious level and primarily for reasons of survival. However, given the nature of the dynamics that create these groups in the first place, although they attempt to shield their members from other groups, there is always a domino and totem affect within groups where members overpower those weaker than themselves within the group, either psychically or physically. This is nature’s way in some cases. The problem is that with human beings, given the population of humanity on the Earth today, this primordial way of “surviving” is quite obsolete.

Under natural conditions and circumstances, evolution is ever expanding. This takes place both horizontally, embracing the collective and lower levels of the human psyche and Earth environment and vertically into the higher realms of psychic potential. The vertical movement is usually initiated by individuals, followed by the rest of the human collective. I am not talking about dictators and leaders only in a political sense. I am talking about Galileo’s, Einstein’s, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr.’s - leaders of emancipation and spiritual development. I am speaking about revolutionary individual developments in a psychological, cultural and evolutionary sense. We will explore what helps development and what hinders it. We will look at the psychic dynamics of empathic and interdependent connections with others and what hinders that from developing. We will look at how all higher development requires integration and maintenance of all developments that precedes it. Without this maintenance a sort of crumbling takes place individually, collectively, socially and environmentally.

We will see that many of the symptoms of this psychic fragmentation are looked upon as the various problems within society and how this can be remedied - especially the problem of these symptoms being looked upon as the causes while the real causes are ignored. For example, as touched on above, even if we don’t consciously acknowledge it, the fact is that everything that occurs within individuals and between individuals is entirely reciprocal and cyclical, whether of health or unhealthy imbalance. We will explore how this reciprocity can be put to productive and creative purposes rather than destructive.

Solid individual freedom to develop as discreet individual entities is the only way true interdependent and creative reciprocity can take place. Connected interaction has to develop from freedom not coercion, whether it is conscious or unconscious, psychological or physical. This is the true definition of health. Health is also defined by ever increasing levels of consciousness being attained. This recognizes that most of what takes place on the “unconscious” levels of the individual and collective human psyche takes place consciously on a level that most of us have lost contact with. A healthy recognition of the horizontal psychic plane as well as the vertical upward plane and dimension of psychic growth is crucial. Conscious integration of these two dimensions and their dynamics naturally results in optimal health.

Balance is the important factor to consider in most areas of human activity. Both balance and imbalance is mirrored in healthy and unhealthy worldviews. Provided there is a dynamic balance in place, the more conscious and receptive a worldview is the more complex and therefore highly evolved it becomes. Anything taken to an unbalanced extreme will set all the other factors inherent in wholeness off kilter as well. The first casualty in almost all cases of imbalance is a solid and well-grounded consciousness. Separation resulting in nihilism, oppression and narcissistic isolation are consequences of imbalance. We will look at the antidote to this and that is the development of true empathy and compassion.

One of the symptoms of our materialistic worldview is that, unconsciously, humankind has reached a point where people work to maintain a market driven society that has stopped working for the benefit of most people. In an ego sense this is an expression of a disempowered humanity working to maintain a lower level, materialistic mindset. Collectively, this mindset has stripped most people of all but a competitive level mentality that keeps most of the world population in a state of psychical and physical survival mode and almost 100% of humankind struggling to maintain some sense of interdependence and dignity, individually and collectively.

Scientific philosopher Ken Wilber’s concept of holarchy demonstrates quite nicely that in order to evolve upward in an evolutionary sense, people and in fact all life, in virtually all respects, have to maintain an integrated, reciprocal and rooted existence from which they emerged. Holarchy also demonstrates that, although no one perspective has all of the answers and solutions to existence, they are all valid in a partial sense. All of them provide a partial picture of reality but they all have to be looked upon in an integrated and whole context. In order to exist in a healthy, evolving way, people have to maintain a psychic and in extension, physical integration with themselves, with other people and with the whole of their natural environment. This existential way of being balances both the horizontal Earth plane and the vertical Heavenly plane of existence and potential.

The existing majority worldview, which operates from a strictly ego perspective, expressed most completely through materialism, is not possible to maintain indefinitely. Not only does (human) evolution stop, in many cases it goes into reverse. Many of the symptoms of this regression we will explore throughout this work. However, the main form expressing this lost integration I spoke of above is a world-wide collective competitiveness and bigotry that has stripped most people of any real integration of body, mind and spirit; many of us have been stripped of true dignity; replacing dignity with a superficial ego-centricity that is more concerned with image rather than a character built of quality. Expressed collectively, it is mirrored within individuals in varying degrees.

Violence physically and psychically expressed, especially directed towards people that try to speak about or address these dynamics directly and honestly, is a symptom of the inquisitorial and egotistically repressed soul of humankind; the unconscious rule by a shadow controlled super-ego, in a depth-psychological sense. In the middle ages religions were responsible for the inquisition. In 2008 governments – especially communist/fascist, the churches, witches, the politically-correct, various lobby groups – all are inquisitors, each of a different stripe but all of the stripes are found on the same zebra (continuum).We will explore the symptoms of this psychic imbalance in the following chapters.

The conditioning factors involved in maintaining this mindset, as consistently stressed throughout, are perpetrated primarily unconsciously by the vast majority of people. The result is that finger pointing and blame cannot really be performed. However, negative and unhealthy energies have to uncovered and healed. This does raise the question: when unhealthy energies possess people, thereby hurting themselves but also other people around them, including the living environment, do you blame the energies and actions but not the person? What about someone whose (unseen con-like) actions are apparently benevolent but in reality very harmful, in a very subtle way? What do we do alleviate or heal these dynamics without perpetuating the cycle of negativity? As I have stressed, the perpetrator may not be aware of the severity of his or her energies and similarly most people are not aware of the magnitude of their negative contributions to the collective psyche.

NOTE: Some healers and life-givers are aware of these energies and dynamics and their sources. It is these people who have been persecuted, muted and executed throughout history. As you read this book think about these things. They are questions responsible people have to ask themselves.

So, this repression results in a type of acting and theatrical performance. All finger-pointing – as far as accusations of blame in the sense of saying “This is where it started!... ”That one factor is the reason it happened…” would do is exacerbate the situation and is in fact a prime example of the hypocrisy and repression of human reality that precipitated the imbalance in the first place. This is an example of “blaming the victim” that we have to overcome. Having said this, the fact is virtually everyone is responsible; and everyone is responsible for uncovering and healing unhealthy energies and dynamics within themselves, everyone. Some day humanity will realize this truth.

The main question people have to ask themselves is who benefits from what I have been describing? The word, “profits” speaks volumes in looking towards an answer. However, even this word, profits, only guides one towards the initial beneficiaries of these dynamics.

We will see that reductionism will have to be replaced with an appreciation for integration and wholeness at all levels and states of individual and collective existence and development. This is the only way true health can be achieved and maintained - by an appreciation for the quality of human existence rather than a consumerist focus on quantity.

I mentioned the subsequent hypocrisy and bigotry that results from a world which operates from a primarily ego-perspective. Sadism and masochism, primarily unconsciously motivated, is a widespread phenomena and symptom of the mindset I am talking about. This is a symptom of alienation and lack of integration within individuals and people. It has more of an impact throughout society and the world than most would imagine. What this demonstrates is a type of self-hate that perpetuates the machine-like cycle within a prescriptive world cult-ture.

When I use the word prescriptive, it denotes a mindset that categorizes and divides everything into parts, assigning people to machine-like roles within society. This is mirrored in psychic development, or lack thereof, within individuals and the human collective. This is the opposite of a proscriptive mindset where people maintain as much of a whole and reciprocal interaction with their environment as possible, in whatever they do, especially work. It is integrative and holistic. These dynamics, both prescriptive and proscriptive, will be explored in depth and within many apparently separate and diverse areas; in the apparently different ways in which they are expressed. What I have been describing is very political and it is an understatement to say that in the context that I am saying it, the personal is political.

I will draw from the wisdom and teachings of both the Eastern and Western areas of the world to demonstrate that the only way to achieve a healthy integration and wholeness is by a psychological process known as centering. This process recognizes both the horizontal plane of existence, as well as the vertical movement of evolution, represented by an integrated, individual psyche. This demonstrates recognition of the inter-psychic connection with other people and the larger environment. The vertical plane recognizes the higher potentials of the psyche and is demonstrated by upward movement in evolution of spiritual or conscious development. The first plane is primarily feminine in nature while the second dynamic is primarily masculine. However, both planes have a blend of both energetic patterns. These distinctions have nothing to do with gender. One has to do with embracing and integration: this is feminine. The other dynamic, masculinity, makes this possible by providing the energy necessary for integration; and the energy necessary for the creation and expression of consciousness. Feminine form provides the vessel; masculine energy provides the light to see what is in the vessel. Both energetic dynamics have to be present in a mutually reciprocal way in order for healthy life and existence to be a reality.

One of the symptoms expressing a lack of this existential health that we will look at is an addictive mindset and impulse within world society and how we are conditioned to it. One of the cruelest expressions of this stunted emotional psychic growth is pedophilia and an obsession with and distortion of a sacred expression of humanity and life - sexuality. In fact, sexuality, or rather, sensuality, is one of the casualties that will be discussed at great length. It is sexuality that has become one of the most obscene ways in which sadism and masochism or just plain materialistic, meaningless lust, on many different levels, is expressed. It is also one of the most widespread methods used for energetic theft, something that we will heavily delve into and research. Sadism and masochism is expressed in psychic ways as much as it is in physical ways - in fact more so. This symptomatic tendency has distorted and perverted what should be a most beautiful expression of humankind and human interdependence.

When we look at the potential of the human psyche we will see it goes far beyond what most people consider realistic. For example, we will look at what used to be known as “female intuition” and how it has become degraded and pathologized into something called paranoia. This is an example of how the human psyche has been mute-lated. It is an example of how an artificially created “pathology” is being used in order to create profits in a materialistic market driven world while at the same time being used to murder the human spirit and human potential.

In looking at the above, we can begin to see the way in which power can be misused. Power must be equated with responsibility, especially when that power involves a potential or in fact contains within it a power differential between the powerful person and other people. This would mean that there is therefore a potential to hold power over other people and misuse that power. The lethal combination in these kinds of situations is increased egocentricity, cynicism and unconscious hatred on the part of the powerful person.

In looking at these dynamics we will be looking at the nature of cults. A primary characteristic of cults is one-way control, from the top down. One of the main results of this type of control is dependence and the creation of an addictive personality. The two dynamics are definitely related. In respect of cults or groups, the important dynamic to look at is the one-way flow of information and control, with a resulting domino-like effect. Society is almost completely comprised and saturated with these dynamics on a continuum ranging from mild to severe. I already mentioned one of the causes creating a “perceived” need to perpetrate illegitimate control: regression. The only way to reverse these dynamics is purposeful consciousness-raising. Consciousness-raising can result in an increased awareness of what is taking place. These dynamics are present from the family up through to various institutions, national levels of government and now international level organizations, including multinationals, etc.

When attempting to leave cult-like groups, most unconscious people leave one situation only to go to another cult-like group because of conditioning and familiarity. This is very similar to situations where abused people leave one abusive relationship only to gravitate to similar situations. This dynamic is well documented and researched and hardly requires discussion. All we need look at are situations where battered people in relationships go from one abusive relationship to another.

People involved in spiritual or psychological occult practices gain power because of increased levels of consciousness. This power can be used to liberate people or to manipulate people. In most occult groups I have been involved with, because of a lack of self-knowledge the people I have witnessed allow ego to interfere and the result is conscious or unconscious manipulation of their environment, including people. Speaking for myself, when I initially became involved in these areas, in addition to reasons related to employment, scholarly and spiritual interests, there were also self-defensive dynamics present, as there are with many people. All of these dynamics occur in most groups, not just the spiritually or psychologically oriented groups, in a relative way. As I said, they occur on a continuum. Remember, the word occult simply refers to “what is hidden” - whatever that knowledge or information may be.

A symptom of manipulation and control is depression and other so-called mental illnesses. This is because of a resulting draining of masculine or libinal energy, as I will continue to mention repeatedly and with in-depth analysis of the actual psycho-physiological dynamics. I will discuss many of the very institutions within society that increase these types of dynamics that result in psychic imbalances, of which a very pronounced symptom is increased dependence, while their conscious mandates are to alleviate them. “Treatment” is usually combined with an increase in dependency, which in itself depletes people of energy. In discussing the dynamics in these areas always keep in mind the people involved – the people employed in these areas - have been wounded, conditioned and perpetuate these dynamics unconsciously. Sexual exploitation and the use of sexuality in the manipulation of people can be perpetrated as much on a psychic level as a physical one.

All forms of dependency, enmeshment and assimilation – as opposed to conscious integration - allow or encourage the use of control and manipulation. On some level on a continuum this results in a form of psychic possession. In fact, all forms of conditioning, and this includes a large segment of society, is responsible for doing this sort of thing. We can look at the ever-constricting “official” definition of what it means to be normal. When I use the word constricting in this manner, I am referring to the ever-greater tendency to officially increase methods of control over large populations of people. This This then becomes a tool used by various groups in society to categorize and subsequently label and scapegoat people. This does more than simply turn these people into unconscious sacrificial victims. This will also be looked at in greater depth.

The most sensitive people in society who psychically recognize the above dynamics are quite often labeled mentally ill and are psychically imprisoned and controlled, usually by medication, to avoid any type of attitudinal changes within society and subsequently any healthy improvements. One of the most prevalent methods used to prevent awareness of these dynamics from becoming known is by making psychically aware people look or in fact become insane. This is a tool used to make these realities look like psychotic or delusional hallucinations. This is the main way society’s awareness of the realities of manipulation and population control are kept under lock and key (pun intended).

Energy draining related to sexual exploitation and the resulting ability to manipulate is one of the main reasons sexual exploitation is used and is perpetrated by weak and wounded people. This is one of society’s most widespread and horrendous methods of exploitation and control. I will not explain these dynamics in any detail in this introduction. However, I will give one very obvious example although the sexual exploitation it expresses might be more hidden. In Hollywood Satanic cults, that is, in ones which operate on a conscious level although behind closed doors, there is one characteristic way they keep people from escaping from the cult. Cult members are usually ones that hold positions of power and influence within society. Even if they don’t hold high positions of power and influence, when someone tries to escape, they are powerful enough to make the stories told by people who try to escape look unbelievable and the person telling them look crazy. The escapees are usually powerless young people. What the person has experienced is usually so horrendous, sometimes and usually, the cult members have no difficulty in making the person telling of these experiences look crazy. These victims are then re-victimized by other people or institutions and sometimes by cult members in these institutions. I will expand upon these dynamics in reference to both Hollywood cults and true Satanic cults that operate almost exclusively on the unconscious or subconscious realms of the individual and collective psyche.

In looking at these nasty tendencies within the psyches of people, being consciously aware of the whole self or psyche is the only way to not realize the lesser admirable, possibly deeply repressed aspects and dynamics of an individual. Hollywood or “open” style Satanic cults do consciously what most of society does unconsciously. This is accomplished by a collective super-ego that is controlled and dominated by a shadow infested collective psyche operating primarily from the lower - ego and below - levels of the psyche. This is especially true of angry energies and angry people who add to or allow themselves to be caught in these areas. As mentioned above, this is why anyone getting involved with openly “spiritual” occult practices must be aware of themselves as much as possible. This can otherwise allow wounded people to become or remain perpetrators and continue to commit crimes against other people.

There are some groups of people this applies to more than others and I will explore some of these groups. However, in all cases it is important for people to use some common sense and to ask questions for themselves. When these dynamics are not consciously made aware, people end up doing the very things they condemn in others without being aware of their own hypocrisy. As most psychologists and people who work with other people, especially survivors, know, if a person responds to situations with anger, this will usually indicate a degree of guilt in whatever the situation represents. Nature meant anger to be a short-term emotional reaction to impel someone into action; if hung onto it quickly becomes hate. In more developed people, through the development of discipline, emotions such as anger are by-passed. In these cases, as soon as these emotions stir within they are recognized, immediately refined and redirected upwards into the higher functioning areas of the whole psychic system. This is only possible when there is a high level of consciousness present. This is what Eastern disciplines and traditions such as the various forms of martial arts teach, as an example.

In looking at the darker aspects of groups, cults and human behavior, in the occult repertoire of terms one aspect of “black magic” is defined as the draining of the masculine or libinal energy. By using common sense and asking questions I will leave it up to the people to verify this for them-selves, after reviewing much of the information encountered throughout this presentation. A deficiency or imbalance of masculine or feminine energies, frequently a result of conditioning and trauma, will usually put in place or perpetuate the above-mentioned dynamics.

If people scoff at the realities that I am referring to, all I ask is that they consider the things I will be discussing seriously. Everything I speak about is supported by thousands of years of knowledge. In addition to modern scientific support, I have no doubt that most of the activities referred to will reverberate with almost everyone. I ask people to monitor their responses as they read this presentation. If they are honest with themselves what they experience will speak volumes.

In looking at these dynamics and how unconscious dynamics are activated or deactivated, we will look at rituals and their use. There are rituals that can be consciously performed. However, just about every aspect and level of human activity involves the activation of psychic energies and realities by ritual. Ritual, through the use of symbols, the parallels between physical and conscious activity and resulting movements within activate the deeper areas and contents of the inner psyche. Symbols activate aspects of the psyche we would not usually be aware of. Ritual can either be used to unite humanity or to separate them. We will look at both types of these dynamics.

When symbols or ritual activate certain aspects of the psyche, the assimilation of emotional responses and data are not usually filtered through the critical apparatus of the intellect. This is why rituals, especially when performed “consciously” within spiritual occult settings have to be done with knowledge of the intent behind them and awareness of the possible outcomes. This is especially important in low magic that involves manipulation of the environment, including people. This aspect of the occult also applies to all occult knowledge and their applications, technologically speaking and especially in areas of mental health where employees have actual control over people.

It is the aspects of low magic and environmental manipulation that have to be considered more than high “magic”. The latter is usually geared towards “knowing thy self” and the joining with the source of life. In the case of low magic, when tribalism, bigotry and separation (hate) enter into the ritual, the more powerful the outcome is: the more powerfully destructive the outcome. This is especially true when the rituals focus on symbols and archetypal energies, or even accumulated negative energies, that resonate within the collective psyche. This takes place on a continuum. Although low magic can be used to heal, it can also be used as an illegitimate type of manipulation. Scapegoating and any form of hypocrisy and oppression is a form of black magic that drains people of life force. As mentioned above, examples of these types of activities will be discussed by using, in some cases, mundane examples everyone will recognize. Many people within society who are aware of these levels and realities, unfortunately, work for the “system” or themselves in an egotistical sense. This will be discussed.

The most sensitive people who are aware, intuitively, of these realities are usually subdued in various ways, “sacrificed” in fact because of the energies they have access to as well as the threats they present to the powers that maintain the status quo; they are sacrificed more ruthlessly than any other segments of the population. This was mentioned above and we will discuss this at length. Mute-lation is the usual result.

With most perpetrators, it is only by the awakening of consciousness and conscience that the oppressors will more than likely stop their actions. Many would be quite amazed, “Who me?.... I had no idea…” A theme I will repeatedly state throughout is that when we harm others, we are harming ourselves. Can a person recall a time they hurt someone and felt bad afterwards? As mentioned above, oppressed people, in many cases try to compensate for their disempowerment by oppressing those beneath them. This is the domino effect and is a crucial factor in the cyclical perpetuation of these dynamics. I will stress many items of importance over and over to get this point across. Fear is one of the main tools used to keep these dynamics in place. The world and society is saturated in fear. The use of fear is most cruelly used by perpetrators in committing childhood sexual abuses, even if it is coated with candies and words of praise.

Taking into consideration all of the dynamics I am discussing, on the unconscious levels of the collective unconscious, these accumulated energies become shadow(y) hate and revenge- seeking entities in their own right. This is the shadow from depth psychology. It is usually combined with the collective superego and the lower level primordial aspects of the individual and collective psyche. As we will see, many of these dynamics, because people are unconscious of their true natures, result in antagonism between groups, men and women and other identified concentrations of people. Consciousness-raising can remedy this situation.

In considering the reality of the interpenetration of psyches, consider the aspect of being in mass rallies, spectators in large sports events and so forth. Unless a person is very aware, it is quite easy to get caught up in the much more primordial and lower level energies of the mass mind.I will present a fair amount of information that should provide enough grist for the mill that people will seriously consider this material.

Consider the effects of sadism, masochism and in fact any sort of violence: emotional, psychological and physical. Consider the above-mentioned energy drain in mass atmospheres. Then consider where all of that energy goes. It does not benefit the sadist, except for a short time, certainly not the masochist and after a mass rally, once people come back to down to Earth, everyone feels drained. On a collective level, where does all this energy go? Certainly not for constructive purposes. Consider: shadows or blackness sucks up and absorbs light and energy. However, light and awareness creates and radiates energy, like the sun. I will provide several real life examples: physical (physics), metaphysical, philosophical and other scientific documentation and facts for people to use in conjunction with intelligence when considering these questions. Groups and cults are major tools used by the collective, in manners described above and throughout this book, in perpetuating these dynamics.

A state of mind that follows from all of these dynamics is not only a dependence on the “expert” but also authoritarian leadership. These dynamics are present within almost all groups. Some of the more obvious ones can be called cults. I will give you examples of this latter type of organization, the less obvious forms cults can take and especially how the dynamics of conditioning are implemented.

During these sections I will explore the idea of psychic retreats that people make because of these dynamics and the resulting psychic imbalances such as Dissociative Identity Disorder, so-called schizophrenia and so forth. During these discussions, consider the emotion fear, which is nothing more than an aspect of a false, in some cases regressive and certainly immature ego. Consider how these dynamics attempt to maintain and perpetuate a cyclical situation as the one described above.

I will take a look at how a person’s and people’s environment and their perceptions within that environment are distorted in order to maintain control over people. Most of this is unconscious, although there are ways in which it is consciously maintained. I am referring to propaganda, subliminal suggestion, through to advertising and the mass media. Only rigid skeptics and closed-minded people will be able to deny validity, at least to some extent, to what I am saying.

Regression in development, such as I have been describing, actually causes people to see things in reverse. Think of it. If a person denies realities within them selves, they will hypocritically project and see it in other people. This is the whole purpose and subsequent result of using scapegoats. People deny things within them selves and project it onto someone else and then blame the other person for the very thing or things they are guilty of. When the ancient people first created the scapegoat, during ritual, it was originally done to real goats. They “blamed” the goat for their own shortcomings once they “prayed” their undesirable traits into it before sending it off into the wilderness. This was an actual ritual that will be mentioned later in this book. After thousands of years, this ritual has created a psychological mind-set for the collective psyche, found within most individuals with some exceptions. Looking at the whole interactive nature of the psyche, it follows logically that the whole of the human being and in extension the collective psyche has become characterized by this state of body, mind and being. As will be explored, thousands of years later this tendency of psychic reversal has developed into the origination of conditions such as turrets, dyslexia and so forth. You see, in addition to mass repressions, we are not using goats anymore. We create human scapegoats and act in bigoted ways. We are using real people. This is “seeing” in reverse. It affects and is affected by body and mind interaction, including responses by deeply repressed and unrepressed unconscious material. This is being expressed by the emergence of new diseases, rampant social violence and so forth.

I’m simply asking people to keep an open mind as they read this material and think logically and with feeling as they review what I say. Put emotion, sentimental conditioning and propaganda aside. Think with your whole person, with your heart as you read this. Experience what and how you feel as these realities are considered. Especially consider the mute-lated human psyches reaction to this; both individually and collectively. Especially consider how this relates to the widespread epidemics of violence throughout society and the world.

Consider the nature of bigotry, hypocrisy and the subsequent tendency for people to therefore see things in reverse. Because of this tendency people actually create situations to induce people they accuse to fulfill their accusations. It is no understatement to say accusers should be cross examined just like those persons accused, of whatever they are accused of, in most instances where widespread public exposure (eye-witnesses) is lacking. I feel this should actually apply even to polygraph tests. People haven’t changed that much since the days of the inquisition and witch burnings. Those particular circumstances were prime opportunities for hate-filled and jealous people to claim innocent victims. This is quite dramatically the nature of hypocrisy and scapegoating. By being aware of the usual ways in which people are scapegoated and bigoted against, when brought to light, we can counter the psychological dynamics of this process. This will be discussed in some detail in this work.

When psychology is reduced to the material and genetic levels in trying to understand these dynamics, preventing learned and aware individual and in extension public knowledge of these realities, the only recourse is consciousness-raising. This would be similar to what many oppressed groups have done throughout history. In respect of the dynamics I am speaking about, people should become concerned about possible loss of civil liberties and government population control. Seriously consider these things as you read this material. Is this why official medicine, as one example, looks at mysticism, mystical abilities or even “female” intuition and other demonstrations of raised levels of consciousness in such a paranoid and persecutory fashion?

The psychological creation of addictions followed by the unconscious and sometimes not so unconscious maintenance of an addictive society effectively decreases collective and individual levels of consciousness. This also acts as a form of medication that keeps people at earlier and less evolved stages of psychic development. In this state, people are more easily manipulated and turned into consumers that provide a market driven society with what it needs.

As people read this material, feel how you feel, what you feel and as I will say many times, closely monitor your reactions to the things I am saying. If there has been one recurring theme throughout all of history it is the truth that when some individuals initiate a change in the common perspective of things, they are usually scorned at and not taken very seriously. Galileo was imprisoned, people thought Columbus was crazy for thinking the world was round, Martin Luther King was assassinated and do you think people seriously thought about walking on the moon that many years ago? Consider the truth that I am by no means the first person to say the things I am saying. In addition to the written word we can look at art, film and other forms of poetic expressions that attempt to say similar things. Art is not fiction. It expresses what is submerged in the depths of the psyche; contents that are struggling to break out and be expressed. When it is not expressed, the repressing dynamics increases the size of the collective shadow that depth-psychological literature speaks of.

I will discuss and explore in-depth, albeit sometimes extreme examples of psychic fragmentation: a dissociation identity crisis. What used to be called multiple personality disorder, known today as Dissociation Identity Disorder is perhaps one of the most obvious examples. I will also discuss forms of psychosis that can actually be caused or worsened by societies various addictions-medications, especially by misuse of some of the pharmaceutically manufactured psychotropic medications. The ability of a true person’s self to emerge under natural conditions can be a prodigious achievement. In today’s world, consciousness-raising is the only thing that can place people’s natural drive to achieve these higher levels of consciousness and psychic development back into an evolutionary mode. I am talking about integration and individuation. In the above respect I will relate a short dream I had several years ago, very soon after I started using anti-depressants.

Dream In this dream, I was standing in front of a public alcohol-serving bar counter. The bar-tender, however was not just serving drinks. He was also serving Prozac. Most of the patrons of the bar actually seemed to prefer this over the usual depressant known as alcohol. I think this dream sums up very well what I said in the above. It is a type of addiction that throws people off-course from true conscious awareness. Interestingly, I never even considered what this dream was trying to say at that time; not until quite recently. Years after I had that dream and quite some time since I have had any need for any type of psychotropic medication, while doing serious research in these areas I remembered this dream and now see what it was trying to tell me.

The dynamics I am discussing here will also be discussed in relation to cults and cult-like groups and how they operate. These dynamics are present throughout all of society, with more obvious levels of expression in some groups and some geographical areas of the world than in others.

I will demonstrate how psychic fragmentation and manipulation by the shadow-super ego of society and its various tools of enforcement are very sexual in the sense of psychic invasion and rape. This can be far more devastating in effect than physical levels of violations. The main reason for this is because in our material culture any physical forms of violation are usually recognized for what they are and dealt with by law enforcement and the justice system, by society. This is not the case at the moment with the psychic invasions that I am speaking of. I will discuss both physical and psychological forms of trauma induced by abuse and for lack of a better word, sacrificial torture.

In various sections of this work I will give clear in-depth examples where repression, bigotry and victimization of certain “unseen” groups and individuals result in oppression of a sort that appears to be perpetrated unconsciously. I suppose in some respects it might be unconscious. However, I am going to demonstrate instances where the oppressed can become the oppressors. I will show how, when people who have been oppressed in the past and in the present begin to be liberated from their oppression or even in cases where it has stopped, if there is not a clear understanding of the dynamics that created the oppression in the first place, the formerly-oppressed quite often become the oppressors because of conditioned dynamics. I will illustrate the need for what has been wounded, repressed and placed out of conscious awareness to become uncovered and healed. If it is not healed, it sometimes returns in the form of revenge. This has been a recurring theme in the history of humankind.

In tandem with the above dynamics, I will develop an exploration of how some of society’s institutions can create environments conducive to making or helping the formerly oppressed become oppressors. I will investigate how these dynamics affect everyone in society and the human collective psyche, consciously and unconsciously. What these dynamics represent, quite simply, is a hypocritical perpetuation of the very aspects of oppression that one group of people condemn in others and then do themselves. This is not exclusive to any one group either. This dynamic creates an environment that maintains illusional differences and divisions between people. Perfect examples of these dynamics are abuses that take place during the implementation and use of political correctness. In addition to what I just mentioned above, political correctness can forcibly and coercively induce people to apply biased opinions and viewpoints onto themselves and others and quite often to everyone’s detriment, in turn creating oppression. In no cases can coercion and intolerance overcome intolerance and differences. The only type of intolerance that can be acceptable in society is intolerance of anyone being hurt or oppressed.

In relation to all of the above, I will explore the nature of healing relationships. I will discuss, in depth, ways that demonstrate the need, in many cases, for would-be healers to in fact heal themselves from psychic fragmentation and discover their own inner sources of bigotry. I will look at how many apparently healthy and well-meaning people in fact can become oppressors and perpetrators. I will show that healing and being healed has to be a mutual affair. A state of true empathy and compassion must be a living reality with the healer in order for a true healing relationship to exist. This necessarily involves a two-way exchange and recognizes the truth that no one person is perfect. All people can improve and evolve. That is the whole purpose of life on Earth.

In the final section of this book, I will explore the dynamics of hard-core ritual abuse. I illustrate there are two distinct levels of ritual abuse. One level involves obvious perpetrators and the abuse they commit they do in blatantly obvious ways and can most easily be recognized in the crimes of physical sexual abuse, especially within obvious cults. However, I will also discuss the less obvious forms of abuse, especially sexual, that take place on the unconscious and more subtle levels of awareness.

Ritual abuse is also a dynamic perpetrated through the creation and maintenance of hypocrisy. The targets of this form of ritual abuse are the various scapegoats to be found throughout society. I will clearly draw parallels between the two forms of ritual abuse.

I will use personal experiences from my own life to demonstrate the way cult or cult-like dynamics affected my life and the challenges I had to overcome. The main tool that I had at my disposal was the ability to develop awareness of the dynamics that were taking place around and within me. The methods I used to achieve this aware consciousness was by using various techniques of consciousness-raising. I used tried and true methods of meditation from both Eastern and Western traditions until I developed a unique, personalized form that suited me. In other words, the tried and true forms gave me a blueprint from where I could start to find my own true style and individuated way of meditation and intra-psychic mediation - of being. In fact, it is only when a person develops this awareness from within that one finds the real self. In extension of this, I have heard it said that a true teacher is a person whose greatest desire in their thirst to teach, in all cases, is to teach a student and have the pleasure of seeing the student surpass them in ability. This is the characteristic of a true teacher. This is also the mark of a true healer. In both cases the person is helping to empower someone. The opposite of this would be to create dependency and idol worship. A true teacher or healer is humble.

The final chapter of this book discusses a realistic Christian perspective alongside a 1st Nations American one, interspersed with elements of various other religions and spiritual traditions. The final conclusion of the book explores certain climactic elements of the Christian New Testament. Although I will obviously discuss the last chapter from a very psychological perspective it is in the Conclusion I will speak from a supremely psychological and because it deals with the higher, very spiritual workings of the psyche.

Towards the end of the book I will show how increasing levels of consciousness and wholeness cannot adequately be put into words to describe the actual processes and views that subsequently develop from within. The closest way this can be done, in respect of the more highly evolved areas, is by the psychic manifestations of spiritual imagery produced by the mind. Unique to an individual’s culture and material origins, religious or spiritual imagery is the usual way the human psyche expresses these levels of consciousness. It is only through spiritual imagery that aware expressions of this conscious level, of spiritual wholeness can be seen. Later in this work, in most cases, I will draw upon and use spiritual imagery and draw as well upon personal experiences and expressions to demonstrate an experiential appreciation and understanding for the dynamics I am trying to describe intellectually. I urge people to closely monitor and be very aware of any physiological, emotional and intellectual reactions they may have, to develop a feeling-toned understanding, an appreciation for the processes they experience as they study the material I present here. As I have already said, a person’s reactions and especially intuitive feelings they have can say a lot more about the truth than can the intellect alone.

Throughout this work I describe the dynamics of meditation. I will illustrate that meditation is not a religion, some form of exotic and weird cult activity or anything remotely similar to that. Meditations take on many different forms and methods. In its most simple description, meditation is simply any form of concentration that follows thoughts, emotions or feeling in such a way that body, mind and spirit are united: they become synchronized. It teaches a person to become comfortable and accept everything one encounters in the mind and body, and letting it go. Tolerance is developed to the point that the various thoughts, feelings and emotions no longer have a hold on the individual. Tolerance is developed to the point where the mind is actually able to attain clear spots free of the clutter of thoughts and emotions, even feelings. Thoughts and associated emotions are primarily creations of the individual and collective ego. Once free spaces within the psyche have been found, movement upward to higher levels of awareness can be attained. The higher levels of awareness are free of the Earth-like gravity and obsession with egotistical thoughts and fears. Importantly, the foundations or roots from which a person emerges, their cultures, will usually determine the best methods for an individual during the journey to wholeness. However, it most certainly depends on the individual and only the individual can determine the method best suited for themselves, not someone else. The only exception to this is when a true teacher can be found for this purpose. After having read and studied the dynamics above and throughout the rest of this work, I know people would then have a better idea for themselves what they, as individuals need or require. In fact, that is one of my main points being made throughout this book: most people have the God-given and natural ability to heal themselves. To give up that ability is called disempowerment.

Before I say anything else I will state at the very beginning of this work that many words, phrases and the contexts in which I use them quite often have many layered meanings. Sometimes I will note the double of or layered meanings I intend, at other times I will leave it up to the reader to perhaps see for them selves. For a double meaning example, sometimes when I say the well I am using the common usage and meaning of the word. However, I am also referring to the deep well of the unconscious. As well when I made Freudian slips that I wrote down or typed as I was putting this commentary together, in most cases I have left them and there are only a few of them. I have left these types of Freudian slips-typos in the few instances they occurred because of the obvious, or given the nature of the mind, the necessary and applicable context and meaning. Even in these few instances there might be a deeper meaning, especially when I make reference to gender. Whenever gender is used, at all times, the reader is advised to keep in mind the double nature of all human beings and the fact we all contain elements of both masculine and feminine dynamics and energies.

Based on my own experience, what I’ve learned from people, what I’ve read and studied and most importantly my various experiences with some of the different socially sanctioned institutions of society and our culture, the following is an expression of what I believe our existential reality to be. When I relate my own experiences some of them may seem very difficult to understand given the traumatic and criminal characteristics of some of the ways in which I was victimized. The treatment I received and certainly many of my very real experiences in the way I was affected will seem out of the ordinary nature. They are not uncharacteristic of what many people experience. I will be discussing them in the same way that Jung, et al. used many of their very real and eye opening experiences and the affect these experiences had on them and other people, in their study of the mind. I will use some real examples of my own experiences that describe very real types of ritual abuse I have personally suffered. These are described primarily in chapters 10 and 11 but they will be described, along with other people’s experiences, throughout. Many of them will be towards the end of the work where I focus more on the actual dynamics of treating survivors of ritual abuse. I look at, describe and point out that what we usually think of as ritual abuse occurs on levels and in ways people do not usually consider.

Some of these examples are very personal and are items that I have taken from my personal journal. Throughout this work I contend that true healing is only possible when a person stops repressing and is brutally honest, with him or herself as well as with others. Some of these personal experiences are amazing to consider, especially when we are supposed to be living within a civilized and free society. More than anything else, what they demonstrate among other things, is the fact that a lot of the abuse appears to be consciously perpetrated and as I said earlier, I suppose some of it is. But a lot of it must be unconscious otherwise I cannot fathom how people could actually allow themselves to do the things they do. When it comes to my own family, friends and perhaps even other people that colluded, took part in or otherwise closed a blind eye, I will change their names because ultimately blame cannot be assigned. These are things which are primarily induced unconsciously by the shadow and contaminated super-ego and other associated dynamics. It is a fact that in order to truly study the mind for the purpose of healing, instead of using other people as guinea pigs and the attempt of some people to learn about or control their minds vicariously through other people, a true psychology of the mind is only possible by the study of one’s own. All of the great masters, psychologists, philosophers and spiritual saints throughout recorded time have demonstrated this fact.

Taking into consideration my own personal experiences they have been quite varied. I was born into a typical family in Nova Scotia, Canada. The first few years of my life were lived in a rural area outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia. As happens with so many families these days, my mother and father separated and divorced early in my life. What many people refer to as dysfunctional families is a common phenomenon. In fact it has become accepted by most of society’s population as being the “norm.” As I write these words never again will I ever assign blame, condemn or judge people as individuals or even as groups. What I can and do is evaluate the unhealthy dynamics that have transpired within the world of the human psyche. As any good counselor knows, when addressing psychological issues you do not condemn the person or people in and from whom these dynamics manifest themselves. However, we can and must deal with the unhealthy dynamics associated with the resulting behaviors and actions. In this context I will say the same about many of our institutions and the powerful dynamics that maintain many of societies and indeed humanities dysfunctions. Therefore, although much of what I say may appear harsh, in fact whoever is reading it may consider it to be a blunt, no nonsense approach to the issues I am trying to bring to light in order to provide some help in trying to address them. I have learned that to “beat around the bush” and try to say something “in so many words” simply so that people who have a vested interest won’t be threatened does not, never has and never will work. Someone or something that is harmful or doing harmful things, people closing a blind eye to them and hypocrisy can only be addressed by being truthful and to the point. If you are dealing with a rapist you don’t try to say what he or she is doing is wrong in a nice way so that they won’t be offended. The only thing that works is forthright honesty.

Very early in life I developed a profound and ongoing need to ask “Why.” Later in my life this developed into more of a spiritual search than anything else. Many of the dynamics I speak of in this book I personally experienced and they cover a wide spectrum of society’s different areas and levels. I did indeed experience some extremely painful, challenging and at times, seemingly unbearable difficulties. In overcoming them I can only say there was a deeper intelligence working from within and guiding me along my journey. I will not try to name this deeper intelligence. However, I will say that it is to be found within each and every human being alive.

A woman I knew once said to me “That which doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.” This is the same type of attitude and belief that members in Satanic cults operate from. A Satanic cult researcher, referred to later in this book, mentions an example where a psychotherapist tried to induce clients who had been sexually abused to rationalize their abuse in the same way. This causes psychic splits, dissociation within people’s psyches. For these reasons I do not support the director of a school of social work who expressed the above sentiment to me in reference to my traumatic experiences, although I am curious to know if she would have said that to me if I had of been someone else. However, looking at these dynamics from a conscious, detached and disciplined perspective might be a way to understand what the Buddha was referring to when he said “Life is suffering.” It does not mean that a person turns a blind eye to the causes of suffering and oppression, wherever it stems from. Quite the opposite is true.

I will refer to it as the illusion our egos fabricate, for good or bad, that prevents us from seeing the true nature of humankind and everything that comprises it and from which life springs. Having been raised as a Christian, I will say that it is some of what I believe Jesus tried to teach us two thousand years ago. I am not Jesus so I cannot speak in that way, only the way I understand what he attempted to teach us. People all exist on different levels of development and therefore understanding. The important thing is for people always to ask “Why?” and remember that people, all people, are literally the same. We are all made in the Creator’s image. Regardless of appearances, every person in existence is fundamentally good and perfect. It is the energies which affect people that we have to question.

The other thing I want to make clear is that I will in no way adhere to modern medicine’s and especially the modern view of mental health that considers a lot of mystical, even paranormal experiences which people talk of as psychotic or sick. In addition, as I mentioned above, in considering the nature of mind, it is only natural that many of the psychic experiences people might have, given the context of the culture and spiritual characteristics of that culture they are immersed in or from which they emerged, that much of the imagery and knowledge of the higher realms of the psyche can only be expressed through that culture, using the filter of the human mind . Religious imagery is the only way to conceptualize or speak of some of these things. Modern medicine and technological science only accepts what can be objectified. Later in this work I will provide more information showing that much of modern psychology and especially psychiatry only deal with the lower levels of the mind, usually as it relates to ego. Therefore, I do closely evaluate modern psychiatry’s attack on human mysticism. I know from personal experience, many people I have spoken with as well as extensive research I have done that when a client speaks about religion, mysticism or anything spiritual it is considered a sign of psychosis or illness. Yet that same individual who commits the diagnosis may then turn around, go to church every Sunday and listen to sermons that talk about a highly supernatural and in some cases, superstitious type of God, hellfire and other such nonsense; then again they might also adopt a purely nihilistic, atheistic and arrogant belief that their own ego is the greatest achievement nature has attained. All of this is extremely childish, pathological and deadly to the human psyche and spirit. It is literally a crime against humanity.

It is from my experiences with other people that I have learned more about myself than any other source and gained a true appreciation, respect and reverence for our life here on the blue planet. It is especially from people who have caused me suffering that I have obtained the greatest wealth of understanding and knowledge. In consideration of everyone I have learned that whether it was from the street people I associated with, the lawyer’s daughter I went out with at one time and her friends, from people who appeared to be old fashioned and rigidly set in their way and a variety of other people in different areas of society’s artificially created divisions - all of these people have shown me they had a wealth of resources for learning to offer me.

In my thirst for information, learning and knowledge I learned that there is a lot of information out there for people to “consume” but very little of it is useful unless it can be put into its proper perspective. Learning how to read between the lines, separating fiction from non-fiction, separating emotional propaganda from true human requirements; all of this was to teach me that no one person, opinion and viewpoint or way of life is less useful for the purpose of human education than the rest. As I learned that no one person, perspective, way of life or way of being told the whole story, I also learned the importance in realizing that from the day we are born until the day we die, the process of learning never ceases. The written word is simply a vehicle for recording an individual’s, group’s’, nation’s or culture’s particular viewpoint on life. I remember a book I read at one time, entitled “Aging is a Life-Long Affair.” Today, this title sums this realization up for me quite nicely.

Considering my interaction with and experiences with the various institutions within society, I have to say that my work in and personal involvement with medical and psychological institutions - more than anywhere else - showed me just how limited, controlling and regressive some of the aspects of these institutions really are. In some ways, they are more responsible for halting and in some cases reversing, the growth of humans and the human spirit more than any other institutions within society.

I am going to discuss the reality of the psyche within society and the world today; how the psyche is mutilated and abused in a type of unconscious sacrifice to the shadow of humankind. As mentioned, I am going to discuss how to recognize this type of ritual abuse, how to take steps to heal and then emerge from this in the form of therapeutic counseling, individually and collectively, beginning with the healer.

The reality of the psyche is comprised of so more than what is usually considered “real.” only that which is able to be quantified and controlled through external sources is considered valid and worthy of respect.

Any level of the psyche that exists or is trying to emerge beyond the immature ego but encompassing all of the lower levels; that is, a psyche showing signs and expressions of the emergence of the higher levels of the human psyche, is looked upon by modern psychology and psychiatry with a pathological eye. Because they do not understand these realities of the psyche when they are confronted with them, they respond by diagnosing them away [1] thereby repressing them, in themselves and their clients. This only causes further mutilation and violence to the human psyche. This adds to the unconscious sickness of the human psyche that is known in depth-psychology as the shadow and, I will add, the shadow-contaminated collective super-ego. It is to be found within individuals and by virtue of every human being containing within themselves the whole of the human collective psyche, the collective as well.

In attempting to understand the reality of the psyche and the world we live in, we have to utilize as integral an approach as possible. In speaking about the integration and eclectic recognition of knowledge we can introduce the idea of centering and balance. We can do this by using an approach that does not accept a purely objective or inter-objective approach or a purely subjective or inter-subjective approach. Each approach, situated in one of four quadrants that can be placed on a graph has to be balanced by the other quadrants. In this case, the left side or subjective and inter-subjective approaches in understanding the reality of the psyche have to be balanced with the objective and inter-objective “outer” reality in order to understand how we maneuver and operate within the world. The left side of the graph – shown on page 36 - can be thought of as a living psychic reality and the right side, because of its purely materialistic and objective viewpoint, can simply be thought of as “it.” [2]

It is only when one side or portion of the whole is used to the exclusion of the others that imbalance occurs. In today’s world validation is only assigned to the right, the purely objective and materialistic side. What is accepted from the other side is only considered useful by the dominant social structure if it can “make a profit” or further technology. The realities of the subjective and inter-subjective side, that is, the individual psyche, the collective psyche and the collective and individual interdependence of both are discounted or pathologized. This is itself pathological and creates dysfunction in a vicious cycle, just as acceptance and recognition of only the left side as displaying the only validity of reality is equally unbalanced and ungrounded.

In this way we end up with neurotic and/or psychotic imbalances. This mutilates individual and collective psyches: the world. A purely materialistic, technological and objective world-view that predominates throughout this planet called Earth does just that. It destroys the psyche, both individual and collective and by focusing exclusively on material reality thereby destroys it as well - by over exploitation, imbalance; by too much attention being paid to quantitative rather than qualitative reality.

Because of this quantitative, materialistic and therefore profit driven mentality we are left with a market driven society where people become Skinner’s rats. Their behaviors can be controlled and exploited, so that they purchase, in most cases, unneeded consumer products. People become bodies instead of being treated and acting like human beings; to maintain the machine-like requirements of a profit oriented and machine-like society.

The psychotic and sociopathic aspects of this type of society is most evident where people become objects simply to be used for making profits within a medical and pharmaceutical controlled “health-care” environment. The true subjective and therefore inter-subjective health of people, for the most part, is sidetracked and sabotaged because of the subsequent alienation from self, from other people and their living environment.

This consumer approach to living also distorts, mutilates and prevents attaining the higher levels of psychic potential and development as nature, both earthy and heavenly intended. Fortunately, we’ll always have our Socrates, Galileo’s and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,s who are individual enough, brilliant enough and courageous enough to go against the status quo. Thank God, so that truth, reality and justice can emerge long enough for humankind to see its mistakes sharply enough and clear enough to propel us into our next stage of evolutionary development. Sometimes this historical truism reminds me of watching a toddler learning how to walk: he or she takes a step forward, starts to lose balance and takes two steps backwards, regains balance enough to move forward far enough so that movement beyond the place where imbalance first occurred can be achieved.

The development of our psyches to the point where we have the ability to use abstract thinking did not continue on to developing the higher levels of the psyche as this abstract ability was originally intended by nature for us to do. Instead, on the mass level of society, and on a mass scale it has become locked in the lower levels of the ego, with the lower levels of the ego serving only the lower level reptilian and limbic aspects of the brain. Technology and the ability to manipulate matter and the human psyche increased inversely to our evolution as civilized human beings. As a world society, we have today developed a technology far in advance of what our war-like, reptilian mentalities can handle.[3]

The cleverness of the intellect’s ability, located in the left hemisphere of the brain, gives us apparent potential to have dominion over the more primitive limbic and reptilian (r-system) components of our psychic environment and planetary intelligence. Under natural circumstances, this latter intelligence is known at an instinctual and naturally forward moving and life enhancing level. The physical vessel is located in the right hemisphere of the brain. In today’s world, conscious attempts at domination by the left, logical and scientific hemisphere of the brain has disconnected us from the right side’s more all encompassing psychic power. It is not to wonder there is a medical-psychiatric condition known as Bi-Polar Disorder.

The left side of our brain is the side that is out of control, in the sense that it has enabled humankind to dominate rather than have dominion over the right side. What nature intended was to use our left hemisphere’s intellect to work in service of, to “civilize” the whole psyche, located primarily in the right hemisphere. This would provide balanced support to allow the employment of this instinctual, imaginative and more powerful portion of the psyche to be used in an intuitively creative and evolutionarily expansive way. Instead, what has happened is the egotistical and intentional domination of the right, more encompassing Soul part of the brain - about 9/10ths of the whole psyche by the left’s intellect. This has resulted in the subsequent regression of the right side. Not only are we destroying by oppressive and repressive control what is possible with the right hemisphere’s natural potential, and we are doing it with a pathological focus on materialism, this has also created a situation where the more powerful right side’s instinctual imagination and intelligence has unconsciously taken over in the form of the shadow, which in turn controls the collective superego. This shadow– which has been blocked out of most people’s conscious awareness - destroys instead of creating by apparently working in unison with the left’s logical side. I say apparently because instead of actually trying to create and sustain life, the shadow-controlled superego, the collective psyche of humankind, is working to serve a primitive and war-like ego that is driven in its ruthlessness by an environment saturated with fear, alienation and competition. These are also the dynamics from which blatant and not so obvious Satanic cults operate.

As many intelligent people have said over the years, an enemy you cannot see is more dangerous than an enemy you can see. This is especially true when that unseen enemy has grasped control of humankind. This control is characterized by a kind of unconscious, subliminal chaotic anarchy on one level of the unconscious psyche. This is induced, directed and maintained by a very intelligent, directionally intent but sadistically ruthless shadow whose twisted, wounded nature is sustained by a primitive level of uncivilized corruption most people cannot truly fathom. Unfortunately, this does not induce a sense or horror for people like it should. In fact today, many people actually seem to be obscenely attracted to these dynamics. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, as the saying goes.

Attempts to control the social symptoms of this anarchy in the traditional ways that produced it in the first place, obviously, will only exacerbate it. In other words, humankind’s attempts to control nature and through that paradigm or world view, human nature has backfired. The beginning point or area to begin healing this is human medical/mental health.

In many of the esoteric traditions today, and some not so esoteric but terribly mutilated and misunderstood, it is well known that there are two terms that describe a person’s or people’s conscious and sometimes not so conscious direction on the mystery path: these are known as the left-hand path and the right-hand path. The only reason I use the term mystery is because they refer to the higher levels of the human psyche that we have been denied access to and that for the vast majority of the human population they are a mystery and looked upon today with a “knowing smile” or a feeling of foolish superstition.

In the left-hand path, the symbolic motion that represents its world-view is counter clockwise or anti-sunwise; against nature and separating rather than inclusive. The right-hand path is characterized symbolically by a clockwise or sunwise motion, unity, inclusiveness and harmony with nature and life: evolution. An example of the left-hand path can be seen in the Nazis and especially the Nazi swastika. It represented a reverse of life enhancing forces, anti-sunwise, separating and against nature. The arms on the Nazi swastika cut into the air and ripped (split?) away. In comparison the original Asian swastika, an extremely ancient and holy symbol that moves sun-wise, symbolizing harmony with nature and life. Its arms flow with the air, the vibrations of life.

A natural movement in relation to the psyche, the movement from left (hemisphere) to right (hemisphere) is symbolizing a movement utilizing logic, consciousness, light. Nature flows from the left side to the “larger” and deeper right side, using the left side’s consciousness to “enlighten” it. Instead, when the left side is “in charge” what happens and has happened is that the resulting movement is from the right, psychically far more powerful side towards the left side, unconsciously. What the left logical side has done in sabotaging the right side is to, paradoxically (or should I say Pandora’s Box) cause and enable the unenlightened, primordial, uncivilized and pissed-off right side to take over.

By society’s primarily systemic focus on the left brain’s intellect and ability to dominate and control, we have unknowingly and unwittingly unleashed a monster in the form of the shadow (controlled superego): the ghost in the machine, literally.

Possibly in this respect, I will relate a dream I had at one time several years ago. I know it had to do with the recollection of my integral self as I developed in consciousness and remembered aspects of myself that were lost or forgotten, ripped away from me temporarily. I also know it related to the frustrations I encountered on the journey to wholeness.

In this dream I am outside in a backyard covered with green grass. I am sitting on a motorcycle and am trying to get it started. Then, a woman comes over to my motorcycle from the right side, reaches over and presses the electric starter that powers up the motorcycle. As I start a forward motion on the bike, I begin moving in a left direction and then I decide to change directions and head right.

There are many important factors I can see in this dream. However, I believe the most important elements are:

1) My inner woman or Earth level, instinctual intelligence located primarily in the right brain’s powerful all-encompassing depths, my anima, starts the power in the bike. She is moving from the right to the left however, similar to the way the world in which I was born has been moving. It is counterclockwise, anti-sunwise in movement because of the mute-illation and violence that has been done to the soul, my Soul and the Earth Soul. The person sitting on the bike is my ego self, but also my masculine or “heavenly” self. At first, perhaps because of frustration, unconsciousness or even habit, I begin also traveling in a leftward direction. However, I believe in my decision to turn right - moving from my vital left side, as it is known in Yoga, towards the right - I started to operate from a conscious position but also a moral, ethical and life-giving rather than life-denying position. This latter position is the most common one that characterizes the world into which I had been born. Morals, ethics and empathy naturally follow as an individual increases in true consciousness, free of the false ego.

2) The electric power used to start the engine immediately makes me think of the pain and suffering I have encountered ever since I began to wake up and go against the backwards moving motion of the herd mentality. When I say ‘electric’ I say it in the same way that an electric chair is used to murder someone. Ever read Steven King’s “The Green Mile”? In this book, the main character, Mr. Coffey, was a highly spiritually evolved and gifted person who had the miraculous ability to heal people, physically and in extension, spiritually. Mr. Coffey was walking in the country one day and came across two very young twins who had been brutally raped and murdered. He had tried to revive them but was not able to bring them back to life. When a search party looking for the twins arrived on the scene, this man was sitting with them while his tears flowed. Because he was a black man living in the deep south of the U.S.A., the people who found them automatically assumed he was guilty. Besides the fact that in real life a psycho or sociopath who would commit such an outrage would most likely not stay at the scene of the crime in this manner, they also would not have been able to tune into the higher, compassionate actions and obvious circumstances this scene represented. During Mr. Coffey’s stay in prison on death row everyone who worked at the prison came to see the higher spiritual levels this person operated from. When the time for execution arrived, although virtually all of the people who worked at the prison realized this person was not only innocent but a life giver, their fear and conditioned mentalities never stopped them from leading him to and executing him in an electric chair.

Ever since I started to go against the herd, I have felt like I have been on the “hot seat” of an electric chair. The electric energy has been bone rattling rather than providing a humming and flowingly harmonized form of energy and power. Especially, I say this in respect to the way my character has been attacked, along with my psychic well-being because of the severe abuses I have encountered. In short, the barbaric and brutal treatment that has been handed to me by, in some cases the very people I opened my heart, mind and various abilities to. This also applies, as well to those people and institutions I looked to receive support from to help me overcome the brutalities I endured.

As I said, the motorcycle represents, in a very real symbolic way and this had been the case for me for as long as I can remember the power of woman, as in horsepower, earth power. This is separate from heavenly power, the other element that is represented by me, the man, on the bike. It is that heavenly or masculine aspect of my psychic makeup riding the horse.

In respect to the “fallen” nature of Earth, in the sense I was born in a fallen state as in fallen away from the heavenly creator or source, there is also another dream I will share. The important element of this dream is that it demonstrates in a very powerful way the fact that each of our individual psyches share and take part in the whole of the collective psyche. This is especially true in the sense that each and every person we meet and in fact that exists in the world is no more or less than exact replicas of each and every aspect of our own individual psyches. In a collective material sense, there may be billions of people alive on this earth today, however, taking into consideration the nature of the collective human psyche the fact is that every one of those individual psyches or entities are contained in the psyches of each one of those billions of persons alive.

There is an important point to be made here however. It is a fact that within each human individual there is a lot of darkness and unclean nature. That is why virtually every person alive is responsible for uncovering that darkness, bringing it to light and using it for life giving and constructive purposes. Therefore, it goes without saying that there are aspects of a person’s psyche that have to be civilized and controlled. In the same sense as I described in the above, that can also be interpreted, in a material sense, without prejudice or hypocrisy but simply honesty and love, that there are reflections of us in society that have to be civilized. They have to heal before they can be productive and they have to be brought to a point of consciousness before this can even begin. To become at least conscious enough to want to rebel and break away from the tribe or herd, long enough to begin to emerge as individuals. Individuals who truly want to give life in an interdependent fashion rather than existing in the fragmented and alienated state that characterizes large portions of society today. Importantly, when I use the word ‘tribe’, I am not denouncing tribes per se, only the aspect of tribal consciousness that creates divisions; creating us and them mentalities. In that sense, every group of people that consider themselves better than, superior to, or different from other groups in a fundamental sense, whether that belief is based on gender, color, creed, nationality or religion, operate from a tribal mentality that denies the interconnection and interdependence of all humanity. Any differences in perspectives can be used as strengths if mutual elements are also acknowledged. This statement acknowledges the intelligent intentions behind taking a group of people with widely differing areas of interest and perspectives, bringing them together and “brainstorming” to bring together the best of what each has to offer.

In this next dream, I am standing by myself inside what I instinctively know are a type of showers. The walls are covered in blood and I know that many people have died in these showers before me. I also knew at the time I had that dream, within the dream, that I had been about to die as well. Interestingly – ‘interesting’ in almost the same way Spock from the TV series Star Trek may have used the term - I knew I was going to die in those showers. As far as trying to interpret this dream, all I will say is that what the dream meant to me was a conscious awareness of how many people within society are used as scapegoats, whipping boys and girls or are in some way used by bigots and hypocrites to carry their own projections that they refuse to carry themselves. I will also say that this dream illustrates the fact that we are all responsible for the state of the human collective psyche or spirit; the world Soul. In this context, I remember reading the words of a Jewish holocaust survivor, a well-known author. Earlier in his life he had been a famous Nazi hunter, who had come to the realization at one point in his later life, upon deep reflection, the unity and sameness of all humankind. He said that if history and circumstances had been different, it could just have easily have been him standing in the SS uniform watching ritual sacrificial victims in a concentration camp operated by the massive Nazi Satanic cult instead of the other way around.

In this sense we are all our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers; not jail guards, not policeman – keepers, in the sense that we are all responsible for the welfare of everyone, most importantly and necessarily beginning with ourselves. If we don’t start with ourselves we won’t have the energy, courage or ability to have the compassionate empathy and love required for the love of our fellow human beings.

We have not been using the ego in a natural and healthy developmental way progressing to a harmonized balance, with it being the aware director in service of the whole psyche. What has happened is that the subsequently mutilated, betrayed and very angry right side of the psyche once turned into the shadow, has used its much more powerful energies to gain unconscious control of the puny little egos that dared to turn it into a psychotic shell of the once beautiful and bountiful life source it had been at one time. We can heal this and turn it again into a beautiful and life giving source of creativity and harmony.

Copyright by Paul Mitchell. All Rights Reserved. Presented with permission of the author.

Contact the author at pmfound@gmail.com

[1] Ken Wilber, “Eye To Eye, Shambhala Publications, Inc., Horticultural Hall, 300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, copyright 1983, 1990, 1996, 2001 by Ken Wilber, Pg. 83

[2] Ken Wilber, “Eye To Eye, Shambhala Publications, Inc., Horticultural Hall, 300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, copyright 1983, 1990, 1996, 2001 by Ken Wilber, Pg. 83

[3] Joseph Chilton Pearce, “Evolution’s End: Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence”, Copyright 1992, HarperCollins Publishers, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022 Pg. 181

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