Electron Earth

by Doug Yurchey

What is a planet?

From its beginnings denoting the "wandering stars" of the classical world, the definition of planet has been fraught with ambiguity. In its long life, the word has meant many different things, often simultaneously. Over the millennia, use of the term was never strict and its meaning has twisted and blurred to include or exclude a variety of different objects, from the Sun and the Moon to satellites and asteroids. As knowledge of the universe grew, the word planet grew and changed with it, casting off old meanings and adopting new ones, though never arriving at a single, concrete definition.

Sounds like Astronomy 101, but the question of what is it that we walk on everyday has a much deeper meaning. We take for granted the sphere of land and water orbiting our sun. We even commit a gross disservice when we mistakenly call the Earth ‘the World.’ What is it that we have come to call the EARTH? What are its neighbors that also orbit in exact ellipses throughout what we have named the Solar System? What are they…really? The true (spiritual), extra-worldly, inter-dimensional answer is something incredible and beyond what we have named or think of as a mere ‘planet.’

Orbiting habitats; circling life-giving SUNS of heat and light. What are suns? What are these strange systems of celestial bodies? What are they…REALLY; meaning: in the greater scheme of things in the Universe? What are galaxies, clusters of galaxies, universes and the whole SHEBANG for that matter?

The point is…when we say ‘planet,’ we have no clue what we are saying. For lack of a better term or for not knowing what this big/round ‘thinga-ma-bob’ actually is, we will call it…PLANET…I guess.

One clue could be to find the charge of the planet. We discover that the Earth has a negative, electrical charge. Yet, our sun has a positive charge. Does this scenario sound familiar? Here we have bodies in space with a negative charge in precise orbits circling a positively charged center. The grand mystery as to the question of cosmic bodies could lay in the simple idea of atoms and molecules. What are solar systems? They are different compositions of molecular structures. Vast cosmic bodies in space and infinitesimally small, atomic ‘quanta’ are the same!

Others have imagined the connection or correlation between star systems and atomic structures. Albert Einstein mathematically worked on the quest to discover the answer of the ‘Unified Field.’ What is the relationship between planets/stars and atoms/molecules? This question haunted Einstein for decades in his later years. Could the ultimate answer be as simple as RELATIVITY? It all depends on your size; where you are and your size-relationship to your universe.

Do not be so sure you walk upon a PLANET. The truth could be as mind-blowing as you are walking upon someone else’s ELECTRON. That someone would be a life form that stands in a UNIVERSE SO LARGE that it is beyond our capability to view. We might only be able to see its atomic particles on an extremely microscopic level and misinterpret these atoms as huge, cosmic worlds. There is no size; it is all relative.

Our sun, as other stars, is a gigantic nuclear reaction. The hydrogen to helium generator will eventually use up its fuel and burnout. The Sun could also be an electro-magnetic storehouse of PROTONS and NEUTRONS as contained in the center of atoms. The elliptical orbits of electrons around the proton parallel the elliptical orbits of planets around their single or multiple suns.

If the ‘Field’ is truly ‘Unified’ and one life form’s sun is another life form’s proton, then we have a shockingly deep answer to the question: What are atoms and molecules? They are different compositions of cosmic bodies.

As phenomenal as the concept is, it is not a new idea. Dr. Seuss wrote the fantasy ‘Horton Hears a Who?’ where life existed in a dust speck. Within the world of the dust speck, was a dust speck that contained life. Life and universes continue to the MACRO and to the micro…probably, endlessly. In the film ‘Animal House,’ Donald Sutherland and Tom Hulce got high. The boy excitedly said to his professor, ‘you mean…our whole universe could be in someone’s pant leg?’

This writer has written of the possibility of multiple/infinite Big Bangs; Quasars and Black Holes may be evidence of connecting worlds via the MACRO and micro; also, the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum as physical universes rushing by us so fast, we misinterpret their atoms as light-speed waves (frequencies) in nature. (Read the article ‘Light-Speed Universes’ or the story ‘Talking to a Sea-Monkey’).

When we view the awesome panorama of the observable universe, what is it exactly that we are seeing? Could it be the mixture of colors; explosive forces; beautiful and destructive interactions of sub-atomic particles? Where are we in the greater scheme of things? Are we in a super-sized pant leg; in a brick on the wall? Does it even matter? Is our Solar System the lead atom at the front of a speeding car? If that were the case, a car crash in that MACRO world might rub out our small niche of space in one ultimate FLASH OF DESTRUCTION. We should not worry, though; our end could take eons.



The curved brushstroke into a sphere or ball is not unlike Einstein’s curvature of space. As land extends for thousands of miles and then bends; meets as one giant spheroid, so does SPACE. ALL of space could curve and become a type of ATOM; a singularity; a ‘quanta’ or particle of a much, much larger world…etc.

I had read the Time Magazine issue dedicated to Einstein on his 100th birthday and was completely fascinated. I saw the 2-hour, PBS Special with Peter Ustinov and a curved pool table as the childlike actor learned Einstein’s Universe. Somewhere it struck me as I dug into the ground with a shovel planting a tomato garden. With every plunge into the dirt, I wondered, ‘what was it I was digging into?’ And the outrageous answer bounced back, I’m digging into a freaking ATOM! I was shocked; more accurately, our ELECTRON orbits a PROTON (sun).

Einstein had to suspect the truth with his title or Holy Grail called the ‘Unified Field’ as it applies to atomic particles and cosmic bodies. Today, it is vogue to dispute Einstein. But, the basic and true principles of Relativity hit us everyday with every move we make.

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