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Lore and Order: Learning from the Ancients

The Koornwinder Convention, Amsterdam, June 22, 2010
Ancient Wisdom and 21st Century ICT: Decoding the Hidden Structure of the Universe

by Geoff Ward

Every time I drive to and from Bristol International Airport from my home in Somerset, I pass the Stanton Drew stone circles, three impressive rings by the River Chew which are older than the Pyramids, Stonehenge or Avebury

Stanton Drew stone circles.
The largest stone circle is the Great Circle, 113 m in diameter and the second largest stone circle in Britain (after Avebury). The Great Circle probably consisted of 30 stones, of which 27 survive today, and was surrounded by the ditch (approximately 135m outer diameter - now filled in) of a henge. The North East Circle is 30 m in diameter and probably consisted of 10 or more stones, of which 9 are individually recognisable. The South West Circle is 40 m in diameter, and probably had more stones than the North East Circle, as it is larger in size.  [This is a file from the
Wikimedia Commons.]

The time-worn but venerable megaliths in the fields across the river stand in silent testimony to the arcane and ancient science of their builders who may well have been the pioneers of henge-building in prehistoric Britain.

Thus, setting out at the 2010 summer solstice for the international Koornwinder Convention in Amsterdam (and returning from it a few days later), the question of the valuable recovery of this lost science in the present day, and the prospect of an ancient lore to learn and live by, was renewing itself with an optimistic vigour.

For Herma Koornwinder’s prestigious event in the Dutch capital was a meeting of minds inspired by that knowledge and wisdom of the ancient world which is subtly reasserting itself today through the work of many dedicated researchers, authors and conference and other media, particularly in the fields of astro-archaeology and prehistoric geometry and measure. It is just as if the times require it, as if the world now needs to look to its distant past to navigate the way into its uncertain future.

The Koornwinder Convention, however, was unique in its origins which lay, remarkably, in the realm of stock market analysis where Herma, through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), had identified forces and patterns in the movements of share prices which she later found reflected in her dowsing of earth energies at sacred sites around the world.

Herma Koornwinder with her dowsing rods;  in the Egyptian desert [top photo],
and in a Wiltshire crop circle [ bottom photo].

These energies and patterns, she discovered, are evidence of a hidden structure or order to the universe founded on number, geometry and proportion, a self-organising principle of creation which helped her to predict accurately and consistently the rises and falls of stock markets over a ten-year period in the 1980s and 1990s.

At the convention, Herma called for fundamental change in the banking and investment industries, asserting that the 21st-century methods for analysing trends in stock markets would, for example, help to restore the losses in pension funds suffered in the financial crises of recent years, and lead to much better risk management of assets.

Source: http://www.spiritoftruth.org/dow10000.htm

In a dramatic illustration, Herma showed a series of graphs revealing how individual stock markets around the world fell cascade-like during the six months prior to September 2001, suddenly plummeting on the 10th - the day before the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and on the Pentagon. ‘Share prices are the result of human behaviour and their behaviour creates patterns that show up in graphs,’ she said. ‘It was as if the markets knew!’

Image Source: http://daymix.com/Burning-Twin-Towers/

Of course, when the idea of the ancient wisdom meets modern sensibilities, there will be incredulity before acceptance among many, but Herma’s crucial cross-disciplinary work will help to raise consciousness and, hopefully, free this inevitable cultural log-jam. As a result of her conference, new energies have been brought to the quest, new connections and correspondences have been revealed, and there will be new avenues of research to explore for all involved.

The event was the first major move in Herma’s mission to bridge the academic and the spiritual spheres - and the importance of her friendship with the Egyptian Sufi healer Mahmoud Eissa, co-producer of her film documentaries, emerged strongly from the proceedings. Here was a key confluence of Western rationalism and Eastern mysticism, of the intellectual and the intuitive, and the harmonising of the domains of the left and right brain.

And moving assuredly behind the conference was the spirit of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Seshat, the deity of communication, of knowledge and wisdom, writing and learning, mathematics and measurement, history and astronomy, all essential aspects of the Koornwinder Convention.

I see Herma’s project as involving an attempt to unite scientific thinking and alternative traditions to suggest the possibility of a much wider and more radical science emerging from the two areas; indeed, to suggest that we might have had such a science, working to a completely different set of principles, available to us for thousands of years, but which were made inaccessible to us by historical events.

The common ground of all the convention speakers, as Mahmoud Eissa indicated at the outset, was how contemporary research was recovering the ancient wisdom at an increasing pace, how it was now being received both academically and spiritually. ‘When I met Herma, she projected the academic side,’ he said, ‘When she asks questions, I can give many answers from my inner knowing. We have to work hard together to receive more of these gifts from God.’

Ahmed Mahmoud, scholar and tour guide, spoke of his own new research into the symbolism of Seshat whose divine arts may well have included dowsing to establish the most auspicious locations and layouts for the temples of Ancient Egypt. ‘When Herma first told me about dowsing, I didn’t believe in it,’ said Ahmed. However, after seeing Herma dowsing in the Tutankhamun exhibition at the Cairo Museum he realised, following a year of research on the subject, that the goddess Seshat could have been connected with dowsing, ‘possibly described by a different name and using different methods or tools’.

World mysteries investigator Bert Janssen, who acted as master of ceremonies as well as being a speaker at the conference, sounded the keynote of the occasion with his view that the event was responding to a need to see ‘the big picture’ - what I would interpret, in this context, as a re-creation of philosophy in the ancient sense of the term, that way of stepping back from the ‘close-up’ everyday position and finding a noumenal pattern in the structures of our universe.

Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, co-authors of Before the Pyramids: Cracking Archaeology’s Greatest Mystery, revealed how ancient knowledge - specifically, in this instance, comprising the measure and geometry used at prehistoric sites in Britain and at the Giza Pyramids - was embodied in the layout of Washington DC when the capital city was founded 200 years ago, and how it has continued to be deployed there down to the present day, under the guardianship of freemasonry.

Robert Bauval and Thomas Brophy, whose collaborative book Black Genesis will be published in March 2011, explained how the origins of pharaonic civilization lay with a black African prehistoric people in the Egyptian Sahara whose geometrically arranged stone circles at Nabta Playa must be, at 7,000BC, among the world’s earliest examples of astronomically aligned monuments. One complex seems to be a map of the Milky Way galaxy, another, a map of the Andromeda galaxy, and yet another, a star-viewing platform.

Leaning towards the occult, Hermetic and Gnostic traditions in attempting to uncover hidden links and threads within the living universe, to which sacred geometry, art and writings point throughout human history, I spoke of how the significance of the ubiquitous spiral form and pattern in nature was recognised in prehistory. The spiral is evidence of a universal organising principle or force at work behind the scenes of our ‘normal’ day-to-day perceptions; for me, crucially, it represents the trajectory of consciousness, the shape of time and the pattern of spiritual growth.

Nautilus shell (cut) © All rights reserved. Image source >>

In her closing address to the conference, Herma announced that there would be a further five documentary films to introduce other authors and researchers in the field of ancient knowledge to a broader audience and to combat scepticism in the wider world. There was a need for specialists to work together and learn from one another. Her reading and research over the past ten years had brought her to a higher level of understanding about the way the universe worked.

She described how her use of ICT for stock market analysis, and dowsing rods for the detection of leys and ‘points of power’ at ancient sites and in Washington DC, had revealed a common energy in number sequences and the same patterns and lines of force - whether in share prices or at stone circles, crop circles, pyramids, tombs, temples, monasteries or mosques. Dowsing had been used by ancient cultures and was part of a special system of worldwide knowledge which embraced the use of energy lines and points of power.

‘People from all over the world should unite and bring together their shapes and forms in geometry to create a universal database,’ she said. ‘The scientific community could play a fundamental and invaluable role in establishing scientific proof of our findings by re-introducing new aspects and approaches into science - with the help of ancient knowledge and wisdom.

‘Ancient wise men knew about the system of number and measure and weight in the universe. I strongly pledge to re-introduce this knowledge in our daily lives towards more respect for nature and more sustainability, in an approach to life both on a personal and political level.

‘Let us do away with the old systems and the old investment models. They have had their time and must be superseded in the light of all the disasters that we have been experiencing in the recent past, without an end in sight. Our economic and financial systems must become more reliable and work for everyone rather than only for the very few who are able to speculate on the movements of the market. Let's pay heed to everyone's interest.

‘Interference with worldwide eco-systems for the sake of economic interests the world over must be thoroughly reconsidered if we want to provide a livelihood for our children.’

A New Vision That Could Change the World


The Koornwinder Convention – Amsterdam, June 22, 2010



Herma Koornwinder’s discovery of hidden patterns which enabled her to predict accurately the movements of financial markets was to change her life utterly.

    She came to realise that these patterns reflected an underlying order in the universe of which life on Earth was an inseparable part - and now she’s ready to reveal her remarkable findings to the world at the international KOORNWINDER CONVENTION in Amsterdam on June 22, 2010.


    The speakers at the convention, which will be conducted in English, are:

  • Robert Bauval: Researcher and author (The Orion Mystery, Black Genesis)
  • Thomas Brophy: former NASA physicist, astrophysicist and author (The Origin Map and Black Genesis with Robert Bauval)
  • Christopher Knight: researcher and author, and Alan Butler: engineer and author (Before the Pyramids, Civilisation One)
  • Geoff Ward: Journalist and author (Spirals: the Pattern of Existence)
  • Bert Janssen: Researcher and author (The Hypnotic Power of Crop Circles
  • Mahmoud Eissa: Egyptian tour guide, and spiritual mentor and co-producer of the film documentary series The Lost Science
  • Ahmed Mahmoud: Egyptian tour guide and historian  
  • Herma Koornwinder: Researcher and producer of The Lost Science

    The KOORNWINDER CONVENTION is an event that will be of particular interest to the scientific community as well as the financial industry, economists, architects and philosophers. It’s hoped that everyone attending will gain important new insights into an invisible world and our special place in the universe.


    As an outstandingly successful global analyst in the 1980s and 1990s, Herma - self-taught in stock market analysis and information technology - detected meaningful patterns underlying the performance of markets, a kind of ‘intelligent design’, as she called it.


    This enabled her to predict, among other major financial events, the Black Monday crash of October 1987, using her own system of stock price analysis. She says it is a common mistake that analysts focus too much on graphs that concern only equity price developments, and this easily gives them wrong ideas.


    Herma was hailed in the Dutch media as a ‘stock market guru’, and ‘the most outstanding stock market analyst of the Netherlands’. Combining telematics, information science and data communication, her success lay in her interpretation of what she now regards as an ‘ancient language’ and, since April of last year, she has been on a whirlwind mission across three continents making an epic series of film documentaries showing how this ‘language’ was known to ancient civilizations.       


    The films show how the language is being recognised again today, for example, in the symbolism of the layouts of major cities, including Washington DC, the evidence for prehistoric geometry, the detection of ‘earth energies’ and in the patterns of crop circles.


    Herma says the universal order is based on number, geometry and proportion and, although traceable in the ideas of thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Archimedes and Pythagoras, it has been largely lost to us over millennia.


    The KOORNWINDER CONVENTION will show extracts from the documentaries, which have been made with an accomplished Egyptian film crew. Herma will explain how the rediscovered language and the systems that reflect it, including her method of market analysis, can be used to empower people to bring about beneficial change, both social and economic, throughout the world in terms of crisis avoidance and environmentally harmonious living.  At the same time, a website will be launched, to promote and spread Herma’s vision, with a forum to follow later.


     ‘The universal system of measure and order determines life on this planet in many different ways – it is omnipresent and too complex for us to dismiss!’ she says. ‘It can be applied to all aspects of our lives.  Moreover, it has been known for thousands of years. Can we somehow re-introduce it to our modern lifestyle? Let us hope so, as it will bring a major change to our world. Would it not be wonderful if we could all live in harmony according to this system of order, rather than against it, and in the process destroying our planet and ending our own livelihoods?


      ‘The ancient sacred science now being rediscovered needs to be accepted today. It is everybody’s fundamental right to know about it. Sacred science became secret science but it must become the science for everybody. The unknown must be made known.’


    The KOORNWINDER CONVENTION is at Sofitel Amsterdam The Grand, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197, 1012 EX Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on June 22, 2010, from 1-9pm. Subscribe by paying €250 to the account no. of H. M. C. Kok, Heeze, quote ref. Koornwinder Convention. IBAN number NL30FVLB0226435695, Swiftcode FVLBNL22. Inquiries: info@kgmn.com. Media contact: Geoff Ward, telephone 00 44 (0) 1761 471223, email: gjohnward@btopenworld.com, Skype gj.ward.


The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it. Galileo




During her eight years as a professional analyst at the Dutch stock exchange, from 1989-1997, Herma Koornwinder was proved right in 90 per cent of her assessments of global stock markets. In her research in the field, she had questioned many accepted ‘truths’ and, through her exploration of knowledge technology, had seen a complex network of relations between the different parts of the world financial market as a whole.


     She found that worldwide patterns determined price developments and, as a consequence, the global economy, when the financial world at large assumed that price developments occurred randomly.* As well as Black Monday, Herma anticipated correctly the rise of international share prices in 1988, the drop preceding the 1990 Gulf crisis, the recovery of prices in January 1991, and the 1993 rise in prices and the stock market correction in 1994. The success of her methods between 1989 and 1994 was verified by an independent accountancy firm, Deloitte & Touche.**


    In July 1995, Herma presented an extract from the Deloitte & Touche report, with its positive evaluation of her investment advice, to the chairman of the Dutch Stock Exchange, Baron van Ittersum. Her predictive strategies were developed under the aegis of her consultancy, Koornwinder Global Market Navigation (KGMN), which she launched in 1990 to promote her vision while she worked as an advisor for retirement funds of companies such as Shell and Brenca, and insurance company Zwitserleven. KGMN was one of the first ventures in the area of investment innovation on the electronic highway.


     In 2000, Herma began to undertake personal research. ‘Through the shapes and patterns that determine the behaviour of financial markets, I discovered an underlying order of universal magnitude for which I had no logical explanation,’ she said.  ‘The impact of this finding was so great that I felt the need for further study of this phenomenon. I studied comparative religion, different cultures, philosophy, psychology, ancient science, and so on, and I read many hundreds of books on these subjects. It felt like an exciting discovery tour.’


    In 2008, there was another important happening. This was Herma’s first encounter with the strange ‘earth energies’ associated with the art of dowsing - a skill she never knew she had until she visited England that summer. A chance meeting with the Dutch crop circles investigator Janet Ossebaard led Herma to visit Wiltshire to see these mysterious formations for herself and, while there, she was given a pair of dowsing rods to try out.


    She said: ‘Despite my initial reluctance, I tried out the rods and was flabbergasted when I recognized that the movement of the rods was the same as I had noticed in my work with lines in number sequences which gave the spark for my search for an underlying system of order. And who could have expected me to find it in the crop circles? I felt the same force in crop circles that I had noticed in the sequences of numbers.’


    Herma now believes that the system of earth energies, and the ‘points of power’, or energy centres, which they generate in the landscape, points the way toward ‘a more natural and responsible resourcefulness that will allow us to live in natural, ecological and economic harmony on this planet. It offers an alternative source for energy supplies, derived from points of power, and an alternative approach to stock market analysis and architecture’.


    Herma is living proof that, no matter how old you are, life can become an exhilarating journey of discovery, not only of the world but of oneself. How she turned from being a high-flying global market analyst into a passionate advocate of ancient science and philosophy, as well as a ground-breaking film-maker with an urgent message for the world, is an extraordinary story.



* The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired. Stephen Hawking


** Out of 23 trend predictions of various stock markets delivered by KGMN over the period 1989 to 1994, 22 were confirmed by later events. Out of seven equity portfolios composed by KGMN, six performed better than the corresponding stock market index; one scored equal. On average, the KGMN portfolios outperformed, in absolute terms, the stock market index by ten per cent. A number of KGMN's more descriptional predictions and forecasts are described in various publications and client reports. These were, with rare exception, all confirmed by the course of events that followed.





Herma’s unique film project comprises five documentaries each with a runtime of about 40 minutes. They have been made with a go-ahead Egyptian production team, the core of which comprises co-producer Mahmoud Eissa, directors Mostafa Youseff and Khaled El Fares, cameraman Mohamed Abdul Raouf, and tour guides Ahmed Mahmoud and Refaat Abdelwahab.


Film 1 - Earth Energies and Points of Power
Location: Egypt, April/May 2009


Herma and Mahmoud Eissa introduce the ‘earth energies’ theme of the series. Herma explains her dowsing technique, tells the surprising tale of how she came to be a practitioner of the art, and speaks of some of her findings in Egypt. Walking with her pair of copper rods, she dowses leys and ‘power points’ of energy which she discovered determined the layout of ancient monuments at Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and at Karnak – her rods spin furiously above centres of energy. Herma also dowses for earth energies at Sakkara, the Bahariya Oasis, the Temple of Niuserre at Abu Ghurab, and at the Great Pyramid at Giza.


Film 2 - Crop Circles, Stock Markets and Megaliths


Location: England, July 2009


Herma introduces her discovery that geometrical figures, and symbols and patterns from the art and ceremony of ancient civilisations, some often seen in crop circles, also appear in the graphs which she produced, as a global market analyst, showing the movements of stock prices. In Wiltshire, the world ‘hotspot’ for crop circles, Herma examines scientific research into the strange phenomenon, and interviews key investigators Michael Glickman, Charles Mallett and Bert Janssen. As well as crop circles, where energy lines and points set her rods spinning again, Herma visits the famous prehistoric monuments of Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill.


Film 3 - Stones, Spirals and the Hidden Order
Location: Egypt, October/November 2009


Herma ponders the possibility of a ‘world grid’ and how its geometrical and geomantic properties could relate to a universal order reflected in the ancients’ positioning and design of temples and pyramids, and in the behaviour of financial markets. She interviews Geoff Ward about his study of the spiral form and pattern in nature and human culture – itself evidence of a universal unifying and organising principle. The crew visit Abu Simbel, the Bahariya Oasis, Nabta Playa in southern Egypt where megaliths are among the earliest known archaeo-astronomical constructions, and enter the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid.


Film 4 - Sacred Geometry and Washington DC


Location: USA, March 2010


Herma introduces the theme that the architect Pierre Charles L’Enfant, appointed by George Washington in 1791 to design the layout of the US capital, worked to a system of ‘sacred geometry’, as used in the planning of cities in the ancient world.  With her dowsing rods, Herma traces these patterns - symbolically potent and related to cosmic energies - at major city landmarks, detecting the same principles in play as at ancient sites and in crop circles. She interviews Robert Bauval, Christopher Knight and Alan Butler about the fascinating links between Washington DC and freemasonry as the repository of this ancient knowledge.


Film 5Alexandria and the Ancient Wisdom


Location: Egypt, March/April 2010


Continuing her mission to locate the energy lines that ancient civilizations used in their city planning and architecture, Herma witnesses a miracle of dowsing at Hellenic Alexandria. Her rods work not only over land but also as Mahmoud dives to the 2,000-year-old ruins of Cleopatra’s palace and temple complex and Pharos city, one of the world’s richest underwater archaeological sites. Robert Bauval explains how the ancient wisdom, including astronomical alignment of structures, integrated humankind with the cosmos. Herma also visits old Islamic Cairo, which was carefully planned on leys by the architect Jawhar Sakkaly (The Sicilian). 


Number rules the universe. -- Pythagoras

Book by the author:
Spirals: the Pattern of Existence

Text © Geoff Ward 2010.
Presented with permission.
No reproduction without prior permission.

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Developed out of a university course, this book makes an ideal supplemental text for courses in applied mathematics and mathematical modeling. It will also appeal to mathematics educators and enthusiasts at all levels, and is designed so that it can be dipped into at leisure.

Civilization One : The World Is Not as You Thought It Was
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