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Carl Johan Calleman

Guest Writers


The Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld
and the celebration of its midpoint, May 19-22, 2007

by Carl Johan Calleman

The Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld has begun and certainly many were very impacted by the energy change around November 23-24 2006. In terms of world politics a change began to be felt already with the US elections a uinal before the new DAY began. What seemed to emerge then was the realization that I forecasted in an article from the Fourth DAY, namely that in the Galactic Underworld wars can no longer be won. While this falls short of the realization that wars cannot be fought it nevertheless reflects the emergence of a very significant change in the perception of human beings. For 5000 years rulers and governments have been operating on the premise that wars can be won and dominance implemented. Because the Galactic Underworld tends to balance out this earlier imbalance we are living in a time that favors anarchy (“no rule”) rather than democracy, which is the rule of the elected. Governments will become aware that initiating wars will carry the risk of precipitating anarchy and ultimately the end to their own rule.

In the days of the actual shift point into the Fifth DAY, the weakness of the US dollar also was visible although this fell short of the downfall I had predicted. Its fate is essentially in the hands of the Chinese national bank that for some time will try to continue its balancing act to keep up the artificial value of the US dollar in order not to cause a depreciation of its own assets or a collapse of its own export incomes. These are then some signs in the external world of the changes that the Fifth DAY have brought and that will deepen as it continues, but why is it happening? From Latin America to the Middle East hardly a day has gone by without producing clear expressions of the shift away from Western dominance, a shift that incidentally I predicted based on the Mayan calendar long before it became a visible reality and the United States seemed all powerful. The answer is that the incoming LIGHT of this DAY influences the consciousness of human beings that are creating the economic and political reality in a broadly predictable way. It is not always realized when people talk about the shifting of the ages that it is all about shifting the consciousness of the human beings. External change is taking place because we ourselves are changing. There is no shifting of the ages outside of the perception of the human beings. We embody the change and the change is primarily a change in the relationship between the human beings and their external world, which is caused by the removal of a filter for the manifestation of consciousness.

But then, after this initial change in mentality there seemed some time into the Fifth DAY, to be a reversal of those changes that were under way. Absurdly, the US government decided to increase its number of troops in Iraq, and the drop of the dollar, that had started right at the beginning of the Fifth DAY turned out not to be very dramatic and was in fact reversed. It came to seem as if the changes that had been under way and many were able to experience on an inner plane (after all the Galactic Underworld is primarily about inner change) were now thwarted. A natural parallel that comes to mind then is the beginning of the Fifth DAY (1913-1932) of the Planetary Underworld, which was initiated by a tremendous amount of changes in all aspects of life that I have described previously. This was also perceived by some religious and spiritual groupings as the beginning of a Messianic age (theosophists, anthroposophists and Jehovas witnesses) and large peace meetings were held.

As we know however only a year (1914) into this Fifth DAY of the Planetary Underworld what seemed to have been initiated seemed to be reversed by the onset of World War I and it took at least until the end of this war (1918) until the mind set of the old autocratic rule was worn out. The actual breakthrough into the new world of democracy, women’s freedom etc. did not come until the roaring twenties after the midpoint of the Fifth day of the Planetary Underworld. If you like, you may look at the breakthrough of Christianity at the Fifth DAY of the National Underworld (AD 40-434) in the same way. The new religion was ignited shortly before its beginning with the teachings of Jesus, but it was only around the midpoint of the Fifth DAY that it became a massive phenomenon. Before this midpoint it had to fight itself through lots of persecutions. I feel these are parallels to what is going on at the present time in the first half of the Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld. Even thought the impetus to a new mentality was triggered at its onset in November this will have to work itself through a lot of resistance until the domination mentality wears itself thin.

It is not an accident then that preparations are happening almost spontaneously (Well, not quite spontaneously. Especially Joseph Giove should have a lot of credit for some painstaking preparatory work) for global peace meditations around the midpoint of the Fifth DAY, May 19-22, 2007. In a sense, you might say that May 22 is the high point of the Breakthrough Celebration, but in another sense it is just the beginning of the breakthrough. The global diksha movement, TM, the world Mayan calendar movement and the Club of Budapest are all involved in preparations for global peace meditations at this time. The Global Consciousness Project will monitor possible effects and plans are under way to gather people in the Old Town of Jerusalem in interfaith expressions of peace singing songs in all the languages of the world.

“Why participate in these global meditations?” someone may then ask? My simple answer would be: “For the beauty of creating peace in those days.” The very notion that different movements can co-ordinate their activities thus demonstrating a common intention, while not forcing them all into the same mold, is a beautiful expression of peace. Not working for creating peace in the future, but experiencing it in the present moment. Personally, I feel we should work towards combining unity in intention with diversity in spiritual expression thus allowing all movements sharing the intention of peace to participate on their own terms and yet invite others to take part in what they have to offer.

I feel if we are to make use of the energies favoring a breakthrough into balance that the Fifth DAY offers we should let this spontaneous movement towards peace meditations at its midpoint, May 19-22, 2007 grow and above all seek to broaden participation to other movements, individuals and organizations that share the same intentions. Whatever contacts we may have in global organizations should be explored allowing for the current desire for peace in the world to find a unified expression.
The Breakthrough Celebration has been growing throughout its existence thanks especially to Arthur Collins and Andi and Jag, but has been based mostly on individual participation. For its midpoint let us work to involve spiritual movements as such and let them know that they will be able to participate on their own terms.
Let us experience peace together.

The above article is Copyright by Carl Johan Calleman.
All Rights Reserved. Presented with permission of the author.

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Carl Johan Calleman is the author of The Mayan Calendar (Garev, 2001) and The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co, 2004). His web page is For further info see also and

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