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What is GOD?  |  Storehouse of the Gods

What is GOD?

by Doug Yurchey

‘Gods to God and back again…’

Everyone asks this dull, drab, boring question. Therefore…it should be dealt with immediately, which is not to trivialize this all encompassing query. Here’s the problem

…it is just too large of a question. What’s the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything? TOO BIG of a question is the dilemma.

Why not ask how suns and planets are created? Why not ask how humans can be created? No…people want to understand the big picture…so they question ‘who is the Architect of it ALL?’ Who is the overall Builder? People ask ‘what is God’ as if they can understand the answer. They cannot even understand the question. The problem is the ‘question of God’ is not understandable. The problem is the ‘answer of God’ is truly incomprehensible.

We are but microscopic insects in the grand scheme of things. How could such small creatures such as us expect to understand the thing, being, force, entity, alien or whatever you choose to call GOD? We cannot. The question becomes nearly moot.

Who says there is only one Universe? Why believe there is the singularity of only one Big Bang? If the cosmos teaches us anything it should be the fact of a limitless infinity. Nothing stops and simply comes to an end; there is always a beyond, a flow, a change or a recycling. There is always many in one and one in many. Atoms were not the smallest bodies; they are composed of infinitesimal ‘quarks.’ Quarks are probably composed of even smaller bits. The universe is not like China; its borders do not end with a wall. In fact, there are no borders. There is not one Universe and one Big Bang. The ultimate, overall, Super-Universe contains endless worlds and an infinite number of Big Bangs…

Please, think on this point. Let the idea of many, many universes sink into skulls that may never have contemplated the possibility. ‘An infinite number of Big Bangs’ is a big one to swallow in one gulp. Our Big Bang is merely that…‘our’ Big Bang. That primordial explosion, that was our world’s physical beginning, is our Big Bang…like we have our cluster of galaxies, our galaxy, our sun and our planet Earth. It is not THE Big Bang and there is not a single universe or a single Big Bang. Why not clusters of Big Bangs? And clusters of clusters of Big Bangs as there are clusters of galactic clusters? This larger picture of ‘worlds within worlds’ is the PATTERN. That concept probably applies to the idea of many Big Bangs. So, if true, what does that do to one’s view of God?

Consider the amazing possibility that our Electro-Magnetic Spectrum are more worlds, physical universes with their own Big Bangs, relatively traveling by us at such high velocities that they are only perceived as light-speed frequencies! Light is the only visible portion of the EMS. The other bands are different EM frequencies such as infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays, television, microwaves, cosmic rays, short and long radio waves. In physics, we ask ‘how can an object act as particle AND wave?’ The answer has to do with relative MOTION. Take particles, like atoms and molecules, and move them very fast (light-speed) relative to stationary atoms and molecules…and you get this RAIN of Electro-Magnetic energy from space. Space is not an empty void of nothingness. Our radio telescopes do not detect the observable universe. The huge dishes and arrays are constructed to record the RADIO or EMS universe that exists of micro ‘quanta’ moving along different wavelengths at light-speed. Radio sources are everywhere in the universe, in all wavelengths and in all directions. Real, physical worlds are warping by us so fast that we only detect them as EM energy!

Let the idea that the energy received by radio telescopes are actual solar systems sink in…that real, physical universes like and unlike ours could be zipping by us so fast that it is only possible to perceive them as EM waves. This certainly does not break the Energy = Matter equation. The speed of light is the limit for each universe. If you, in a light-speed saucer, reach light-speed…then, you run-off and no longer exist in your universe. Your ship has caught up with a particular light-speed universe…and it now appears stationary to you! Certain saucer vehicles may change universes as easy as hitting a button on a remote control. What does that do the picture of God?

The truth is Church officials should never be ‘speaking for God.’ How can they?

We know so little of the universe…and yet we think we can conceive of its overall CREATOR? We are so unaware that our entire universe is probably only a microscopic particle of far greater Universes and still there is no end. Worlds to the ‘micro’ and worlds to the MACRO, endlessly, is the probable composition of the UNIVERSE. The only philosopher that had it astronomically correct was Dr. Seuss in his book ‘Horton Hear a Who?’ The universes never end. If Albert Einstein was only alive long enough to read Dr. Seuss, then maybe he would have understood the ‘Unified Field.’ Stars or suns are really positively-charged, atomic nuclei. The planets in solar system patterns are really negatively-charged electrons in their orbits around their suns (protons). Our cosmic bodies are but micro particles in a physical Universe on an incomprehensible, larger level above us. And still, that larger world is only a small particle of something far greater.

Another consideration is the link between Black Holes and quasars. Not only do Black Holes suck everything from all sides into one point, they also SHRINK the objects or ships caught within the powerful vortex. Unlike popular belief, you are not crushed upon entering the Black Hole. Also, (this could be a hard one to grasp) you and your ship survive the complete journey through a Black Hole. You are not destroyed in a ‘singularity’ as Professor Hawking suggests. Once more, universes do not come to an end. There is all the reason to believe that…if you go into a Black Hole…you exit another universe’s quasar. If there is a ‘yin,’ then there must be an equal and opposite ‘yang.’

Quasars are White Holes. Enormous amounts of energy/matter eject out of these (relatively small?) spherical, white objects at the farthest reaches of our observable universe. More energy than entire galaxies flow out of a quasar. We have photographed vast jets of matter millions of miles in length shooting from quasars. As strange as matter curves, flows and disappears into a Black Hole…incredible amounts of energy/matter appear and shoot out from the ‘quasi-stellar’ mysteries known as quasars. What astronomers do not realize is that it is easier to explain the enigma of quasars as HOLES. Everything pours OUT of a quasar (not in) at all directions, even light, from a single point. This is the exact opposite of a Black Hole.

‘Go into a Black Hole, come out a quasar’ is a logical assumption. Imagine entering a Black Hole. You are being SHRUNK into the next level down, to the MICRO universe. You safely emerge out of the other end as if it were a wormhole. Looking back, you see a view from the other side or micro-world. That tiniest vortex of the Black Hole is now the MASSIVE APERTURE OF A SPHERICAL GUSHER OF ENERGY AND MATTER KNOWN AS A QUASAR! From that microscopic universe, the White Hole quasar is an incredibly large structure. It all depends on your point of view, doesn’t it? When we photograph far-out quasars, we are actually viewing objects, ships, matter, debris and energy exiting out after being shrunk down from the MACRO universe above us. When they entered their Black Hole conduits in the MACRO universe, they were shrunk down to our microscopic level. The world is amazing…much more expansive and multi-layered than you can imagine.

Black Hole – Quasar flows may be normal conduits between worlds. They are unfathomable phenomena to Earthlings, but they could be normal space ways for life forms that know how to travel the curves of space.

Before we try to understand the Architect (God), maybe we should attempt to know a bit about the architecture (the Universe). What of parallel worlds? There could be universes existing in different dimensions; invisible realms, different times? Why bring up the God question when we are so blind to true reality? Einstein called us ‘feeble creatures’ that are blind to the full spectrum of the Universe.

Who says the CREATOR of all things was the Creator of the Earth? Possibly, life forms on an enormous level are responsible for the existence of many universes. Other life-entities could be the galaxy-makers. Another level of life entirely could be the makers of solar systems. God, whatever you believe it to be, might have had NOTHING to do with the formation of the planet we walk upon.

Who says the manufacturer of the Earth created human beings? We may not have been magically created by a mystical God or by the same thing that formed distant galaxies. Humans may not be natural by-products of the planet. We may be strangers here on this planet. We may be the result or end-product of a long-abandoned Earth colony. By the same logic, the seeder of life on Earth might not have been the builder of the planet. The creator of human Life in the universe may not have been the creator of human life on Earth. The creator of human life on Earth might not have been the same ones responsible for the plants and animals on the planet. One could even extrapolate and say ‘the CREATOR of EVERYTHING, ALL, the real SUPREME…might not have been the Being that created something as small and insignificant as our particular universe!

The question becomes ‘gods or God?’ There is an eastern philosophy that every cluster of galaxies has its god; every galaxy has its god; every star system has its god and every planet has its god. Every Big Bang could also have its god. Could these be alien life forms that rule in larger and larger cosmic Hierarchies? Are the angels aliens?

God was once plural; there were multiple gods as in ‘Chariots of the Gods?’ In books of India that predate the Bible, GODS flew in the sky and waged terrible wars. There were the ‘giants,’ the titans, the Children of Heaven and the Children of Men. Before Biblical editing, the word ‘gods,’ plural, was in the Old Testament. Editors changed ‘gods’ to the simplified version of ‘God’ in the Bible. You see, the once enlightened masses fell to the Dark Ages; people became simple and actually descended to primitiveness. They could no longer comprehend complex things or a universe of many gods. Gods became the single GOD. Hundreds of years ago, the masses became indoctrinated on a simpler view.

Today, we should question the concept of one God. Are you so sure Church officials have the correct and true answers? Is it as simple as one God or is that all that your mind can handle? Possibly, we should explore eastern philosophies and the idea of a complex, multi-leveled, multi-faceted Universe? Same can be said for God.

A lot of science has been covered on the subject of ‘God.’ Would not God be the Ultimate Scientist? Scientific facts should not scare or intimidate God as they might bother the Church clergy. Would not God be the ultimate geneticist and know every code of everyone’s DNA? Then, why are religious leaders so angry when scientists use stem cells or genetically engineer a clone…because the geneticists dared to dabble in the realm of God? It would seem as if genetic scientists are emulating God…and what’s wrong with emulating God?

Does GOD exist? The quick in the search-engine is:

[‘Yes, but not as the Church and numerous religions perceive Him to be.]

For one thing, God is not male and should never be referred to as some kind of bearded man in the sky. What kind of chauvinistic, macho, woman-hating, male priest came up with the nonsense that the Supreme GOD has a penis?! This writer does not believe that the Creator of universes has a penis. What this writer has attempted to express is the answers are not simple. Do not look for simple answers to complex questions. So, why look at God through the eyes of medieval men and women? Come into the modern age. View religious things scientifically and view scientific things religiously.

The Bible in Exodus Chapter 15, verse 3 reads that ‘the Lord is a man of war.’ This is wrong on so many levels. A hint of historical truth may be gleaned in the quote as we realize that the god of these people was a ‘man.’ The ‘war’ reference makes no religious sense (unless God is not good), but supports the concept that technology explains many Biblical events.

Consider the idea of CLONING as a possible and reasonable Creation-theory. Now, if this were the case…that the genesis of humankind on Earth was a result of human cloning…then, our progenitor or Creator would indeed be a human being. And, yes, that would mean that our god could have had a penis!

If human, space travelers landed on Earth a very long time ago and cloned themselves…then, later, those clones stayed and inhabited the planet…then; our god (small ‘g’) could have been any human with the ability of space travel and the knowledge of cloning. Possibly, we were not created. Rather, we were Xeroxed.

What is God? God is also anyone that ruthlessly has ultimate control over another. Too often, in the history of the human race, fascist authorities have played GOD and exercised total dominion over another country/race or culture. Too many wars have been fought in the name of God. Do you really think God is on your side as you shed blood for your country? Maybe God sides with your enemy? Maybe God supports the rebellious, conscientious objector?

In this writer’s experience, we should never mention the G-Word. This is not to negate a wonderful, celestial, spiritual belief system of Higher Beings. One should be in greater and greater awe the more they learn of the world. But, why speak of things we do not understand? Why give the impression that we know something that we could not possibly know? Why use the G-Word at all? (I apologize for my usage of the GOD-concept in this article).


During World War 2, modern military units established bases on numerous South Sea Islands. Primitive Polynesian natives had never seen technology before or people of the outside world. The simple islanders did not understand what they observed. Airplanes, guns, grenades, torpedos, radios and television were beyond their experience.

After the war, people flew back to the islands and made a remarkable discovery. They saw effigies of airplanes. The natives prayed to large models of the airplane. A simple and pure culture on remote islands had been contaminated by the presence of the military. Ever since the bases were dismantled and the servicemen had left, the Polynesians searched the skies. They waited for the return of their new gods and built airplane-idols in their honor.

Anyone can become GOD if they have the power to control another group that sees their overseers as gods. Too often in human history, the powerful have ruled over the helpless. Too often we pray to God when we are in great need or desperate trouble. Maybe it is time to take responsibility for ourselves. Maybe it is time to be strong rather than weak? Maybe it is time to rely on ourselves rather than wait for some kind of guidance that might not ever come? Maybe it is time to realize the greatness of ourselves, a new potential for the human race and know that there is god-like power within us all…

Author's note:

One time I was getting off of an airplane and made my way through the airport. I came across a Hare Krishna person that gave away flowers or pamphlets. The guy was dressed in the appropriate attire of light robes. He shaved his head exactly like the members of his faith. He was virtually identical in appearance with others of his kind that populated the airport. Usually, I never get into a 'deep' discussion with a total stranger…but, I could not help myself. A thought came to me that I had to explore with the Hare Krishna guy.

He professed God's love, which was all well and good. He spoke of how we should give up Earthly possessions, the ways of the world, physical pleasures and accept a life in complete servitude to your God.

I later confronted him one-on-one and commented, 'Ah, wait a minute…only a selfish, egotistical God would want such a thing.'

He stared at me not knowing what to say or think.

I clarified my point. 'I mean, the Hare Krishnas wear the same clothes; they cut their hair the same way; probably think and live exactly the same as identical UNITS…serving their God…'

He said, 'Yes?'

I said, 'Well, I don't believe we were made (our purpose) to serve God. What kind of God would create creatures whose ONLY purpose is to serve God? The answer is an egomaniac of a Creator. Whatever 'God' is to me, that thing, would appreciate diversity; unique/creative art and the power of the individual. Maybe God respects the rebel and critic over the unquestioning slave? Why not use what exists in the world, including physical pleasures? Maybe we are supposed to exercise in the ways of the world. Also, my God would not want or desire to be SERVED by its creations. My God would rather we turn that love and servitude toward each other; love each other, rather than God.'

The Hare Krishna person was silent and had no comeback for me. Who knows if my words had any effect? We went our separate ways.

- Love each other…

Storehouse of the Gods

In another world…a researcher/explorer, Ames Browning, discovered that he was connected to very ancient ruins that are scattered over his planet of Kaltera. He was on expedition and came across new ruins tens of thousands of years old. Buried, stone pyramids and obelisks led the way. In a cave vault, the explorer discovered a warehouse of super machines that appeared made for giants! It was called the ‘Storehouse of the Gods’ by his team members. Browning and fellow explorers kept the secret of the Storehouse. They decided to take piece after piece and deceived the public by creating sporadic finds. In this way, they would be the center of the prestigious archeological community for many years to come. They did not want to lose control of the huge find, which would happen if they went public with the amazing items in the cave vault.

Ames uncovered a different, early history that would rock the foundations of Origin Fundamentalism. In truth…the ancient world (their ancestors) blew themselves up by misusing their precious, life-giving, and free-energy source. Thanks to a recorder-mechanism he triggered, Ames saw the past in projected images on a large screen. Another machine deciphered the ancient hieroglyphs. Browning learned valuable ‘true history.’ Later, Ames Browning became famous for his theory that the ancients had a means of transmitting and utilizing a natural electro-magnetic power within the planet. The wireless, electrical power was carried and collected in stone (power-grids) around the globe. Browning understood that everything concerning traditional Origin Fundamentalism was wrong! Who could believe that very early people of the pre-cataclysm period were MORE advanced than modern Kalterans? He did not tell anyone that his ‘theories’ came directly from prehistoric discs found in the highland regions.

On a lone adventure…Ames Browning discovered a pre-cataclysm machine and got it to function, not aware of its purpose. It DOUBLED him! He was now two people. He and his counterpart kept their secret. They (as one person) became even more famous. But the duplicates were divided in goals and purposes. Ames Browning continued to present discoveries from the hidden ‘Storehouse of the Gods,’ while he lectured on his New Genesis theory. His views were almost becoming a ‘new religion.’ He was hailed as a brilliant, progressive leader and began a political career. This was all in concert with his exact (dark) double, known only to his duplicate as ‘Browning Ames.’ (Kalterans can be referred to by their reverse name). Browning Ames also held public showings of the incredible ‘Storehouse’ items…only this Browning was slowly killing off the other members of the expedition team! His twin brother discovered the truth; B.A. was a killer.

It was down to only the two duplicates. Ames Browning and Browning Ames had taken very different paths in life besides one killing the expedition team members. Browning Ames became the mad scientist and studied schematics of the ancient ‘tuning’ device. The duplicates were warned in images; the stone-crystal ‘tuner-towers’ were not Pargon idols, but powerful devices. They were shown how the titanic tuner-towers (thought of as only idol-statues) were set to oscillate and that a fantastic/electrical FORCE blew the planet of Kaltera to pieces! That was what the ‘story’ visually illustrated on the screen of the Gods, the pre-cataclysmic device. The duplicate Brownings certainly did not understand the visual-history since they knew their planet did not disintegrate.

Much later, Browning Ames had taken the profits of his fame and created a 100-foot tuner-tower! The primitive device was not made of stone, but metal. The tuner utilized a charge from the River Shydrach. The monstrosity amplified the electrical charge and poured beat after electric beat into the ground itself. The power was slowly building up…

When Ames Browning first saw what his duplicate-brother had done, he was suddenly overjoyed. He thought this could be used for GOOD and that something decent will come from the 100-foot power tower; that possibly…his insane brother had a disturbed reason for silencing the expedition team members…but, then, reality came crashing home.

Ames realized they wouldn’t have been silenced if he was going to really build the basic principle of the Gods, the doomsday device that destroyed their ancestors. B.A. went ahead and built the damn thing! Now, Ames Browning understood that the tower could never be used in their modern, industrial, electronic world. What was essentially a giant MAGNET would FRY their many computers and whole media system-networks.

…And Browning Ames planned to use the tuner in the very same way that destroyed the ancients! He had to be stopped! Browning Ames was obsessed with the tuner’s existence no matter what destruction would occur to their present, technical society.

Ames Browning knew the thoughts of his evil twin. Browning Ames moved closer to the tower’s control panel. He was about to turn UP the amplitude dial of the horrible, metal tower…a tower that was never intended to power whole continents. Instead, his crazy duplicate created this monster for one irrational purpose…to destroy the world!

He confronted his brother at the control panel. Skies turned dark. Violent winds struck the vibrating area. An electrical storm was coming.

‘Why, brother?! Why would you do it?! Are you pure evil?’

Before words could exit the madman’s mouth, Ames Browning had his hands tightly around his counterpart’s neck. Words or even air had trouble coming out of Browning.

The muffled words, ‘You’ll d-die, if…you…k-kill me’ were heard.

‘So be it,’ said Ames as he choked his twin harder. Then, he realized what he was doing and stopped. They both fell to the ground at the base of the 100-foot, metal monster. It started to rain and lightning flashed intermittently.

The tower never missed an electric beat and increased to an even greater intensity. The ground shook harder. Did the tower attract the electrical storm?

‘No! I HAVE to know why! W-What part of me could kill off everything? You look like me, but…but…why, brother? I actually thought you had good motives. Why build this? Why crack Kaltera in two?’

Browning Ames gathered his wretched self together. When he scrambled off the ground and stood to face his brother, he had a gun in his hand. Browning Ames killed his twin brother in cold blood. Then, Browning Ames went even madder and TURNED UP THE TUNER TO ITS MAXIMUM…as if he was, strangely, compelled to do so…

In another realm that is the Kalteran’s afterlife (Shaland), Ames Browning is forever known as Tartrix. Young Tartrix meets an older soul called Esterlon. She is beautiful, blue and there to answer all of his many questions. He wants to know what happened on his home world after his death. Esterlon does not want to tell him. Tartrix insists. Esterlon shows him the complete shut-down of every communication/media system-networks in Kaltera’s ‘present’ time or the time of the Brownings.

Tartrix senses there is far more horror ahead. She shows the boy the total destruction of his world in the future…the planet Kaltera BLOWS UP as a result of an incredible build up of electro-magnetic frequency caused by the 100-foot tuner set at maximum! Kaltera shatters like a glass hit with the perfect, vibrating note! Browning Ames blew the planet.

Tartrix is terribly distraught. He pleads to Esterlon that this cannot happen; this must not happen. He feels responsible for the entire chain of events. He misunderstands and desperately asks the blue vision to please make the destruction NOT HAPPEN!

She shows him the alternative…what would have occurred if he did NOT play his part in the course of Kalteran history. Tartrix does not understand. She visually shows what his world (in his own time of the 19th Unarris) would look like if his duplicate brother had NOT destroyed the planet. He is shown a planet of nature devoid of human life, cities, animals or any type of activity. After vast periods of time, nature eventually dies as the cosmic body turns to a dead cinder that never knew the existence of complex life forms.

He really does not understand. THE PLANET EXPLODED. She tells him that a dream-world was unconsciously crystallized by millions of passed souls. A new planet immediate took the place of the old so that there was no planetary destruction at all. She says that the giant ruins that existed in Kaltera’s distant past, which Tartrix had visited many times when he was Ames Browning, would never have existed if the planet was not destroyed…and if the past did not exist…then; neither could the present or the future…

Tartrix does not fully understand, but is slowly seeing the light.

She explains that when the new planet formed from the ashes of the old, the world had to start again. Society, people you knew and their descendants went ahead and built the human race the right way. They built technology the right way, after your society fell and collapsed. The old systems had to have been eliminated in order for the Power Towers to be installed. Now…Tomorrow could be constructed, but only after the end of the old ways and the Old World. Now…pyramids, obelisks, power-stations, free-energy utility-statues; Utopia and the electric-network can be built, the super-metropolis of the future. The very principle of ‘tuners’ and a power distribution system of grand STONE anomalies will form super-metropolis on Kaltera LONG after Browning’s time on the planet.

‘But, that was the past?’ he thought.

‘The Storehouse of the Gods?’ she thought back to him.

‘Yes? Huh?’ Tartrix only now realizes he is psychic and can read the muse’s mind.

Esterlon’s thoughts tell him, ‘Those were YOUR machines. You, in the FUTURE, collected the devices as your super-society crumbled. You tried your best to preserve what might still locally function since the World Power Grid was permanently down.’

Without moving his lips, Tartrix replied, ‘Now, I’m really confused. You said I died. How could I, in the future, have collected the machines…and wait a minute…THAT WAS THE PAST!’

Esterlon knew her truth would be difficult for the fresh ‘afterlife’ child that was still thinking linear. She calmly told him, ‘your energy continued…others in your name, souls of your expedition team…’


‘They returned and continued your work…beyond the 20th and 21st Unarris.’

After many moments as the ‘fresh’ afterlife takes in the wondrous, colorful environment surrounding his unusually perfect body…the boy finally understands and tells the teacher what he has learned:

‘What you’re communicating and what I am sensing is…those ancient ruins that I have touched, studied; wrote about and theorized on…all of the great weights of incredible rock; sculptures of the past Gods…prehistoric Utility Poles…proof that our ancestors were so much greater than our time of the present…that…would never have existed and, therefore, the human Kalteran race – if the future does not play out precisely as it is supposed to play out…past connected to the future. The ardquark or the egg?’

‘Yes, Tartrix. Now, you understand…’

‘The World of Tomorrow, the super architecture of power towers, that resembles the distant past…the future formed from the ashes of the present…IS THE DISTANT PAST.’


© 2009 Doug Yurchey
All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with Permission

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Doug Yurchey is a writer, artist and inventor. He has studied ancient mysteries for 30 years and was married to a trans-channel. He has lectured at Carnegie Mellon University and California State at Northridge. For two years a background artist with the Simpsons TV Show. Doug Yurchey can be reached at    

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