The Forked Tongue

 A Poem by Crichton E M Miller 2003

Why, Why, O foolish Man do you cry upon Amen?
Know you not that is an age long past?
When the Christ came to teach
He was the shepherd for the lost sheep in his own time
And made others Fishers of Men.


In wealth you stand, in starry raiment
A fish's head, a hat upon your proud and sleeping heads
In your unknowing hands the shepherds crook
Of a long dead Pharaoh's age
Calling on Amen.
Around your neck you wear with pride
In dripping gold and precious deadly jewel
The inanimate cross
That moves no more and guides you not
Among the stars that once your fathers knew.
In shambled greed and corrupted faith
You blindly lead your dying race
Through wars and death, hate and gain
To lose their souls
On the daggered rocks of your illusions.
Death simbols
Through your numbness and your lack of strength
You failed to make the Lions roar.
Because of you a child in armour stands.
Amid a fearsome place,
His brother's death in shrieking hands.
After the Gulf War, the first Bush administration believed Saddam Hussein would be overthrown from within Iraq.
All around the chattered Serpents lie
And call the lie a spin
No Soul within their ruthless eye
That they may feed upon the spoils of war
With forked and sweetly dripping tongue
They send the child to die.
Know you not the difference betwixt Man and Beast
Oh arrogant Man?
It is Compassion, it is Truth and it is lack of fear.
Nature shakes the world
Awaken now from your divisions
For your Time is drawing near.

Begin to break the hold of the deceivers that enslave your mind.
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About the Author

Crichton E M Miller is a navigator, researcher, inventor, public speaker and author who has made many astounding discoveries about our ancient ancestors.
He is published in many magazines, newspapers and websites throughout the world.
Publications include: Practical Boatowner.,Hera Magazine, Atlantis Rising, Ancient American, Coventry Evening Telegraph, HMSO.
Appearances on Teidi Television, Talk Radio, Earth Changes Television.
Book: Crichton E M Miller, The Golden Thread of Time, Pendulum Publishing.
ISBN 0954163907 2002


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