Contemplations for the New Year - A Dream of Past and Future Destinies  

by Joseph Robert Jochmans 

1 - 12 - 2009 
I first drifted into rapidly passing clouds filled with many colors and the sound of falling waters. Suddenly in the midst of this I felt as if I were being thrust upward into higher dimensions. A Doorway in Time seemed to open and through it I now saw the figure of a man.

 He was tall, his body beaming with a ruddy complexion of health. Around him was draped rich and many-hued clothing made of a type of material I did not recognize. His face was the face of a highly civilized being. In his eyes was reflected the wisdom of a science and technology so far in advance of what existed for me that I saw him more like a magician of miracles. As I stood there watching him I experienced a great awe, feeling as if I had more in common with a primitive tribesman than I had with him.

 Is this what the future of humanity will be like? I asked aloud.

 The manâ?Ts gaze then fell on me and at first he appeared shocked at what he saw. As he continued to eye me, his surprise turned to an expression of sadness and dismay. The man then slowly walked away, as if to ponder some dark fate.

 I thought this was strange that a person of the future should look at me, one of his ancestors, in such a gloomy way. But as other images passed before me of crumbling pyramids, great earthquakes and continents swallowed by the oceans, I realized my mistake. He was not a man of an age to come. Rather, he was of an age already come and gone.

 He was an Ancient One of some lost civilization completely destroyed and now forgotten to my history. I was the one who was the image of his future, and his surprise at how I looked was now understandable. He had realized seeing me that his great world would be swept away, and that I was the end result of those who would survive, who would have to begin all over again from practically nothing.

 I imagined that both he and I were probably sharing the same question. How many times has this happened before?

 As I stood there in my dream, thinking about all this, my scenery changed. I began to see the world as it both was and is, and how in many ages past it has undergone dramatic transformations.

 I found myself first in a mountainous place, and upon the alpine slopes men came and tended their sheep.

 I asked one man, How long have these mountains been here?

 And he answered, Always. For the eroding wind and rain do their work slowly. These rocks shall tower here for untold eons to come.

 But suddenly the earth shuddered, the mountains crumbled and torrents of glacial ice ground away at the land where I stood. The great heights melted away. In their place now rolled a level plain. Rivers meandered over its face. Forests grew and a new race of humanity came to settle the land, building great cities.

 I said hello to a woman who was tending a garden, and told the story of what I had seen, of days gone by when mountains occupied the region.

 The woman laughed and said, How could such a thing be true? The rivers and forests of the plain are old. My people are ancient. We have always lived in this place. Never were there mountains here. Besides, where are they? Where do they hide?

 She laughed again and returned to her gardening.

 Without warning great cracks broke open the ground. The cities and forests were swallowed up and a mighty wave of water roared in, drowning the whole area. Eventually the storm left, but the waters did not, and the place where I stood now became the sea. The sea had new life, and fishermen from far away sailed in to take their catch.

 I approached one of these fishermen and told him of times past when cities populated what was now the sea bottom, and earlier when mountains dominated the sky.

 But he smiled and said, Yours is a sailorâ?Ts tall tale indeed. My grandfather and his grandfather before him all fished these waters. The sea has always been here. The gentle tides only wash the distant shore, and the things of which you speak cannot happen.

 Hauling in his net, he sailed away.

 Then the earth shuddered once more. Great jagged rocks thrust upward. The sea vanished, and again I stood among mountains. For a second time shepherds tended their flocks. When I told them what I had observed in times gone by, they only scoffed at my words. The world, they said, only changes slowly, unseen.

 Yet soon they too, along with the mountains, disappeared.

 Having experienced all this and realizing how much can be forgotten, I next found myself in my nocturnal dream trying to catch a glimpse of the future, wondering how I might be remembered by generations yet to be born.

 Appearing before me was the image of a woman writing in a book. In an age far future, a voice in my dream told me, she will be an historian trying to reflect on my life here and now. Very likely she will not spell my name right, if my name is remembered at all. Perhaps my very existence will be in doubt, and she will etch in little question marks after the years of my birth and death. What will she record, I wondered, of events that took place between those numbers? Through what eyes will she witness the story of what was once me?

 My one hope was that, despite myself and my time, that future historian living in a civilization that will have evolved to levels not yet reached by my own, will excuse my limitations and find compassion and understanding for me, one of the distant ancestors who gave birth to her world.

 She will not place me on a lower step of some imagined line of development, but will instead meet me as an equal. I am a fellow human being, having a spirit and mind and heart no different from hers.

 Time divides us, as does our experiences and feelings, our knowledge and ability to see things. Other than that we are brothers and sisters all.

 The truth is, there really are no boundaries of time and space. Wisdom in many ages is lost and found, but the individualâ?Ts spiritual progress from lifetime to lifetime is forever eternal. In that we are truly One together.

 With this thought my dream now came to an end with the scene of a great ocean with rolling waves rising and falling in crests and troughs. Here was no ordinary ocean of water, but instead an Ocean of Time. The waves were the great civilizations rising and falling away in rhythm with the tides of the cosmos. Civilizations come and go, but bobbing atop the waves are the spirits of all humanity, like a great bird riding the crescendos and dips. Finally, receiving its full nourishment of food, the bird then takes off, leaving the Ocean far behind.

 Suddenly on one wave I saw again the Ancient One of my earlier experience. I saw on the next wave following the image of myself observing the transformations in the waves immediately around me, of earth changes that have come and gone. And finally I saw that future historian again, sitting before her book and gazing back at me, as she rode a wave yet forming.

 Then I realized looking at them all that they were all me. I was looking at different lifetimes of myself - each seeing their own view, yet all part of the same experience of who I truly am beyond time and space.

 Once coming to this realization, I now looked forward to that future event when I with all humanity shall one day spread our wings.

 We will lift ourselves as one being far above the waves, leaving the Ocean of Time and even our dreams far behind. Our one human beingness will gaze upward into the sky as our final destination into a heaven having no end in sight.

 My last awareness was my thanking my spirit of inner wisdom for giving me these images and thoughts about my true nature.

 At that point my dream vision ended and I awoke to a new day.

Source: *** FAR Visions *** (E-Mail News from Forgotten Ages Research)

 Copyright 2009. Joseph Robert Jochmans. All Rights Reserved. Presented with permission of the author.

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Personal Philosophy—Accepting New Truths

In Greek legend, the god Hermes is not only the deity of inspiration, the Divine Messenger, but sometimes he also acts as the Game Player, giving us important lessons to learn.

What truths Hermes offers us are like a deck of cards. Each card is filled with esoteric symbols, and as we work with these we begin connecting certain symbols with others, placing one card with another, eventually building a wonderful edifice—a house of cards which defines truth in a framework we can understand.

But just at the moment of self satisfaction, when we think we have neatly categorized everything, Hermes comes flying through and drops a whole new set of cards on top of our carefully constructed reality. Our house of cards tumbles down and we are left sitting amid the ruins with Hermes' laughter ringing in our ears.

However, looking around us, we discover the new cards left by Hermes, with their new symbols. We begin seeing interconnections with the symbols on the old cards—and soon we are once again building a structure, another house of cards, only this one bigger and more complex than before.

The moral of the story is, it is good to create a framework with the truths that are given us, for it helps us to better understand the reality we live in at the moment. But we must always make sure our framework is flexible, remembering that it may need to be completely altered as we learn more truths.

In the end, as Hermes keeps reminding us, no one is ever playing with a full deck of cards.

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