Note: The following letters are reprinted with permission.

On the Forbidden Letters by Anton Schneider

On July , 2006 I read an article by Daniel Srsa on The Forbidden Letters. Here is my critique on that article. First Srsa, then me.


Anton Schneider, Munich.


[I read the letters and they mean nothing in particular. It appears to be an aftereffect of "Da Vinci Code". That's all.]

The Da Vinci Code is fiction, as Dan Brown repeatedly pointed out himself. And the theory of the Forbidden Letters is dramatically different from the theory of the Da Vinci Code. In the Da Vinci Code the Grail is Mary Magdalene, in the Letters it's a microcosmic stone in the human body. Furthermore, the stone was produced in the body of that gay man in 1986 according to the Letters. Long before Dan Brown even wrote the da Vinci code.


[It's more or less a concoction of esoteric truths that lack the substance.]

The bulk of the esoteric truths in the Forbidden Letters can not be found in literature. As Magnus Strom points out through the 16-points-post (below). "I've studied alchemy for over twenty years and there are many things I've never seen in literature.

The (1) decapitation by a thread for instance. Is that in literature?
The (2)metallic like wheel in the decapitated head?
The alchemist (3)being attached to the floor at two points?
The (4)child's-voice?
The (5)details on John the Baptist?
And the (6)stuff on the tree being planted in the garden where one waits for the fruit?
That's wonderful alchemical allegory I've never discovered before myself and never saw discussed anywhere either in literature.
The (7)endtime-pope-alchemy-code (I've never seen anyone discover that)?
That homosexuality (eight) is a requirement for alchemy?
That (9) the stone of transmutation ignites Kundalini?
The (10) part on (public) Mark chapter 14, verse 51?
The (11) stuff on the 120 BCE manuscript?
The (12) Caephas-VITRIOL-connection?
The fact (13) that the 7th chakra is to open first, and not last, and to stay open alone for many years?
The (14) amazing theory (which makes sense) that the main characters in Parzival are one and the same person?
The (15) stuff on the ovarium/testicle?
As well as the (16) stuff on the footwashing, including the tale on the son of God having a foot fetish of some kind? Again, where can this all be found? Let alone in many places."


[There are many truths said there but they lack any meaning because they have no context.]

Allow me to say that they have no context for mister Srsa.


[The letters seem to advocate an atheistic approach to reality, which is wrong.]

Mister Srsa is clearly uneasy with the atheistic theme in some articles on the Forbidden Letters (the Forbidden Letters themselves are not atheistic by the way; they teach a God within, the alchemist).


[(...)to those who wrote such letters and imagine that God is non-existent and Christ was just an imaginary figure. It's simply wrong. Who do they think is responsible for all this Creation?]

It is one thing to be of this religious opinion, but it is another thing to say that, because you are of this opinion, the Letters are wrong. On top of it, the Letters do not say God is non-existent, or that Jesus never lived. They only say the Gospel never happened.


[As I said, there are many esoteric truths there but I doubt that the authors of those letters really know what they are talking about.]

I doubt that very much.


[In this respect, Jesus, together with many others, past and present had the capacity to act as "philosopher's stone"; hence he was a great alchemist.]

Christ is the Stone. That microcosmic stone. There is no macrocosmic alchemy. Only microcosmic. European alchemy, especially german alchemy, taught that very clearly.


[A man that has fully realized his human potential is a divine being (in letters referred as Shakti power etc). That is what Jesus was. But Prophet Mohamed or Buddha were also the same, together with many other less known perfect human beings.]

Whoever died was not an alchemist. That is alchemy. The alchemist is always a succesfull alchemist (whatever the Grail starts, the Grail will finish, the Paris 4 say). Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed (the latter two knew absolutely nothing about Kundalini) all died. And were thereby no alchemists. The alchemist is the living God within. The only God that actually exists.


[The subtle body of man, which is referred in the holy scripture as "Son of Man" is simply the soul of man. The soul is subtle body because it's the future body of man (as per well known karmic principles or in biblical terms "as you sow, so shell you reap"). The soul is that unrealized potential that must mature in time and yield a fruit as per its own deserts. There is no secret here. This soul can be awaken through such "alchemical" process, which is neither kundalini nor any other hidden power but only love.]

I doubt that love is going to guarantee us salvation. And as the Paris 4 said 'the lightbody is a fortification of the subtle body', so it can take over the flesh body. Like that you become physically immortal.


[We should remember the first and the only true commandment Jesus spoke about and which is "Love thy Lord with all your heart, body and mind".]

You can not command love.


[All the rest of Gospels only try to incalculable the same message. But what the mind knows about the path of love?Love is the true alchemy and the true "kundalini" or "stone". It's not just a feeling, but the most potent force of the universe. It's the vehicle of creation and evolution. Without it, the universe would dissolve in an instant. Without it, man will not be able to draw even the single breath. The "feeling" of love is only its lowest common denominator. The entire creation consists of the varying degrees of concentration of that love. What's love? It's the gravitational power of attraction and without it, there would be no universe, Earth, man or whatever. Love is the Sun, moon and the entire universe. It's all love in its various manifestations. You can call that love God, you can call it whatever you want, but this is what it is. God gives his life so that we can have life. Can we reciprocate and give our life so that He can live. That's salvation. Salvation is to merge in God, to live in God's will, which is pure love. Unless we surrender our ego and our separate existence, we remain in the cage of our limited mind. Mind is an enemy of soul. As long as we calculate, think, theorize, argue etc., the mind dominates the soul. As long as mind dominates soul, there is no love. As long as there is no love, there is no evolution. Only the agony of love will surmount those obscure superstitious beliefs and hard ingrained mental concepts. No pain, no gain. No love, no life. Unless we can let our limited mind and our limited consciousness go, we will never realize that hidden potential within, which is nothing but the soul (love). It's our future. This is salvation - to realize God within.]

Love is the goal of salvation, not the path. The path is down to earth alchemy, which is a horrible and violent process . See the Letters on the details on the Resurrection and the Night of the Soul.


[Conquer death and you have gained life eternal. How can one get life immortal? Certainly not through this physical body, as the writers of those letters try to imply. Body is mortal. It must die. All that's born must die. To believe anything to the contrary is to be deluded.]

Let's wait and see.


[Only the soul is immortal, but do we believe we have it?]

'Woe the soul that depend on the flesh, and woe the flesh that depends on the soul.' (Christ in the Gospel according to Thomas.)


[It's a human being that's not limited by its personal mind but has an access to that divine consciousness and that divine mind we call soul. It's a human being that has given his separate existence and his personal life so that God can live. Jesus said "I am in the father and the father is in me". He also said, "I came not to do my Will but the Will of the one who sends me". It means he is on the conscious level one with God. He lives in Will of God. He has no personal desires, no personal thoughts, no personal beliefs. He doesn't live according to his limited mental concepts but according to that universal truth. He and the father are one - they share the same divine mind, we call our soul. That's true alchemy - to let go all mental concepts, all inhibitions, all duality, injustice and immorality and accept love as the only guidance. Love is the supreme reason. It's an unlimited reason as opposed to limited reason of the mind. Compared with soul, the rumblings of the mind are no better than barking of a dog. And who understands what dog barks about? If we keep on going like this - guided by loveless mind, we will never realize that potential within. We will never know the truth.]

I think alchemy is simply about transforming the carnal nature and building an infrastructure (the fortification of the subtle body as the Paris 4 call it) to secure the result (through physical immortality). All the rest is religion, meaning: corruption of alchemy.


[Jesus is dead but his teaching is alive but who understands it? He cannot be anyone's savior now because he can save only those who loved him with all their hearts, mind and bodies in his own time. He also said "I will know my sheep and my sheep will know me" We are not his sheep, neither is he our shepherd. We are 2000 years out of place to be his sheep or for him to be our shepherd. So what's the clue to salvation then? How can this dead soul awake and overcome the limitations of our ego and mind. How can we gain salvation and life eternal. We cannot unless we know this alchemy, unless we find this holly Grail, which is nothing but pure and unalloyed love. If there is love in our hearts then we will utilize our life for the purpose it was given to us - we will search for a living incarnation of God. We will search for a living incarnation of Christ because such incarnation is always present amongst us. What kind of God would that be if he sends one Redeemer in 2000 years and all those souls living before or after him have no hope of salvation? If there was a need for a Redeemer than than it must be a constant need.]

Again, only alchemy will do the trick, not love.


[This is the true Quest for Holly Grail. Forget Hollywood and best-selling fictions.]

Who is starting about Hollywood and fictions?


[This is the true bloodline.]

Where do the Paris 4 say something about a bloodline?


[There were many mystics in Islamic world and India who kept the Holly Grail alive but unfortunately for the West and so-called Christianity, this bloodline was driven underground and persecuted to extinction. Holly Grail is not in Scotland or France. More likely it's in Lebanon or India.]

Mister Srsa clearly only skimmed the Letters. There is no Grail in the macrocosmos (depending on a country in that macrocosmos).


[It's all an imagination. Jesus wasn't married. He had no son or daughter.]

Mister Srsa is again and again critisizing the da Vinci Code in this article, and not the Forbidden Letters.


[A person that's love incarnate. Only by merging in the person who is merged into God can we also merge and become one with God and thus attain life eternal. Only by loving with all our hearts, mind and soul the person, which loves God in the same way, can we love God and give life to our dead souls. That's the true alchemy of this Kali Yuga. Find the Savior or else you die when you die.]

That is not alchemy.


[They think that it is a game!]

They do? Their stuff on the night of the Soul and the resurrection? Is that about a game?


[If they think there is no God, then there is no God for them; hence there is no life eternal either.]

Nowhere the Paris 4 say there is no God. They only say there is 'no God outside'. Srsa is confusing articles on the Letters with the Letters themselves. And mister Srsa still likes to think that there is a God in the macrocosmos, meaning, in the projected world, the world 'outside'.


[There is nothing but mental rumbling in those letters - an endless search for arguments and intellectual gymnastics. Why this, why that? Who cares!]

I think mister Srsa is deeply alarmed by the Letters.


[They are right when they say that "stone" is in the body.]

Here, all of sudden Srsa agrees.


[Gravity is singular or resonant point of space/time duality. It's the very force of creation. It's love. Mind works on the level of space/time division. Soul is a gravitational manifestation; hence it's beyond bounds of either space or time - but only until winter solstice 2012 when time ends and such duality becomes invalid. Than all that's left is that gravitational truth or truth on the quantum level. What's truth on gravitational level but love. It's only love that counts in the end. It's only love that's recognized in the court of  the Lord. Then they go on explaining that unless one has so much energy, one cannot move the mountain. Have they already forgotten that there are moons and suns within every body? All is in the body.]

Mister Srsa clearly didn't read the Letters very well. The Paris 4 say that mountains will be moved, not by energy, but by reprogramming the mountain in the subatomic realm. The Paris 4 have not only not forgotten that 'the moon and the sun are in the body', they actually say in the Letters that 'the sun and the moon are in the body'.


[There is an infinite potential and an infinite energy within. What's the mountain? The universes can be moved with as little faith as a mustard seed.]

Faith, as european alchemists knew very well (and the Paris 4 too!), hasn't got anything to do with omnipotence. And there is no infinite energy within. Omnipotence works not with energy, but with information.


[What they do not tell is where "the beast" within us comes from.]

Again, Srsa clearly only skimmed the letters.


[The mind. As long as we follow mind and not the heart we are no better then beasts. Even beasts have minds but they have no heart (love) - at least not that love that man is supposed to have. We are responsible for all actions of our mind. All our cravings and desires have a price. As long as we act independently we have to pay the price and in our ignorance our own actions are all but divine. They are beastly. It's only when we do not act independently but in concord with divine will that we do not incur a personal debt. In other words, unless we are same as Jesus was (one with the father) we will continue accumulating the sin; hence we will also have to pay the price.]

There is no price. Alchemy, only a few people on earth know this, is simply the goal of evolution. There was no fall, there is no sin, and there is no price. That is all religion to control masses.


[The will of god - then we act on soul level and we are not responsible - it's God who is responsible for our actions in that case because we are only the instruments of God, who act according to His Will. Hence it's not necessary for a person to have a beast within himself. It's only an outcome of our past actions. If there is a beast within him, it doesn't mean there is a beast within a pure person. A beast is karmic debt that has to be paid.]

The beast is the psychic energy that enabled us to travel evolution. It is the one force that enabled us to kill that big cat when it attacked our child, or to kill the man who tried to kill us. And what exactly could travel evolution thereby? Exactly. Trees of Life (spine and brain).


[sric or mystic teaching knows not only those few simple truths but much more than that. It's an imagination running wild with no foundations in truth except here and there. I even doubt genuiness of those letters. There is no secret society here but only one lost soul - perhaps an immature teenager.]

I take it that mister Srsa doesn't want these Letters to be true, because he might just miss out on salvation, if they are true. Since he didn't produce that stone... And wasn't decaptitated... And didn't raise that metallic like wheel in his forehead...

Anton Schneider, Munich.

Note: Presented with permission

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