by Raymond Ward and Gary D. Goodwin
Reprinted with permission

NOTE: This article represents the ideas of the authors, not necessarily the ideas of the members of The Millennium Group
This article relies in a great part upon the work of Michael M. Hobby and June M. Hobby, which they copyrighted in 1994. Many of the images utilized are from this work, and indeed the body of this article is based upon their hard work. They are given full credit for this.[5] 

Yet One More Example Defeating Uniformitarianism

"A significant aspect of the apocalyptic picture is the technological advancement of the doomed and the wicked world in which men defy G-d, confident in their technological and scientific knowledge. To the various fallen angels designated by name, the Enoch Text assigns the introduction among men of the study of chemistry, the manufacture of weapons and jewelry and cosmetics, the trade secrets of angels-formulas, incantations, drugs, astrologies, and so forth. They thought to emancipate themselves from dependence on G-d through their technological know-how. This is not as foolish as it sounds, says the Zohar, for they knew all the arts and all the ruling principles that governed the cosmos, and on this knowledge they relied until at length G-d corrected them by restoring the earth to its primitive state and covered it with water. In the days of Enoch even the children were acquainted with the mysterious arts- what we would call advanced sciences. Rabbi Yasah says, 'With all that knowledge could they not foresee destruction?' to which Rabbi Isaac replies, 'They knew, all right, but they thought they were just smart enough to prevent it, but what they did not know was that G-d rules the world.'" 

                                                                                   Hugh Nibley[7]

When we stand back and behold certain accomplishments of mankind, such as powering a spaceship to the planets, building the pyramids, the incredible architectural feats, and on and on, we may comprehend the vast amounts of resources that it has taken to accomplish some of these tasks. It is further easy to deduce, that when we lay this template of resource usage over the feats of nature, being the egocentric creatures that we are, that we come to the conclusion that it has taken billions of years to create what nature has created. This, simply because we cannot duplicate it. Unfortunately, this may just be one of the greatest failures of mankind. We falsely believed that when we were able to build ships to cross the seas that we had mastered the oceans of the earth; When we thought that we easily understood electricity, that we had conquered it; When we landed an instrument on Mars or found a rock from Mars here on Earth, that we knew the planet and its secrets. We have failed due to our own puffed up egos. It seems that although years have gone by, we still believe ourselves to be the center of creation. 

The very fact of the matter is, that we continue to be subject to the whims of nature. Cataclysmic weather and earthquakes are weekly occurrences. To add to the stew, it seems that this egocentricity, that has consumed us, now causes us to be at greater risk due to our poor and ineffectual interpersonal relationships. In other words, unless we suffer disaster personally, somehow we are able to deny the existence of suffering due to natural causes entirely. We see it on the evening news, we read it in the newspapers and we even pass by it on our freeways. Yet we continue to ignore, through psychological denial, the possibility that we are facing a cataclysmic disaster. Perhaps worst of all, we are becoming accustomed to disaster and indeed numb to the future possibilities. 

So here is another reality check. If the indications for such a future occurrence are here, and we continue to not prepare for such an event, then perhaps a look into the past when these things have happened before, will help. There is recorded documentation, if we take the time to look, that global changes have actually occurred. Further, that our ancestors have had to adapt to survive. Here is yet another proof and another reason to prepare. Read on if you dare. 

Over the recent past, this web site has been documenting the incredible changes that have been going on with our Sun; The fantastic electromagnetic flux that flows through the galaxy, controlling the planets, moons, other objects, and in general affecting life on Earth (see Planetophysical State). Much is unknown to the common man concerning these unbelievable changes and effects. Undoubtedly much is left to be understood by even the scientific community, regardless of their lack of willingness to inform the tax payer. Those questions are left to other articles within these pages. These effects have been shown to exist in a couple of very interesting areas. 

First it is well proven that isotopes utilized for dating, such as carbon-14 are effected by the variance in cosmic rays from beyond the Earth's protecting magnetic field. This protective shielding is well known to be highly affected by the sun's influence. It has been seen that when the sun is magnetically active, and there are an abundance of sunspots, that the sun shields us better from cosmic rays. This is seen in the variation of carbon-14 in tree rings. It should also be mentioned at this point, that the eleven year cycle of solar activity, that has been so popularly expressed, is totally at the whim of the sun. There have been literally hundreds of years wherein there were absolutely NO sunspots. This entirely shatters the believe in the relied upon, traditional "eleven year cycle"[6]. 

As of recent history there are other variations in the sun's activity that were before unheard of. One example is that of the Interplanetary Electromagnetic Field, once thought of to be science fiction. Another very good example is the proliferation of CME's, that were virtually undiscovered prior to a few years ago. The question must arise at this point, "What is the effect of CME's on the Earth and upon uniformitarian traditions?", especially in light of the documented effect of sunspots and their variations. Do these incredible bursts of energy have a direct effect on things such as dating? Perhaps the more appropriate question is, "Do these variations (CME's being likely only one of a number of solar variation possibilities) cause a physical effect upon life and the Earth?". We know that CME's can cause power outages and suspect that they have some involvement with weather and earthquakes (see Observed Natural Events And Hypotheses Related To The Physics Of Fault-Free Earthquakes by Tim Kelly). And we have seen multimillion dollar satellites knocked out of commission by CME's, but is there any solid proof of possible direct cataclysmic physical effect? 

One such effect is that these behemoths of power can cause a change in the Earth's rotational speed[2]. Dr. A. Danjon announced that in July of 1959 that there was an instantaneous change in the rotational speed of the Earth. He was ignored by the scientific community due to the lack of instrumentation to prove such. But following a great flare in August of 1972, there was no doubt as to the effect of CME's on Earth's rotation. A significant change was seen to actually occur. 

At this point, let it be stated that the recent increase in solar activity is without historical comparison. This most recent period of activity follows a period of months without a single sunspot. Magnificent CME's with accompanying x-rays and proton bursts are setting an historical precedent. Already this past year we have lost a number of very expensive satellites and we have documented incredible Earth changes due to these powerful interferences. CME's (Coronal Mass Ejections) are great "blobs" of plasma that the sun spits out, becoming huge expansive nets of charged particles, traveling at monumental speeds through interplanetary space. When one hits the Earth, it can be visually compared to a blanket being thrown over a golf ball. The charge covers the surface of the Earth like a huge sheet of lightning, with the chance of creating a short circuit rarely before seen in this day of electrical wizardry. Nothing short of science fiction! 

It is unclear how these charges can slow the Earth's rotation. We know that increases in the static charge can cause molecular particles and structures to become excited and to expand, not unlike the results from an increase in ambient temperature upon molecular structures. This has of late, been proven in recent additions to this page concerning the atmosphere of Venus (see Venus Paper). There has been a recent powerful electromagnetic "link" as it were, between the sun and Venus. This increase in charge has caused the atmosphere of the planet to greatly expand as seen in the images. This was also experienced by the Surveyor project to map Mars. The expected elevation of the satellite had to be raised due to unexpected atmospheric drag. Surveyor orbital dynamic relies heavily upon the drag of its solar panels to create opposition force and energy. If that force is too great, then the satellite is brought down, crashing upon the surface. What a surprise to NASA scientists to discover that the density of Mars' atmosphere had magically increased over the past few months! (I will later discuss a very likely source of this increase as it relates to the subject at hand). So if relatively mild charges can cause atmospheric expansion (and I hesitate to use the word MILD), then it appears very likely that stronger charges should actually be able to create lithospheric expansion and likely also reorganization. So can mountains move and continents raise and lower? And can they perform these dances in a relatively short period of time? In respect to the above revelations, with enough power, absolutely! Regardless of gravitational influence. A few people (scientists, if I dare use the title), are beginning to realize that there are incredible possibilities relating to the power of the universe in which we so reside. It only takes one glimpse at one of these huge CME's bearing down on the Earth, understanding the size relationship and the amount of electromagnetic power they possess... and you realize... that this must be so. 

Therefore if we are accurate in saying (not just theorizing) that electromagnetic bursts have the power to shift the crust of the Earth or to slow or expand its surface, surely this has occurred in the past and we should be able to document such happenings? Over the past few years there was a scientist named Gene Shoemaker, that was an odd character, who began to put a crack in tradition. Odd in that he wasn't satisfied with just being a geologist, he was also an astronomer. This is not usually accepted in the world of science. Either you're an expert in a specialized area or you're not believed because you're viewed as a "jack of all trades". Not so with Shoemaker. His quest for answers led him to discover that there weren't just a few impact craters around the world, but he began to document dozens, if not hundreds of craters that have been eroded by time's hands. He began to see and to share with the world the physics and the power of such impacts by asteroids and comets. The idea that we are safe in the world, an implied and long held uniformitarian standard, began to falter. Much more powerful forces were beginning to come to light, due to his work. I must say he was a hero in a sea of silence. I admired him. But very sadly, tragically and indeed suspiciously, he was killed in an automobile accident in Australia, and his lovely wife was seriously injured. And what was he doing in Australia? Of course, looking for more craters. But regardless his work was important to our society. He broke through the ignorance and revealed an entirely different level of understanding of the universe and its power, and its threat. 

Shoemaker showed that the power of the universe is beyond our comprehension. He raised the bar of our understanding. 

And so the power of the sun to shake the foundations of our world is truly, as of the present, unknown and as of yet unacknowledged. 

History Reveals The Truth

If we are asked which way the sun comes up, we would usually say, "Oh, in the East, of course" and that it goes down in the West. This, however is not precise. Due East, by the compass is 90 degrees and the sun does not always come up due East! Due West is at 270 degrees by the compass. Many people are stunned to find out that there are actually TWO North's! Our compasses point to "magnetic" North, due to the magnetic attraction of the compass needle. But the North Pole is not due North. This goes for every direction that there is; The South Pole is not South by the compass and neither is East or West. Now that I have you thoroughly confused, let me explain a little better!

It is theorized that the core of the Earth spins off axis from the crust of the Earth. Kind've like a ball within a hollow sphere. The axis of the core, or inner ball, determines which way is magnetic North! True North is the name for the direction that the North Pole lies and Magnetic North is the name of the direction that the compass points. Airplane pilots have to adjust for this difference because the lines of longitude and latitude are laid out in reference to True North (the North Pole), but the instruments that they use utilize Magnetic North. 

The interesting thing, is that over the past, Magnetic North has changed! It has wandered over many miles. In fact there is proof that it has changed drastically, perhaps even 180 degrees or more. This can be seen from iron filings found in ancient pottery, that are oriented different from what we now know to be North.

A change in Magnetic North may not necessarily be devastating to the people who inhabit the Earth. We might have to change our instrumentation and pilots might get lost for awhile, but depending upon the time this change takes, there would likely not be grand destruction. But it is unlikely that such a change would occur in solidarity. There may be many factors to consider, not just a core shift. The possible causes to such a change would likely influence the crust as well as the core. It would likely affect geology as well as weather, biological stasis as well as psychology. This is the reason that the restriction of one discipline to a subject greatly limits our ability to comprehend. 

So again the question: Has this occurred in the past? The resounding proof is YES, it has happened and suggests that it could happen again. Perhaps in the near future. The proof is in the ancient structures fashioned by our ancestors on this hemisphere and perhaps around the world.
The ancient cultures that occupied the Americas are well known to have been incredible astronomers. They were star gazers. But for what purpose would they watch the stars? Some suggest it was to watch for the return of their gods. There may be another reason, if not greatly more important, in fact their very lives may have depended upon it. Many skeptics have ridiculed those that support the idea that comets are a threat to this world. They cite references that the ancients feared comets because they associated bad things happening in the same time periods, just by happenstance. Such as the death of Caesar following the passing of a visible comet. Again this is our puffed up egos working over time. We believe that because we are "modern" or have sophisticated equipment (like the HST) that we are better able to come up with the answers. This is a falsehood that will be our undoing if we are unable to correct our assumptions. Modern man is not here only because our ape like ancestors just happened to survive. The ancients were learned in the field of astronomy because it was necessary to their survival.

If there was a shift in the crust, it would have caused a change in planting seasons, weather patterns would drastically be altered, atmospheric and magnetic conditions would be affected. It is possible that great land masses could be distorted and changed, rivers change course and oceans spill over their banks. This could occur quickly, over two or three days, or it could take months. There could be warning signs that something was about to occur. And what kind of signs could be expected if there was a change coming? The signs would be in the heavens above!

Because the Earth is tilted in the ecliptic plane around the sun (23.5 degrees), the sun appears to rise and set in a little different place every day. Our daylight becomes longer in summer and shorter in the winter (Northern Hemisphere). On summer solstice the sun rises at its northern most point and on the winter solstice it rises at its further most southern point.

It should be pointed out here, that all of the archeological sites named within this page, that are located on the Western Hemisphere, have been dated by conventional means (which means carbon-14 dating), are believed to have been built since A.D. One. However taking into consideration the inaccuracy of Carbon-14, these edifices could have been erected as far back as 1000 B.C., but are not older. Making the following phenomenon, by age standards, a nearly current event. 

Please see THE MILLENNIUM GROUP's extraordinary finding concerning COSMIC RAYS from the sun! This will change the way you view this entire document!


These dates were important for ancient Americans as seen in observatory codex. In the Madrid Codex seen here in figure 3, two priests sit atop the pyramid, one facing the sunrise and one facing the sunset. The big "X" of circles and merlons (the "L" shaped figures) point to the rising and setting solar positions of the winter and summer solstice. Pairs of priests positioned around the perimeter, are the "keepers" of the cardinal directions; North, East, South, and West. 


These positioning attributes can be seen in many other drawings by the ancients such as the Codex Fejervery-Mayer (figure 4, seen here) and the well known Aztec Calendar (figure 5, below).

When they built a city, it was the practice for their temple to be the central building amidst the grand observatory. This is a common motif among many of the structures throughout the MesoAmericas, such as, the Temple of The Seven Dolls at Dzibilchaltun, Naachtun and El Seibal, and possibly Cahal Pichik and La Muneca [5]. 

The layout of these cities was generally precisely aligned with the cardinal compass. In addition, what is unique about many of these structures is that there exists a substructure built sometime prior to a stone and rubble veneer that they are covered over by at a later date. The substructures are generally great slabs of stone and the coverings are either made by another group of builders with new techniques or done without the expectation that building would need to be repeated. But why cover up perfectly fine structures, with rubble and veneer? The only possible logical reason is that they were no longer useful. And the only thing that would make them obsolete is for a cardinal shift to occur. If the sun were to rise or set in a different position.


In the ancient city of Teotihuacan, below the Pyramid of the Moon, there is a structure called The Building of the Altars. In the figure, you can see a central platform, and around the perimeter a platform at each of the cardinal points. Between the cardinal points lie other platforms, which indicate the solstice points. This structure is strictly laid out in reference to the other structures within the city.



Survey markers have been found three kilometers to the east and west of the main access. The river has even been turned to cross the main access at a right angle. Direction was of profound importance to these people. There is one very peculiar thing although about the city; It is oriented 15 degrees east of True North!

In the "older" portion of the site at Chichen Itza there is a well known observatory called the Caracol. It is a solar observatory used to mark the seasons. Unfortunately the small windows used to sight the sun on critical dates - the solstice and equinox, do not line up at all. Again, to the east of North!

Many are bothered by this fact, such as Andrews[1]: 
"It cannot be proven that the tower was actually used for purposes of observation, but it is the only logical explanation which can be advanced in support of its unusual form and details with respect to 'window' openings."  So frustrated that many deny it is an observatory at all.

At the Templo de los Aires at Zempoala is a unique open aired structure for what appears to be solar observations. It is a circular wall with "merlons" ("L" shaped structures as seen in the first codex above) around the top. There are 260 of these merlons, which represented the 260 days of the pre-Columbian ceremonial year, that sit atop the circular structure. There are also four "double" merlons that each represent the cardinal points, just as in the codex above. The curious thing is, that these merlons represent directions, again 15 degrees east of North! Or 345 degrees west of North.  
There are many examples of this phenomenon throughout the Americas. And there are many more details that cannot be included in this limited space. 

In Cherokee County, Texas at the George C. Davis Site, this strangeness shows up again. There are literally hundreds of sites that reflect this phenomenon. Is there a good explanation for this?  
There have been many arguments disputing the possibility of a crustal shift. I'm not here, and this material is not here to argue the point. Arguing rarely convinces anyone, or changes anyone's mind about this subject. If you already believe it, on one hand, these truths will definitely help you feel better about these beliefs. But on the other hand, the possibility means the possibility of a shift re-occurring. That is not comforting at all. 

The Future

At Xochicalco is the famous Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl. The structure documents the event of at least two great nations coming together for a very important conference. Around the base of the pyramid are illustrated great dignitaries. The panel cut into the stone of the front left of the pyramid depicts the reason for the conference; An apparent change or alteration in the calendar. A square glyph with two robed arms extending to each side sets atop a row of bars and a row of dots (see figure below). These are likely two differing numerical systems representing four and a part of four (days). One hand is resting upon a blocked glyph and the other holds a rope pulling a glyph representing the calendar. Since the body of the two robed hands is not shown, it appears that deity is being represented as responsible for the occurrence that requires the addition of four or five days to the calendar.

However, the most interesting thing about this representation is that it is totally surrounded by a well know symbol. It is surrounded by the Fiery Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl, widely known as a representation of a powerful comet.

Was it a comet that was responsible for the change in the rotation, the size, or the presentation of the Earth? There is no evidence of an actual strike or close pass represented in the stone glyphs. So why is the Feathered Serpent associated with the calendar change? And so how could a comet effect a change in the solar electromagnetic flux?
In James McCanney's article, The Origin Of Comets, he explains that comets are in fact electromagnetic in nature, NOT dirty snowballs as we have been taught by traditional science. These sometimes tremendous objects streak through the solar capacitor creating a short and attracting the plasma from the solar field and indeed setting the system into electromagnetic destabilization. Great disturbances occur not only in the field but are possible in the sun and planets themselves, such as atmospheric expansion, weather and geological commotions. Disequilibrium is possible, depending upon the extent of the disturbance determined by size and power ratios, creating the need or tendency for stabilization.
The fact that these structures throughout the Americas have been faltered by a shift is reasonable. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of examples throughout the Americas. As previously stated, arguing about these beliefs will not change the ideas of one person or the other. The structures stand. They stand as they did hundreds of years ago. They have witnessed the sun over head for centuries. And they tell quite well the changes that have occurred. The Mayans put their temples at that center of the universe. That universe was rocked when the heavens above began to flee from their eyes that were poised upward.

The pyramids of Egypt have also been a long standing enigma. Recently it was hypothesized that they were built many millennia ago (>10,000 years B.C.) and that they were built to align with the stars in Orion. It is just possible that they were built at the encouragement of Joseph (since the more logical date of construction is in harmony with this time period). It is also known that Abraham was a great astronomer, and it is quite likely that he passed his talents to his children. Again the seasons were very important to the primitive people (another label used cautiously!) of the day. Joseph saved his life and the lives of his family by predicting the seven years of prosperity (good growing conditions) and the seven years of famine (poor growing conditions). The Egyptians learned well this technique of watching the stars and the sun for the alignment of the Earth. A small deflection could mean years of human suffering for a people, unpopularity for a king and a lost head for those of the Pharaoh's court. In ancient China it was known that if the royal astronomers failed to accurately predict the eclipse that they were instantly beheaded for their sin!



The accuracy of the structure of the pyramids is incredible. But to date no one has adequately explained their purpose. Could it be that at some earlier point in history that the pyramids did serve a stellar purpose? Could it be that their purpose was to adequately chart the stars so that the people of Egypt could be prepared? But that since the occurrence of a shift, their meaning has become clouded?

In John White's most recent release of his book: Pole Shift, he denounces his findings and predictions of previous years saying:

"According to the predictions and the prophecies, humanity is approaching one of the most critical junctures in the history of our planet. It seems clear that the significance of those predictions and prophecies is not in offering geophysical data but psychological guidance."

A wise thought. Scaring people is not the point here. The point is to prepare, not only psychologically, but spiritually as well as temporally. And a second point is to re-evaluate a scientific approach that is both skeptical and deceitful. The power of nature is greater than the power of man, and still king of the hill.

One last quote from the man Darwin himself:

"What then has exterminated so many species and whole genera? The mind at first is irresistibly hurried into the belief of some great catastrophe; but thus to destroy animals both large and small, in Southern Patagonia, in Brazil, on the Cordillera of Peru, in North America up to Behring's Straits, we must shake the entire framework of the globe. No lesser physical event could have brought about this wholesale destruction not only in the Americas but in the entire world... Certainly no fact in the long history of the world is so startling as the wide and repeated extermination of its inhabitants."

The Voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle, Charles Darwin

Funny how we all admit the possibility but ignore the likelihood.

 Bauche's Antarctica of the 1700's! 


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by Raymond Ward and Gary D. Goodwin
Reprinted with permission

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