Note: The following letters are reprinted with permission.

On the Forbidden Letters by Anna Moshiu

Dear Visitors of World Mysteries,

As a regular visitor to this site, I too have read the Forbidden Letters by the Paris 4 and the articles on those letters. Allow me to provide you with additional information.

I state here and now that I am a great fan of the alchemical theory of the Paris 4. And hat the forum-quotes selected by me in this article were not meant to mirror the discussion on that theory on Internet.

Best wishes,

Anna Moshiu.


"Many people think enlightenment has something to do with the mind. They are children."
-- The modern Sufi Ibn Salah on the alchemical Great Work

"The Ego must not die, it must move. To where the Id is, as Freud says. This is a huge operation. And not done to be wasted on a grave." 
-- Ibn Salah on the alchemical Great Work

Part 1 Authors

"The response articles are impressive and intelligent."
Gary Osborn [on the articles at World-Mysteries on the Forbidden Letters]

"It's a possibility that any and all those who have written the response articles - even people initiating discussions and posting on the subject of  the "forbidden letters" on forums like this - know the Paris 4, or are associated in some way, to keep it all going. That's why I find it interesting that the subject is now being discussed on over 60 forums on the Internet."
-- Gary Osborn [answering the question "Do you think the CE2 know the Paris 4?"]

"Whether the Paris 4 exist, or not, Gardiner and Osborn are potentially millionaires."
-- Otto Neeser [My translation of "Ob es die Pariser Vier jetzt gibt, oder nicht, Gardiner und
    Osborn sind potenzielle Millionaire."]

"The articles on the Forbidden Letters] I find absolutely fascinating.
-- Philip Gardiner on July 14th 2006

"I am sick to the teeth of talking about the Letters."
-- Philip Gardiner on July 14th 2006

"I came to my own personal judgement on the Forbidden Letters, which is personal to me and me alone."
-- Philip Gardiner on July 14th 2006

Part 2 Miscellanea  

I. On the first Forbidden Letter

"(...)if you produce that stone and were consumed and reproduced through that fire, you will achieve individual and physical immortality, and nothing less."  -- [the Paris 4]

Could the alchemical process result in the production of telomerase, in such a way, that not only the 'fountain of youth' is opened, but also the 'fountain of immortality'? Physicians of course are reluctant to speculate on anything more than immortality for individual cells. But who knows, perhaps Father Alchemy will make use of telomerase nevertheless to enable the whole body (as a system) to become immortal.

-- A biologist (under nickname) on a forum has this on telomerase (edited by me):

"Scientists announced that they have succeeded in producing cells that divide many times over their normal limit. In normal cells, division takes place a certain number of times and then the cell stops dividing. Likewise, cells in vitro usually divide about 50 times or so before they cease dividing. Scientists succeeded in producing cells that divided over 90 times with no signs of slowing down! But how? In the nucleus of a cell, each chromosome contains the genetic information, aka DNA, for the individual. When cells divide, DNA is replicated. On the end of chromosomes is a protective "cap" of sorts, called a telomere. As cells divide, the telomere becomes shorter and shorter until the cell ages and stops dividing. Scientists have known that telomere shortening is associated with the aging process, but it wasn't known whether shortening is an exact cause or a byproduct of aging. Last week, scientists at Geron Corporation and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center added an enzyme called telomerase to the cell's chromosomes. Telomerase caused the telomeres to grow longer, thus circumventing the normal shortening process. From this experiment, scientists were able to conclude that telomeres do act as a biological clock in the aging process. This could have interesting implications. Theoretically, scientists would be able to treat a variety of genetic defects and/or diseases by removing a group of cells from a person, rejuvenating them, and returning them. There are several unanswered questions. Because cancerous cells have telomeres that do not shorten, there is some debate whether or not the natural shortening of telomeres is an evolutionary adaptation to ward off cancer. By circumventing this natural process, we may in fact be destroying a natural defense mechanism of the body. As additional experiments and investigations are performed, we will be better able to see if this process is indeed an "immortality" breakthrough. What do you think? Will we achieve cell immortality? What are the implications for future generations?"

CNN has the following story (edited by me):

"Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center say they have discovered a cellular "fountain of youth" that enables human cells to avoid normal aging and cell death. The finding won't make people any younger or allow them to live forever, but the researchers say it could keep them healthier longer. "This process may increase the normal health span, but not the normal life span," said Dr. Jerry Shay of the University of Texas, the lead researcher.

"We're not saying that this will give people something to make them live longer."

Shay said Tuesday that the work confirms that cells can be kept youthful far beyond their normal life span by blocking a natural aging and dying process. By keeping the cells alive and dividing, he said, it may be possible to control age-related disorders ranging from skin wrinkling to some types of blindness and even cardiovascular disease. Shay said the work also could lead to drugs that will stop the cells from dying and preserve the functioning of parts of the body that normally decline with age."

"Each time a cell divides it loses a little bit of the telomere. The telomere eventually becomes too short to protect the chromosome, which means the cell can no longer divide and it dies. In effect, Shay said, the telomere acts as a biological clock that stops cell division and causes aging. In earlier research, Shay and others found that some cancer and reproductive cells release telomerase, which keeps the telomere from shortening. It is also one of the factors that allows some cancer cells to grow uncontrollably. Normal cells do not produce telomerase."

And Wikipedia has this (edited by me):

"With the activation of telomerase, some types of cells and their offspring become immortal. Cancer cells are considered 'immortal' because telomerase activity allows them to divide forever, which is why they can form a tumor. A good example of cancer cells' immortality is HeLa cells. HeLa cells were originally removed from the cervical cancer of Henrietta Lacks in 1951 and are still used in laboratories as a model cell line. They are indeed immortal - daily production of HeLa cells is estimated at several tons - all from the few cells taken from Ms. Lacks' tumor."

II. On the second Forbidden Letter

"Thank you for you second reply. We are, by the way, four. You can call us the Paris 4."

The Paris 4

"I've discovered the Letters at the beginning of March ('06). Fascinated as I was, I took them to a retired philologist I knew. He studied the Letters and part 2 and came to the following conclusion.
Letter number 1 and 2, as well as email number 3 and 10 (part 2) are written by one and the same person.
Letter number 3 and email number 6,8,11, 12 and 13 are written by somebody else.
Letter number 4 and 5 and email number 1 and 2 are written by yet another person.
The one who had the last hands on the letters and the emails (the one who gave 'the boost' as the authors say) is always one and the same.
Emails number 4 and 5, aswell as number 7 (the introduction to that email) are too short to form an opinion, my friend told me. 9 is a forum-quote. He is sure that 9 is not translated by the booster. It might be a translation, he said, but not by the booster.

This makes it plausible to think that the Paris 4 are at least three. It couldn't be established whether the english of the Letters and the emails is indeed a translation from french. The english is too good to do that."  [A swiss journalist under nickname on a forum]

III. On the second forbidden Letter

"You will remember that 'Jesus' also said: if you produce what is within you, it will save you. But, if you do not produce what is within you, it will destroy you (this unproduced thing is shakti latent)."

The Paris 4.

This needs some clarification in my opinion. Shakti (Kundalini latent) can rise in two ways: controlled, to start the Work of the Sun, and uncontrolled. If indeed happened what the Paris 4 say did happen in September 1986, then there will be a universal, uncontrolled Kundalini outburst in the near future. In the owners of a lightbody, that outburst will make the lightbody take over the flesh-body and make that ligthbody visible. They will be truly Shining Ones, to use an expression by Gardiner and Osborn.

IV. On the Forbidden Letters, part 2, email 10

"One of us has read in literature about 15 years ago that 'Melchisedek opened the earth for Christ' (it's a detail on Melchisedek not given in the Bible). Christ has descended too in the earth, only here, Christianity says, to 'free souls'. This is, in our view, pollution of the Gospel. Orthodoxy that couldn't 'fill in' the-descending-into-the-earth-theme' (alchemy) and came up with the soul-theory. Now, it is said of Melchisedek that Christ 'is priest after the rule of Melchisedek'. What is meant here? We brainstormed. That Melchisedek is in our view the 'microcosmic, alchemical law', after which the great work has to be performed. He's made into a person in myth. So Melchisedek the alchemical structure in the body, the law, if you want. The Phoenix is the human body in the first phase of alchemy (resurrection), and the Christ the completed, deified body after the second phase (night of the soul)." The Paris 4

In the Bible Melchi'se'deq offered wine and bread to Abraham. But on the northern entrance in the Cathedral of Chartres he offers a stone on a platter to Abraham. Stones are worshipped in many cultures, and many religions. The Druids worshipped stones too. And the Cathedral of Chartres was built on an ancient druidic sanctuary. But I doubt the builders of that cathedral wanted to honor the religion of the Druids. In other words: could the stone offered by Melchi'se'deq to Abraham be an alchemical hint? The Chartres Cathedral was, on top, built in the same years in which the Grail-legends were composed. "Construction of a new building on the Romanesque foundations was begun in 1145, but a fire in 1194 destroyed all but the west front of the cathedral (and much of the town), so that part is in the "early Gothic" style. The body of the cathedral was rebuilt between 1194 and 1220, a remarkably short span for medieval cathedrals. It has a ground area of 117058 square feet."  [Wikipedia]

The Grail-legend that identifies the Grail as a stone, the one composed by Wolfram von Eschenbach, was composed between 1190 and 1207/10.

V. On Magnus Strom, paragraph 7

"In Tantra it is said that if Kundalini is released uncontrolled, the snake doesn't rise correctly through the spine, but escapes in the body, and causes madness, pain, and in the end death."  Magnus Strom

Tantra says you become a demon then. The term used in Thomas is lion. "Happy the lion who is eaten by a man (during the Night of the Soul), because that lion will become a man. But woe the man that is eaten by the lion (uncontrolled outburst of Kundalini in a body without a lightbody), for he will become a lion."

VI. On Magnus Strom, paragraph 8

"If the Letters are correct, then the outer, macrocosmic marriage (our 'heterosexual' marriage in the flesh) is only there to produce the Trees of Life (spine and brain) of certain homosexuals at the End of Time who are capable of performing the inner, microcosmic marriage due to their unique balance of the microcosmic male and female. The outer marriage is in the New Testament allegory then for that inner marriage."  Magnus Strom

Macrocosmic sex produces humans and Trees of Life (spines and brain). Microcosmic sex (the inner male and female) 'Sons of God'. There is no connection between macrocosmic and microcosmic sex, no matter what the West and modern Tantra suggest.

VII. On David Goldberg, paragraph 10

[Taken from a Forum]

"There has been speculations on Forums (only once or twice, but perhaps it's a good idea to discuss this anyhow) that the gay man could be the 'devil incarnate' (something like that). The 'prince of darkness' copying the ' prince of light' . Or that he is some kind of anti-Christ.

First: an anti-Christ is by biblical definition a person who denies that 'the father and the son are one' . So somebody who doesn't agree with a Christian on the core of the Christian faith. There are hence billions of anti-Christs in the world.

Second: in the Bible it is 'foretold' that somebody will try to imitate Christ in the Latter Days. In order to deceive the Christians. (This all under the omnipotence of God of course, who loves these kind of games who go absolutely nowhere.)

Now, if the man of the Letters would like to deceive the Christian crowd, he would hardly admit that he was gay. Let alone that he would say the Gospel never happened, or agree with Spinoza that there are no such things as good and bad. He would do the opposite, to say the least. Just visit Christian Forums who discuss the letters. The outrage they cause. If a topic on the Letters isn't banned on such a forum within 3 nano-seconds of course."

Games that go absolutely nowhere indeed, since the Bible also says the chosen can't be deceived.

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."  (Matthew 24:24)

VIII. On the Daniel Srsa-article

'Only the Soul is immortal.'
Daniel Srsa

"We know that the soul, which is nothing but the sum of our psychic energy, is animal too. The way it resonates when we are sexually aroused for instance. Anybody who dares to listen in to his freak knows that. So, no, not the Quaker, not the Shaker. Not the Hindu, not the Sikh." [A forum-member]

IX. On the Daniel Srsa-article

"I even doubt genuiness of those Letters. There is no secret society here, but only one lost soul - perhaps an immature teenager."  Daniel Srsa

"If that's a teenager, then it's a very special one. I mean, the philosophy and theology alone in those Letters. Gardiner somewhere wrote that he is of  the opinion that his contact in the Paris 4 is a scholar. My guess: there are at least two scholars here."  [A forum-member]

X. On the Daniel Srsa-article

"The beast in us refers to our accumulated sins and karma's."  Daniel Srsa

"Srsa is taking the mind for the soul here. The soul and our psychic energy are the same. Sin and Karma are inventions by priests to control human behaviour. And sin and karma of course can only appeal to neurotic minds, meaning: godfearing minds."  [A forum-member]


"Hmm... explain alchemy. That's like asking me to stand up and be shot. There are a great many interpretations, because there were a great many alchemists. From China to India and Europe to Islamic cultures. There were a great many things discovered by them, from mathematical conundrums to chemical substances, from inner enlightenment to accessing the divine. It isn't something I would be brave enough to say "its this"!

Each individual has to come to his/her own concept of what alchemy really is and that can depend on a lot of things. For me, it is a work on the self, to turn my own lead into gold. But, alchemists did search for the elixir, they did try and convert metalic substances and so what we end up with is a mixture of alchemical proportions."  Philip Gardiner (on a Forum)

"So, call it alchemy, and then it becomes alchemy?...

Surely these were people who called themselves alchemists, but were in fact only taking the allegory for the thing itself. For instance, take Thomas 96, where the process of Fermentatio within the alchemical process is discussed in agricultural, instead of chemical allegorical language.

Jesus [said], The Father's kingdom is like [a] woman. She took a little leaven, [hid] it in dough, and made it into large loaves of bread. Anyone here with two ears had better listen!

(Fermentatio is the process believed to end just before the actual construction of the chakra-system. (the loaves))

Now, would you agree with a baker who bakes bread and calls that alchemy, that he actually thereby is an alchemist?"  [A forum-member]


"There are two parts [in the Letters] I didn't trust from the start. The part about the Serpent Grail being expected for over 19 years.

'We've been expecting your book for over 19 years know, although we must admit we only knew that it was to be launched during the reign of Pope Benedict.' [First Letter]

And the part about the prediction that Gardiner and Osborn would write a book on those Letters.

'And a last remark for now: we don't want to be arrogant (you are both two fine men, with fine instinct and born for this goal) but you are going to write about the Grail once more. Because it's in the stars. This is not a threat of course (we can not, nor want to, force you to write a book). But we have read about you, like we said, already 19 years ago. And you can't escape destiny. Remember, there is no such thing as a free will. It is possible of course that our 'book' is wrong, but we don't really think so.' [Second Letter]

But I think I know what went on here. The Paris 4 hijacked as it were Gardiner and Osborn to

a) give their Letters maximum publicity, and to

b) stay anonymous at the same time.

Write a book, and a publisher needs a real name. To pay taxes for instance. Gardiner and Osborn probably knew this, but knew too that this was going to give them lots of free publicity. Which it did. Gardiner wrote:

'My best to all the good people who read this wonderful website, my warmest wishes and thanks to the Paris 4 and especially my contact (who I can't name), especially as they have given me such an amazing amount of  undeserving publicity!'

There you go. Everybody wins. The public, Gardiner and Osborn, and the Paris 4.
I salute you. (a Forum-member)

Note: Presented with permission

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