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A Reply to Doug Yurchey’s “The Great 9-11 Magick Trick”

by Wayne McDonald

The 6th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC will soon be upon us and, as of this writing, there have apparently been no new ‘conspiracies” identified by those who claim exclusive insight into such matters. Rather than bemoan this apparent oversight, I shall review some of the more preposterous claims at the heart of previously published theories.

It isn’t very hard to locate a conspiracy theory. Such theories are well-represented among the postings here at World with many such postings being the handiwork of Mr. Doug Yurchey. In fact, practically everything posted by Mr. Yurchey seems to involve a conspiracy of some type that is directed at him personally or at some segment of the general public. A conspiracy of the latter genre can be found in his The Great 9/11 Magick Trick.

In that essay, Mr. Yurchey parrots the same, tired line that the 9-11 attacks were orchestrated in the highest echelons of both the American and Israeli governments in order to “drum up” sympathy in America for some Israel-led and financed “conspiracy.” However, a closer look at Mr. Yurchey’s “proof” of this “conspiracy” indicates that his motives seem to be, to put it mildly, heavily influenced by right wing extremist political ideology.

In order to “prove” his 9-11 conspiracy theory Mr. Yurchey first proclaims that the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City was also a “conspiracy.” Citing an article that appeared in the April 21, 1998 issue of CONTACT: The Phoenix Project Journal: 1

If the OK Bombing was the result of a fertilizer bomb, as the mass media has told us, then a POISONOUS CLOUD OF YELLOW AMMONIA (emphasis in the original) would have formed all around the devastated federal building. The ammonia cloud would have been visible; it would have smelled and it would have been poisonous. No one could have entered the building right after the explosion unless they had gas masks. This is a physical and chemical fact. People were filmed running into the building immediately after the blast. Where was the yellow cloud of ammonia? … The actual Oklahoma bomb seems more like a sophisticated, CIA detonation-device than a primitive-homemade job.

To Mr. Yurchey’s credit, he does claim to be the author of a blatant misstatement of fact regarding the “poisonous cloud of yellow ammonia…” that supposedly should have been released by the ammonium nitrate-based bomb. The author of that statement is obviously not familiar with basic chemistry in that ammonia, in its pure form, is released only in trace (small) amounts following such an explosion with the remainder being either oxidized in the explosive process or scattered about as part of the explosive debris.

What Mr. Yurchey conveniently omits is the blatant anti-Semitism of that same article. The following is taken from what CONTACT alleges is something called “Rabbi Cohen’s Yeshiva Lecture #5” and immediately follows the “yellow cloud proof”:

My dear students, from our last discussion it is clear to me that you do not understand how we are going to bring revolution to the United States… Just as so often in the history of the world, we Jews have been able to manipulate others to do our fighting for us; so, too, we will again employ this winning strategy against the Christians, the Muslims, and the American patriots… (emphasis in the original, ibid, page 54).

The remainder of that article is a sickening mixture of anti-Semitism and other such far right-wing drivel.

(Note: CONTACT does not limit itself to being a far right-wing political publication. Pick any issue at random for a litany of “proofs” regarding UFOs, “star children” or any flavor of pseudoscience that you can imagine. You can find the archive of past issues at  this link ).

Mr. Yurchey then claims that an article in The American Free Press supports his opinion that the 9-11 attacks were not terrorist acts:

The American Free Press (For Life and Liberty...Against the New World Order) is one of the few underground newspapers left. You are not going to read the truth and get the real story in regular newspapers. In the January 28, 2002 issue, the Free Press headline read: FORMER TOP GERMAN SPY SAYS U.S. WRONG ABOUT SEPTEMBER 11.

A top German spook refutes the official version of what happened on Sept. 11, questioning why hasn’t Congress called for a special inquiry to investigate what really occurred on that terrible day? He believes the attacks had to be expertly planned and that only a state-run intelligence service could have pulled off such a mission. (We find out that Osama is ’bankrupt’ and could never have executed such a huge undertaking).

“’Israel is protected in the German media (as well as American) in which any criticism of the Jewish state is stifled...However, the Israeli agenda has gone forward as a result of the Sept. 11 attacks. THE ARABS ARE OUR FOES is the message behind the brainwashing being done by the U.S. government and the unquestioning mass media.’ “

Note that Mr. Yurchey, and the Free Press, fail to give the name of this “Former Top German Spy.” This is a shortcoming that would not be tolerated among reputable journalists or even in a junior college English class. This, however, does not seem not to concern Mr. Yurchey.

But who are these tireless guardians of the public’s right to know, aka The American Free Press?

It took this writer less than 5 minutes of research on the Internet to learn that Mr. Yurchey’s source, The American Free Press, is the handiwork of one Willis Carto, who has long been associated with far-right-wing political causes, as well as long-time Holocaust denier and anti-Semite Michael Collins Piper.

Mr. Yurchey then cites yet another article in CONTACT: The Phoenix Project Journal, as “proof” of his 9-11 conspiracy.

...find out how many of the major players were present at their offices when those planes hit...just as with the Oklahoma City debacle, there will be revealing evidence by just checking who was at their desk on Tuesday morning...’

’Note that the WHOLE of the buildings were deliberately set in detonation as to make very sure the whole of both would be totally destroyed...YOU SAW IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, CITIZENS. THOSE BUILDINGS WERE BROUGHT DOWN EXACTLY LIKE ANY OTHER BUILDING DEMOLITION - ACCORDING TO A PLAN - AND EXACTLY LIKE THE FEDERAL BUILDING IN OKLAHOMA CITY (emphasis in the original).’ 2

A single quote from later in that article again reveals what appears to be yet another example of the overt anti-Semitic ideology of Mr. Yurchey’s “proofs.”

Bad as it may be for the U.S. to believe it is generally thought, and the babble is, that the Jews pulled this as an inside job. This one act causes the financial debacle, gains sympathy against the Arabs and Palestinians while overnight the Israelis moved tanks, etc. into Palestine.

Additionally, Mr. Yurchey claims that:

The New Yorker and Michael Moore reported:

Immediately after 9/11...a Saudi jet was permitted, by the U.S. Government, to go around the country and pick up members of the Bin Laden family. They were escorted out of the U.S. to safety overseas…

If Mr. Yurchey read the article in question, then he is aware that the above statement is a blatant falsehood. What the New Yorker actually reported is that the above claim is just one of many “urban legends” surrounding the 9-11 attacks! 3

The remainder of Mr. Yurchey’s essay can best be described as nothing more than his recitation of the liturgy of the True Believers of “The Jews are Behind Everything Theory”: “Bush did it! The Jews did it! The CIA did it because the Jews told them to do it! Ad nauseum.

After reading Mr. Yurchey’s other related essay, The Lone Gunman Prophecy, in which he appears to have confused a fictional television series with “fact,” I must conclude that he is not above citing even obvious works of fiction to “prove” his theories. Such actions, as well as his seeming fondness for overtly anti-Semitic and racist publications such as CONTACT and the American Free Press have (at the very least) raised serious questions as to Mr. Yurchey’s credibility.

Some months ago, I posted an essay entitled The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories in which I reviewed the published literature regarding the psychological underpinnings of the broad public acceptance of such theories. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate similar case studies in the professional literature concerning the psychology of those that invent conspiracy theories. It would certainly be an interesting subject for further study.

In summary, Mr. Yurchey’s “proofs” of a 9-11 “conspiracy” are nothing more than quotes from right-wing, ultraconservative “newspapers” with a documented record of anti-Semitic editorial policies as well as a convenient habit of ignoring anything that would challenge the accuracy of their statements. Why Mr. Yurchey would resort to such despicable sources is unclear, but he certainly has the rights of free speech and the free press in order to do so.

And I have the same rights, except that I use those rights to challenge both the veracity of Mr. Yurchey’s “sources” as well as his motivation in presenting such tripe as “fact.” In this writer’s opinion Mr. Yurchey would be well-served by a bit more responsible research on his part and a much higher level of skepticism on the part of his readers.


1. Anonymous: OK City Bombing Revisited; Truth Contradicts Media Lies. CONTACT: The Phoenix Project Journal, Vol. No. April 21, 1998, pp.53-57. Available online at

2. Anonymous: “Government sponsored terrorism: Innocent re always casualties.” CONTACT: The Phoenix Project Journal, Vol. 25, No.5, September 19, 2001. Available online at

3. Jacobson, Mark: “The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll.” New Yorker Magazine. Available online at

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