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In this age of skepticism, we are skeptical about everything except the skepticism itself. We have put all our faith in skepticism and doubt all else. Is it a wise course of action? Is there a truth out there? Our mind doubts everything except its own capability to find the truth. We have put all our faith in our limited and doubting mind and doubt that there is anything greater than our limited power of intellect. Are we than any better than a common beast of burden? Even a dog has put its full faith in its limited mind and in its ignorance; it thinks it’s a top of creation. That’s why it remains to be a dog! In India, they catch monkeys by putting few seeds in a pitcher with a narrow neck, while monkey is watching. As soon as no one is around, monkey darts and grabs the seeds in a pitcher but now with a clenched fist it cannot get hand out of a pitcher. It will not let go because its mind will not let him. This is what mind does – it plants the seed of doubt through its endless analyzing, fragmenting and splintering of the simple truth, while in all its wisdom it remains completely oblivious of its own limitations. It’s a great mistake to think that mind is the top of evolution because it is not. The soul is! Without soul, the mind would be a dead piece of matter.

-- Daniel Srsa

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21.12.2012 Prophecy, End of the world

by Daniel Srsa

Reprinted with Permission
© Daniel Srsa


It's the most comprehensive material on the Mayan (and other prophecies) end date
of 21.12.2012. In order to understand the reality of such an event, it's necessary to understand the reality of this world. To know why the world in its present incarnation must end, one should first know what the world is - not only on an intuitive but also on an intellectual scale. Unless there is a clear understanding of what spatial reality and its projection in time is, and what their gravitational resonance is, there cannot be a clear understanding of what the world is - be it in its physical manifestation or in a string of its more subtle (spiritual) projections. Without understanding the fundamental principles of this world, how can we even start to speculate if it will end or not? Without this understanding, it's all groping in the dark. All divisions of one truth are just as relative in space as are temporary in time. It means that in simple terms, all must have beginning and end - in space as well as in time. When understood, the end of time becomes an inevitable certainty, not a matter of conjectures and opinions. Ultimately, it's a very simple and a very precise thing. Every temporary incarnation is a particular quantum state and it has a very, very precise duration. Not a second can be added to it or taken away. When the time is due, the Sun must rise on the horizon - it's as regular as clock. And when the time arrives for this cyclic rising and setting of Sun to cease, then the whole thing must be reversed because every action in time has a reaction in end of times. It's also as regular as the clock. All periodic dissolutions of physical world are as regular. Any action in time will have an effect only through gradual accumulation but when the measure is full, it triggers an instant quantum leap and an instant gravitational change of space/time parameters of Earth (or whatever larger cosmic reality might be affected in exponentially larger periods of time).

Earth must undergo periodic gravitational adjustment every 1/4 of orbital precession (90 degree) or 1/5 of rotational precession (72 degree), which is precisely 5125.36-year Mayan period because precession is the gradual negation or reversal of time. Time is induced by orbital/rotation of Earth but an anti-time or its reaction are its gradual advances/regression (precession). Precession is thus an exponential (infinitely slower) time - it's the time of time or the gravitational framework in which all separate segments of time have their beginnings and ends (different frequencies in time spectra). Precession is the gravitational source of all relative space/time divisions through which Earth must pass in its cosmic evolution. The abovementioned site is an attempt to elucidate that truth and brings home the message of inevitability of collapse of present reality. It's an attempt to clarify that all differences between physical and subtle (spiritual) are relative, since spiritual is simply the invisible physical manifestation just as physical is the visible part of a larger spiritual spectrum. There is no shift in consciousness unless the physical limitations of the spirit are destroyed. Winter solstice 2012 will bring a tremendous shift in consciousness but such shift is not without a catalyst. The catalyst that will induce consciousness shift will be the physical destruction of Earth that no man can even try to imagine, yet one should not fear it but embrace it as an inescapable Divine Will, because this is what it is. Light disperses darkness, day replaces night and so does a Golden Age (Sat Yuga) replaces the worn-out Iron Age (Kal Yuga). It's been done repeatedly since the dawn of time and it will be done again on winter solstice 2012, regardless if we believe it or not. Mind deceives and confuses by generating an endless string of theories and opinions but soul knows better - it knows that possibilities are many but certainty can be only one - and end of this world on 21.12.2012 is as certain as is the existence of the universe.

The modern physics knows all too well that a period between two subsequent quantum states is ¼ orbital precession. It is as above, so below - all the time between two successive quantum states or between two successive incarnations of a massive body is ¼ orbital precession, which is a period of exactly 5200 years of 360 days each in context of the orbiting earth. Since rotational regression (precession of equinoxes) is 5/4-fractal succession following on heels of orbital precession (perihelion advance), one 26000-year creative cycle of earth consists of 5 different rotational incarnations or 5 different worlds (or suns). The cycle is repeatable in 4x5=20-folds units, well known to the students of the Maya, thus creating yet larger so-called Milankovich astronomical cycle underlying yet larger 104000-year creative cycle of earth (the regression of precession or the precession of precession). The Maya along with the entire ancient world knew quantum laws long before Dirac, De Broglie or Bohr. There is never anything new under the sun. The present rotational incarnation of earth expires with winter sun 2012. It is also the end of the present orbital incarnation unlike the past four events, because it is the end of a precessional cycle, which is also ¼ of a larger 104000-year cycle. Earth must change not only rotational frequency as in the past four events but also its orbital frequency in order to remain in coherent or justified state. The balance of forces must change in every cardinal point of the precessional wave (¼). You can argue about it just as you can argue with your PC, your TV, your phone, walls of your house or anything else that exists. It is madness to presume it any other way.

End of the world 21.12.2012 is an effect of the same cause that drives all your technology. Moreover, it is the effect of the same cause that lends all forms of reality their existence - the past, the present and the future. It is the effect of the same cause that creates the density of matter out of the vibrations of energy! It is the underlying essence of the world holding it all together through the electromagnetic and gravitational bonds. To doubt that the winter sun 2012 will spell anything else but the death of the present order of things is commensurate with doubting one's own existence. You know what kinds of forces are unleashed during the sequential quantum changes of an orbiting electron. Multiply it by a factor of double light speed as per Einstein's E=mC² formulations and you will have a good idea of what 21.12.2012 is all about. However, the force as any other particular form of reality is impersonal and which personal shade will such an outburst of energy attain is a matter of choice. The apocalypse for the unjust one is the flower of life for the just one.

© Daniel Srsa

Daniel Srsa

Newsletter 8, 29.06.2006



Reprinted with Permission
© Daniel Srsa

It’s a great pleasure to announce that a new website, in which all the ins and outs of the forthcoming transition due on winter solstice 2012, are described in detail as promised some time ago. Regretfully, the delay in its publishing was unavoidable. This time, the entire text of about 600 printed pages was published in a web format rather than as a book. In this way, the information is accessible to everyone without an additional cost. You can read it on line or print it down and read at your convenience. It is not a brief synopsis but the whole account of the cause and effect of the great transition, which we will be privileged to witness in a short space of time.

The address is:

It’s also opportune to remind ourselves once again, what it is all about. In this age of skepticism, we are skeptical about everything except the skepticism itself. We have put all our faith in skepticism and doubt all else. Is it a wise course of action? Is there a truth out there? Our mind doubts everything except its own capability to find the truth. We have put all our faith in our limited and doubting mind and doubt that there is anything greater than our limited power of intellect. Are we than any better than a common beast of burden? Even a dog has put its full faith in its limited mind and in its ignorance; it thinks it’s a top of creation. That’s why it remains to be a dog! In India, they catch monkeys by putting few seeds in a pitcher with a narrow neck, while monkey is watching. As soon as no one is around, monkey darts and grabs the seeds in a pitcher but now with a clenched fist it cannot get hand out of a pitcher. It will not let go because its mind will not let him. This is what mind does – it plants the seed of doubt through its endless analyzing, fragmenting and splintering of the simple truth, while in all its wisdom it remains completely oblivious of its own limitations. It’s a great mistake to think that mind is the top of evolution because it is not. The soul is! Without soul, the mind would be a dead piece of matter. Call it life or call it soul – it’s the same – it’s that invisible power that generates body and mind. Without it there is no body or mind. Without it, it is only a dead carcass. And we have put all our faith in this dead carcass that leads us down the road of endless chaotic thoughts, confusion and death. We have put all our devotion into mind that deceives us with every presented opportunity while forgetting who we really are and what’s the purpose of this great opportunity given us in the form of a human being.

Truth is out there. It’s out there everywhere but it’s too simple for our complex and analytical mind to perceive it. A mind will splinter the simple truth again and again till all that is left is an utter confusion. All we can reasonably conclude in these circumstances is that there is no truth. It’s all a chaotic concoction of theories, opinions and thoughts. Who will find a way in this maze? Who is right and who is wrong? Why should one opinion weigh more than another? It’s all the same. Let’s wait and see, who was right and who was wrong! It’s a big mistake. It’s a desired effect of mind, which is faithfully serving its invisible master. It’s what mind is supposed to do – to confuse us completely so that we do not know any more what’s up or what’s down. Only if we can transcend that confusion of the mind are we liberated by its limitations. No pain, no gain. Only when mind creates the agony will we be able to disown it. We are taking so many things for granted without true reflection. We think that intellect is the property of mind while the mind is the very opposite of the intellect and rational thought. Mind acts as a box in which the thoughts bounce off its solid walls unable to penetrate anything that is beyond. It’s a small box surrounded by an infinite universe yet we will never get a chance to see that infinite truth as long as we are prisoners of that box. Whatever we know is only a tiny fragment of an infinite truth that lays beyond that self-imposed veil we regard so highly – our minds. Mind has no capacity to realize anything new. It can only fragment what’s already in, recombine it again and again but it can never come with anything new. It keeps on ruminating and spinning the same staff over and over as long as it is in the orbit of our personal “self”.

The true intellect is not mind but the heart of mind – the soul. Without an “insight”, without that moment of “inspiration”, the mind remains hopelessly inadequate to save us from our predicament. It’s the soul that “knows”. It’s the soul that from time to time drops this divine nectar of realization that keeps mind alive and busy with its ruminating thoughts. It’s only when a particle of that “infinite beyond” manages to penetrate that veil of darkness that a spark of light illumines the mind – otherwise it’s all darkness. As it’s said in chapter 1 of Gospel according to a great mystic Saint John, “The light shines in darkness but darkness comprehended it not”. It’s the darkness and ignorance of our own mind that obscures the light and wisdom of the soul. It’s the ruminations of our thoughts that stand as an insurmountable barrier between darkness and light, between relative thoughts of the mind and the absolute truth of the soul. Mind will never understand in a million years by a process of gradual learning what a soul understands in an instant of realization. Realization is effortless in the absence of thoughts but thoughts will just as sure obscure any realization by its forceful ways. You cannot force it. You can only stand still and let it come. As long as you run after it, it will keep on running away from you. Still your mind and listen to your soul. It’s the only way to knowledge and true understanding. There is no other way. Unless we know it by the heart in an instant we will never know it by the mind alone, no matter how long we can dwell upon it or how many times we turn it over. As long as Earth is obsessed with Sun, its gravitational pull keeps it in its orbit. As long as our obsession with a “self”, which is separated from all else, keeps the soul in a firm gravitational embrace, it will keep on orbiting our limited mind instead of mind orbiting the soul. Unless the whole process is reversed and mind starts serving the soul instead of soul being a captive of the mind, we will never realize the human potential or fulfill the purpose of our birth in the human frame.

A loveless mind is a dead mind. A mind without the heart is a dead mind – it will keep on spinning the same stuff until the momentum that bestowed life upon it is exhausted and we cease to be. Only the agony of love will transcend the boundaries of mind. Love, as gravitational force of attraction, will fuse back all those splintered parts of reality in our mind and give us the glimpse of only one truth of the heart (soul). Only love will pull the mind away from its orbital around “self” that separates a human mind from its divine essence – the soul. Only love will break that bond of low desires that spring from the mind and keeps us imprisoned within our own ignorance and that keeps soul orbiting the mind instead of mind orbiting the soul. Love is not a feeling alone, as we like to believe. It’s a potent force of creation. It comes in many forms and shapes but it always fuses two sides of duality in one truth. It’s an absolute cause (and effect) of all relative dualities. The cause of all relative thoughts of the mind is an absolute truth of the heart. No matter how much one can read or listen, one will never understand, unless there is a bond of love between two hearts. Unless you read with the same heart that writers of the holly scriptures wrote their words down, you will never understand their meaning. It’s all beautifully explained in so many holly scriptures of so many religions, yet it all remains a “foreign tongue” because there is no resonance of hearts. As long as mind-induced consciousness of “self” dominates the unlimited truth of the soul, it’s extremely difficult to explain “one” truth in dual context of the mind. It’s like trying to squeeze a huge container into a shoebox. How can mind with its limited capacity understand an unlimited truth? How can mind, which works on principles of relative duality understand the oneness that exists on the level of the soul? Without love, mind is helpless to overcome its limited capacity.

Why is such a sermon on the functionality of our mind and its inherent inferiority in comparison with soul necessary? Why is it necessary to impress that in absence of love, no amount of mental analyzing will bring us even an inch closer to the truth? Because we are all prisoners of our minds! We cannot escape the divine order of cause and effect. We live in such an age (Kali Yuga) and we have to accept our own limitations before we let it go. Unless we realize our own limitations, what hope is there to overcome them? The only thing worst than selfishness is not even to realize the magnitude of our selfishness that slowly but surely leads us on the path of destruction. Unless we let go of our mental concepts, truth will never dawn on us. Unless we stop mind from dominating the soul and its common sense, we can only share the proverbial fate of a monkey. We have no option but to let go – or end up being served as a dish. If we believe that truth is a matter of mental concepts, opinions and theories, we only deceive ourselves. It’s the mind stuff, not the heart (soul) stuff. We can believe whatever we want. It doesn’t matter what we believe because truth is still the truth. Mind will tell us that all is possible but possibility is not a reality. Although all is possible only one thing can be certain at a time. We will believe what our mind desires to believe but that will not change the facts. We can believe whatever our own limited “self” prompts us to believe that winter solstice 2012 will bring about. We can be inclined to one opinion or another – or none of them. It doesn’t matter. The truth is with each one of us but can we overcome our “self”, our mind, and look into the heart of the truth?

When winter solstice 2012 arrives, it will be what is meant to be. It is all written long time ago. Truth will not adapt to our wishes, we can only adapt to the truth. Adaptation is a matter of survival. Adapt or perish. If you think that’s not love, it’s because you “think” yet you don’t know. If you love you true “self” than you will understand. We cannot ask our Creator do adapt to our limited Will. We have to adapt to His Will. We worship our personal “free will”, not knowing that such freedom of making choices again and again only splinters the simple truth and take us forevermore further and further away from true freedom. The true freedom is to be free from making such relative choices. It’s an absolute freedom. True freedom is to abide in divine Will, not to be ensnared by pale reflections of such divine order by limitations of our own selfish Will. Our own Will has no creative power because it keeps on spinning the same stuff. If our wishes were granted, that would be like granting a death wish. When we see our child we know it’s our child. If we are insane, then we can “think” who is it and conclude that it is whatever fancies our mind. All is possible in mind but heart knows only one truth – it’s our child! Who can convince us with however elaborate theories that it’s not our child? Even if the whole world says on the contrary, we will know that it’s our child. It’s the soul truth. It’s the power of love. When we see Sun rising on the horizon, we know it’s Sun rising on the horizon. We do not have to “think” about it. We do not have to make a choice what it is. We can only sit and relish the beauty of the moment. Try to think about it and you have spoilt the moment. The thinking has replaced love! We don’t think how to swim or how to walk. We know how to do it! We know it by the heart. Try to think about it and you will only confuse yourself. By thinking alone one will not be able to make even a single step. That’s why 21.12.2012 remains a perpetual mystery to us despite a clear message that’s been conveyed. We “think” and “think”, we spin more and more theories but we know less and less. We are only confusing ourselves. The more we “think” the less we know.

The more we think, the more skeptical we become and further away from truth we are. We are brought to a complete mental block and are unable to make even one step in resolving the “mystery”. Although the truth is so simple and it’s right in front of our eyes, “the darkness comprehended not the light”! Truth is simple but “simple” is not easy when viewed through the mental prism that will fragment that simplicity until all that’s left is chaotic mental chatterbox. Maya left us an inheritance. In clear and simple terms they conveyed the message that this physical world will be dissolved through cataclysmic earth changes on winter solstice 2012. That’s the truth. There is no need to “think” about it. There is no need for spinning the theories and opinions. Relax and cherish the moment of truth. Put some faith in your doubting mind. There is no need for “interpretations” by mind of a simple soul truth – it’s the end of the world, as we know it. Should your fear it? Well, mind is mortal – it will fear it, no doubt about that! It doesn’t want to let go! But why should immortal soul fear it. Soul knows the truth – there is no choice, only love! It knows its own immortality. It knows it not on an abstract level of the mind but on real level of its own existence. It’s easy to say, “I know that. I know we have a soul and soul is immortal”. But do we really know this as a certainty? Or do we know it as a possibility liable to doubt? Are we prepared to let go our mental concepts that debilitate the evolution of the soul? Are we prepared to listen to the message of Christ when he said, “Give up everything and follow me”. There is still much more soul searching to be done in order that one can be honest with oneself – but hurry up, not much time is left.

All sacred texts from all major and minor religions – the extant ones as well as the forgotten ones – all of them point to this major shift in our consciousness that goes hand in hand with physical destruction of this world. All of them point to it with various degrees of accuracy regarding its timing but the essence is all the same. The modern religions are an offspring of the old ones, which were less influenced by relativistic mind and abided in truth more then the present ones; hence they were more capable to accurately pinpoint such event in time. All ancients knew the truth. They all knew what the reality is and what’s the duration of any particular reincarnation (or quantum state, if you will) of this world. They knew so much more. We “think” we are the advanced and they were primitive! Nothing can be further from the truth. Despite the obvious, we choose to “believe” and “think” whatever our mind fancies. It’s obvious to a simple mind that things only deteriorate, decay and die in time. Everything follows the same pattern, so where does the notion that world becomes better with time comes from? It has absolutely no ground in reality. It’s a self-deception of confused mind. We “think” that this technology sometimes makes us better than our ancestors. It’s like a lame person thinking it’s better than a healthy one because it got the crutches. It like a person with impaired sight thinking it’s better then the one with healthy sight just because it has the glasses! All this technology is only the crutches of dying humanity when soul is all but dead trashed by merciless onslaughts of selfish and loveless mind. It’s only yet another sign of end times and imminent death of this world. It’s all it is. There is no superiority here. It’s a final demise. The best our ancestors could do was to stab each other to death, but today we have superior means of destruction. Is this an evolution? Is it better than before when man could relish the moment and find the love for his brothers on the same path?

We live in delusion and cannot see the simple truth. All is perverted. All is turned upside down. We have divided the world on racial, national, religious ground and turned against each other like packs of rabid dogs. We can choose to “believe” it is not so. We can “think” that picture is not so bleak but we only perpetuate our own delusions by “thinking” instead of realizing the simple truth. The dice has been thrown long ago. It’s a dying world. Unless we are put out of our own misery, the worst fate would overtake the whole planet. It’s naïve thinking. We are on the path of destroying all the life on the planet. There is absolutely no indication that anything can change for better on this path of destruction. It’s only more destruction every day. A grater injustice cures lesser injustice. There is more mind stuff and less love every day. Everyone is right and the others are wrong. Everyday there is more spilling of blood, more violence, more lies and deception, more greed and poverty, more suffering, more pain. The humanity as a whole is disintegrating. Man as an individual is disintegrating, families are disintegrating, and love is disintegrating on all fronts under an avalanche of this mind-induced hallucinations. This is an effect of this illusory “freedom of choice” when everyone can choose to hate one another. Paths of hate are many but path of love is only one. We have eyes but cannot see. We have ears but cannot here. We see many religions when there is only one – religion of love. It’s only the superficiality of man-made and mind-made rituals that we see Christianity somehow different than Islam or Buddhism. It’s all the same in its essence – a religion of love. Do we think God belongs to a certain religion? Or a certain nation? It’s all mind stuff – it keeps on dividing and dividing until the whole structure collapses under its own weight. Saints have been coming throughout the ages in vain attempts to bring us to our senses and put us on path of love. Osiris, Thoth, Horus, Rama, Krishna, pharaohs of Egypt, Hebrew Saints, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Rumi, Hafiz, Nanak – from times immemorial till the present day they’ve been amongst us to try to liberate us from our own contraptions yet we kept on crucifying them, skinning them alive, burning them or quartering them alive, so that we can build dead and hollow religions on the remains of their dead bodies. They came from those invisible realms of the soul with the message of love, yet we turn the truth in our mind and create hate out love and death out of life.

Truth is impartial. It is what it is. It’s the mind that personalizes it according to its whims. As long as we react with emotions, truth will evade us. Emotions are mind induced. They are an effect of our thoughts and desires. Love is not just an emotion. Love is beyond all such limitations. It’s the truth. Everything is perverted here. We “think” that emotions spring from heart and reason from the mind while it’s vice versa – it’s the emotions that spring from the mind and reason that spring from the heart. As long as we react with an emotion, the “self” limitations stand between the truth and us. As long as we receive an impartial message of love emotionally, “the light will shine in darkness but darkness will comprehend it not!” The purpose of this new website, just as the purpose of the “Prophet’s manual” is not to compete with all those theories that circulate around about this final day 21.12.2012. It’s not an intellectual contest. It is a message of love. There is no “self” interest in it. The publication of all this information is entirely for your own use. There is no personal interest in it. It’s not a long list of personal opinions and theories since “I speak not the Will of my own but that, which sends me”. It was the message throughout the ages of those that live in the divine will by abstaining to impose their own will. The truth is impartial. Any interference by our own mind will stain it in personal colors and that’s truth no more but a biased opinion. There is nothing new in whatever is said on any of those web sites. It’s the some old truth that’s kept alive throughout the ages by those willing to live in divine will and search for the truth that’s within all of us, if we can only have a heart and seek for it.

You should take it seriously as a matter of life and death, not only as a matter of idle curiosity of the mind, because end of this world on winter solstice 2012 is not a theory but the reality. It will happen no matter what you “think” or how you “fill” about it. It is what it is. Save your soul and accept immortality if you can overcome your mind. If you cannot, than at least save your body and mind, so that it can have a succession in a new Golden Age that’s to come. Whatever you do – do something but don’t just wait to see what will really happen. It’s too late to change your mind when you are dead. At least, have a back up plan and be safe immediately before it happen. If you do not want to do it for yourself, do it for your children. Do not be proud. Humbleness is a virtue that saved many a soul. And for those living on North American continent – do not be there when the hour of truth arrives. Have some faith. Give at last some benefit of the doubt when it comes to your own mind and your own power of discernment. So there is the address of the new site once again and I hope it will have some sobering effect on all those doubting Thomases. It’s the time to make peace with God.


Regards and may God bless you all

D. Srsa


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