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Newsletter 11, 6.12.2009

Reprinted with Permission
Daniel Srsa

It's been over two years since the last newsletter was posted. There was no communication since then because time for speeches and sophistry is over. We all have to prepare and attend to our personal business. No time to waiste in idle talks. It is the time to wrap up whatever we started. Now when we have seen a graphic illustration of what is soon to befall us through the release of a movie '2012', what else do we need? Sure, it's just a movie, no one will fly through the air when elements stir, but it is the best medium to raise awareness. We have been warned over and over, each time by a stronger voice, each time through a more massive media reaching more and more ears and minds. Every time the warning is issued with more authority. When the time arrives, no one would be able to say, "I did not know, no one told me".

Yet we know very well that our human inertia and a habit to take things for granted will paralyze the vast majority into inactivity no matter what they are told. Fear is powerful, especially when it is hidden in our subconsciousness. It is human to be in denial when confronted by the undesireable or uncomfortable. Yet if we have faith, we would know that it is all for the best. That would make us free of fear and denial. "Truth shall make us free" - and that is the only truth. Since the end of the world is true, it cannot be bad, no matter what we choose to believe. It is the way the universe is created and maintaned. It is the way of life. Without it, there would be no mankind, no earth, no universe. If we understand this basic principle of life that moves in waves, spiraling in ever new directions, blossoming into evergreen flowers of life without a beginning or end - then all is good and well. If we do not, we should simply accept the fact that this is so. What else can be said? In the end, every knowledge is nothing but vanity. All is relative on manifested plane. It is the faith that counts because it is the source of all the knowledge.

I do not want to be tedious or tax your patience in this important moment of time. Time for big words is over. It is time for action. Everyone should prepare the best they can. Those who count on a sudden spiritual enlightenment, or some transformations of humanity to the other levels of existence, should know that such things are out of their hands. Let the one who is in charge of such things do what his duty is, and let us do our own duty. It is the time to accept the truth and stop living in illusion. It is the time to be real. Not spiritual but REAL. It is the time to leave all human vanity alone. It is not in our hands. Period. Sure, the great enlightenment will happen, but what do we know about it? Let us be honest. It is no time for pretence. It is no time to engage in vain theories. Seeing is believing. It is not OK to talk about things that we ourselves do not know. It is deceitful and arrogant to preach to others that which we ourselves know nothing about. It is not OK to talk about God, about spirit or such things, which we in all our honesty cannot say we know anything about. Bible and all other religious books tell us that we shoud never call the name of God in vain, yet we call it whenever it suits our desires or our pride. Let every man finds his own truth. That is why we have been given this life. Let us take responsibility for our own life, not be blindly led by those who are blind themselves. We will know such things when we see them.

Life is precious. It should be used prudently, not be waisted in trying to be someone else. Why trying to be what we are not? Why copy others? Why trying to be 'holy' or 'spiritual'? Why be good? Why be evil? It is all vanity. It is vain desiring to be something that we are not. We are what we are. And it is all 'good' and 'holy'. No book is 'holy'. Only the life is holy. Even the life of the tiniest creature is 'holier' then the 'holiest' of books. No book, however 'holy' can measure up to life, because the only real God is a living God, not the God of the book invented to appease great egos. All this dogmatic following of the word without understanding of the spirit in which the words are written, is nothing but vanity. All this great monotheistic religions based on 'holy' books are nothing but vanity of vanities. God is life. It is the only true religion. If words are more important then life then we know nothing about God or such things. Life is spiritual. We are spirits even as we are. Even our body is the spirit, just as the spirit is nothing more but some future or past body. All is relative on manifested plane. We should stick to the business at hand. What matters is what is real here and now. How does it matter whether we are enlightened or not? How does it matter whether we are transformed into higher dimensional beings or not? It is all nothing but vanity. All that matters is life. All that matters is here and now. All that matters is that right now we are human. Humanity is our business at hand. Lets leave other things to the one whose duty it is. It is not our business. What can we do about such things? It will be what will be. Our duty is to be real, to be true to ourselves and to preserve the life.

Since life is a personal responsibility, it is futile to expect some external help. Should it be duty of governments to preserve our lives? Should aliens save us? Should God whisk us into another dimension? You know the saying, "Help yourself, and God will help you too". If we do our duty, life will do its duty, but if we fail to do what we ought to do, then who can save us?? In the end, who is God? Is he not in us in the form of our own lives? Can he be external but not internal to our own consciousness? That surely would not be an omnipotent God worthy of our worship. Shall God help us without us helping him? God is life. If we help him, he cannot fail but to help us. If we make an effort to preserve life, are we not helping him as much as ourselves? Why do we exist then? Would he create us for no purpose? Obviously, there must be a reason for our existence and that reason can be only one - God. He made us because he needs us just as much as we need him. So, by doing nothing to preserve life, are we not defeating the purpose of our existence? Are we not betraying our maker by doing nothing to preserve life? Are we not wrong when we waste the time by talking and doing nothing? Yet we expect some external help. We expect that governments or aliens will save us. We expect that somehow we will escape our responsibility by escaping into another dimension. Unless we make the first move, no none will save us. It is ridiculuous to believe otherwise. Our life is our responsibility and no one elses. That is the bottom life. It is not necessery to bring God, governments or aliens in that simple equation of life. All is possible, but it is our duty to initiate it in real terms. That is why we exist, not to engage in some 'neat' sophistry under disguise of religions or other similar vain expextations in which we have nothing to do but sit tight and wait for salvation.

The plea to every individual is to act now, no matter what your beliefs are. It is time to go beyond beliefs and face the reality. It is the time to give up all this vanity and expect that someone else will do what we ought to do. The saviour will come only for those who will help themselves. The rest will perish. It is as simple as that. We do not have to worry what happen to the spirits of those who perish. The simple law of the universe says that we must reap as we have sawn. Inactivity breeds inactivity. Only life creates life. We get what we deserve. And we always deserve the best, but what is best for one is sometimes the worst for someone else. All is relative on manifested plane. We do not have to concern ourselves with 'others' because our responsibility is only our own life and the lives of those with whom we share it. We should pray only when we have exhausted all other means. As long as other avenues are open, we should do our duty with our bodies. The question is what are we doing, if anything at all? And if not now, then when? Soon there will be no tomorrow.

Every individual should start now with the preparation to preserve his/her own life and the lives of those with whom he/she shares it. That means that all available resources at the disposal of every person should be utilized with a single purpose of survival from now on. Nothing else matters any more. It is only the life that matters from now on. If we have to live our countries, we should start with arrangements now. We should invest everything we've got into those things that are essential for life. All else must be abandoned because all those other things are nothing but vanity of no real consequences. The guidelines are simple - go south, go high, go stable places. North has no chance this time around.

All those who are interested are free to join me here in South Africa in preparation for this quantum leap of faith. The strength is in unity, so why not join forces in one of the safest places? In times of trouble it is good to return to the womb from whence we all came - the highlands of Africa. It always begins here and ends here. Whatever you choose, choose wisely - some parts of the world will be much safer then the others, as you already know. Do as you feel you should do, but do it NOW. Those who are interested in relocating here should contact me.

All the best
Daniel Srsa

Daniel Srsa

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