commentary by Doug Yurchey 

Who is John Lear? He is a retired airline captain with over 19,000 hours of flight time. He is the son of Lear Jet inventor, Bill Lear. He has flown over 100 different types of planes in 60 different countries. John holds 17 aviation world records. His accomplishments are too numerous to mention here such as: He was the youngest American to climb the Matterhorn in 1959. LEAR FLEW SECRET MISSIONS FOR THE CIA in Central and Southest Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa between 1966 and 1983. In 1988, John met Bob Lazar; the scientist/physicist who worked on back-engineering of ET saucers at S-4 near the infamous Area 51. In March 1989, Lazar took Lear to a section of Rachel Nevada where they observed the flight of a flying saucer at the exact time Lazar told him it would occur. Two weeks later during more UFO spying, security forces caught Lear, Lazar and 3 others. The next day, Lazar lost his job with the Government for this breach of security. John Lear has lectured and learned incredible information about life in our Solar System; structures on the Moon; cities on Mars and huge ET ships mining the rings of Saturn, etc., etc...

The following conversation to Art Bell is not unlike Xerox copies I received more than 20 years ago. The pages blew my mind and were from John Lear. They told of Roswell details like 'human body parts' found inside the crashed spaceship; EBE, the captured grey alien; the Zeta Reticuli Agenda; William Cooper and the DEAL our military/governments have with the grey Zetas were all mentioned in these papers. These were secrets that ring true. The following delves into the same secrets that are kept from the public. Lear expresses new information here. People interested in conspiracy theories and UFOs will really enjoy this. Is this a RUMOR passed down through decades believed by fanatics? Or, did these events actually happen?

People must see this. Copy and forward these pages to those interested. We are being PATRIOTIC by questioning authority. There is nothing wrong with criticizing America with the Truth. A country must stand up to all questions. We are being rebellious patriots by challenging our nations and exposing international or interstellar secrets. America should be about free speech and First Amendment rights.

This extraordinary info came to me in an e-mail from screen-name Tomorrow Alora. Lear is speaking to Art Bell. I add my own commentary within the parentheses as a researcher of various mysteries:

...So here's what happened, Art. Our first UFO recoveries were in the late '30s. We made a couple in the beginning of the '40s and then came Roswell, which the public found out about. We got 2 live aliens from Roswell. One died shortly thereafter and one lived till 1956. And we found out so far there are 18 different alien species that we know about monitoring Earth. Some are good some are hostile, most are indifferent. We found out that we are the Experimental product, if you will, of an alien race who we never met and we don't know who they are. All we know is the Greys are cybernetic organisms, glorified robots, who work here at the behest of their employers monitoring us through abductions. We were never able to find out what the Experiment was all about except that we have been externally corrected about 65 times. And they, the aliens, refer to us as 'containers.' There's been speculation that the SOULS our bodies contain are the reason for the Experiment or abductions. (I do not believe for one second that 'aliens' created us because that compltely conflicts with my 30 years of studying the ancient mysteries. My conclusions, posted in a number of articles, show that very ADVANCED HUMANS created or cloned us. Now, why would these invaders lie? Because it is their military strategy. They are the real enemy; initially captured behind enemy lines. If they said they were God, then we might consider them deities. It is their way of controlling us, very similar to the Imperial protocols of our Earthly monarchies).

Since 1938, we've lost over 200 aircraft due to UFO hostilities and thousands of soldiers in all kinds of actions with aliens. Since that time, several hundred thousand civilians have disappeared with no trace. Several thousand of those were eliminated (killed) by us because of their chance encounters with the aliens which we could ill afford to have publicized.

A slightly more frightening phenomena known as 'human mutilations' have occurred on a regular basis and are similar to cattle mutilations. Humans are taken from the street, so to speak, and returned to the same area later with their rectums cored out, their genitals removed, eyes removed and completely drained of blood. In all cases, it appeared that the mutilation procedures occurred while the persons were still alive and conscious. One of our scientists speculates that apparently the human specimens had to be alive for the samples to be worth anything. Abductions occur on a daily basis throughout the U.S. to at least 10% of the population. (There certainly have been many, many alien abductions. But, more than 10% of our entire population! That cannot be an accurate number).

When we were first made aware of this, we protested to the little grey being we had held in captivity at the YY-2 facility in Los Alamos. But, a DEAL was struck that in exchange for advanced technology from the aliens we would allow them to abduct a very small number of persons and we would periodically be given a list of those persons abducted. We got something less than the technology we bargained for and found the abductions exceeded by a million fold than what we had naively agreed to. (Spielberg's 'ET: The Extraterrestrial' could easily have been inspired by EBE, which stood for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. This was the official name for the live, grey alien captured at Roswell. ET the movie was propaganda. The Greys are not cuddly, sweet aliens. The truth is there is an invisible WAR with these blood-suckers. The truth is the planet is secretly UNITED in peace; wars are bogus and the real enemy are the Zeta Greys who treat us no better than lab rats).

In 1954, President Eisenhower met with a representative of another alien species at Muroc Test Center, which is now called Edwards Air Force Base. This alien suggested that they could halp us get rid of the Greys, but Eisenhower turned down their offer because they offered no technology.(Huge mistake. Ike was a war-hero and made military decisions during his presidency).

At this point, it became apparent to all involved that there was no such thing as God, at least how the public perceives God. Certainly some form of computer recorder stores information and an occasional miracle is displayed by the aliens to influence a religious event. (The miracle of Fatima, to mention one). This so unnerved Eisenhower that he had 'In God We Trust' put on paper money and coins and put it in the Pledge of Allegiance to reaffirm the public belief in God. Shortly after this, it was determined in meetings between the U.S. and the Russians that the situation was serious enough that a COLD WAR should be manufactured as a ruse to divert attention away from UFOs and towards some other scary threat like the H-Bomb. It was also decided to keep the ruse secret from any elected or appointed officials within both the U.S. and USSR governments. It was decided that the ruse was easier to manage if the top people didn't know about it. (In the short-lived TV series 'Dark Skies,' the character of John Loengard wondered why there was a Cuban Missile Crisis. An alien presence should UNITE the countries of Earth; instead there was a Cold War). (And, on the question of No God, the top religious leaders are Freemasons. They are trained on the reality of No God and secret teachings, yet provide the masses with the illusion of religion. In the Middle Ages, Templars built the churches, owned the banks and started wars. In secret rituals, Templars were forced to deny Christ by stepping on the cross...yet they were the ones in charge of the churches. Little has changed today with the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The highest religious officials are humanists who secretly deny God).

In the late '50s NASA was formed to compartmentalize, containerize and sanitize data from all space platforms and vehicles. We sold NASA to the public claiming that all info would belong to the people. But, they got very little and even that was sanitized. (NASA was never for us. It is a front. Incredible things have been going on in our Solar System that are known to Earthly Powers That Be and not known to us).

Our first efforts were to keep the public from learning about VENUS. A very similar planet to Earth and its population is very similar to us, just technologically advanced. We learned a lot starting with the Russian Venera 1 and U.S. Mariner 2. We made Venus look like a lead-melting, volcanic surface; spewing sulfuric acid into a pressurized atmosphere 90 times that of Earth. And as often the case, we over did it and we wondered why nobody asked how a parachute survived a descent into 800-degree air. (My article 'Life Inside Venus?' can be found on a few websites. I have been complimented and ridiculed for it. I was pen-pals with Arthur Matthews before he died in 1986. Arthur may have been Nikola Tesla's son as I have speculated in a piece called 'Son of Tesla.' Arthur was the last man to work with the great inventor and co-wrote a book with him called 'The Wall of Light.' He claimed that Venusians landed on his property in Canada and informed him that the genius Tesla was one of them! It is very interesting to hear this unrelated source mention people from Venus with advanced technology. If Arthur's claims were true, it is understandable that one of these high-tech humans from Venus came here and became the greatest inventor of all time. Was Tesla the inspiration for Superman? There are conflicting views concerning Venus. A PBS Nova Special on TV reported that mysterious Venus NEVER had lava flows. Instead, it has the most intense cratering in the Solar System. That means there was no resurfacing on Venus; it is super ancient and there was no movement whatsoever on the surface. Then, there are other reports and pictures of volcanic eruptions [?] Something very strange is indeed going on with the second planet. We cannot rely on our authorities to ever tell us the truth).

When the bogus Russian threat began to fade, we introduced Vietnam which kept the public occupied for over 10 years. The cover-up and personnel to run the operation began to get bigger and bigger and required more and more money. We were forced to inflate the Defense budget. Then we got into the drug business...

Go ahead and roll the tape for Mr. Bell. What you see here are what human mutilations look like. That one was a male about 17 years old. That one is a film of dead aliens being pulled from the wreckage of a craft that crashed in Olancha, CA. in the '50s. The craft you see over there was over 250 feet in diameter and had to be buried on the spot. That site is in Utah near the Dugway Proving Grounds. The object you're looking at now is the Kecksburg Acorn which was brought to Wright-Patterson AFB in the middle '60s. (I actually saw the Kecksburg UFO streak across the Pittsburgh sky one December evening in 1965! Paul Hunt, of the Atlantis Bookstore in Burbank, believes the Kecksburg UFO was a controlled 'life-pod.') There's Frank Drake trying to force information out of a being tied down to a stretcher. He was supposedly from Tau Ceti. (Tau Ceti is a yellow star much like our sun).

These pictures you're looking at now are structures on the Moon. That's the tower in Sinas Medii and it's over 7 miles tall. And that thing over there is what we call the Colossus of Oguram in Mare Crisium. We don't know what it does but the machine itself is bigger than Brooklyn, NY. (In an article called 'Who Stops to Question the Man in the Moon?' I examine the extreme oddity that one side of our satellite ALWAYS faces the Earth; that 'gravity-lock' is a myth and the Earth/Moon relationship is totally unnatural. I theorized that some lunar device must compensate for natural forces that should make us observe the far side of the Moon. Is the Colossus in the Sea of Crisis the mechanism?) Now those are videos of the domes covering the craters. As you can see, some are in a very advanced state of decay. (Another controversial article I wrote is called 'Secret Bases on the Moon and Mars.' We are not allowed to PUBLICLY go back to the Moon or reach Mars. The recent success on Mars was a bogus dog and pony show; a sanitized public display and nowhere near what we really know about Mars. Our masters are not going to ever reveal the Big Lie. For decades our tax dollars have been paying for secret installations, yet the public never benefits from these black projects. We, the people, are kept in the dark and in the Dark Ages, technologically).

There are 5 slides of the 18 different alien species we are looking at. That one there is the most gruesome looking. The guars at one facility are carefully indoctrinated over several months being shown alien pictures. We had two guards die of heart attacks as aliens came down a hallway unexpectedly. (I read about a teleporter project our Govenment has like TV's 'Stargate.' One report told of a horrible-creature that appeared on this end. It ate people and was immediately killed!)

And this last clip is of the Kennedy assassination. This is a second camera that recorded exactly what happened and we had 4 gunman. (One shooter was the driver of Kennedy's limo; CIA agent William Greer. The unedited version of the Zapruder film shows him turn and fire at the President. JFK's brains were blown back. Jacky Kennedy could be seen running for her life out the back of the limo. A Secret Service agent pushed her back into the car). And the bottom line was that JFK had to go. He insisted on releasing what little alien information we had told him about and he was trying to withdraw troops from Vietnam which we were using as a diversion. After Kennedy, we never told any President anything. Nixon knew because he was briefed as Vice President in 1952. That's how we knew to take Jacky Gleason to Homestead AFB to see the alien bodies we had in storage there. (I wrote an article called 'Was JFK Killed Because of Roswell?' This seemed resonable. It was satisfying to read Lear's Briefing since I wrote the article without references. I had never heard anyone else ever speculate on this reason for the killing of Kennedy. The Zeta Reticulan Greys would be far above Top Secret Classified info. Many people have been murdered because of the dirty, little secrets that world governments want SECRET. James Forrestal, Secretary of State in the '50s was the only member of MJ-12 that wanted the public to know the truth about the aliens. He was thrown out of a Bethesda Naval Hospital window to his death. Reporter and TV personality Dorothy Kilgallen was also murdered. She had exclusive rights to interview Jack Ruby and was getting close to the truth. Was Marilyn Monroe killed for the same reason? William Cooper was also murdered by feds because of his controversial books and lectures. The sleeping public would be shocked to know that the real reason for these tragedies had to do with aliens in space!) And that's about it. What say you Art Bell? Do we brief the public? Yay or nay?

- Special thanks to 'Spaceprophet' of Fantastic Forum who provided this transcript.

The next portion of the John Lear material was again forwarded to me from my on-line friend. She informed me that this info was as important as what was said to Art Bell. (I again add commentary to this part 2).

John Lear has requested that the following file be published on ParaNet. It is our philosophy to promote debate on paranormal issues, no matter how controversial and we do encourage input. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the Administrator or other Paranet staff. We can state, however that John is who he says he is and has numerous contacts in sensitive positions that could conceivably allow him access to info of this type.

DECEMBER 29, 1987 ...John Lear became interested in UFOs after talking with U.S. Air Force personnel who had witnessed a UFO at Bentwaters AFB near London. He was told how 3 small aliens walked up to the Wing Commander. Note to the Press: The Government of the United States continues to rely on your personal and professional gullibility to suppress the information contained herein. Your cooperation over the past 40 years has exceeded our wildest expectations and we salute you.

'The sun does not revolve around the Earth.'

'The U.S. Governmemt has been in business with little, grey extraterrestrials for more than 20 years.'

The first truth stated here got Giordano Bruno burned at the stake in 1600 for daring to propose that it was real. The second truth has gotten FAR more people killed. But the truth must be told. The fact that the Earth revolves around the sun was successfully suppressed by the Church for over 200 years. It eventually caused a major upheaval in the Church, Government and in thought. We must again face the shocking facts; the 'horrible truth' the Government has been hiding from us for over 40 years. Our Government, in an effort to protect Democracy, has sold us to the aliens!

Before I begin, I'd like to offer a word in the defense of those who bargained us away. They had the best of intentions. (I am not telling people to believe 100% of the John Lear material. It is interesting that this man who has whistle-blowed and exposed so much will still defend these federal bastards. Consider the source. Lear was CIA. The CIA is behind all dealings with the aliens. The CIA covertly murders. THE CIA WAS CREATED POST WW2 AS A DIRECT RESULT OF ROSWELL! The CIA knows all about the phoniness of the Cold War and that there is really only one enemy in town. That enemy is certain aliens. It's hard to believe Lear defends our leaders. Get it straight, John. Is MJ-12 a group of criminals or are they heroes? The CIA has long infiltrated UFO organizations. The reason is the UFO conspiracy and cover-ups are the largest TOP SECRETS that exist. Many smaller conspiracies all stem from the larger Alien Conspiracy. I appreciate real patriots and whistle-blowers that risk everything in order to cast light on the incredible truth. I do not credit these world leaders that continue to lie to the public and suppress the truth. The only reason I thought it wise to add commentary is I could not support 100% of this material. I do believe 90% of it as real events that jive with many other independent sources. Given the dis-info, this info here is amazing).

Germany may have recovered a flying saucer as early as 1939. General James H. Doolittle went to Sweden in 1946 to inspect a flying saucer that had crashed there in Spitzbergen. The horrible truth was known to only a very few persons. The little creatures looked like praying mantises and they were MUCH more advanced than us...

Of the original group that was first to learn of the aliens, several committed suicide. The most prominent of which was General James V. Forrestal who jumped to his death from a 16th story hospital window. Forrestal's medical records are sealed to this day. (Here is another story that the CIA has fudged. Jim Forrestal may not have killed himself, but the party line is that he did kill himself. He may have been forced into suicide by MK-ULTRA methods. This Secretary of State wanted the existence of the aliens disclosed to the public. The same reason Forrestal MAY HAVE been killed COULD have been the reason JFK was also murdered).

President Truman quickly put a lid on the secret and turned the screws so tight that the general public still thinks that flying saucers are a joke. In 1947, Truman established a group of top military and scientific personnel of their time. They were known as MJ-12. (Majority-12 or is it Majestic-12?) Although the group exists today, none of the original members are still alive. The last one to die was Gordon Gray, former Secretary to the Army, in 1984. As each member passed away, the group itself appoints a new member to its position. There is some speculation that MJ-12 expanded to at least several more members.

There were more saucer crashes in the late '40s: The one in Roswell, New Mexico and the one near Laredo, Texas about 30 miles from the Mexican border.

Consider the position of the U.S. Government at that time. They proudly thought of themselves as the most powerful nation on Earth, having recently produced the atomic bomb; an event so stupendous, it would take Russia 4 years to catch up, and only with the help of traitors to Democracy. (Again, I believe this is an example of disinformation here among all the truth. According to Jordan Maxwell an expert on Secret Societies and info gleaned from studying such things: The cover story was we'd blame it on the Rosenberg spies and label them as traitors to America. The truth, kept from the public, is a secret Third Power [Illuminati] controls both sides; East and West. THEY have always controlled East and West as was done during the bogus Cold War. The Russians were GIVEN the A-Bomb for balance and to spread a false sense of fear in the world. Wars have always been for the purpose of increasing our secret fascist's control over us. The purpose of wars in the second half of last century was to take us away from the real war with the aliens).

...What was it like for those all who had witnessed the panic of Orson Wells' radiobroadcast 'The War of the Worlds' in 1938? Imagine their horror as they viewed the dead bodies of these frightening looking little creatures with enormous eyes, reptilian skin and claws for fingers. Imagine their shock as they attempted to determine how these strange 'saucers' were powered. They discovered no part remotely similar to what they were familiar with... It is only when you fully understand the overwhelming helplessness the Government was faced with in the late '40s that you can comprehend their perceived need for a total, thorough and sweeping cover-up. (No way would I depict these men as heroic figures who HAD to do what they did. I do not condone cover-ups that keep the people in ignorance. Their 'NEED' for a sweeping cover-up, is that what Lear is asking us to believe? Hogwash. How about not murdering the innocent? How about the need for people to know what is really going on?)

In July 1952, a panicked Government watched helplessly as a squadron of 'flying saucers' flew over Washington D.C. and buzzed the White House, the Capital Building and the Pentagon. It took all the imagination and intimidation the Government could muster to force that incident out of the memory of the public.

On April 30, 1964, the first real communication between these aliens and the U.S. Government took place in Holloman AFB in New Mexico. Three saucers landed at a prearranged area and a meeting was held between the aliens and federal officers during the period of 1969 -1971. MJ-12 representing the U.S., made a DEAL (with the Devil). The deal was that in exchange for technology that they would provide to us, we agreed to 'ignore' the abductions that were going on and suppress information on the cattle mutilations. (The deal-for-technology was written in William Cooper's book 'Behold a Pale Horse' and might have been the reason for his murder. Alien tech covertly given to world leaders was also mentioned in Major Corso's deathbed book).

The EBEs (grey Zeta Reticulans) assured MJ-12 that the abductions [usually lasting about 2 hours] were merely the ongoing monitoring of developing civilizations. In fact, the real purposes for the abductions turned out to be for:

1) The insertion of a 3mm, spherical device through the nasal cavity and into the brain of the abductee. The device is used for the biological monitoring, tracking and control of the abductee.

2) Implementation of Post Hypnotic Suggestion to carry out a specific activity during a specific time period, the actuation of which will occur within the next 2 to 5 years. (Manchurian Candidates?)

3) Termination of some people so that they could function as living sources for biological material and substances.

4) Termination of individuals who represent a threat to the continuation of their activity.

5) Effecting genetic engineering experiments.

6) Impregnation of human females and early termination of pregnancies to secure the crossbreed infant.

The U.S. Government was not initially aware of the far-reaching consequences of the 'deal.' They were led to believe that the abductions were essentially benign and since they figured the abductions would probably go on anyway whether they agreed or not, they merely insisted that a current list of abductees be submitted by the aliens, on a periodic basis, to MJ-12 and the National Security Council.

...The EBEs have a genetic disorder in that their digestive system is atrophied and not functional. Some speculate that they were involved in some type of accident or nuclear war or possibly on the backside of an evolutionary genetic curve. In order to sustain themselves, they use an enzyme hormonal secretion obtained from the tissue that they extract from humans and animals. Note: Cows and humans are genetically similar. (Are the Greys at an evolutionary end? Are they US from the very far future that have lost the ability to reproduce?)

...A huge underground facility was constructed for and with the help of the EBEs. Needless to say, the 'bargained for' technology couldn't be used against the EBEs themselves. It became known that MANY more people were being abducted than were listed. Some of the nation's missing children had been used for secretions and other parts required by the aliens. (There certainly could be secret, underground installations. Something to Alternative 3 must be true. Our scientists advised world leaders in the Geophysical Year of 1957 that our planet was going to hell. They made provisions that those on the very top would save themselves and escape the disasters to come. Their conclusions were not all of us will survive. One alternative was to construct secret bases off of the Earth. Another alternative was the building of vast, federal facilities inside the Earth completely unknown to those on the surface).

In 1979, there was an altercation of sorts at the Dulce laboratory. A special armed forces unit was called in to try and free a number of our people trapped in the facility. According to one source, 66 people had been killed. By 1984, MJ-12 must have been in stark terror of the mistake they had made in dealing with the EBEs. They had subtly promoted 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and 'E.T.' to get the public used to 'odd-looking' aliens that were compassionate, benevolent and very much our 'space brothers.' MJ-12 sold the EBEs to the public and was now faced with the fact that quite the opposite was true. In addition, a plan was formulated in 1968 to make the public aware of the existence of aliens on Earth over the next 20 years to be culminated with several documentaries to be released during 1985 - 1987. These documentaries would explain the history and intentions of the EBEs. The discovery of the 'Grand Deception' [many more abductions] put the entire plans, hopes and dreams of MJ-12 into utter confusion and panic. What to do now?

Part of MJ-12 wanted to confess the whole scheme and shambles it had become to the public, beg their foregiveness and ask for their support. The majority of MJ-12 argued that there was no way they could do that, that the situation was untenable and there was no use in exciting people with the 'horrible truth.' They decided that the best plan was to continue the development of a weapon that could be used against the EBEs. Under the guise of 'SDI,' the Strategic Defense Initiative concerned the aliens and had nothing to do with defense for inbound Russian nuclear missiles. (The 'Star Wars' program was allegedly already built, but the missiles or lasers do not point toward the Earth to protect against threats from other countries...the weapons point OUT at invaders from space. This weapon reminds me of a plot in the X-Files: A secret committee had to come up with a weapon to protect themselves from the invaders. Coincidences between this report and movies might not be coincidences. Films and TV are a form of public manipulation or brainwashing by those super rich with their own hidden agendas).

As these words are being written (1987), Dr. Edward Teller 'father of the H-Bomb' is personally in the test tunnels of the Nevada Test Site, driving workers and associates 'like a man possessed.' Teller and Dr. Henry Kissenger are both members of MJ-12 as well as Admiral Bobby Inman and possibly Admiral Poindexter, to name a few of its current members.

Before the Grand Deception was discovered and according to a meticulous plan of metered release of info to the public, several documentaries and videotapes were made. William Moore, who wrote 'The Roswell Incident,' has a videotape of two newsmen interviewing a military officer associated with MJ-12. He answered questions relating to the history of MJ-12 and the cover-up.

...The officer also related the fact that the EBEs claim to have created Jesus Christ! The EBEs have a type of recording device that has recorded all of Earth's history and can display it in the form of a hologram. The hologram can be filmed, but because of the way holograms work the film was not clear. The crucifixion of Christ on the Mount of Olives has allegedly been put on film... (Should I ask: Was Mel Gibson's 'The Passion' taken from this history footage provided to our leaders by the aliens? He did have Vatican help and the Vatican is neck-deep in politics, secret information and the occult that they will never reveal).

...Now you ask: 'Why haven't I heard about any of this?' Who do you think you would hear this from? Dan Rather? Tom Brokaw? Wrong. These people just READ the news, they don't find it...and they would not risk their credibility on this kind of story... (Major news stories do not just occur unless THEY want them to occur? Who? Those secret men in Star Chambers that decide the fate of the world without our representation).

Well then, you ask: 'What about our scientists?' What about Carl Sagan? Arthur C. Clarke? Isaac Asimov? Wouldn't they have known? If Carl Sagan knows, then he is committing a great fraud through the solicitation of memberships in the Planetary Society or SETI, 'to search for extraterrestrial intelligence.' (Carl Sagan was a fraud. He was a public spokesman, often seen on the 'Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.' He, supposedly, wrote the inspiration for the film 'Contact.' The truth is he was NOT looking for life in the universe. Why did he debate, on many occasions, Dr. J. Allen Hynek? After Blue Book, Hynek had become pro-alien contact. Sagan always took the negative point of view; almost assuming a lifeless universe. He DID know that the Government found aliens and was forced into the cover-up deception of lying to the public...or he was kept out of the loop).

Another charade into which the U.S. dumps millions of dollars every year is the radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, operated by Cornell University with guess who? - Carl Sagan. Cornell is ostensibly searching for signals from Outer Space; a sign that maybe somebody is out there. It is hard to believe that intelligent astronomers like Sagan could be so ignorant. Surely Asimov, the most prolific sci-fi writer of all time would have guessed by now that there must be an enormous cover-up. Perhaps he's afraid that Foundation and Empire will turn out to be inaccurate. What about Clarke? Surely the most technically accurate of sci-fi writers with very close ties to NASA would have at least a hint of what's really going on. In a recent sci-fi survey, Clarke estimated that contact with ET intelligent life would not occur before the 21st Century. If the Government won't tell us the truth and the major networks won't even give it serious consideration, then what is the big picture, anyway? Have the EBEs done a million abductions worldwide? Have they built many secret bases at Groom Lake, Sunspot, Datil, Roswell and Pine Town, New Mexico; to name only a few? (Sagan, Clarke and Asimov would be one of the first experts called in to assist with the alien problem. They were probably paid very well for their silence).

Is the more sinister and most probable situation that the invasion is essentially complete and it is all over but the screaming? A well-planned invasion of Earth for its (human) resources and benefits would not begin with mass landings of ray gun equipped aliens.

(Another film that comes to mind is John Carpenter's 'They Live.' Sunglasses revealed secret phrases of brainwashing on billboards, books, magazines and newspapers. Aliens had already taken us over years ago. The sunglasses also revealed that certain individuals were really aliens. And, there was a human 'elite' that had been working with the aliens in secret. They were rewarded for their efforts).

A properly planned and executed invasion by an advanced civilization would most likely be complete before even a handful of people realized what was happening. (Maybe the best way to conquer is covertly FROM WITHIN?) The best advice I can give you is the next time you see a flying saucer and are awed by its obvious display of technology and gorgeous lightshow...RUN LIKE HELL!!

- End -

It's up to you readers. How close to the truth is the above info? I'm not saying CIA pilot John Lear is exposing 100% of the truth; hence the need for a commentary. My opinion is it adds intricate details that Americans, as well as the rest of the planet, should know. Maybe it's 90% true? I'm glad there are outlets like the Internet where free speech can roam. We go blind through the world. Who knows what goes on in plush boardrooms behind closed doors? Who knows the real reasons why big news events happen? Notice that Lear uses the words 'we' and 'our' as if he is part of the very ones he is talking about. My view is the grey aliens [and other aliens] are real; they landed or crashed here long ago; they are in cahoots with Earth governments because they discovered that our world leaders are as corrupt as they are. Both are birds of the same feather. They are working together and we are all in a lot of trouble because of this unholy alliance. Does 'Trilateral' really mean the 2 Earth superpowers and the aliens?

There is still much more to the story that we will never know. Hypothetically, let's say the feds actually revealed the truth to the world. The unfortunate thing is...their disinformation and negative campaign tactics have influenced us so much and for so long...that few people would even believe it. Two things are definitely true: There is Life in the Universe and the Government has a history of lying to the public.

ps. This evening of 2/24/05, ABC aired Peter Jennings 'Seeing is Believing.' You would think by now the UFO cover-up would have lessened; that the Government would treat the public as if they were smarter and more informed. No way; it's all too late for that. Federal manipulation and control rage on to this very day. The 2-hour show was brainwashing. Yes they talked to many UFO observers, abductees and believers in alien contact. BUT there was so much of a platform given to the skeptics and debunkers such as Philip Klass and Shermer, the editor of Skeptic Magazine. At each turn, the UFO Special made viewers think that if you believe in UFOs and ET visitation - then you are a NUT. They were telling us what to think with a totally biased report. For example, when Roswell was discussed...it was portrayed as a MYTH. The word 'myth' was used 7 times in association with Roswell. The only pro-UFO people that spoke concerning Roswell were Stanton Friedman, Jesse Marcel and his son. Then came a parade of people saying there was nothing to Roswell. And, those claiming this myth-encounter was real are merely cashing in on it by selling books and products. A Pentagon general spoke how Project Mogul explains why soldiers besieged Roswell in 1947. The recovered 'tin foil' was a sophisticated spy craft as Top Secret as the Manhattan Project. Right. The Special used scientists to say the distances between the stars were too far to traverse and that space travel was science FICTION. After Budd Hopkins was seen hypnotizing abductees, a number of professionals came on and told viewers that hypnotism was completely unreliable. As far as UFO observation goes, they even claimed that 'seeing is NOT believing.' WOW! Viewers will watch this primetime Special and say 'see, there's nothing to UFOs'...when people, by now, should be skeptical of the skeptics and realize they are the ones with the hidden agendas.


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