Christian Creationism vs. Evolution

by Jennis Strickland

Copyright 2005 by Jennis Strickland
Managing Director
The Open Cheops Committee
Reprinted with permission

The contention between fundamentalist Christians and the scientific community regarding the evolution of humans from apes is completely unnecessary. Both views are but two sides of the same coin. The trouble with coins is that it takes a mirror to see both sides at the same time. One witness says ‘heads;’ the other ‘tails,’ yet both are correct. Seeming contradictions are just that: Seeming.

Religion preceded science. God, the one and only original thinker of the first thought, the uncaused cause of all causation, the first mind that had self awareness, the conscious energy from which all else has been generated, the one which was before all others, can not be limited in any way. This is the first principle of all ‘religion’ per se. None deny that God, by any name, in any language, in any or all aspects, by definition, can not be limited. Humankind is powerless to place any limitations upon God itself.

Science has quantified observable data and determined that apparently the universe en toto is bursting forth from a point in Time and Space when a “ big bang” went off and ejected matter into space. This process is still evolving. Science also informs that the planet Earth came into being some five to eight billion years ago, as we measure Time in the present day. The time from the big bang to the time the Earth came into being is inestimably long. However long that was equals the time it took the primordial consciousness to evolve to the point where it had nearly the creative power as did its progenitor.

The Supreme Being remains in an unaltered, and undifferentiated state as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever will be, worlds without end. And it also pervades its created universe. It dwells within its own creation. When matter was primaeval the consciousness within it was also primaeval. As primary elements and substances became differentiated, consciousness also became differentiated. As matter became more complex, consciousness acquired more knowledge of it. This is to say that consciousness pervades the entire created universe, and it is evolving. Because it evolves, its creation evolves. It may be deemed a tandem evolution. As above, so below.

THE SCIENCE of the MAKER identifies the scale that was use in crafting the planet Earth. It is a scale that links Time and Measure. At conception, in its pristine state, the circumference of the Earth was exactly 130,900,000 feet in length. This is a minuscule arc segment of a master circumference 3,141,600,000 feet in length. The latter represents an expression of Pi in the macrocosm as an even number for the equivalent of nine decimal places. Both the number of seconds in a day ( 86,400,) and the total inches in the perimeter of the Great Pyramid of Cheops are equally commensurate with Macrocosmic Pi ( 36,325.25.) The smallest whole increment of the foot, and the smallest whole division of the clock are equal when calibrated against Macrocosmic Pi. Exactitude like this did not come as a random event, big or otherwise. Exactitude like this had intent. Macrocosmic Pi is the universal constant by which Time and Space are calibrated. With macrocosmic Pi the Science of the Maker becomes identified by the Science of the Made.

Intent requires thought. Thought requires consciousness. That a unified Time/Measure scale is given indicates a plan. A plan requires a planner. From this standpoint it may be said that there is scientific evidence establishing the presence of a Creator in the matter world of Time, Space, and Causation. In fact, we live because it lives with us. It is a shared consciousness. The progress made since the creation of the material universe and the creation of this planet is the work of a higher level of mentation. A mentation that exists between ourselves and the one and only, eternally undifferentiated Supreme Being. Humankind was derivative of a differentiated consciousness. We have many of its attributes.

Science once again tells us that the planet was, for the longest time, chemically active but organically inert. Then came amino acids , bacteria, self generating life forms, regenerating life forms, reproducing life forms, multi-cells, in the oceans, on the land, in the sky. Life sprang forth and never ceased. With many gaps we leap to fossilized remains linking primordial single cell organisms to a point where evolution reached what we now call primates. The scientific support for this is unassailable.

The Creator consciousness had itself evolved to the point where success was inevitable. Once animal life had progressed to a very high state of development, once the proper nervous system was ready, the Creator, projected its consciousness into a fetus which resulted in the borning of humankind. Humankind possess both a material body and an eternal nature, and, like the Creator, we are born with this innate knowledge. Nothing need be added for humankind to become immortal, we were created that way. We are naturally immortal beings. Humanity did not come up from the apes, humanity came down to an ape. The projection of self awareness into a primate form marked the beginning of human kind. Human beings are the only species that not only knows it is thinking, but is capable of having thoughts about other thoughts.

The expectation of direct and personal experience with Divine consciousness has in modern times been reduced to a post-mortem experience. We are taught by various religions, and readily accept, that in ancient times specific individuals either ‘talked with’ or were ‘talked to’ by God itself. All of those making such claims in the current era are deemed charlatans, insane, or holy. The facts are that insofar as no organized religion even lays claim to providing reliable direct experience with the Creator, except as an after death experience, leads to the conclusion that what is passing for religion in the here and now has just lost itself in not knowing. The so called creationists are relying on nothing more than the watered down and codified legends of antique philosophies. But that doesn’t make them wrong. A stopped clock is correct twice a day providing observation is made at the right moment. So fundamentalists may be right from time to time, but for the wrong reasons.

In its essence the Divine teaching which has been incorporated into the Christian legend of the one called Jesus the Christ is very simple: God, upon whom no limitations may be placed, descended to inhabit its creation so that the created could ascend to become a God. It was the descent of Divine consciousness into an animate, biological form that created the linkage between the Maker and the made. By our very nature are humans divine, transcendental, psycho-physical beings. Anything that exists within the world of Time will necessarily come into being, decay, and return to an inert state. But the consciousness which possesses self awareness does not. Consciousness is itself eternal. Its progress, growth, and evolution are also eternal. This concept is integral to every religion that has ever existed save one. Judaism denies the existence of continued consciousness per se. With Judaism, man is limited to the world of Time, Space, and Causation. Jewish doctrine asserts that never is it possible for the Creator and the created to meet, here or anywhere else.

The mission of Jesus the Christ was to give a demonstration to His people of continued consciousness as an example of the fact that it can be done. The idea was to inject the reality of continued consciousness into Judaism. Judaism denied the given facts of proof. In this regard ‘Christians’ are simply Jews who came to believe in afterlife. The big Christian error is the assertion that the phenomena of afterlife itself began with the demonstration given by the one now called Jesus the Christ. Evidence to the contrary litters the globe. In fact, if the Bible is to be taken literally, Revelations 11:8 states that Jesus was also crucified in Egypt. This one passage overturns the linchpin premise of what is passing for Christianity, for if Jesus was crucified more than once, He had to have survived at least the first event. The Bible directly contradicts the dogma upon which modern Christianity is based. Christianity also errs in its tenet that by nothing more than mere worship of the personality of a Divine Incarnation are the hard earned abilities and benefits of the Master conferred to individuals posthumously. Not one of them has ever been able to adequately explain the hocus pocus of the alacazam. So much for their redeemer idea.

But in the larger view the concepts of physical and spiritual evolution becoming merged in humankind is not contradictory. The animal kingdom evolved from primordial matter. Its evolution resulted in the continued refinement of what we deem the nervous system until such a moment when it was ready to possess self awareness,(an advanced state of consciousness,) by which it becomes self sustaining, and thereby joins the Creator in sharing the attribute. The self awareness of the Creator descended into a pre-developed primate which created a species that could consciously ascend to become a God. The two sides of this coin do not contradict one another.

Self awareness is a graduated degree of consciousness that eliminates the need for continued matter world incarnations. That which is born must die. That which is not born can not die. By the ascension of individual consciousnesses into non-material levels of mentation man’s nature is permanently converted from the physical to the spiritual. The matter world is not our habitat. It is a stage our consciousness passes through. Lower animals have always been a vehicle of the migration of Divine consciousness evolving through Time. Divine consciousness pervades the entire created universe. As God can not be limited in any way, even the inert matter within its creation is permeated throughout with Divine consciousness. Self awareness is the differentiating factor between man and all other life forms. We know we think, and have thoughts and opinions about thoughts themselves.

The modern debate is far more a political movement than a spiritual one. Its impetus is to affect government and impose ideology as a matter of law. This is a re-run of the political control gained by ‘the Holy Roman Church’ when the Emperor Constantine relinquished his title as Pontifex Maximus to ‘Christianity.’ Catholicism became the official religion of the Roman empire. It was a bad idea then, it’s a bad idea now.

What is at stake is the principle of separation of church and state. Political alliances between church and states have been the bane of mankind’s existence. Christian politics of “marching as to war with the cross of Jesus going on before” was ended over 200 years ago with the Declaration of Independence. It is apparently a lesson too late for the learning among fundamentalist Christians. They really ought to take the time to catch up to the universal love their Master prescribed. If militant Christians just discarded their anger, the world would instantly become a better place.

Christianity itself can not even specifically identify the author of its creation story. Many biblical scholars attribute the first five books of the Christian Bible to the one called Moses. Nowhere does the Book of Genesis purport that “God’ told somebody the Adam and Eve story. It is too simplistic to be taken as real. It did supply an explanation that could be accepted among Jews of the third millenium B.C.E. One would think that the minds of man would have outgrown the need for fairy stories of this kind; or at least recognize them for what they are. It may be significant that the Aramaic word ‘adami,’ which means “the first principle,” seems to be a contraction of ‘ Adam and Eve.’ Adam connotes the first man. Atom connotes the first particle of matter. The etymology of these words is related.

Science is the same for all. One of its major checks and balances lies in the practice and doctrine of repeatability. Before any theory is accepted as factual it must be duplicated by different scientists who must obtain the same results. Various creation stories have appeared throughout the world. There are as varied as the belief systems which have produced them. None of them are based on any observed or repeatable facts. In this regard every last one of them must be taken as fiction. While proof is a requirement of science, it is not a component of belief. That fundamentalist Christians beliefs deserve academic equality with science defies common intelligence.

The worship of God is not a competition. Whatever the truth is, it applies to all. Insofar as all Christian dogma is based entirely on legend rather than any provable facts, the effort to formally force it upon educational systems as a requirement of law is both unintelligent and counter productive to the highest ideal of the United States, which is freedom for all. Most of all, freedom of thought.

The Adam and Eve story is unique to Christianity, which is but one among the many. If our schools are to teach any creation story they must also teach the creation stories of other religions. What is being sought is no less than a monopoly of thought throughout educational systems in the U.S. This is one step away from the establishment of an official national religion, which is specifically prohibited by the Constitution of the United States.

The issue regarding the teaching of creationism versus evolution is a red herring. It is a disguised attempt of political control freaks to utilize religion to consolidate political power. Its imposition as a political issue is dangerous to us all. As before, it will lead to enforced thought control. Punishment for ‘improper worship’ will follow. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Hopefully, the modern world loves freedom more than ancient dogma. It is well time the pendulum began to swing the other way. Factual knowledge will always be superior to mere belief. That belief has risen to the point where it contests facts is a precursor of the fall of the United States. Whether or not it is too late hangs in the balance..

Jennis Strickland

© April 2005, Potomac Falls, Va. 2005


Copyright 2005 by Jennis Strickland
Managing Director
The Open Cheops Committee
Reprinted with permission

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