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Secret World of Anagrams

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An anagram is a rearrangement of the letters of one word or phrase to form another word or phrase. Often anagrams are highly amusing and give deep insights into the text being anagrammed!


Secret World of Anagrams

by Doug Yurchey

2005 Doug Yurchey
Reprinted with Permission

We all know what 'anagrams' are. But are we aware of the strange, and sometimes unbelievable, coincidences surrounding many of them? By accident (?) I came across ANAGRAM GENIUS and started putting famous peoples' names in the search-engine. Instantly, the computer provides an anagram to whatever is punched in. Shock and amazement happened when I quickly got the results. What coincidences!! Many celebrity names had anagrams that directly related to that particular celebrity. What were the odds? Since ANY words could be spewed out at random...I thought the odds would be very high that these random words would relate to the celeb. Yet, over and over again, a weird parallel occurred between the name and the anagram. Maybe these aren't coincidences? Maybe there IS a relationship between the person and what their mixed-up letters spell?

The search-engine gives you a few examples such as the full name of Madonna: Madonna Louise Ciccone which is the anagram of 'occasional nude income.' Then, I placed 'occasional nude income' in the anagram-engine and the very surprising result was 'one cool dance musician.' It could have said anything and it said something that related even closer to the person. They gave the example of William Shakespeare whose anagram is 'I am a weakish speller.' But, when I put 'I am a weakish speller' in the engine, it spit back 'I'll make a wise phrase.'

Here is a list of names and their anagrams that I found in a relatively short time. You tell me if something strange is going on:

  • David Letterman: terminal dead TV & nerd amid late TV
  • Clint Eastwood: old west action & lies down to act
  • Jennifer Aniston: fine in torn jeans
  • Saddam Hussein: UNs said he's mad
  • Mussolini: I'm sin soul
  • Adolph Hitler: hot rapid hell
  • Osama Bin Laden: a damn alien SOB
  • Marilyn Monroe: in lore, my Norma & I marry loon men
  • Albert Einstein: ten elite brains
  • Britney Spears: best PR in years
  • Justin Timberlake: I'm a jerk, but listen
  • Thomas Alva Edison: aha ions made volts
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: pithy female braves fury
  • Ronald Reagan: an oral danger
  • Ronald Wilson Reagan: a long insane warlord & no darlings, no ERA law
  • Lee Harvey Oswald: revealed who slay & lay overhead slew
  • William Shatner: slim alien wrath & Will is earthman
  • Michael Jackson: manacle his jock & he's jail cock man
  • the Beatles: Let hates be
  • Paul McCartney: pay Mr. Clean cut
  • Mark David Chapman: hack VIP and mad arm
  • Princess Diana: ascend in Paris & end is a car spin
  • Stevie Wonder: er, doesn't view
  • Elvis Costello: voice sells lot
  • Jim Morrison: Mr. Mojo Risin'
  • Howard Stern: wonder trash
  • Frodo Baggins: bad ring's goof
  • Sherlock Holmes: heh smells crook
  • Babe Ruth: he rub bat
  • Robin Williams: I warm billions
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus: strongly psychotic, I'm funny
  • Nancy Grace: crying acne & gay n' cancer
  • William Randolph Hearst: amoral whilst philander
  • Mark Twain: am rank wit
  • Sean Connery: on any screen
  • Sharon Stone: no near shots & ass on throne
  • Jackie Gleason: angelic as joke
  • Steve Martin: I'm star event
  • James Marshall Hendrix: hinder lax, harmless jam

Is there a secret meaning to our names and even the names of fictional characters?
In the book 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,' there was a significance to everyone's phone number. Phone numbers were actually odds of probability. Could our names have a secret significance?

I'm happy to write something light-hearted for a change and in the first-person. Usually, I tackle conspiracies and heavy subjects. My critics think I speculate without real evidence or proof. The truth is I am fascinated by PATTERNS. I believe we can come to reasonable conclusions if they are based on real patterns. Let's examine a few of the above coincidences.

Jim Morrison, with the Doors, wrote a song called 'Mr. Mojo Rising' which is so close to the anagram of his own name. In this case, Morrison probably knew and purposely wrote it that way. Jim may have created the idea of a 'mojo.' In the other examples, we have to use the word 'coincidence.' Ah, but are coincidences really coincidences? Are anagrams Bible Codes or keys to events that are far beyond our control? What's in a name? Could be nothing...could be our entire destiny? Is this Ouija? Tarot? (There is something legitimate to numerology). Are anagrams letter versions of numerology; or letterology?

John Lennon's killer was Mark David Chapman. He wanted to be a somebody or not be a 'hack VIP' and it was a 'mad arm' that shot the Beatle. Lee Harvey Oswald was ONE of JFK's killers. Both of his anagrams parallel the assassination: he was 'overhead' in the book depository and both have a reference to killing. Hearst (Citizen Kane) was amoral; he literally got away with murder and cheated on his wife. Marilyn Monroe's real name was NORMA Jean and she has become legendary or in 'lore.'

Both anagrams of William Shatner definitely relate to the actor who played Captain Kirk. He was in the 'Wrath of Khan' and each has an alien reference. Look at how many of these names have a second anagram that also relates to them. That is like lightning hitting the same spot twice! Both David Letterman's are very specific with 'late TV.' Both anagrams of Princess Diana are amazing. Hitler's in hell; Edison making 'volts;' Beatles' Let it Be...are all remarkable parallels.

I went to AMAZING ANAGRAM web-sites and they only gave a few unremarkable examples. Many were of words, but I was more fascinated with the names. They posted many that had no direct relationship with the person. Here were some that did:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: he's grown large n' crazed
  • Madonna, the material girl: real dim, man-eating harlot
  • President Clinton of the USA: he finds interns to copulate
  • Martina Navratilova: variant rival to a man
  • The Houses of Parliament: loonies far up the Thames & top man here's a foul shite

The anagram web-sites had a few LONG ones such as:

  • That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind: Thin man ran, makes a large stride, left planet, pins flag on Moon, on to Mars.
  • To be or not to be, that is the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune: In one of the Bard's best-thought-of-tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten.

I once again tried to extract more 'coincidences' out of the anagram search-engine. In no time, I came across the following curious parallels:

  • Ozzie Osbourne: boozier zones & boozes in zero
  • Sigourney Weaver: reviews anger you
  • Amelia Earhart: am Earth aerial
  • Scott Peterson: respects tot, no
  • Titanic, the Unsinkable Ship: in that pitiable clunkiness & it isn't saintlike, punchable.
  • United States of America: dine out, taste a Mac, fries.

The Amelia Earhart (pilot) one is quite specific with being 'aerial.' The Titanic one (and Madonna's material girl) shows that these could include their sub-title. The 1912 disaster generated worldwide pity for the lost at sea. 'Isn't saintlike' might suppose a work of sabotage. The next word is remarkable; the great ocean liner was punched by large icebergs.

The United States of America anagram is scary. Is this subliminal advertising? What commercialism in the land of capitalism! Is this pure coincidence?

I decided to place the following two skeptics in the anagram search-engine: You have seen Michael Shermer in dozens of documentaries as the resident skeptic. He is the editor of Skeptic Magazine. (I swear he makes more money with his zillions of film documentaries and television appearances than he ever earns from profits of Skeptic Magazine sales). He is always there to ridicule every phenomenon, no matter what the evidence. His anagrams are: shh, mere miracle & eh, slime charmer. I also placed another associate of Skeptic Magazine in the engine; he is the anti-Uri Geller magician known as 'the Amazing Randi.' His annagrams are: and right in amaze & in amazing hatred.

At another session with the anagram search-engine, these oddities were found:

  • Chris Evert: server itch
  • Ziggy Stardust: zits gutsy drag
  • Walt Disney: I lewd, nasty
  • Sinead O'Conner: censored anion
  • Bruce Lee: rue celeb
  • Judy Garland: darn jug lady
  • Cyndi Lauper: end up a lyric
  • Kevin Costner: sickener on TV
  • Sirhan Sirhan: rain harsh sin
  • John Paul Getty: thug planet joy
  • the Queen of England: eh, end eloquent fang
  • Richard Milhouse Nixon: his climax ruined honor
  • Dick Cheney: key chic end
  • Agatha Christie: rich hag is at tea
  • Robbie Williams: I will arse bimbos
  • Oscar Wilde: I lace words & ladies crow
  • Christopher Reeve: Script: he ever hero
  • Jerry Bruckheimer: rich jerk, mere bury
  • Edward Leedskalnin: is darkened and well
  • Winston Churchill: I'll crunch this now
  • Humphrey Bogart: hyper thug rambo & grumpy hero bath
  • Teri Hatcher: rich theater
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon: gloomful attacker abhorrence
  • Little, Red, Riding Hood: girl idol, thirteen odd
  • Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer: deplored, he is the odder runner
  • Harry Potter: try hero part
  • the Beastie Boys: to shabbiest eye
  • Samwise Gamgee: I'm a sewage gems
  • Orson Welles: now roleless & now reel loss
  • Timothy Leary: I'm the royalty
  • Saturday Night Live: it's a naughty drivel
  • Stephen King: the King pens
  • Miracle of Fatima: I'm factorial fame
  • Walls of Jericho: for local Jewish
  • Mother Nature: humane rotter & the Numerator
  • Alice in Wonderland: lo, wanna nice riddle?
  • the Roman Empire: hot, mean premier
  • Templars: tramples
  • Illuminati: I am ill unit
  • the Civil War: arch evil wit
  • the First World War: raw, self-worth dirt
  • the Second World War: not chewed warlords
  • the Third World War: the raw Third World
  • the Pope and the Vatican: the avid potent panache & pathetic and top heaven
  • Christopher Columbus: he is much corrupt slob & cherub's cool triumphs
  • the Olsen Twins: new tits n' holes
The following anagrams are even more remarkable:
  • Darth Sideous: oh, rude sadist
  • Vampire LeStat: primeval taste
  • Betty and Barney Hill: ya, hell-bent banditry
  • Thor Heyerdahl: hardly the hero
  • Sir Edmund Hillary: I'd murder any hills
  • Walter Cronkite: network recital

Darth Sideous was the Phantom Menace in Star Wars and its anagram came out on the Dark Side of the Force. The vampire anagram is a shocking coincidence. One of the first cases of alien abduction was the Hills; which was 'banditry' from 'hell.' The explorer, Heyerdahl, was WRONG with Kon-Tiki so it is no wonder this 8-Ball of anagrams says he was overrated. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb Mount Everest. It is utterly wondrous for his anagram to include conquering ('murder') 'hills.' For many years, Walter Cronkite was the voice of the news for CBS. He was the first to break the news to America of the JFK shooting. His anagram is 'network recital' and that is amazing.

  • Isaac Newton: was once a nit & now ace saint
  • Alexander Graham Bell: real bad hex, rang me all
  • Madame Curie: me, radium ace

Newton's anagrams seem to be 2-parters. The first tells us he was stupid before the apple hit him. Then, the second one informs us he has been immortalized. The inventor of the telephone just had to have an anagram with a 'rang me' in it. There are too many specifics here to be just coincidences. Now, examine the one for Madame Curie. If there is any doubt that strangeness is happening...of all the things for these few letters to say in all of the universe - it specifically mentions RADIUM, which is exactly what she is famous for!! And, she's good at it with the 'ace.'

  • Napoleon Bonaparte: no, not appear on Elba & no, a trap open on Elba!

Napoleon of France was exiled to the Island of Elba. This is a historical fact. How did 2 anagrams know of this French exile? (This is almost as interesting as exploring Nostradamus).

I, at first, misspelled 'Laci Peterson;' spelled it with a 'y' and the results were:

  • Lacey Peterson: slayer potence & sanely to creep (13 letters in each)
  • Laci Peterson: top larcenies

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:
    oh sweet DVD wins new fans' heart (26 letters)

What?! Did you read the above anagram? Did you work out the letters? It is a news ad for the DVD of the very first animated, feature film...hidden in the title of the film.

Patrick Stewart took the reigns of the Starship Enterprise by playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the television sequel to Star Trek. This was known as 'Star Trek, the Next Generation.' To some purists, the sequel never was popular.

  • Patrick Stewart: a crap Trek twist & act as Trek twirp

To me, this is mind-blowing; both refer to Picard. Next Generation was the (criticized) new twist; a smaller captain was acting. Gene Roddenberry was the father of Star Trek. His anagram is: greedy boner nerd.

Why are 'nerds' always associated with Star Trek? Still not convinced that something Twilight-Zone is going on? Then, consider the anagrams for the King: Elvis Presley. Some people believe that since his tomb has his name misspelled, this is evidence that Elvis might still be alive. Someone or something did not like this sacrilege, because the anagrams for the misspelled version are:

  • Elvis Aeron Presley: prayerless evil one & is venereal leprosy
  • The anagrams for the correct spelling are:
  • Elvis Aaron Presley: Seen alive? Sorry, pal & earns lovely praise

Maybe anagrams work best with mythical, classic, dead figures or old events? Who knows? The very idea that Elvis' anagram would DIRECTLY AND PRECISELY GO TO THE QUESTION OF IS ELVIS ALIVE? - and say 'sorry, pal' he's not more than incredible...and he earned 'lovely praise.' I returned to Anagram Genius with a better idea of how to receive a personalized or localized answer. I was getting strange answers on approximately every other one:

  • the Declaration of Independence: can pen a nice old deed of thirteen
  • Declaration of Independence: no finer deed, an ideal concept
  • the United States of America: Ethnics? A fearsome attitude
  • the Vietnam War: I'm a wrath event
  • the Revolutionary War: haywire, rotten valour
  • Robert Oppenheimer: on the premier probe
  • Edward Teller: lewd, elder rat & well retarded
  • Promethus and the Torch: cheap, hot, thunderstorm
  • Academy Awards: saw drama decay
  • Mother of Mercy: my, eh, Comforter
  • Queen and Country: any conquered nut
  • King and Country: tyrannic dung OK
  • Amityville Horror: I'm evil or harlotry
  • Norman Bates and his mother: HE'S the madman on brains-rot
  • the oldest profession: denotes hole's profits
  • Golden Voyage of Sinbad: safe and loving good-bye
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: better ruthless pigs
  • Donald Trump: lump, odd rant
  • New York Yankees: Key: sneaky owner
  • the League of Nations: a tough, neat felonies
  • Australia: a trial USA
  • Jets Win the Superbowl: throw up in best jewels
  • Michel de Nostradame: The demonical dreams
  • World's Fair World of Tomorrow: word-for-word, slim wolf orator
  • le Tour de France: race round fleet
  • Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden: off-handed, non-integral female
  • Jesus Christ and the disciples: reject as childish stupidness

There are more shockers in the above anagrams. The two for the Declaration of Independence, one including 'the' and one not including 'the,' are unbelievable. The pen, the deed, the ideal and the 13 colonies are all there. In mythology, Promethus (an Illuminati hero) stole fire from the gods. 'Hot' and 'thunderstorm' are amazing parallels. Does the anagram really reveal the ending to the film Psycho? Could the name 'New York Yankees' actually refer to George Steinbrenner? Does the anagram of the Jets winning SuperBowl 3 refer to the great passes of Joe Namath? The 1939 World's Fair presented many technical wonders coming in the near future. Hitler and the Second World War stopped these innovations from happening. The anagram for the World's Fair may be a direct reference to Adolph Hitler. He called himself 'Wolf.' Hitler had wolves as pets and was symbolized by the wolf. He was a 'slim orator.'

  • Statue of Liberty: built to stay free & by a tourist fleet
  • The Statue of Liberty: soft-lit beauty there & thirty feet...absolute

Could the Founding Fathers have been well versed in the power of anagrams? Did they know these hidden, Occult word-secrets such as the Statue of Liberty? The above phrases are amazing. Fleets of tourists pass 'by' Lady Liberty. By adding 'the' we again get 2 anagrams that relate.

  • England and France: fang and clean nerd

This is a very interesting anagram because earlier it described the Queen of England as having an eloquent 'fang.' Here, again, fang is in the position of England. Is David Icke correct with his assumption that lizard-aliens rule Britain? Are they vampires? Is France the 'clean nerd' that does not go to war?

  • In the next ones, you can almost hear the accents:
  • the Bill of Rights: So. filth, blighter
  • How the West Was Won: What we shot we owns!

It seems that an English bloke doesn't like it that upstart America wrote a Bill of Rights. In the anagram for how the west was won, you can hear an Old West voice of a person who shoots first and asks questions later! Are we speaking to GHOSTS?

  • Genesis: see sign
  • Revelations: star, evil one
  • Teletubbies: best tube lie
  • Berlin Wall: well, bar nil
  • Medal of Honor: damn fool hero & of modern halo
  • the Cold War: cheat world
  • Department of Defense: daft Feds rope teen men
  • Louis the Fourteenth: he's out-of-tune Hitler
  • Empire State Building: I am entitled, super big!
  • Margaret Thatcher: that great charmer & the great rat charm
  • Supreme Court: computer user & corrupt? Sue Me!
  • Capital Punishment: pain thumps a client & penal hit, amps cut in
  • NASA Space Program: rampages on as crap & maps sap arrogance
  • Bermuda Triangle: burglar dementia
  • the American Dream: meet a dear, rich man
  • the Origin of Species: cheesier if stooping
  • Roman Catholic Church: hot, chic, amoral crunch
  • the Roman Catholic Church: ah, ah, much incorrect cloth
  • the Shroud of Turin: Truths, if honoured & if the hot surround
  • Nightmare on Elm Street: the norm, grim, tense tale & relating monster theme
  • Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: irk raunchier, radiant Satan
  • Death of Nikola Tesla: Deathlike fool Satan
  • Mt. St. Helens: hot tunnel mess & stun the lemons
  • Mount Saint Helens: unhesitant lemons & as eminent not lush
  • Armageddon: Dear God, man & gore and mad
  • the Holocaust: echo that soul
  • Hitler and the Nazis: enthral in this daze
  • Hitler and the Swastika: starlike deathwish ant
  • the Third Reich: the direr hitch

When you put 'the dire hitch' in the anagram search-engine, you get 'hid rich teeth.' This was stumbled upon by accident. Obviously, this is a reference to the Holocaust and the gold teeth of Jews.

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind: host children ride ten-cent UFOs, OK?
  • cold feet or thin-skinned touchers
  • Romeo and Juliet: mated junior, ole & one jilted amour

Once more, the above anagrams are shocking: the Supreme Court one just happens to say 'sue me.' The two for Capital Punishment each have a courtroom, justice reference. One goes as far as describing the amps of an electric chair. We know the 'public' NASA is fake and not the whole story concerning space. Are the 'maps' that are taking our 'arrogance' showing great alien achievements? 'If the hot surround' could be a reference to when the Shroud was nearly destroyed by fire. The 'hot tunnel' is surely the Mt. St. Helens volcano; 'not lush' will be the 'eminent' state of the land. Is the 'starlike' image a description of the swastika?

Can you believe the Close Encounters anagrams? Are they taking host children or are the ship's hosts (aliens) the children? 'Thin-skinned' aliens? They must touch their subjects. I figured Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' would have anagramic messages. They were mated, fated juniors in 'amour.' Obviously, there is an endless supply of incredible 'coincidences' out there in the ether. How come no one knows about this?

Anagrams should be totally abstract and random such as 'milk armor toast relic.' Yet many of these were coherent phrases, near complete sentences and seemingly 'secret messages.' The genders were very often correct. To the skeptics, how do you explain pinpoint accuracy demonstrated over and over again? Now...EVERYONE'S anagrams did not have special meaning. I had to go through maybe 4 or 5 to find one that had a weird parallel. But, I thought I would have to go through 20 or 30 to coincidentally find one that was dead on...and that was not the case.

I remember the old talk show host, Dick Cavett, was an intellectual who worked out anagrams in his head. Now, we have computers to instantly produce them. I invite you to use ANAGRAM GENIUS and discover many more that are not mentioned here. Is this evidence of an overall plan, fate, destiny, judgement or dare I say: GOD? Are we reading the fabric of the universe? Are anagrams crystal balls or horoscopes? What are we dealing with? Who is sending us these messages? Are we like Bill Shatner in the Twilight Zone where we just discovered that the fortune-telling device is RIGHT?!

Oh, what is MY anagram? Douglas Stephen Yurchey is 'young-eyed, ruthless chap' and 'huge, speedy or staunchly.' What is yours and does it have a familiar significance? 

Your comments and questions are welcome.
Write to 

2005 Doug Yurchey
All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with Permission

Anagram Genius has been in development for seventeen years and is widely accepted as one of the most remarkable and unusual software products on the market!

The software takes the names of your friends, colleagues and competitors and transforms them in ways you would not believe! It rearranges the letters creating perfect anagrams and uses powerful Artificial Intelligence techniques to say things that are weird, wonderful (and sometimes extremely insulting!) about them. Occasionally these anagrams provide deep insights into the text being analysed.

The software was also used recently by Dan Brown to create some of the content of his book, The Da Vinci Code. This is the best-selling adult novel of the 21st century with more than 17 million copies in print!

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Doug Yurchey is a writer, artist and inventor. He has studied ancient mysteries for 30 years and was married to a trans-channel. He has lectured at Carnegie Mellon University and California State at Northridge. For two years a background artist with the Simpsons TV Show.

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