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Guest Authors - Fabio de Araujo

International researcher, historian and author Fabio de Araujo has traveled the world to gather information on prophecies found in rare books and manuscripts collected mainly from European libraries in different countries. He has visited libraries in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, and other countries, including books and manuscripts in German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Old French, Old Italian, Old English, Old Portuguese and Old Spanish. The author has also given many radio interviews in radios in the US and Canada. 

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to download 15-page PDF extracted from the 2012 book

Book 1 – "2012: The Year of the Changes. Prophecies about Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Other Leaders, and the United States" by Fabio de Araujo is book about authentic and fabricated prophecies about Obama, Putin and other leaders, Including the Jewish Messiah, a political leader expected for more than 2000 years. The US News & World Report asked a copy to review the book. See what the reviews are saying about this book and download a few pages of the book below.
Published in November 2010

Price: US$ 14.90

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2012: The Year of the Changes. Prophecies about Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Other Leaders, and the United States

Click here to download 15-page PDF extracted from the 2012 book 

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Book 2 – "Mother Shipton: Secrets, Lies, and Prophecies"
is a research about this prophetess, who is the most famous prophetess in history. The author checks the prophecies attributted to her and tries to find is she really existed or if she is no more than a legend created in Great Britain for political reasons centuries ago. What could be the truth behind Mother Shipton? 


Price: US$ 10.90

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Mother Shipton: Secrets, Lies and Prophecies


Book 3 – "Nostradamus: History and Prophecies" 
This is a book introduces Nostradamus, with a history about his life, the method he used and also his prophecies.  


Price: US$ 12.50 

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Nostradamus: History And Prophecies



Book 4 – "Selected Prophecies and Prophets" 
This is a collection of 25 prophecies and prophets, when the author analyses the history behind the prophecy or prophet and presents the prophecy, translated from the source, many of them the first time it was printed or in a few cases, from manuscripts in Latin. This book presents a prophecy the author found in a Portuguese library in Latin, never before translated into English, about war when the Muslims arrive in America. Maybe the oldest prophecy in the world with the word America. Maybe a prophecy about the Twin Towers in 2001? Maybe a prophecy about the future.  

Price: US$ 14.95 

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Selected Prophecies And Prophets

Book 5 – "Prophezeiungen uber das Ende der Welt" This is a book in German, which can be found in Amazon.de and German bookstores. It’s maybe my best book. It’s a deep research on creationist mythology and apocalyptical prophecies trying to find what they have in common and presents prophecies about the most predicted themes ever. It includes a chapter with predictions by the top scholars of the world in international relations, history etc. It has myths about a past global warming, prophecies about the three days of darkness etc.  


Price: 19.95 euros.  

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Book Reviews - 2012: The Year of the Change 

“Fabio de Araujo’s books are interesting to read, especially for researchers who have studied prophecies for many years. His books are always considered a valuable gain in prophecy circles. This is also true for his new book, 2012: The Year of the Changes. He not only presents the prophecies but he discusses their authenticity and credibility in a fair and professional manner. In my opinion, this book is well worth reading and I highly recommend it.”

    • Leo DeGard, German top expert in prophecies and author of Armageddon and Wer plant den 3. Weltkrieg? He is currently writing his third book on prophecies.

“While many prophecy books tend to be vague and ramble on about what the future holds without any solid evidence to back up claims, this book stands apart. Why? Because the author is a historian and wraps all the discussed prophecies tightly into historical events.”

    • Holly Connors, Feathered Quill Review

"This is an exciting book. The author discusses propheciers with details of Barack Obama's rise and Vladimir Putin’s rise to power and his presidency. He discusses many other prophecies, some known, many unknown, that bear on the coming of the Messiah, global warming, World War III--and much more. A startling, absorbing, even an important, read."    

    • John Chambers, author, Victor Hugo's Conversations with the Spirit World, The Secret Life of Genius.

“De Araujo’s writing is articulate. His work is well researched, informative, and provocative. ‘2012: The Year of The Changes’ is an amazing combination of prophecies, premonitions, historical fulfillment and speculations of things to come.”

    • Richard R. Blake for Reader Views

“Not only is 2012: The Year of The Changes a scholarly work but it is also eminently readable. Unbiased conclusions are presented in a format that is both informative and entertaining. The author cites a lengthy list of documented sources which adds great credibility to his writing. “

    • Ariion Kathleen Brindley, author, Raji, Oxana’s Pit

"Is World War III imminent? Probably not, but what I can predict is that if you pick up 2012 The Year of Changes: Prophecies about Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, other leaders, and the United States you're sure to enjoy reading the surprising number of prophecies about all of these things and more! “

    • Kelly Davis. Book Ideas Review

Click here to download 15-page PDF extracted from the 2012 book 

Buy it now from Amazon:
2012: The Year of the Changes. Prophecies about Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, 
Other Leaders, and the United States

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http://search.barnesandnoble. com/2012/Fabio-R-de-Araujo/e/

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All rights reserved. Presented with permission.
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Introduction to the book "2012: The Year of the Changes"

1926 Authentic Prophecy about Barack Obama

Prophecies: Is Putin the Antichrist?

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Fabio R. de Araujo: 
2012: The Year of the Changes. Prophecies about Barack Obama, 
Vladimir Putin, other leaders, and the United States