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Newsletter 9, 24.01.2007

The truth

Reprinted with Permission
© Daniel Srsa

In ethics of ancient Veda regulating Hindu moral codes there are two kinds of truth – prija and hita. Prija is the one that pleases us to hear while hita is that truth which is good for us but might not please our ears. Prija is our subjective, personal truth. It consists of our beliefs, our conjectures and our theories. It is fueled by our selfish desires and pride, whether individual or collective. Such relative truth has no validity and it is not good for us in the long run. Therefore I will talk only about hita, that impersonal and objective truth, which is valid no matter what we like to think. Hita is the divine truth. It is the truth whether we like it or not. It is the truth whether we believe it or not. The acceptance of such absolute truth and rejection of the relative truth is crucial for survival since survival is a matter of adaptation. Unless we abandon prija and accept hita, we are as good as dead meat. Evolution will not favour us if we insist to go against it. Consequently, whatever you find in this correspondence is an absolute truth, no matter how difficult it might be for you to accept many of its parts. It is given solely for your benefit and I have nothing to gain or loose whether you believe it or not. Do not judge this exposé according to your standards that everything is relative and that one man knows no better than the other. It is the wrong assumption in this case. No man knows what other man knows because no man can see what is in another man’s heart. Only God knows so you should not judge according to your standards but keep an open mind. Do not think that such claim is arrogant. It would be if this was my personal opinion but it is not. It is a humble message of your humble servant. What can I say, “I do not speak my words but the words of the One who sent me”? If I say that you might be convinced even more about my arrogance and do to me what they did to the one who spoke these words before me. Can you see that it is not so easy to let false perceptions go, as it seems? It is always easier to talk then to act.

In my personal capacity I know no more than you do. I am no better or worst human being than anyone else. There are many wise and good people out there, which I regard as much better than myself. Often I am humbled in the presence of simple souls with golden hearts. I feel ashamed when I meet everyday people living ordinary lives with hearts as vast as the ocean. The heart of human being is a deep well from which we draw the waters of life. It is deeper than the deepest abyss. Who am I to compare myself with those unpretentious souls? I am surely no better than them. They make me see all my imperfections. They make me realize how much I still have to learn only to be worthy of looking into their eyes without feeling of guilt and shame. In the presence of such simplicity and purity I feel all the blemishes of my soul burning into my heart like a hot iron. I have no qualm to accept their high precepts of living, no matter how much they know about other things. Their hearts are an inspiration to me. I have learnt a lot from the simplest minds and I will not hesitate to follow in their example even if they might be illiterate in all other things. It is an honor to be in their presence and emulate their sincerity and simplicity. They are the true sages and saints of mankind, not those who came with high learning and many words like myself. The erudition breeds pride, which is contrary to growth of our spirits. The worst thing that can happen to a human being is pride and reliance on the strength of his own mind because it limits our spirits. Our pride and belief that our understanding is supreme closes the door of any further advance. In that case we become the prisoners of our own minds. Only the shock, suffering and adversity can shatter this illusion and extricate us from a slavery of our own making. As long as we rely on our mind we live in our own private worlds and not in reality. Only shock will bring us back into reality that is larger than what we think in such narrow-mindedness. It is all good and nice to expound it on a mental or verbal level but reality is something else. We might agree with those lofty principles but we will not apply them in our life because reality is something else than just a theory. It only shows the deceit with which our minds keep separated from the actual truth. Unless we live what we preach, it remains only a pretence and hypocrisy; hence you can learn only from those that live the truth, not from those who speak about it, because verbalization is not the truth but an appearance of truth.

Whether they speak the truth or not is irrelevant. It is irrelevant even whether they know it or not on a mental level. All that matters is whether they live it or not. Mind can present only a possibility, not the truth but whether such a possibility is actual truth or not, we will know by the effort we put in following it with action. In other words, we act according to the deeper truth in our hearts, not according to propounded theories, however pleasing or advanced such theories might be. We are bound by our own natures. Our hearts binds us. They determine whether we will follow a certain mental understanding or not because heart is true while mind is false. In the heart only one truth lives while in mind there are many possibilities. We will follow with action only such possibility (theory) of the mind that resonates with the truth of the heart. If our own nature prohibits us to follow a certain mental concept, however perfect and lofty it might appear, we will not follow it. In our words, our nature, our heart limits us. In parlance of Bible or Quran, it is expressed as limitations of our hearts by our own sins. “Sins are you masters”, says Jesus. In Hindu phraseology, it is described as the limitations by our own karmas. Such limitations of our nature are our destiny; hence if it is not destined for us to act in a particular way, we will not act in such a way, regardless how much we understand something on a mental level alone. Mind is dual, it has always pro and contra arguments and its power runs deeply, much deeper than our waking consciousness. Since it is dual, it is skeptical and it can justify anything. There is no definitive proof on mental level. Mind can spin arguments and debates without end and without a definitive proof that will sway us one side or another. It is the heart that acts as an arbiter and that gives credence to one theory at the expense of all the others. And you do not think consciously on heart level. You cannot influence your heart by your mental processes. You will be automatically drawn towards that which is your destiny. Your nature will determine toward what you will be attracted and what will be repulsive to you. Love is your destiny. Love happens. You do not “think” love. Love is your guidance. According to your nature, the love of your heart will guide you towards your destiny. You will love or like those things that you are predestined to love according to your karmic make-up or load of your sins, and you will ignore those that are not “meant” for you.

Hence, if this correspondence doesn’t resonate with you, it simply means it is not for you. Even if you find that you cannot say in all your honesty that it is nothing but the truth, you will not be able to follow it in action, unless it is you own truth on the heart level. If it is not your destiny to believe it than no amount of words can convince you. Your own mind will find one or another excuse to relegate it into the dustbin of theories. Mind is skeptical. Mind is doubt. Without fate of your heart it remains an evenly matched struggle. Your mind will always justify your actions whatever they are. Even the vilest person acts in this way because he/she is capable to justify his/her misplaced beliefs. Everyone acts according to his/her nature. Everyone acts according to his/her destiny. Everyone acts according to his karma; according to his/her past sins, which condition his/her heart. Unless it is your destiny to believe in whatever is said in here, you will see this truth as one out of many theories and you will be unable to accept it in your heart, no matter how much you might like it or not on a mental level alone. Your essence is not your mind but your heart because mind is a storeroom of conjectures and theories while the heart is the holiest of hollies where the truth dwells. My task is to present a theory. Your task is to make it truth or reject it according to your own nature. Since heart is the truth, our level of erudition is irrelevant; hence I do not pride myself with whatever I “know”. There is no arrogance in truth; because truth is in the heart and heart is love, which is a complete opposite of pride. Pride comes from the mind. Man is proud only of what he/she “knows” on mental level. What is there to be proud on the heart level because you are not even conscious of your true nature? What is there to be proud about your own nature because you are not the architect of who you are? You are architect only of your own thoughts. You can be proud only of your mental and physical achievements. There is no pride in the things that we cannot change. We are completely ignorant about our true nature so how can we be proud about those things about which we are not even aware that they exist? No one knows his/her own soul except on a level of idle conjectures. There is no pride on soul level. Pride exists only on mental level. Since, whatever I say is the truth of my heart for which I vouchsafe with my soul, I should be rather extremely cautious not to misguide you with my mental concepts and my pride.

The truth is in the heart. All the verbiage is nothing when compared with a simple truth. It is not those who speak the most but those who in silence live the truth, which are the most knowledgeable; hence I am certainly not the one who knows what no one else knows. We all know any of this on a deep level of the heart. We are an image of truth. Truth is within all of us but we have clouded it with what we call “knowledge” on a mental level. It is the thickness of that karmic cloud that prevents us to see the truth within. It is our destiny that will determine how much of that darkness around the inner light we are allowed to strip away. We are all different on mental level but we all share the common truth of our Soul. On the soul level, no one is better or worst than anyone else, but on the mental level the differences are vast. On the soul level there is unity. On mental level there is disunity. No one should be ashamed to follow the light of the pure soul irrelevant of his/her mental cloud surrounding it. No one should shrink to give his/her trust and love to a pure soul even if such soul appears as an idiot on a mental level. A pure heart is the only guidance. All the mental activity only helps to obscure this pure light so why should I be proud of this verbal outpouring? It is my shame, not my pride but we cannot act contrary to our natures. We have to perform our allotted tasks. There is nothing perfect about me that should make me proud. It is my imperfection that I share with you here. The perfection is hidden in your own soul. How can I ever presume that I know more then those who in their silence live the infinite wisdom? They don’t speak the truth. They live it. There is no doubt they know much more then me. They know the truth in their hearts. It makes me feel guilty when I try with so many words to describe a simple truth they carry in their hearts. What is there to be proud of? The words? Of what consequence are the words? Do they make us better? If we can only listen to our hearts there will be no need for anyone to speak. It would be a silent world in which everyone knows everything. Then every man will know the same because everyone would know everything. We would know that all of us are one. We would know that we are larger then the universe. I am not proud at all that I have to speak so much. I am no preacher. I would prefer to attend to my own life and not to bring any attention to myself. I seek no fame. I seek my solitude and privacy. That would make me happy. Who am I to try to be cleverer than everyone else? I feel no pride but guilt about it yet I am powerless to disobey the will of Higher Power. He made me for this one purpose and I must obey. I feel neither pleasure nor pride in performing this allotted duty.

Every soul has a quality that no one else has and we should trust him or her in this one thing if in nothing else because it is this best quality that is his or her true Self. All the negativities beside this best quality of a human soul are impurities accumulated like thick clouds around it. Even the vilest person is a saint deep down in his/her heart if he/she can only see it. Whatever bad there is about a person is not his/her true Self but the habits and opinions he/she learnt through his/her own mental activity. Whatever is positive in a person comes from God while all negative traits are self-learnt. It is this one thing that is given us in inheritance by the Almighty in which we excel and shine brighter then any other star yet we have obscured that divine light with all those impurities that we taught ourselves without divine guidance. The soul of a man is in his heart. This is his true Self. Whatever else we have learnt by relying on the power of our own minds is the darkness that obscures the light of the soul. If we can only unlearn all those negative traits we would know our true Self. If we can only forget all those things we acquired through reliance on our own minds and surrender to Providence, which speaks through our hearts, we would know our divine origin. If we can forget our little selves we would see that we are one soul. Because we cannot do that on our own we have to die in order to regenerate and rejuvenate our true Selves. Death is mercy of God given to souls lost in their mental quagmire. Death is the rest when soul is drawing waters of life from a divine well just as sleep is the rest when mind draws the same waters of life from its soul. Death is the seed of life. It is the true life. God is beyond that threshold of death because true reality begins beyond this appearance where death and life follow on each other’s heels. This process of dying and living gradually polishes this rough diamond by bringing to the surface this best quality of a human being, which is his true Self.

All the sufferings we undergo in life and death gradually strip all those mental impurities of the soul until it shines in its full splendor when it is accepted back into its divine fold. We can trust every soul with this one thing for which it is created and with nothing else; therefore you can trust me with this one thing even if I am not good for anything else. What other choice do we have? If we fly we have to trust a pilot; if we are sick we have to trust a doctor; if we are children we have to trust our parents and if we are human beings we have to trust our God, which speaks to us through those best qualities of every soul. God speaks through the heart of every living soul and we should listen to that tiny voice that is reflected in the best quality of every soul. We do not and we should not listen to their opinions, their scrambled verbalizations or their mental gymnastics because we will cloud our consciousness with such things but we must listen to what their hearts are telling us. So what must I do? Keep silent? I cannot. I am impelled to speak even if it will make me look bad. All I am doing is speaking the truth as it wells out from my heart. It is my allotted task. It is the reason of my coming into this world. It is my only good quality. As for the rest I am a sinner like all of us and you should listen neither to my opinions nor to my advice on anything else except this one thing. I would mislead you if I try to meddle in things which are not my business and in which there are others who know better. I am prepared to put my trust and accept the guidance of people better then me in those things in which they excel. If this thing that I am doing breeds arrogance in my heart than I implore my Lord for His guidance so I can see my faults and mend my erroneous ways. If my personal opinions have crept in and stained His truth I beg for His forgiveness and I also beg for forgiveness from you who are his children so I can maintain my equanimity and peace.

Man knows nothing through his mental speculations. Only God knows. Whatever we know we know it through His mercy. I know nothing just like no one else. If I presume that any of my conjectures are correct I would be misleading you but this are not my conjectures. God speaks to man through his/her heart. Whatever we really know comes from the heart. It is his gift. God is the fountain that fills the well of our hearts. If we can learn how to bring up this water we would fulfill the purpose of our existence; then we would know whatever He knows. Then we would know everything there is to know. It would be the end of learning, as we know it. Then there would be no need for anyone to preach to anyone else. Then I would put my shame behind me. Unfortunately, we do not know how to bring up those life-giving waters from our hearts but seek for knowledge and life where they are not. We seek for truth and immortality with our minds. Mind is nothing but the surface of deep waters of the soul. It is only a pale and lifeless reflection of the truth buried deep within. Mind can give only a semblance of understanding; the true understanding is in calm waters beneath this agitated surface. We all carry a buried treasure deep within in which the whole universe is hidden, if we but know where to look for it. You will not know it unless you find it and you will not find it unless you seek for it with all your heart, body and soul. I cannot give you a proof in advance; you have to search before you find; I can only point to you where to search. You will not know unless you see it but how can you see it unless you look for it? When you find the truth then you will not need the proof from me. Then you will know the difference between a theory and the truth. Unless you give me some credit it is all a futile exercise and you will never know for sure whether any of this is truth or not. An element of faith is the essential element of any learning. The truth is in your heart. Search the deepest recesses of your soul and you will find the answer. You will get an absolute proof only when you see it with your two eyes but then it will be too late for you to do anything about it. Whatever is in your heart is in the universe too but to what avail will it be to you to see the truth happening in the universe around you when you could not find it within you? There can be no compulsion in matters of belief. Read it and decide whether it sounds to you as a sermon of truth or not.


I would like to ask all the subscribers to keep their e-mail addresses current and if they have a spam protection program running on their servers to please ensure that this newsletters are not filtered out as a spam. Those who do not wish to receive them any longer should unsubscribe rather then delete them without opening. We should all try to be considerate toward each other and not unnecessarily waste time and resources that others might use. I am aware that these newsletters are quite irregular and perhaps it is easy to loose the track but since you did subscribe please try to ensure that you receive them. They are sent to you solely for your benefit; the writer has nothing to gain or to loose whether you read them or not; hence let us all be considerate toward each other. I am not trying to sell my opinions or to gather the converts. All I am trying to do is to present you with a totally unbiased and pristine truth. Perhaps it is a novelty to some that there is such thing as the truth since our mentality teaches us that the ultimate truth is everyone’s opinion, in other words every man has his/her own truth. The modern civilization teaches us to behave like Pontius Pilate, who exclaimed before ordering execution of Christ, “What is the truth?” Well, there is no truth on personal level. It is everyone’s opinion. Everything goes. Mind will justify everything, even the worst atrocities. We have witnessed that kind of “truth” in action in the past and we are seeing it today as well. And we have seen where such kind of “truth” leads us.

It is in your interest not to confuse these newsletters or the two sites published on the web ( and with the other theories on truth and its implications on the collapse of the present world order on 21.12.2012. Those are not theories, beliefs or opinions but the simple and unalloyed facts. I hope, I am not asking too much if I ask for a little bit of faith. In the end, it is for your own benefit. What is it to me whether you will believe it or not? Without faith and love, nothing will be accomplished. That’s why Christ’s response to a question, “What is the truth?” was silence. There is no point arguing and debating with someone who is biased toward his/her own opinion. How can you logically prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt in the absence of material evidence or direct experience? The mind functions on principles of duality. It always presents pro and contra arguments, which are evenly balanced. There is no definitive proof on mental level. You cannot arrive to truth by mental process alone unless you infuse it with an element of faith. The faith is essential in any endeavor; otherwise it is an exercise in futility. If you try to reason out with your brain capacity what will happen and why it should happen on that faithful day than you are wasting your time. No scientist would arrive to a new discovery if he relied on his mind alone. It is their faith, their love for the work they do that leads them to that point of inspiration and illumination. Edison failed 999 times before he invented the light bulb. It is faith, not thinking! Einstein or Tesla would never be geniuses if they did not devote themselves to their work with all their heart and soul. There will be no science, no poetry, no art, no technology and no religion without faith. If man relied on his mind alone, he would still be a cave dweller spinning idle theories in his dark corner. So, do not look for a definitive proof on mental level. Look for it in your heart. What prompted you to surf the web enquiring about the meaning of 21.12.2012? What prompted you to seek the answers on questions of what is the world, who am I, what is my purpose, will the world end, why and when? Mind cannot do that. Mind can only analyze but it cannot come up with anything new. Mind has no life of its own; it is only a processor of our deep desires and feelings. It is a lifeless instrument in the service of our heart, yet we have given all our faith to mind, forsaking the true power, which is the love of our heart. To try to figure it out on mental level, without love and faith is like trying to place world oceans in a teacup. It’s impossibility.

I have to ask for your trust and faith because you will not know the truth until it happens and then it will be too late. If I say that world will end, than it will end. If I am saying it will end because of such and such reasons, then it is so. It is not a theory but the truth. You might ask, where does that confidence come from? You might suppose that it is all an arrogant talk, because who am I to presuppose that I know the things that no one knows for sure? What makes me think that what I think is not an opinion like everyone else’s? All those are valid questions but mind will have no answer to that because it is a matter of trust. You do not know me, I do not know you, but ask yourselves, why am I concerned about you? What can I gain or loose whether you believe me or not? You have no option but to go along your gut feeling. Your intuition is more valuable then all the thinking you can muster because it comes from your heart. It is your inspiration, your link with the divine in yourself. It is your salvation or your damnation. Did you ask yourself where do your common sense and your feelings come from, yet your feelings are responsible for your every thought? Your feelings will color your every thought. They condition your mind. A sad person’s thoughts are sad, a criminal person’s thoughts are criminal, and a loving person’s thoughts are love. Feelings are the key that will open your inner doors to the truth. Your feelings are an effect of your karmic load. They are your essence. They are who you are. In Christianity, it is said that sins are your master and your are their faithful servant, because they condition you and you are unable to perceive anything beyond. You are limited by your desires and actions of the past. A sinful person will see even God himself as sinful as he/she is. All the prophetic literature in the Bible as well as all of the Vedic and Upanishadic literature speaks about it. The same is with Quran, Dhammapada, Tao Te Ching and all the rest. Therefore, all of your thinking, all your opinions are effects of your feelings, which are the consequence of your own karmic load and your own desires and actions of the past. Hence, if you cannot give me faith and trust me on this point, it is because you are karmically programmed to react in this particular way. Again, if you can give me some credit, it is also because your karmas or sins will allow you to do that.

Consequently, there is no point to argue and debate on such issues that cannot be proven on mental level alone. That’s why the most appropriate answer to a question, whether there is a truth or not and whether there is a God or not, is silence, as Christ and Buddha answered the respective questions. You will know in silence because God speaks in silence. He speaks to a man directly, through all that surrounds him on the outside and from the depth of his soul on the inside. He does not verbalize or mentalize because he speaks only the truth. Verbalization and mental process that splits one truth in two equal opposites is a sacrilege and a blasphemy, yet man has put all his hopes on salvation, whether on physical or on spiritual level, in such an impotent and illusory faculty. It is not in vain that Christ said that your faith could move the mountains. It can create and destroy the universes, if you but know it. Every yogi, every Sufi adept and every initiate into ancient mysteries, which is worth his/her name, knows it. Christ knew it, Buddha knew it, Mohammed knew it and every person that has a heart knows it. Every person that ever stood by truth and laid his life down for its sake knows that faith and love is the real truth while mind is nothing but its impotent shadow, planting the seeds of doubt among the divine seeds of love and faith. And as the Scriptures said, in order not injure the divine seeds of love and faith, the weeds of doubt will be uprooted only in the time of harvest, which is the day of the Lord, 21.12.2012. Then the doubt will cease and faith will be victorious. So be wise, and be on the side of the victor. Without your trust I cannot give you a proof that my message is not an arrogant talk but a humble truth but then again whether you will be able to do that or not depends on who you are. That’s why Christ said, “I did not come to save the world but those which my Father sent to me”. If you are destined to believe me than you will do so; if you are not then no amount of words will change that. It is not in my hands but in the hands of the One above us all. You can either put your trust in your own mind and your own strength or you can place it in the hands of our divine Master by trusting your feelings because He speaks to you trough your heart just as you speak to the creations of your own mind when you are asleep.

The thread that links the sleeper and the creature of his/her dream runs through the heart, not trough the mind. A sleeper feels what the creature of his dreams feels yet the creature or the sleeper are not aware of each other on the conscious level. For a creature of your dream, you are its Creator, its God. The creature is not aware of its true reality (sleeper) unless it is faced with insurmountable pain or terror. Only in such desperate adversity it turns to its Creator and realizes its own truth of a sleeper. When faced with such fear or terror that heart cannot bear, the sleeper awakes – in other words, the creature of the dream realizes its true Self. Well, we are the creatures of God and we will wake up and realize our true selves only when faced with sheer fear and terror of the final collapse of this dream, regardless if this is a moment of death or a moment of collective death when the whole world ends. We have put our trust in our minds thus turning our backs to our Creator who is all the strength and all the knowledge there is. To turn away from faith and love (heart) means to turn away from truth and life. To worship mind is to worship an illusion, a dream of no consequence beyond its own scope. It might seem as real as long as it last yet it is nothing but a bubble – and so are we. We are intrinsically connected to our divine soul, our Higher Self, to our Creator, in the same manner that scent emanates from a flower, sunlight from Sun or saltiness from a grain of salt. We have no independent reality besides our Creator. There is no scent without a flower and no sunlight without Sun, yet this is what we try to do when we rely exclusively on our mind and power of analytical thinking. Psychiatrists try to cure the diseases of the mind when the real disease is mind itself and it is a soul that needs the cure to be freed from this toxic mind. There is nothing wrong with the mind as long as mind is a faithful instrument of the heart and soul but when mind becomes cancerous and its activity grows beyond its rightful scope, it becomes a deadly obstacle for the spiritual growth of the soul. We all need the mind for the simple tasks of life but do not expect the mind to resolve the mysteries of life because it is not its function. Mind cannot comprehend the heart just as a created being cannot understand its Creator. An appliance knows neither its purpose nor its Creator. It is absurd to expect that mind can comprehend the heart, which is its creator. How can you verbalize or mentalize love? It is a matter of experience, not thoughts, yet in this age of Kali, everything is verbalized; hence there is no other truth except the truth that our limited mind serves us. In absence of personal experience, the only other option is a common sense, which is a projection of our common experience or a projection of the experience of our higher selves, our divine nature.

True knowledge comes through enlightened heart in moments of inspiration and the mind is only the metabolic process of digesting this new revelation. So, I tried to chew it as much as I can to wrap it up in a verbal form but it is not easy because higher the truth, the less pliable it is to verbalization. Too much of a truth will not enlighten but confuse due to inability of the mind to process it. That’s why all the saints and sages never reveal more than absolutely necessary because too much of a truth causes indigestion. Christ said, “There is much I did not tell you because your souls cannot bear it at this time”. Buddha said, “What I told you is like a fistful of leaves. What I did not tell you is like all those leaves yonder in the groove because it will be only a burden to you”. So why am I trying to say so much, knowing all too well that it will only cause the confusion and indigestion? I do it because it is end of time, the bubble is about to burst and it matters no more. The secret may be revealed because it will be to no effect. The secret never was hidden; it was obscured by our own minds. Christ, Buddha, Mohammed and countless others – they treated us gently and with kid’s gloves by serving us only as much us our little hearts could bear and to what effect? Did we even understand what they tried to say? If we did, than there would be no Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and 300 other religions. Then there would be only one religion – religion of love, and the world would be a brotherhood of men. Then we will not worship our various mental images and deify our opinions but will know and worship only the truth. Since we will all know the same thing, there would be no conflicts, no violence and no wastage of energy in futile disputes. Instead, all will work together for the common good. If we understood their lofty message, then worship will not be a verbal and ostentatious display of hypocritical minds but a real experience shared between man and his God. Then what will be a need of a religion? It will be a personal affair between man and his God, between man and man, between man and his universe. Then religion would be an active and a living thing, not a dead thing preached to dead men. Did Christ say that he came to set up a new religion? Did Mohammed or Buddha say it? Did Moses, David or the Prophets of the Book say it? Did Mansoor Al-Hallaj, Guru Nanak, Mahavira or Kabir say it? Every one of this divine servants and messengers said that he brought the truth. Since the truth is one, they all spoke the same thing. All of them stated that they came to rejuvenate the precepts brought by the previous saints, which in meantime got twisted and corrupted by the activity of human mind, which prefers personal opinions and interpretation to a simple truth. Why does that happen? It happens because our desires are dearer to us then the truth due to our karmic predispositions. Our perspective is warped in our sins. It happens because everything must decay, get old and die with a passage of time. Time doesn’t make it better. Things corrode and dissolve in time. The life evolves in time but it is created beyond time; hence such inspired people come to tell us the truth from time to time to reverse the effects of time and thus prolong the life.

Not only that – if we digested their simple but for us a difficult message to understand, then we will all know that there is one God and that he is the truth of everything. We will know that our existence is in Him and that without Him, who is our real Self; we are nothing but a patch of the smoke in the air. Then we will learn that our strength is in His strength, our knowledge is in His knowledge, just as our very lives are in His life. If we understood the simple truth those prophets and sages of the past told us then we would know that our will is subservient to His Will, and we will rely on His strength because he is our real strength. Then we will do as Islam, Christianity, precepts of Bhagavad Gita or any other religion compels us to do – we will surrender to Him and seek His protection, instead of worshiping our own minds and its opinions and concepts about what is what. Then we will not live according to the law of jungle where the brute strength fuelled by diversity of opinion prevails. Then we will understand that the noble codes of morality are here to protect us, not to extract our humiliation or servitude. What is it to God, whether we are good or bad, saints or sinners? How can that affect Him? Whatever precepts were given to us, it was solely for our benefits. It is already a gloomy state of affairs that we need someone to remind us and gives us a set of rules how to behave and how not to behave. This should be understood without need for verbalization, because it is all in the heart but we have forgotten how to drew the living waters from this deep well of love and existence. Verbal reminders never bode well, because duality (mind) is always ambiguous and open to corruption; due to many different possibilities of its interpretation. It is the very nature of such indirect mode of communication. Do we need AIDS to be reminded that promiscuity kills, after all verbal efforts failed? Do we really think that it has nothing to do with God? Only the hypocritical mind can think that because everything has to do with God. Not even a single leaf falls off without Him because He is the source of everything. Only a godless and faithless person ascribes something to a random occurrence. The randomness is an effect of obscuration of truth. Only a mind that thinks randomly sees randomness around itself because everything seems as equally probable. Only a materialistic and hypocritical person, who is guided entirely by his personal opinion, without any recourse to the common sense, can ever state such thing. So, they try to prevent it by advertising the use of condoms, instead of enforcing the eternal moral values of abstinence and chastity.

The mind debases the human being to animal level unless checked by the higher principles of universal truth. It blinds him/her to the obvious truth thus reducing his/her adaptability and chances for survival. The moral precepts are here to minimize the damage and to impel a human being to control his mind and his desires; else the fires of greed, lust and pride will consume his very soul, which is our real self. Those codes were brought to attention of men so many times, yet even this was to much for a man to bear. They cannot follow them and follow their own desires at the same time. A man cannot follow his/her own opinions and beliefs and pursue the quest for truth at the same time. It is one or the other. If one seeks the truth then all opinions and all desires must be left behind. The principle of desirelessness is the main principle of all spiritual precepts. It is the prerequisite on path of truth prescribed by Christian Bible, Hindu Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads, Islamic Quran, Buddhist Dhammapada, by the precepts of Shintoism, Taoism, Confucianism, etc. It is a requirement prescribed by the Stoics such as Socrates or Marcus Aurelius etc. It is universal truth. As long as mind interferes by its desires, beliefs and opinions, the truth remains hidden by a thick veil of ignorance. To quote Christ again, “Your body is full of light yet when you close your eyes all you see is darkness, then how great is that darkness?” The heart is an infinite storeroom of untold mysteries, yet man can resolve none of them because he is simply blind to his own reality. There is a power greater then all the powers of the universe in the heart of man, yet it is beyond his reach because he seeks it on a wrong place (mind). As long as man relies on the power of his own mind he is weak but if he surrenders to his real and divine Self (God) then his power and knowledge knows no bounds. A man who knows his real Self is a man who knows God and a man who knows God knows everything there is to know. Hence, “Know thyself” (Socrates), because Kingdom of God is within (Bible). One who knows others is wise but who knows himself is enlightened. One who subdues others is strong but who conquers himself (his mind) is mighty. If a man seeks the truth on a place where only illusion exist (mind) then he will never find it. Mind is not help; it is an obstacle on quest for truth; hence without a faith, any intellectual debate is an exercise in futility.

If your seek the truth, if you seek the proof of God’s existence, if you seek the proof that you are soul entrapped in a body and not a body with a soul, if you seek to know about end date 21.12.2012, then leave the mind behind and seek within in silence of your heart. Such proof can be found only if you are willing to cross the threshold of death to the other side where the life is created. You either cross that threshold now in silent contemplation or you will cross it on winter solstice 2012 when the inward truth of the heart will catch up with you as the outward manifested reality. That’s why it is called a Judgment day. It is a day to face the reality. It is a day to balance the account of your life. It is a day to see whether the life has been profitable and whether there is an extension of it, or whether even the capital has been squandered. You can embrace death with a smile now when you are still alive and thus buy yourself life on higher existential level (heaven or astral realm) or death will drag you away screaming and kicking, with no benefit to you (you already know what is the opposite of heaven). Everyone who is born must die; it’s the only certainty of life, but a man can choose how to die. To learn how to die is the purpose of life, as all your religions teach you. Purpose of life is not the idle chasing after the pleasures and giving in to the temptations of body and mind, because who surrenders to the cravings of flesh and pride of the mind (ego) will never be able to perceive the truth that gives life. Your cravings and your pride obscure your thoughts to the truth and the truth is life. The truth, love, life, God – those are all many names of the same thing. Whatever exist, whatever is real, must be a reflection of truth. What is false cannot exist; hence the quality and quantity of embodied life (strength and duration) is in a direct proportion to how much truth is in it. So be very careful before you utter next lie however insignificant or innocent or even unintentional such lie or half-truth might be. You are literally killing yourself with every lie you utter. You are blinding yourself with every lie, circumscribing your own intellect and power of discrimination. Your happiness in this life and the possibility of its extension in the hereafter decreases with every lie and remember very well that it is not my theory or opinion but God’s truth.

People have no idea how important it is to lead an honest life. It is of supreme importance because insincerity is like a stab to your soul, which is your real and immortal self; hence one should never compromise the principles for the sake of wealth, power, glory or fulfillment of sensual and material desires. Life is truth and lie is death; it is as simple as that. The hypocrisy is the worst kind of a lie. It is when we choose to believe our own wishful thinking and ignore that silent voice of the conscience and common sense. It is when we give precedence to mind and our thoughts, and not to our hearts and our love. Hypocrisy is pretence and every pretence, ostentatious display or faking the truth is a lie. Only the truth is the truth; all else is a lie, which circumscribes life, happiness, knowledge, power etc. To present an opinion or unsubstantiated belief as truth is a lie. To say that one knows God without a proof is a lie; to state that world will end on winter solstice 2012 without an absolute proof is a lie. Unless you know something for certain, admit that you do not know because it is the truth. So, when I say that world will end 21.12.2012, it is not a belief because then I would lie. It is the truth. As Christ said to a Samaritan woman, “We know what we believe but you do not know”. We know because we know the truth. We “Do not speak our own words but the words of our heavenly father who sent us”. Who is our God, or heavenly (spiritual) father? He is the truth, so do not think it is an arrogance on my part to claim that I know the truth. Do not be a hypocrite like those who nailed Christ, put Mansoor Al Hallaj to gallows or forced Socrates to drink poison only because they insisted that they know the truth and that they are the truth. They gave their life for the truth because truth is life; there is no compromise with it. Only Pontius Pilate and those who believe that there is no truth cannot accept that there are people who know the truth. Just because they did not know it, does not mean that others also do not know it. Our own sins (karma) blind us to the truth. We see everyone as we are. Even a dog sees a man only as another dog, while cat sees him as another cat. A man would see even God himself as a man, or how else did they see Christ and those similar to him.

There is a vast difference between a theory or belief and the truth. They are incomparable, and whatever I claim is not my personal belief or opinion but a veritable truth. If the people cannot understand fully what I have expounded on my web sites, it is because they have circumscribed their intellect with their opinions to which they cling as to a dear life. If it is more than they can digest, it is because they have expanded the faith in their minds at the cost of reduced faith in their hearts. As Christ said, “You cannot have two masters, God or mammon”. If you are a materialistic person and believe that body is the ultimate reality and that there is no soul or afterlife (or you doubt that it is otherwise) than you are thinking with your mind but if you feel that Spirit is Supreme Reality, more real and more physical than this world and this body, if you feel that soul is the origin of the body and not vice versa, that there is God and afterlife then you think with your heart, which is Supreme Intelligence. Love is the supreme intelligence; it is the key to all the power, to all the knowledge and to all the life because it is the key to God. As the Indian saint Paltu said, “Only love counts in the court of the Lord”. And love is the only truth because “Love is God”. All else is hypocrisy and lie. Unless you put some love and devotion, some sincere effort, do not expect that truth will fall in your lap. Now, everyone likes to think about himself/herself as perfect and in no need of improvements, but remember that perfect souls are not born in this world. We are all imperfect; else we would not be here. We all have our karmic debt to pay and to atone for our sins. We would all like to believe that we are not materialistic or hypocrites; that we are loving human beings. But be honest to yourself. If you are not materialistic, are you ready to relinquish all of your possessions? Can you give it all away and surrender in the hands of Providence? Can you give up your cozy house forever, without possibility of ever returning if you ever change your mind; can you give up all of your modern lifestyle and live as one of the poorest of the poor somewhere in Africa or on the south of India? All of that without possibility of changing the mind and returning back. Well, if you can do that, than you have a heart and you gamble will pay off handsomely in the end.

It is not all. Can you give up all your sweet little children and your dear husbands/wives – forever, without a possibility of a parole, without a possibility of ever seeing them again? And all of your family and friends? Can you give them all up for the sake of truth and to prove that you are not a materialistic person and a hypocrite? You think it is cruel? You think there is a difference between giving up wealth and giving up a family? Who cares what you think? It is the truth that matters. When you die you will take none of those things with you, right? It is only your ego, your pride, your greed and lust, your cravings for “me” and “mine” that obscures your mind. It is your wishful thinking; it is your baseless opinion that sees the difference. Unless you give up whatever you think belongs to you with a cheer and a smile, you have no idea what the truth is because truth is God and God is the only thing that is true and real; all else is an illusion, so how can anything really belong to you? It all belongs to Him but you have mistaken a loan for a permanent possession. It is your mistake. You cannot let go what does not belong to you. Everything belongs to God and it all must return to him. To see the truth any different is self-deception. Read the Book of Job and learn. Unless you can give up all that you cannot take to the other side, you are a materialist and if you cannot admit it than you are also a hypocrite. That means we all are. This is the truth, ok? So do not try to pretend and be something that you are not because than you live a lie that will not take you very far. To be able to repent one must see the truth of a lie that we live. To see a lie as a lie is the truth, is not it? Than do not persist in your lies if you wish to find the truth. Be honest because you are deceiving no one but yourself. Now, how can one give all of it, including one’s reputation, one’s health and even one’s life? The one who knows the truth will do it. Jesus did it. Mansoor did it. Every person that ever bravely faced death for the sake of truth did it. Everyone is prepared to die for a true love. And what is love? What is the truth if it is not God; hence those who know the truth know what is love and they know what is God. Einstein knew God much better then a Pope because he knew a lot about the truth. Every lover knows what is God according to intensity of his or her love. If you know the truth you also know God, because it is the same thing.

To be materialist and a hypocrite is to live a life that is a lie. It is to be godless and without truth. The truth is that we all are unless we are prepared to die right now with a smile on the face to prove otherwise. No one knows God because we are all hypocrites and unless you know God, you know neither the truth nor what is love; hence you cannot give up either your life or your possessions for His sake. Who do you want to be – man or God; you have to choose; you cannot be both. To be God you must sacrifice man and to be man you must forsake god; it is that simple. Unless you sacrifice the man that you are, you will never know God and you will never know your divine potential, much less realize it. You will die one way or the other, and then why not to choose how to die and when to die? I am not advertising suicide here, to be clear. Suicide is a defeat. It is when mind prevails over the heart. It is when fear conquers the love. It is running away from the responsibility and the purpose of life. No one committed suicide for the sake of God. They commit suicide out of cowardice to face the truth not for the sake of truth. The sacrifice is something completely different. It is what Jesus did. It is what every brave soldier facing his enemy without deserting his post did. It is what Socrates did. It is what every unrepentant heretic did when facing the pyre. To sacrifice illusory self is to attain the true Self. It is to be prepared to die for the truth. It is to die for love, to die for God. It is to realize that there is afterlife in Him. It is to see through this game of life to what lies beyond the threshold of death and accept it with joy, because as soon as we close eyes as the martyrs on this side we open them on that side. Those who commit suicide are no martyrs, they have no love of God nor do they die for truth. They die to perpetuate the lie they live, they die because they are afraid of God and run away from Him. What utter nonsense. No one can run away from truth. They die because they believe there is no God, no afterlife and no truth. They believe in their own lies so much that they drove themselves to death; believing the death is a real thing, the end of it all. They just could not bear the truth. Even little bit of it was too much for them. They thought that their life is more difficult because they were too selfish and too ego-centered to see anything beyond their pathetic greed and pride. They will also open their eyes as soon as they close them here but they will enjoy that experience even less then they enjoyed this life.

Life is a precious thing. It is invaluable except to those who have realized their divine potential. The purpose of life is to realize the truth; to realize the divine potential; to enliven the soul, to become immortal. The purpose of life is to awake the dormant spirit within, to become pregnant with it and to deliver one’s own Self into the life beyond but one must burn for it like a Phoenix bird that resurrects itself from its own ashes. As long as this is not achieved, one should guard his life as the most precious treasure, but life has no meaning beyond that; hence what would be the purpose for Jesus or Socrates or Mansoor to continue here beyond what was necessary for them. They have awakened the spirit within and they were in labor with it, seeking to deliver it as soon as possible. To those who know the truth this life is a nightmare and they seek an exit, but since they know the truth, they know that God is the truth and that He will decide how and when it is time to depart this world. They live in Him. Only God is immortal. Man is mortal; hence man becomes immortal by living in Him. Man becomes immortal by receiving His love. God is spirit, says the Scripture. Receiving His love, His Spirit, man is impregnated by Him and will surely deliver this labor of love and live forever but the price of eternal life is this illusory life. One cannot dream and be awake simultaneously. They die to live. As the Scriptures (Bible) say, “Those who will live will die but those who die will live” As the Quran says, “Die before you die”. Those who willingly sacrifice life for truth (God) will live beyond death but those who cling to dear life will die because they have no faith, no love – they do not know the truth (God). Those who are unable to stir the dormant spirit are those who rely on strength of their mind and bodies. To prioritize mind and body means giving life to body and mind by destroying the spirit because one feeds on another. As the Scripture says, “What profits a man if he gains the whole world if he looses his spirit?” God is All Merciful. He will fulfill every wish you might desire, however ridiculous it might be; hence be careful what you wish for because it will come true. If your desire is spelled in your belief that you are the body and that this life is all there is to it; hence “let’s eat, drink and be marry, for tomorrow we die”, than this will be the truth for you.

If you run after pleasures and sacrifice the truth, morality and sincerity to the carnal appetites then this is exactly what you will get – this life and nothing else, but if you believe in life eternal, God and truth; if you live an honest and moral life, surrendering to the will of Almighty, receiving his love and accepting one’s own destiny with equanimity; if you rely on His strength and wisdom to guide you and not on your own understanding and your own strength; if you sacrifice your ego and accept your true Self, then you’ve created for yourself an afterlife on existential level an octave higher than this one. Faith moves mountains and universes. It creates life. It is all up to you. Remember none of this is a dry theory but a living truth, believe it or not. Read with attention any Scripture of any religion, any authentic spiritual or religious material, and you will understand that all of this is only a tip of an iceberg and none of it is a lifeless theory but the living truth. If you seek the proof of it then close the door of your mind and seek the answer in silence of your heart and you will get the proof. Than you will know, just as I know, that all of this is truth untainted by baseless beliefs and dry theories of no real consequence. A proof can be given only through a mystic, religious experience because truth is a matter of faith, not a matter that is in a domain of the skeptical mind. Skeptical mind, without faith is dead wood, good only for fire. Unless ignited and enlivened by faith and love, a person that relies on his mind alone and seeks the truth through the power of his/her analytical thought without love and devotion is as good as dead, only he/she does not know that yet (neither will they ever know it because they are already dead). Consequently, no matter how little did Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha gave out of their infinite knowledge, even that little bit was to much to bear for a small heart dominated by the skeptical mind, which always try to mould and reshape a simple truth to fit in with his/her own personal beliefs and desires. Sin is your master; it is your karma, your destiny. It creates your desires that rule over you and everything else must conform to them. No one is interested in truth. They only want confirmation of their own opinions and if such truth is contrary to their opinions they will discard the truth rather than their beliefs. Since life is the truth they are asking for their own death and eternal condemnation. The survival depends on adaptation; it depends on how flexible is the mind in repenting its own deceits and lies and its capacity to revert to the truth. Survival depends on adaptation to the truth – physical or spiritual, it is all the same; life is life.

Now, if in the past even such minimal requirements of an honest life and surrender to the truth (God) could not be maintained despite the repetitive reminders by sages and saints than what difference does it make even if the whole mystery is unfolded? No one will understand anyway. It was there all along, yet no one would pay notice. It is an age of Kali when even the simplest thing seems as very complex. Kali is upon us. There is no more time for playing games. The time is almost over, so unless you wake up now than you never will. Only the shock and terror wakes up the dreamer to his real Self and the shock and terror of the last day will wake up everyone. Unbelievers will believe in God on that day due to a sheer terror that it will inspire in their hearts. On the day of our Lord, we will drop all the pretences, all the hypocrisy, we will be willing to sacrifice even our dear children and spouses if God can only forgive us our trespasses, our ignorance and our pride that led us away fro Him, who is our true Self. Those one who will be able to look in the face of death and smile will be recognized by the glow on their faces as the chosen ones. They will be those on the right side because they followed their hearts (right hemisphere of the brain). Those who will be taken away kicking and screaming for dear life will be those on the left side because they followed their own ego (left hemisphere). They will be recognized by the grotesque disfigurement of their faces caused by their terror. Whether you believe any of this or not is of no consequence because it is exactly what 21.12.2012 is. It is the Last Day, the Judgment Day, the Apocalypse, just as your scriptures told you but you would not believe because you prefer your own truth to God’s truth. Those who believe that every man’s truth is his/her own truth and that there is no absolute truth but only relative opinions, those are not really interested in truth but only in perpetuation of their own ignorance and keeping their unrealistic desires and hopes afloat as long as possible. It is the mental state of mankind today; so do not break yourself over that. Science, religion, nations, and families, whatever – it is all falling apart because truth is sacrificed on the altar of our desires and selfish cravings. The high priest of that slaughter is our own mind robed in the garment of pride, which justifies every immorality and every injustice. But there is the price to pay for such a sacrilege – it is our own blindness and no amount of verbal persuasion will suffice to open blind eyes. It is all like giving a torch to a blind man; to what use it is to him? A blind man can be given sight not by his cane or a torch but only by a drastic surgery, yet he is too afraid of the pain.

This is what end of time is all about. It is an awakening but you are too afraid of it because you are not yet ready for it. If you were ready none of this would be a foreign language to you. None of the material on my sites would be too difficult for you to understand. You would like to awake as long as no one awakens you, so you call it a moment of transformation. A moment of great transformation it is but do not expect it to be a painless one. Do not ever presume that you know what 21.12.2012 will look like because you cannot even start imagining it. It will be like nothing that you have ever expected but it will be an unimaginable and sheer terror to all those who stubbornly cling to their own deceits and refuse to open their eyes to the truth. To those who understand, it will be simply the end of a nightmare and awakening in a true world. No mother in the world has ever delivered without a pain. It is the price of life so do not run away from it but embrace it with love. You have given so much importance to unimportant things yet you have neglected the most important thing – your Self. You are bewildered by the glamour of this universe, by its immanent attractions, by immensity of its time. You think it is the Supreme truth. It is the Supreme Lie. You are older then Mother of all universes. You were here when it started and you will be here when it ends. Do not throw away your rightful inheritance. The universe of all universes, with its Creator Himself sits right in there, at the very center of your heart. The universe that you see outside is only a pale projection of the true universe that you are. Of what consequence is this universe, this evolution on Earth? It is nothing but chaff in the wind, the bubble of time. You think that universe is enormous? It is nothing but a tiny drop in the ocean of existence and that ocean is nothing but a drop of a larger ocean. Where do you want to be? You think that 15 bill years, the time of this universe, is a long time? It’s less then a split second in the world of eternity. Where do you want to be?

The science is an illusion. The technology is an illusion. It is the supreme ignorance and a supreme trick that entices you to abdicate your rights and surrender your soul to oblivion. Technology is nothing but a walking stick to an aging man; it is the artificial teeth for a toothless one and glasses for the one with the impaired eyesight. A healthy young man needs no walking stick, no reading glasses and no artificial teeth. Who would want to waste time and energy trying to invent technology when all that man needs he has in abundance but cannot see it? How much time, how much energy will you need to spend to reach even the nearest star? How much effort will you need to put into technology that will take you across the barriers of time through a black hole and beyond this universe into another universe, which is just like this one? Do you think it is the first time man has technology? There were men before you who had infinitely more advanced technology then you have, yet where are they now? Could they stop the inevitable end? And if they could then they would not because then they would know what they do not know now. Do not be led astray by cheap toys of no consequence. You are selling your life cheap. You do not know its worth. Every breath that you draw is worth more than thousands suns. Let me give you an accurate picture of what your science is like. Two scientists sit on top of a volcano that is about to blow its top off discussing how harmful is smoking of cigarettes because it causes the heat and smoke that are belching from a volcano underneath them. They are utterly blinded by their own self-importance. They cannot honestly admit their ignorance. They speculate and believe that their mistaken imputations are the truth. Every honest scientist will tell you that they do not know the cause of global warming and increased content of carbon dioxide in the air. They do not know whether increased content of carbon dioxide in the air causes global warming or whether it is the opposite (the global warming causing the increased content of carbon dioxide). They fancy the idea that man is so powerful that he can even change the climate of the planet. What insolence; a puny creature like man, of what consequence is he?

Neither global warming, nor ozone depletion are man-made. They are warning signals that volcano is to blow off its top just as is the increased tectonic activity of Earth, or they would like to put this to man-made causes too? Man thinks he is God and he is all-powerful but he is soon going to be brought to reality. He thinks he has it all under control and it is only up to him to determine his future. Nothing will interrupt him in his mistaken beliefs. Man lives in a Supreme Lie; in a Supreme Illusion, which cannot last. Man made himself more stupid then birds of the air or fishes of the sea because they will all know the truth before him. His own pride and inability to concede to the truth blinded him beyond all measures. It is extraordinary how the most unintelligent can believe that he is the supreme genius of all the creation. Man of every age before this one was more intelligent and more loving than man of this Kali Yuga. He cannot pierce the shield of deceits he built around himself with his own dishonesty to see even the simplest truth. Global warming neither causes increased content of carbon dioxide nor is it vice versa. It is the wholesome process where one feeds of another building up a momentum when the whole thing will boil over. The gradual regression of Earth’s rotation (precession of equinoxes) is winding up different layers of Earth’s density in backward direction thus creating the stress between them. Different layers act as clutch plates that stick to each other ensuring the smooth rotation of the planet as a whole but when the inner tension accumulates to a critical point, they snap and slide over each other causing havoc on Earth’s surface. Alternatively, since precession is combined effect of solar/lunar tug of war played over Earth, the precession (Earth’s regression) is also reflected in gradual lunar recession from Earth. This is the reason why scientist presuppose that in the past lunar disc was larger then solar disc and that Moon was closer to Earth’s surface. This is a wrong conjecture because lunar/solar gravitational balance must be maintained; hence solar and lunar disc must be always the same size. It means that if Moon is closer to Earth’s surface then Earth must also be closer to Sun – a wholesale contraction of space between Earth and Moon as well as between Earth and Sun.

Nevertheless, such gradual recession of Moon over time is reversed instantly when time ends; i.e. in quantum points of such lunar vibrations thus maintaining solar/lunar equilibrium. So, this winding up of different densities of Earth in backward direction can also be attributed to a gradual decrease in lunar tidal influence that increases inner friction and creates stress energy within Earth. When this tension reaches the climax it starts turning into heat, as we all know very well when our clutch or our brakes start overheating. This heat precedes the collapse when stress overcomes the inner cohesion and the material breaks down. When the plates snap, the gravitational balance between Earth and Moon is interrupted and Moon is reined in back to where it was before the recession – and so is Earth in respect to its own gradual orbital recession from Sun. So, it is a necessary mechanism to ensure long-term survival of Earth and whatever lives in its bosom. It is a life giving moment. The global warming reveals the accumulation of heat within Earth due to increased gravitational stress. When the heat reaches its climax generating viscosity between the plates then the plates start shifting, which causes increased tectonic activity that we’ve been witnessing recently. It will all end up in a planetary quake of enormous proportions when they finally snap. Such quake will shift all continental plates, Earth will burst by its seams and seas will be sitting on top of a stove with boiling lava underneath. This will increase temperature of the seas and the rate of evaporation. Soon Earth will be enveloped in thick clouds pregnant with waters. The deluge will begin. The seas will spill over the continents in huge tidal waves and all the springs will burst open due to increased lunar gravitational (tidal) pull. A tiny rivulet will transform itself in a mighty river; a mighty river into an immense flowing lake and the sea will cover the whole earth except the highest ground. The rain will be falling from the clouds driven by orcanic winds as if it is a waterfall with a daily rainfall exceeding many times a normal rainfall of the whole year.

The places spared of the deluge will be scorched and those spared of the heat will be flooded. It is a simple scenario, yet all those scientist and engineers capable of putting together complex machines are blind to this simple natural mechanism and its implications. Why? They cannot see it because they do not want to see it, not because it is difficult to see the truth of it. They prefer to live in their cozy illusions and pretend that nothing is happening. Every scientist knows the quantum laws. All our electronic technology is built on it. Energy changes in quantum leaps. Every ¼ precession an electron resonates with its surrounding electrons, which impel it to change its momentum – its inner kinetic energy (motion) is transformed in outer potential energy (electromagnetic wave). Every orbiting particle changes its momentum in its resonant points, regardless of its size – be it an electron, Earth or the entire galaxy. It is all the same on different scales because truth is holographic. What makes them think that it is applicable to microcosmic scales of an electron and inapplicable to cosmic scales? It is a simple pattern and the pattern is not limited by space/time. On the contrary, it is the pattern that limits space (size) and time (duration) and not vice versa. Anyway, you have read more about it on the web site but truth is so simple that only a blind man can miss it – and the present man with his science and technology is as blind as a bat to anything that does not serve his immediate needs for self gratification and self glorification. It is such a narrow outlook that it cannot get any narrower – at least not on this level of existence. It is the ultimate selfishness that will stand as a witness against man in the end. Is there any scientist in the world, which can with absolute certainty and in all his honesty say that any of this is not true? It is all the purest truth. No scientist can refute any of these statements. They can ridicule it because it does not fit into their little worlds but no one can say that there is anything wrong in any of these statements. “Then why do not they believe me”, I can ask, as it is also asked in the scriptures and the answer will be the same as in the scriptures, “Because we do not have the same father. My father is God and your father is the devil. You listen to your mind, which is the devil that tempts you, misleads you and blinds you. I listen to my heart that enlightens me and saves me.

Who are you going to listen? Search your soul. Do not be afraid to speak the truth you find in your heart. Disseminate the truth far and wide. And above all act upon the truth else it will be only a hypocritical verbalization. Give an example that you practice what you preach. An example speaks louder then thousand words. It is no shame to preserve life. Seek salvation, whether it is physical or spiritual. The purpose of physical life is spiritual salvation, which is an extension of physical life on higher level but unless you preserve your body, how will you save your soul because you can save it only when you are alive. Can an illiterate person become literate after he/she dies? The death regenerates and rejuvenates life through reincarnation, just as sleep refreshes body and mind, just as the nature dies in winter only to be resurrected with renewed vigor in the spring but death creates nothing new because it s an illusion. Man cannot die because he exists in God and God is immortal but he can evolve only while he lives. This is the purpose life – to enliven the soul while still alive and thus perpetuate life. Purpose of life is to learn how to die fully conscious and not to be swallowed by oblivion. Purpose of this life is the life to come by passing the threshold of death but it is your responsibility to open the door and you can do it only by a conscious effort while alive. If you wait for death unaware of what is to come after, you have no guarantees; you do not know where this road will lead you and you will be lost in eternal darkness. You have to make preparation for this journey now, while alive. Unless you have explored what is on the other side, unless you died while still alive, preserve your life. It is simple; seek safe grounds, away from the sea shore, away from the low lying areas, away from tectonically active areas, away from urban centers, away from areas with hot climate or high rainfalls and above all away from North America because it is the very heart of evil that has spread its tentacles all over the world. Besides all calamities that will visit Earth, this will be the bull’s eye for a meteorite impact (north Canada). Mountains over 2000/3000 meters are good but it depends on topography because breakers will look for an outlet where they can pass through; hence it must be above the mountain passes but not under steep cliffs and not on the very mountain tops. Use your common sense and put your trust in God and you will not be let down.

Do not trust the advice of your mind without surrendering to the will of the Almighty because you will go wrong. Have faith and you will live as long as this life has a purpose, no matter what happens to Earth. How can God let you down if you seek shelter in Him? It would be as if He is letting Himself down, which is impossible. With love and faith you will live because love is truth but if you rely on your own strength and cleverness you will perish because your separate existence from your soul and higher self is an illusion and a lie of no validity. Take heed and have no worry because God is love. He is All Merciful. Have no fear of him or of what will happen. Have fear of yourselves and your own ignorance, which is pulling you down. Fight that ignorance like a brave warrior and if you win over your own mind, you have won the whole universe and all the power that is in it. The mind is a very bad master but an excellent servant if you manage to tame its rebellious behaviour. If you discipline your mind and live an honest and moral life; if you overcome the desires of the flesh and the pride of the mind (ego) than you should have no fear because God will be your ally. Have compassion and love for all that lives, have no attachments to this world or anything in this world, give it all up and attach yourself only to God, and then you can say, “Even if I walk through the shadow of death, I shall have no fear”. Who can harm you if you are in the lap of the Creator? Whatever happens take it dispassionately and with equanimity because only God knows what is good and what is bad for you. If you die, you will die because it is the best thing for you. Whatever happens, it will happen because it is best for you. Trust your true Self. What you think that you know has no validity. Those are the random thoughts of no consequence. What we fancy to be intelligent is dead wood. Trust His Intelligence that speaks through your heart. Trust this silent voice, this inner harmony and the inner music that reverberates through the entire creation. When you hear the trumpet call it is a war cry to engage the enemy – your own mind. Listen to that silent call within and fight your ego that separates you from the life of your true self now or else you will hear it in all its might hovering over Earth on Last Day. There is no symbolism here. It is not an allegory. It is all the straight talk. It is the ultimate truth.

Adam, the “first” man was thrown out of Eden for his disobedience. Do not emulate his example. He was tempted by his own mind and he succumbed to it, thinking that now he knows something that even God does not know. He fancied himself cleverer than the One who fashioned him! How is that possible? He tasted the fruit of tree of knowledge. The tree of knowledge is nothing but his own mind and the fruit of the mind is the analytical (dual) thinking, which is a verbal or relative perspective of reality. Such thinking always has two evenly matched possibilities (pro and contra or negative and positive outcome – in the same way that the square root of four is either positive or negative 2). This kind of thinking splits one certainty into an infinite number of equally matched possibilities just like all the branches of a tree grow from the same root. From one absolute truth you get two relative truths, both equally probable and from such two truths grows 4 different probabilities etc. In Buddhism and Taoism it is expressed like this, “In the beginning was 1. 1 begets 2, 2 begets 4 and 4 begets a thousand”. This branching out from a common root is a tree of knowledge but such knowledge is relative and uncertain unlike divine knowledge, which is absolutely certain. In divine perspective a thing is what it is. From human perspective nothing is absolutely certain. It might be many different things to many different people but nothing is certain. It is an inferior perception. There is nothing wrong with this kind of analytical thinking as long as such relative perception is offset against the absolute truth but if such relative thinking is extracted from a framework of the superior and absolute perspective, it becomes an obstacle rather than help in understanding of truth. As long as such different possibilities are viewed in context of their overarching certainty, such subdivision will enhance the overall perspective but the requirement is that the perspective of absolute truth is not lost in the process. If such outgrowth of relative thinking obscures the perspective of their common and absolute origin then it deteriorates the mind’s discerning power between what is right and what is not. It is an absolutely essential requirement that in such branching out of relative opinions the perspective of absolute truth, which is their common origin, is not lost.

Once the perspective the origin is lost, such discernment is not a true discernment any more but an illusion. It becomes an obstacle to truth because possibilities are not truths but half-truths. It is only when a half-truth is seen in the perspective of its larger truth, that such perception is useful. Without the perspective of absolute truth, which is its source, any kind of relative thinking relegates such humanity into an inferior position. This was the sin of Adam – he mistook his relative thinking to be on equal footing with the divine absolute truth. If he knew both, then it would be to his advantage. Then man would know his real divine Self. To be able to think only on this inferior level without seeing the absolute background within which such relative thinking is evolving is a powerful reduction of truth in which a man has lost the sight of his true Self. The one who is aware of absolute truth knows that an absolute truth is the spirit behind the body. The one who sees only a relative truth sees spirit no more. In such a relative perspective, the soul is perceived only as a possibility while only the body is certain. In absolute perspective soul is an absolute reality while a string of bodies that it will take upon itself in the course of time are only its relative manifestations of no true consequence. This is why it is fall from immortality into a mortal existence. The body, which is relative and mortal, obscures the soul, which is absolute and immortal. It is the wholesale reduction of life embedded within such form. It is deterioration on all fronts. All attributes of life are reduced to a lower dimension (light speed difference). The knowledge is reduced to a level of ignorance, life is reduced to death, love to fear and space (eternity) to time (beginning and end). When unmanifested (body) is manifested then manifested (soul) becomes unmanifested. Such a fall is beyond a verbal description because it is the complete and not only a gradual (relative) fall. It is transformation from an original and divine Self (soul) into an illusory and temporary self of no true consequence. Adam’s fall was so great that it cannot be described on mental level alone, yet it is all in line with the overall divine design. The purpose of such a fall is for a man to stand up again because one learns how to walk by falling. It is called evolution. A positive knowledge is attained from a negative experience and vice versa.

Such a fall is necessary. It creates a momentum in time in which man will strive to return back to his original position enriched with all the relative knowledge accumulated in the course of time. In a due time all this relative knowledge will be seen in its absolute background. Body will eventually give way and the soul will shine through in its true splendor. Than you will worry no more about all this carnal desires, wants, fears, inquisitiveness etc. Than you will know that you body together with all of your thinking was nothing but a dry wood with no life and no understanding of its own whatsoever. When this happen then the man will know his real and immortal Self. When the harvest from this tree of knowledge is ready than a man wakes up to his reality. Then he gets a real power of discernment between right and wrong, good and evil. For a time being this is not yet knowledge, but only a learning process. When the harvest from the tree of knowledge is gathered than man will also get to taste from the tree of life. That’s why I am saying do not emulate Adam’s example. This has been done already long ago. There is no need for you to repeat it. You go straight for the tree of life because Adam lives in you. He knew whatever God knew when he lived in His love. After he ate from this “forbidden” tree he knew something more. He taught himself something that even God does not know – how to live in lie and pretension. By disobeying His Creator, Adam taught himself something that even God did not know and this is how to die! An immortal Creator desired to experience mortality. Before he ate this “forbidden fruit” of the mind, Adam knew that he was an immortal spirit but afterwards he realized that he is a mortal body, so he tried to cover it in shame, since all the certainty was gone and he knew no more who he really is. Rightly so, because his body is a lie and a shame; it is better to hide it in the same way that the body hid the soul. He bargained away his spirit and his truth for the temporary and false delights of the body. He sold his immortality for the pleasures and desires of the body because his pride tempted him.

Do not follow his example. Why should you repeat what has been done already so many times? Aim to the top. “Attain the Kingdom of Heaven and all this other things will be added unto you”. Eat from the tree of life and the fruit of the three of knowledge will be given to you free of charge. You do not have to go through this tedious process any more. Your ancestors did it for you. They live in you. They expect from you not to do what they did but to harvest what they planted. They expect their freedom from you. That is why they created you, so that you can ransom them and give them true freedom. You are the Adam. You are the Eve. Break free from this yoke you have put on your shoulders. God loves you. Your penitence ends soon. Did you deserve your parole and the release from this prison of transmigration? Repent and accept your true Self. Turn your back to your body and face your soul. Man sees what he wants to see. As long as you see the body, the carnal allurements obscure the light of your soul. Pierce that veil of darkness. It is the bright new world of infinite possibilities, unimaginable beauty and incomparable joy on the other side. You have imprisoned yourself in a dark dungeon of carnal existence denying all the life to your true Self. You hold the key of this prison but you do not know that the key is with you or how to use it. Follow the example of the God’s chosen people, his saints and prophets scattered amongst all nations and all religions. Do you think they undergo suffering, poverty, penitence and abstention for no reason? They know what you do not. They know that this existence is suffering and they yearn for freedom while you think this life is good and that there is no other; hence let us eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow we die. It is an illusion. You do not die. You are immortal. What you do with this kind of living is that you perpetuate your suffering in this grand cycle of transmigration. A day in and a day out, a lifetime of joy and sorrow in and a lifetime of the same joy and sorrow out. This is how you live. You live in a great suffering mistaking pleasures for pain and pains for pleasure. You got so used to this pain and suffering that you think it is pleasure and joy. You got so much used to this darkness that you think it is light. You live in fear thinking it is love. God’s servants know the true because they have seen it, tasted it, hear it and feel it. They do not speak what they “think” but what they know. Their knowledge is not a relative opinion but an absolute truth.

Do not make mistake comparing yourself and your “knowledge” with their knowledge and understanding. You have eaten only from the tree of knowledge; they have eaten from the tree of life. Your vision is obscured by your sins. They have pierced that veil. They have repented and atoned for their sins. They have paid their karmic debt while you still toil under its weight. They paid for it through their penitence and sacrifice. They have turned away from their bodies forsaking all carnal desires. You know how Elijah, Jesus, Daniel and so many others lived and died. They lived either in abject poverty or isolation or they were prepared to lay their lives down for the sake of truth. In the lives of Judeo-Christian mystics, Zoroastrian Magis, Muslim Sufis, Hindu and Buddhist ascetics, pagan initiates etc you have numerous examples. Do you think they were eccentrics? In their opinion you are fringe lunatics by living the way you live, craving for material possessions and sensual pleasures. You “think” those things make you free; they know that they are your chains. Who would stay in hell when the doors of heaven are open? You perhaps do not believe in heaven and hell but it does not matter to them because they do not live according to their beliefs or anyone else’s beliefs. They live according to the truth because they are the ones who know. The rest of mankind only ”think” that they know and in their pride they “think” that everyone is like them. They cannot imagine that some men live according to God’s truth because they do not believe either in the truth or God since God is the truth. They might express the verbal belief in such things as God, truth, love, soul, immortality, judgment day, heaven and hell etc. Their actions show their true belief just as the actions of this holy people shows their true belief. By expressing a verbal belief without following your words with an example you only bind yourself more tightly to your ignorant ways. The gap between action and words is a measure of hypocrisy and deceit.

Surely you can always start justifying your actions or your way of “thinking”. You can find excuses why your case is different or why do you “think” this is reasonable and some other things are not but this is your fatal mistake. You do not argue with God. You obey Him. This is the crux of the matter. This is the difference between sinners and saints. This is the difference between those who “think” and those who know. This is the difference between those who are alive and those who are dead. Dead man “thinks”. Living man knows. He obeys his Higher Self. He does not argue. He does not justify. He does as he is told to do. He follows the precepts unconditionally. He does not interpose his will before the divine will. He is wise. There are no exceptions. You cannot make right out of wrong by justifying it. Hitler did that. So many do that all the time. That is why the world is about to collapse upon itself. Everyone “thinks” he is right. There is no tolerance. Even when they “think” that they are tolerant and democratic, their actions show their intolerance and brutality. Even when they “think” that they have love, all they show is hatred, fear and conceit. The truth is that it is an ignorant, loveless and godless world but people cannot see it because they are to busy “thinking” and justifying their own greed and pride. They go around paying lip service to God and high moral values but their lives show their true reality. The more they claim that they believe in God the more godless they are because they are hypocrites. They cannot even admit their own ignorance. It should be the first step toward the truth because truth is they know nothing about God, immortality, soul or such things. To admit one’s own helplessness and ignorance is the first step towards repentance but they are too proud for that. In their stubbornness they mislead even the others by preaching to them who is God and what should man do to free himself. To recognize one’s own ignorance, one’s own weakness, one’s own utter incapability to know anything about spiritual things is the only right thing to do. If you recognize your own weakness, it means that you have also recognized the might of God and you implore him for help. This is the right thing to do. The preachers press the grapes of Jesus, ferment them in their minds and serve the wine. A sober message of Christ sounds like an intoxicating wine from their pulpits. Drank they come and even more drank they go away. Will they ever sober up?

The same pattern prevails in all spheres of life. Politicians, businessman, ordinary people; all of them go around sleepwalking. They are in a deep coma after ages of self-indulgence. They are intoxicated with material and sensual pleasures. They are under the influence of their own greed, pride and lust. They do not seek the wine of God. What will sober up drank man? The headache. The pain. That is why servants of God undergo penitence – to sober up. Only the suffering and pain can bring a man out of his stupor. So do not think if you are prosperous that you are blessed and if you are poor that you are cursed. It is quite the opposite. Every blessing is a curse in disguise just as every curse is a blessing in disguise. God is a step ahead of you. He is beyond the veil of appearances if you would only know it. A pendulum swinging to the right is only gathering momentum for a swing to the left. This all-pervading intoxication with materialism and sensuality is only a gathering of momentum when all of this will burst as a bubble of soap. This material progress is only the surface above deep waters. The utter poverty and reversal to a simple existence of the past is just beyond the horizon. All this technology will vanish in an instant. So many technological civilizations have come and go, many much more advanced than this one. Where are they now? Does anyone even remember them? What does a man knows? He cannot see what is right in front of his eyes. Only the sheer terror will awake him from his intoxication. Only the ultimate destruction will force him to drop all pretences and seek the shelter in the truth. Mankind is going to be instantly sobered up from his sensual and material intoxication. When the pretence falls, the body will dissolve too revealing the true Self. Than man will understand the truth. There will be no time for him to think when he is stunned by reality. Man will then know that the codes of the morality, honesty, sincerity and love are not negotiable. He will know that morality and honesty cannot be bargained away without afflicting one’s own soul. Such precepts are not to be twisted to fit in with one’s desires. You cannot justify immorality or dishonesty in any form. That is why the divine codes should be followed implicitly. They are not relative truths that can be seen as having only a relative meaning. To twist the Word of God to suits one’s own carnal desires is a cardinal mistake because it hurts the soul immensely. To twist the Word of God to please one’s own mind and body means to sell the immortality away for the sake of mortality. It means to give a treasure away for a mere pittance.

What is it to God whether you follow his precepts or not? How can your morality or immorality affect him? How can it affect him whatever you do or do not do? He is above those things. He is like Sun. A saint and a sinner, an animal and a man, dead and living; they all enjoy his benevolence equally. All this precepts are here only for your own benefit but you are free to do whatever you want. It is your life. God loves you and He will fulfill your every wish. If your wish is to eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow you will die, he will grant it. If your wish is enlightenment and immortality, he will grant it too but you cannot wish two things at the same time. It is either this world or the next. It is either the body or the soul. It is either God or you. It is either life or death. Choice is yours. You will make your choice through your actions. Verbalization has no importance. You are talking only to yourself. No one hears you. God is in the heart. “Only love counts in the court of the Lord”, as Indian saint Paltu says. God speaks to you and you to Him through your feelings, not the words. Words are only the echo of your own mind. You actions show what are you true feelings. If you are not sure of your true feelings then watch what you do, it will be an indication who do you truly love. If you love God then you will not argue with Him. If you love God then you will submit to His Will unconditionally. You will not interpose your own will trying to twist His Word in order to please your pride or your material and sensual desires. If you do that it means your true love is not God but your own carnal self. If you do that, your body, your mind, your mortal coil is more important to you than your divine Self. Then you have clearly stated your desire. If you truly love God and your divine and immortal Self than you will surely follow His Word implicitly. You will never deviate from His precepts because you will know it is in your own interest. It cannot affect Him whether you love Him or not. He still loves you. If you love God than you will accept with smile whatever comes your way – good or bad, pain or pleasure, profit or loss, health or sickness, life or death. Such dualities exist only on your level of thinking. Those are only relative meaning. God knows best because he knows absolutely; hence whatever happens, it is always for the best. Whatever happens is always in your best interest, regardless how you perceive it on mental level. Duality of pain and pleasure, life and death, good and bad etc; it has validity only in your eyes. God doesn’t see with two eyes. He sees with a single eye and whatever comes your way is the best for you.

“If your eye becomes single your body will be full of light”, said Jesus. When you see with a single eye (third eye), then you see your own soul (light) within your body (darkness). God acts for your soul, not your body. Whatever happens is good for your soul. Whether it is good for your body or not is irrelevant because it is not your true Self. The body is the prison. The body is an effect of your sins, your karmas. There is no body without karma. No one who is sinless can be born in this world because you must have some karma from which to make your body. The soul cannot be released from your body unless your karmic debt is paid off. You must pay for your sins. You must pay whatever you have taken from the soul in order that you can pursue your material, sensual and mental cravings. You must pay back this loan or else you remain imprisoned in this vast prison of transmigration from one body into another. It means you must give up all material, sensual and mental cravings in order to stop accumulating any further debt. You must follow the divine code of morality and honesty implicitly but that is not enough because you must pay back whatever you have spent already. You have no idea how much you owe because you have been circulating in this vast prison for untold eons, shifting from one body into another. You debt is huge. You cannot even pay it alone unless you have someone who will redeem you; someone who will stand surety for you. This can certainly be no other man because he is in the same circumstances. Only those who are already free, who have already paid back all their debts can help you now. Only God’s holy servants can come to your help in this predicament. That is why Jesus said you can see God only through him but since he is not amongst living he cannot help you. He was talking to his people, not to you. He said that he could help other people only while he is amongst them. He stated is several times; hence he is of no help to you now except as an abstract guidance. It is good to follow his example and live according to the Word of God but this is how you end accumulating further debt. You cannot pay your accumulated debt in that way. For this you need a living Jesus because he is not like you. He is free. He is not the body but the soul although you see him as a soul. He is God in human garb. Hence you must find a living Jesus that can take your hand and take you out of this prison. God is one and every living saint shares in the same spirit; hence every living saint is a Christ reincarnate just as Jesus is reincarnation of every other saint. This is what “the only Son of God” means. Every saint is the only Son of God because God is one and every saint is his projection on Earth; hence they are all same. They are spiritual twins; many bodies sharing in the same divine Self.

To borrow and spent is pleasurable but to pay back is always painful yet you cannot escape; you must pay it back sooner or later. That means that you will have to undergo penance and suffering, so if this happen do not wail and weep but understand it is good for you because you are reducing your indebtedness. God is not a bank; you cannot evade him. Your life is his surety. You have mortgaged your soul in order to build this body. Now you must sell this body to redeem the soul but only a spiritual adept can help your – your personal Jesus. You have the key of this prison but you do not know it and you do not know how to use it; hence you need a help of God’s “chosen people” who are already redeemed. You are a serf that needs a service of a freeman. Your burden is too heavy because you are week but those who are redeemed are strong and for them your heavy burden is as light as a feather. Those who are redeemed have much more life and knowledge in them then you do. You are a dead man/woman; they are alive. They can resurrect you. They can give life to your soul but your must pay for it with your body. It means penance, abstention from all carnal desires and annihilation of your own ego. It means humility, love and total submission to the divine Will. It means endurance of whatever comes your way without questioning, be it pleasure or pain, good or bad. Such categories apply to the body only. Whatever happens is good for your soul because whatever happens without your aid comes from God and whatever you have done consciously or unconsciously in variance to divine precepts in order to satisfy your appetites is no good. Unless there is maturity, no man will undergo this regimen. An ordinary person cannot accept such high principles neither can he/she sacrifice his/her comfort for something that in all her/his honesty he/she does not believe. There must be an element of faith than sacrifice is sacrifice no more. Then all the sacrifices become pleasure while pleasures of this life become insipid and boring. What an ordinary person sees as unreasonable suffering of ascetics is the pure pleasure to them. They are high on divine wine; what do they care of these dull pleasures of the body and mind? Well, did you think it is an easy way? Did you think immortality comes cheap? That’s why it is said, “All are invited but few are chosen”. It is not for everybody but only for his “chosen” people. Everyone is chosen eventually but it takes time and the universe has an infinite time for that purpose.

This need for a divine help through a human preceptor is the essence of all religions. The need for his “chosen” servants who will assist those ready to take a final step and be privy to taste the fruit of the tree of life is the reason why men need religion- any religion because it is all the same. Every religion is founded on the need for a divine preceptor. Although every preceptor comes to serve people and not to introduce any new religion, his followers corrupt it in time, claiming that a deceased preceptor is the only right one who can help. No dead preceptor can help; hence there is no need for a religion. There is need for divine servants but not for an organized religion, which claims monopoly, distort the truth and pervert the way. Such organized religions are not help but an obstacle on the way to God. They cannot help anyone yet they bar those who wish to take their own path. That is why Jesus said, “Woe to you Pharisees. You neither drink yourself nor do you let the thirsty drink”. True religion is a personal affair between an individual and his God. We all come alone in this world and we depart alone. No other human being knows the secret of our heart except God, our divine Self. Other people might “think” that they know us but it is only He who created us that truly knows us. That’s why we should love him the most because no one can love us as he can yet we think that He is not a real thing but only some figment of our imagination. That’s why Jesus specified love for God as the most essential requirement that our beings must feed on. All other prophets and saints from all religions say the same. It is the chorus of thousands of voices shouting from time immemorial. It is the esoteric core of every existing or extinct mode of worship. Without love of God there cannot be love for other men either. Without love for God any love for our brothers and sisters is pretence of love. It is a fear in disguise of love. We do not love, we are afraid to lose; we are afraid not to get. This is not love. Those holly people come to help us but when they depart they either leave a successor or else we must seek elsewhere. There are many such people at all the times and in many places. God never leaves his people alone without help. Those who seek will find, as stated in Bible, Hindu scriptures and all over. “Seek and you will find”.

If inhabitants of Palestine 2000 years ago needed Jesus then how much more do we need him today in the world? What was so special about time or place that they needed a Messiah? What was so special about the Arabia or its people 1400 years ago that they needed someone like Mohammed? What was so special about those people that they can have that privilege and not us? Nothing! Every age, every place needs a Messiah. He is always present amongst us. Not one Messiah but many of them all over the place. Thousands of Messiahs have come and go yet those obstinate ones are waiting for millennia without spotting even one of them. They can wait for another 100 millennia and they will not spot him because in the callousness of their hearts they are spiritually blind. If it happens that he does grab their attention they will surely either kill him or exile him because he is a mote in their eyes. They hate when their hypocrisy is being exposed; they are worshipers of idols and mental concepts. They love money and pride. They believe in God of their own making. They are too intoxicated with their material and sensual enjoyments to repent and embrace true faith which is a faith of love and brotherhood of all men. An outward show of religion is the exercise in futility. God is in the heart. Those whose hearts are dead are only outwardly alive. Inside they are dead. A body without a soul has no future. They can live only in the past. It is the only need for a religion – to have a living and contemporary preceptor because he is the saviour and a Messiah. He has the key to your salvation. He can help by standing surety for you. He knows the way to God because he has been there and goes there all the time. He can take you with him. He can transform you from an ordinary person into a Messiah like himself. He is a philosopher stone, which transmutes base metals into pure gold. And he is not dead. He lives amongst you; not one but many of them are walking around every day. Perhaps you pass him/her on your way to work every day? Maybe he/she is a neighbor next door? You will never know because only those who seek will find. And who are the seekers because Jesus said to his disciples, “I have chosen you, you did not chose me”? I must leave at least something for you to think about.

Those who wait for Jesus or any other person of the past to come to save them can wait forever. Jesus was among them all the time yet they still wait for him. Even if he stands before them they will not recognize Him. Did not Jesus say clearly that he was in this world before Moses, before Noah, even before this Earth came into existence? It is obviously all a foreign tongue to them. All saints are projection of the same divine Self. It is one God in many forms. It is the same spirit that manifests itself through many men at all times. Every saint before Jesus, irrespective of his/her religion shared in the same spirit. Jesus was their “reincarnation”, just as any saint that would come after him would be his “reincarnation”, so to speak. People who are blinded by materialism and the body cannot understand the true spirituality. They do not believe in soul, never mind that a soul is immortal so how can a man live long before he was born in his present form? Try to explain to them as you may but they will never understand because it is not meant for everyone to seek the true God and emancipation from this temporal existence. If we all ascend, who will run the show here? Those who need a living preceptor will surely find him but for the rest – they will continue to wait for their imaginary Messiah. Those who really need a real Jesus, the soul Jesus, they will find him but those who wait for his body are waiting in vain because body is mortal. The preceptors are many in any given time. They are his real “chosen” people, not some imaginary nation of flesh. Dead preceptors can help you with an example but you have to find a living preceptor yet if you do emulate those dead saints their example will lead you to a living one. One must start from the Scripture in order to emulate the old saints. One must follow the precepts implicitly in order to arrest the flow of karma else one will never become pure enough and free of sin as to be considered a worthy candidate by a living preceptor. Without an honest and moral living a man remains blind and deaf. It is the first step of a journey that will gradually lift the cover of darkness. It will gradually lead a man to the living saint who can help him on the last stage of this spiritual journey.

Just to listen to their verbal expressions or to admire them for their virtues will be of no help to you. If you want freedom and release from this world of darkness and suffering you have to follow in their footsteps. There is no other way. “You cannot worship God and mammon”. You must make your choice. Who are you? Are you body or soul? Are you mortal or immortal? Are you the one who knows or the one who only “thinks” that he knows? Are you for real or are you only an appearance like a patch of smoke in the wind. You are what you want to be. God loves you and He will fulfill your every true desire. What you truly desire is not your statement of intentions. It is baseless verbalization. It is hypocritical self-deceit. You are what is in your heart. You are what you truly desire. Your actions will show where your heart is and what your true desire is. Do not deceive yourself with your verbalizations. They are utterly useless. They do not make you free. They only bound you more to this existence. Talk is cheap. The pretence is easy. You can pretend that you worship God, sing hymns and praise Him but you only deceive yourself. How can you worship what you do not know? You have never seen Him, heard Him or felt Him in any way, then how can you say that you believe in God and that you worship God? What you worship is your own mental concepts of Him according to your own capacity. It is an imagination. It is not reality. It is not truth. It is your desire, your image of God, which is a dead thing. Such imaginary worship is of no help to you. It is idolatry. You idolize your own images. You worship your own mental creation. This is no God; such imaginary God is utterly helpless to help you in any way. On the contrary, with such kind of worship you only ensnare yourself deeper into mire. This is what the Scriptures warn us about – to be careful not fall into idolatry practices yet we fall into them by “thinking” how we escaped them. A hypocritical mind is bound to fall for it. An impure mind that lives in his/her own private dream will fall for every temptation on the way, “thinking” how it is cleverer then others and how it managed to escape and embrace the “right” thing. This is why there are so many different religions, sects and cults. They have a boom time. It is a good business for preachers but of utter helplessness to any serious seeker after the truth.

The first step towards truth is to recognize that you know nothing about God or spiritual things because you think that you are the body. This is the truth and truth is good. Truth always makes you free. Preachers and religions cannot help you. It is your personal quest. The next step is the strict observance of moral codes and honesty. You do not know whether this is truth or not but it will not harm you. You will see benefits later. It shows faith. The third step is learning. You should educate yourself on spiritual matters and not to take any gossip as the truth. You should learn to discern chaff from the wheat. “You should be wise moneychangers”, as Jesus says, and recognize a fake from a real coin. You must educate yourself but never presume that you know anything. It is only the “thinking” that you know something, which will surely mislead you in the wrong direction. Just read with an open mind and see what resonates with your heart. If your intention was sincere it must bear the fruit and you will eventually find whatever you are looking for. If it is really God and your divine Self that you are looking for you will find a help in a living preceptor who will take you to the last leg of the journey. He is the only one who can show you your soul and the real God, which has nothing in common with whatever ideas you held about God before. Only then will you realize how your previous beliefs were utterly useless and completely wrong. Providing your faith is pure you will draw on the strength of divine and you cannot fail. That’s why a living preceptor is the very heart of every living religion. A dead religion claiming some past preceptor who has no say in this matter any more is a simple and pure deceit. Anyone can say that they propound the teachings of Jesus, but did he authorize them? They authorize themselves. Jesus has nothing to do with them or with any of the Christian sects. They are all lies. Religion is a matter of heart. It is an affair between you and your Creator. What business other people have in it? Would you put in the bed between yourself and your husband/wife someone who will act as a wife for the husband and as a husband for the wife? It is ridiculous. It is even more ridiculous to seek an intermediary in the form of outer religion. It cannot help anyone unless within the fold of that religion you find a living saint. Within that artificial superstructure you will find many good and honest souls with misplaced sense of loyalty. It is their loss but the it is also the gain of their respective religions. They can help you at least a part of the way but unless they use the outer (exoteric) religion only as a veil over their true (esoteric) faith, they cannot take you all the way.

A saint is projection of God on Earth. He is not an imaginary intermediary. He is a real thing. To love him is to love God because God and his chosen people differ only outwardly. On spiritual level there is no quantitative difference between God and his saints. God is spirit and the saints live in that spirit and that spirit lives in them. Once again, the purpose of any religion, any mode of worship is to put oneself under the protection of a God-realized soul. A religion that cannot offer this service to the seekers is not a religion but an ostentatious show. The older religions as well as shamanistic practices were always able to help real seekers because their priesthood was made of real initiates who were appointed by a divine decree and not by human conventions. That is why older extinct religions were mutually inclusive unlike today’s religions, which are sustained by mutual intolerance. In the days past, it was accepted practice that seeker was welcome within fold any religion regardless of his original religion as long as his yearning and his heart was honest and sincere. The esoteric core of all religions is the same. In past days the essence of every religion was its esoteric heart, not its outward ostentatious display as is the case with most modern religions. This original practice is still prevalent in some Eastern modes of worship although they are not free from it either. Since Kali is upon us the things are gone from bad to worst. The Bible as well as other Scriptures of other religious denominations is a collection of books written by God’s servants and prophets. It is a record of their esoteric experiences. Bible is a spiritual book with a spiritual message but people twist its meaning to suit their own desires and to boost their own pride. They misuse spiritual precepts to boost their worldly appetites. There is nothing that pertains to flesh of the body in there. The “chosen” people are people initiated into his mystery. They are those that know that love is the ultimate truth and speak from the heart. They are not a nation in the physical but in the spiritual sense. They are the brotherhood of the true servants of God, which come to this world to serve the people, not to take away from them under false pretences. Such spiritual nation is not bound to any place, nation or time. They are scattered amongst all the creeds and all the nations.

Israel as a place promised to His “chosen” people is not a land on Earth. It is a promised land, which is not on Earth but on a higher level of existence, whether on an astral plane or in the distant future (parallel realities of space are offset by serial realities in time; they are either simultaneous in space and sequential in time, or vice versa. You will find in depth description of space/time matrix on the web site). It is promised to the upright men of every nation or creed. Such divisions as creed or a nation are human inventions of no consequence. Whatever happens on Earth is only a shadow of what is happening in “heaven” or in future time. That’s why the skies above us portent the future events on Earth. The entire history that seems random to us is destined. It all appears as a work of man while in reality it is all done by the hands of God. The truth is holographic (fractal); hence it is an evolution of the same thing on different scales. There is no room for any randomness or “free will” here. Such things are illusory. Free will is what we like to “think”. It is not the higher truth. Such string of holographic projections as well as every particular sequence evolves according to the strict geometrical (mathematical) patterns. Every event, however mundane or sacred, whether on Earth or in the skies, is a “sign” of the things to come. Everything is announced by its preceding events just as every present event announces the future events. The present is an echo of the past just as the future is an echo of the present. It is an infinite causality. Every effect has a cause and every cause is an effect of a previous cause. It is a chain reaction of an ultimate cause beyond any of this. It is an involution, a gradual enfolding of the primal oneness (or you can call it a primal void or a primal nothingness from which everything that is manifested draws its energy). The whole evolves in line with the evolution of any of its holographic part because any division is relative and temporary. In other words the whole and the part are identical. The whole is in the part and the part is in a whole; hence the whole is only an inverse part just as the part is an inverse whole. They are the yin and the yang of the creation. The whole and the parts are 2 sides of the same coin; they are its space and its time.

Consequently, the whole remains forever beyond the horizon of its part, because one is inversion or a shadow cast by another and one “feeds” on the opposition or the resistance of its counterpart; regardless if they exist side by side or one within the other. In other words, the Creator evolves alongside its creation and it is permanently veiled beyond all manifested forms, solid or subtle. Because of this, the Creator, the Primal Cause remains forever behind that veil of “nothingness”. As soon as we penetrate into this void, it is void no more by virtue of our penetration into it. As we penetrate the void, the void slips into even larger void. The entire manifested creation exists within this void. This void is its cause. The nothingness is the cause of everything that exists yet such division between nothing and something, between a void and its manifested parts, is relative (illusory). We see something as being nothing and nothing as being something, while in truth it is neither. It neither exists nor is it non-existent. It is both. Such oneness cannot be verbalized or adequately comprehended on mental level. It is beyond capacity of human mind. Human mind breaks down trying to figure it out. The only way to know it is through love because love doesn’t divide but unite. Love is the ultimate intelligence and the supreme knowledge. Trying to mentalize the concept of truth on mental level is a futile exercise. It can only take us as far as an essential duality or causality. One must have a heart to go beyond that or else it will remain a perpetual mystery for him. So, the entire history of mankind is a string of destined events. Alternatively, such future events are only a shadow of what exist right now on the higher levels of existence of which the first level is a string of astral realms embedded one within the other. Astral realm, as well as the causal realm beyond it, is the mental level that exists within our minds. They are projections of our mind and vice versa – our mind is their projection. The spiritual levels, which are beyond that (distant future), are within our hearts, which is the supreme mind (mind of the mind or the supervising mind). Our hearts are projection (an imprint) of such spiritual levels and vice versa – the spiritual levels are projections of our heart. One is holographic projection (inversion) of another.

We can control them or they control us. You either control your mind and your desires or they will control you. If you control your mind you can also control those astral realms. It means if you control you mind you also control the future, which is obvious. If you can control your mind and your desires than you are creator of your future but if they control you than you life has a random course because your desires will sway you like a leaf in the wind. If we can control even our hearts then we control all the future. Then we become the masters of the universe and the masters of our own destiny. When we control our hearts than the soul, our divine Self, is in control and the soul’s capability are infinitely larger then mental capability. The mental capacities are the body or the shell around the soul. The mental capacities (mind) are the body, the hand and the arms, the eyes and the ears of the soul. It means the soul creates by “thinking”. Mind cannot create or see by “thinking” because it “thinks”. “Thinking” renders it ineffective, just as our eye or our hand would become ineffective if it has the independent capacity to think and act as it wishes. What will we see if our eyes can determine on its own what is what? They must remain subdued and still and under an effective control of the mind or else we would be blind from so many different and incoherent pictures that our eyes feed the brain in every moment. In the same way, the mind renders ineffective the souls’ capacity to create. It is this “thinking” that renders the soul ineffective. As long as the mind has an independent capacity to think, it veils all the potential creative energy of our soul. The mind blinds the soul; hence we see darkness in light and light in darkness. Without an honest and moral living the soul remains forever blinded. It is only the righteous living that can lift that veil and rejuvenate the soul’s innate creative capabilities. As long as we tend to the needs of the body, it is all a distant dream. But this is not enough because of our accumulated karmic load (sins) over a cosmic period of time in which the soul was orbiting in the vast cycle of transmigration. To lift this veil completely is very difficult and it requires a tremendous will power and persistence to be able to adhere to strict yogic or hermetic practices of meditation under the guidance of a spiritual adept. To lift this mental veil that obscures the innate capabilities of our true Self (soul) is the only purpose of our existence. All else is a pure waste of time, for which we will regret bitterly in the end.

As long as we think that we have a choice, we will keep on bending the rules, engaging in carnal pleasures etc thus draining the soul power instead of freeing it to do what it is suppose to do. With our immoral and dishonest living we are literally killing our true Self. We are selling our soul and our immortality for temporary sensual pleasures and material possessions. This is the simple truth. “You cannot serve God and mammon”. Our true free will is to decide between life and death, between the soul and the body, between the real and the unreal, between the mighty and the weak. To use that free will, which is the greatest gift of all, on the mundane pleasures is the worst kind of injustice one can do to himself/herself. To make choices between what suits us best on this temporary and illusory level of existence instead of making a choice between this and the next level of existence, which is a choice between life and death, is a suicide. It is the holocaust of the souls that is happening on Earth. The souls burn in the fires of our carnal passions and prides. Whatever happens on Earth is only a shadow of what is going on in heaven, which is the abode of the soul. There cannot be an earthly holocaust unless the same thing is happening even more intensely up there. All our actions are prompted by the mind and the mind is an instrument of the soul, which is our true Self; hence everything that happens here is divinely ordained. We “think” we are in control. We are not; God is. It is his handiwork. Everything is preordained and everything is a “sign” of the things to come. Establishment of Israel on Earth is only a shadow of what is happening up there. It is a portent of what is going to happen on Earth because of a time gap between two realities (heaven and Earth). Two parallel spaces are all the time apart (light speed difference as per E/m=C^2, which is a famous Einstein’s formulation of it). One space is projected into another in a string of sequences ranging from the extremely subtle in the beginning to more and more solid as the time before the two realities merge approaches its appointed end. Consequently, it is easier to ‘spot’ this signs towards the end then in the beginning when it is still a distant future but it depends on the capabilities of a soul. It depends on the level of control over the mind, which obscures the real meaning and this in turn depends on the capacity of the heart to love and feel.

Whatever is happening on Earth is a subtle projection of what will eventually become a solid truth. The establishment of Israel on Earth heralds the establishment of true Israel, the fulfillment given to Abraham and its spiritual descendants when the Kingdom of Heaven will descend on Earth (or Earth will ascend into it). It is fulfillment of a prophecy given to his “chosen” people, his faithful servants, when immortality and heavenly abode will become their inheritance. All the souls that walked the Earth in the past 5200 years will be resurrected to receive its due according to their karmas (destinies). All the souls sleeping in the bosom of Earth will be awaken to receive their due inheritance. Depending on the states of their hearts they will be attracted either left or right. Those on the right will ascend and those on the left will descend. Those who are evenly matched, those who have overcomed all dualities of mind will be in the front to go straight ahead, beyond whatever is either above or below (heaven and hell). Any of this is not a matter of belief or mental speculation but the reality. We might believe it or not, what is it to Him? Can we change the truth by our belief? We would if we are souls but we are not – we are the bodies. What the soul knows is not the belief but the truth and the truth is the reality. What the soul knows, this must exist and it must come to pass but whatever mind knows will never become reality and it will never come to pass. Mind can create the body and the technology and even this with a great effort but such things cannot endure. What soul creates endures forever. Israel on Earth is a harbinger of the heavenly Israel. It was established 64/65 years before the end, which is 1/80 of the great cycle of time (5200 years of 360 days each), where 64=8^2 (point of gravitational resonance between two parallel worlds, an inversion point on a 4D crystalline or gravitational lattice that binds two spaces with a thread of time). 64 years is also 40 last phases of Venus out of the whole cycle of 3200 phases (584 to 585 days) because Venus is in perfect space/time symmetry with Earth (they are two cosmic bodies that share in the same spirit, so to speak). Venus is therefore a prophetic planet because it foretold the events on Earth. There is nothing special about Israel on Earth because everything on Earth is a “sign” of the future things to come. Everything here is a shadow of whatever is above (distant outer spaces of the universe = future times & the inner microcosmic spaces = past times; hence outer universe is empty because it appears as a possibility while inner space appears as dense matter because past time is an unalterable certainty. Past time acts as the density of the present matter embedded in an enveloping emptiness of the outer universe, which is the future time here on Earth Etc. See the web site). The whole story about Abraham or Israel would hardly have any meaning to the peoples from the other parts of the world. They have their own ‘signs’. Any historical event can be interpreted in a similar way according to its importance or the distance from the things that it portents. The more distant events or less important events become less clear because they are subtler but also vice versa – the events that are nearer or are of larger intensity are more “solid” signs.

Abraham was a wandering Semite, a wandering nomad, chosen by God for his faithfulness through the trust he gave to His appointed servant, the High Priest Melchizedeck who spoke the Word of God like so many before and after him. He was one in a line of many of His chosen people. The Promised Land is not some patch of land in Palestine but the whole Earth. And it is promised not to the offspring of his flesh but to his spiritual descendants because spiritual bond is higher then the bond of flesh. The true descendants of Abraham are his spiritual offspring – those who share in the same spirit, not those who share in the flesh as those who seek to deceive would like to believe. Abraham was not a forefather of a particular nation. He was claimed as the original preceptor and as the principal forefather of all ancient nomads scattered over entire Middle East area from the Taurus range in southern Turkey on the north to the Yemen in the south and from Egypt in the west to the eastern ranges of Persia in the east. Even across the sea from Yemen in Ethiopia, Abraham was regarded as their preceptor. Many diverse communities speaking different languages claimed him amongst their ancestors. He was an example of an urbanite turned a nomad for the sake of his faith. He abandoned the ways of his forefathers and his people in Mesopotamia because he could not agree with their idolatric practices. He was a seeker of truth undergoing penitence in the deserts of the Middle East who found his preceptor in the form of the High Priest Melchizedeck who initiated him into these ancient mysteries. He is the common heritage of all nomadic people because he is regarded as the preceptor of the true faith amongst all of them, from Ethiopia, via Arabia to the present day Middle East.

Remember when Jesus’ mother and brother came to visit him he said, “Who is my mother and who are my brothers? They are those who share with me the faith in God. My family and my nation are those who surrender to the truth, those who partake in the same love”. Abraham himself rejected his own parents and his own people because of their disbelief and left into a self-imposed exile rather then to participate in the sins of his people who relied on their own strength and their own cleverness rather than submit to God, which is the common divine Self of every man. The population of Mesopotamia in those days has forgotten the original precepts of their religion as it always happen. The priests reverted to an ostentatious show, the esoteric teachings were forgotten and idolatry prevailed. Abraham was a true seeker and he could not accept it; hence he was forced to leave just as Mohammed had to leave Mecca many years later. He become one of his “chosen” people after he was initiated into mysteries by the High Priest Melchizedeck, who was his spiritual “father”. The Land was promised to all those who came after him along the same spiritual line, which means to all those who share in the same spirit regardless if they came through Abraham’s line or any other line that has the same purpose because such outward differences are of no consequence. Whoever shared in the same faith is his “descendant”. To share in the same faith, in the same spirit does not pertain to the outward show and rituals but to a state of the heart. All those who share the same state of the heart think and act identically. They are spiritual twins and there is no difference between them. They are all one; many different bodies but only one common Self. Different tribes or nations are inconsequential from a spiritual viewpoint because they differ amongst themselves in many respects but the saints amongst them are identical, regardless to which tribe or nation they belong.

There are many such sacred spiritual lines that run through all nations, all faiths and in all times. It is the true Holly Grail that every soul on the quest for truth searches for. Such sacred lines run through the generations by the way of initiation, the anointing or baptizing of those who are so chosen. Again, remember when Jesus spoke, “You did not chose me. I have chosen you”, and “I did not come to save the world but those my Father allotted to me” and “My sheep will know me and I will know them”. Those who are conversant with Vedic and Upanishadic precepts will find the same message repeated many times. The same ancient tradition by the way of initiation into ancient mysteries is the essence of all yogic disciplines; it is the bloodline of Buddhism, Taoism, and Shintoism etc. It is the true religion as revealed by God. Everything else is a superstructure by the way of human inventions that has no real meaning. The language of God is love. It is the only language He understands. All other rituals, dogmas and ceremonies if they ever had any meaning were invented only to remind the people about the truth but they are not the truth. They are only tools and aids but the real goal of religion is human heart and no religion can help here. Only a living preceptor through love can help a real seeker after truth. To translate the spiritual teachings embedded in Bible into worldly meanings is a travesty. To regard some group of people by the way of some imaginary bloodline as the descendants of a particular person who lived 4000 years ago is a mockery. 120 generations passed since then. By geometrical progression there should be more descendants of Abraham on Earth today then is its entire population; hence everyone can claim Abraham as a forefather just as every one can claim Noah as his ancestor. Such claims are pervert and serve selfish means in order to take from the other what does not belong to them. To commit robbery in the name of God is a mortal sin and the disobedience of the essential norms of morality and honesty. Only by disobeying almost every one of the 10 commandments of Moses can such claims be stated because they are built on lies, hypocrisy and conceit. Whoever states such a claim disobeys the essential 1st commandment that one should have faith only in God and not to revert into idolatry. To state such claim means to forsake the truth (God) and put one’s faith into one’s own cleverness and strength, which are idolatric practices.

Abraham was an honest person who would never agree or endorse such practices but since he is not amongst us any more he cannot speak for himself yet all saints are one speaking the same thing. What Moses, Prophets, Jesus or Mohammed said after him is just as good as if it came from his own mouth. Since even they are not amongst us any longer then the saints of the present time can speak in the names of all this great souls and they can never endorse such a deceitful practices but at the same time they know that Kali is upon us and that whatever happens is a Will of God. He knows best. We are all brotherhood of men sent not to divide but to unite. To reprimand the wrongdoer is a blessing if he/she can repent because everyone is responsible for his/her own actions in the end. Religion is an affair between man and His Creator and no other man should interfere. Whatever is is by the Will of God. We are only the emanation of His Might, no more than lifeless puppets in the hands of a master puppeteer. We like to see things as if they are in our hands but it is an illusion. Nothing is in our hands. Everything is in His hands. Our hands are His Hands, our eyes are His eyes and our hearts are His heart. All else is illusion. People are not perfect else they will not be born in this world; hence we have to be forgiving and merciful because we are only merciful and forgiving to our God who lives within all of us. Unless we love our brothers and sisters we cannot say that we love God. It is an age of Kali. All religions and nations on Earth perpetrate the fraud by distorting the truth in order to attain whatever they set their hearts on. All the people do the same but this is the Will of God to build up our endurance and love for each other. Those who find excuse to criticize their brothers have fallen into temptation. We should only concern ourselves with our own relationship with our Creator and let the others do the same. We are only responsible for our own lives. Everyone will have to account for his deeds to Lord Almighty. Only he has the authority to judge because his truth is absolute while we live in a relative world without truth or justice, incapable to discern anything in real terms. Others are not our business. We should only give other people our love because we are not in their hearts to know why they do what they do; therefore we are in no position to judge anyone.

The actual history is important only from a spiritual perspective so that we might understand the truth beyond the appearances but no attention should be given to the actions of the people or the individual souls because they are under divine order. The actual historical background of Abraham is important only so far as it can help us to understand the spiritual truth behind all of this but this should by no means be interpreted as the approval or disapproval of the actions of other people. Spiritual teachings should never be twisted and misused for worldly gains. If other people did so, it is their business but if we do the same than we are in the wrong business of planting the seeds of division where only the brotherhood of men should be. In the end, we are all descendants of the same divine Father and the story of Abraham is only one out of many. The story is given here because it is well known and serves to illustrate the need for a living preceptor and how the spiritual lines go down through history in many places and at all times in order to serve the real seekers after the truth. Such lines, whether they are actual offshoot of Abraham or not are many and they all serve the same purpose. All later saints could claim spiritual descent from Abraham or any other preceptor. The future paradise on Earth or the present paradise in Heaven is promised to those who faithfully follow in the footsteps of the saints. That means all of us because we will all tread this path sooner or later. Today’s hermetic lines in the west as far as they are genuine are the modern offshoots of those spiritual lines but there is many more lines in the east. The tradition lives in Islamic Sufism, the shamanic practices as well as in many yoga practices amongst Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist practitioners. All of those are His “chosen” people. Those are the people who seek the truth, the real ways to reunite with the source. Those are the real religious people as originally intended. The word religion means “reunification”. An outward ostentatious show of piety is to no avail unless there is the living heart within that burns with a divine desire. God chooses or rather, he creates his chosen servants, and they pass the message down the line by the ways of initiation to those who are suitable to be initiated. Some got extinguished while new ones are established by direct revelation from God as explained in Bhagavad Gita and so on.

Moses was one of those chosen servants of God also but so was the entire royal household of Akhenaten, because Moses belonged to that family. He was an Egyptian just as his later opponent (the pharaoh) was and he left the urbanized Egypt for the same reason Abraham left urban Mesopotamia 500 years before him. And also in a similar way he was claimed or adopted as the original preceptor of many nations. Akhenaten tried to revert corrupt Egyptian practices to the old ways. Like everywhere else the original Egyptian faith has been in the course of time reduced to a superstitious shells of its previous esoteric form. He failed and the corrupt and hypocritical priesthood rebelled and reverted to their own ways. The same story was repeated many times all over the globe. Even the story of Jesus is its reminiscence. The early dynasties of Egypt as well as many other early royal households were all members of His “chosen” people before the advance of the age of Kali corrupted such institution of the divine kingship. Akhenaten royal household was either banished or executed, forcing Moses to exile. When he returned asking the new pharaoh to let “his” people go, that meant to let the people who shared his faith in one God (Aten, Adonai or Adonis as known by Egyptians, Semites and Greeks respectively) go and that included men of different national backgrounds, since Egypt was a melting point of many nations. He demanded the freedom for the people of true faith, amongst which were also some of Abraham’s and Jacob’s descendants but the Hebrew nation was formed only during the 40-day wanderings in the desert. The purpose of that long wandering was to forge a single nation with a single faith out of many incoherent parts. After Moses the same old pattern of corruption set in and despite many attempts by innumerable prophets and servants of God, the corruption took its toll but the line kept running amongst Hebrews as well as amongst all the other nations. Such corruption is unavoidable when conversion of faith is forced or the adherents are attracted for the sake of worldly gain. In such a case the shallowness and hypocrisy of forced or insincere converts is bound to twist the truth. That is why every religion is corrupt but its core remains pure. This is the reason why the secret initiations are carefully screened so that only right applicants are initiated. The careful screening of the applicants prevents the corrosion of the truth. All the members of the true faith are Abraham’s descendants and to them is promised the future Earth as well as the Kingdom of Heaven, which are space and time aspects of the same truth. The future Earth is the present Heaven.

Jesus was also one of his spiritual descendants by the virtue of the same faith. He received his initiation from John the Baptist, who was a member of the Nazarene sect. In those days there was no such place as Nazareth. It is only a later invention of Byzantine Empire to conform to the dogma of the later Church. Nazarenes were of Iranian, Zoroastrian origin. Na-Suruti means “revelation” in Hebrew but it also draws its root from Sruti, which means “sound, spirit, whisper” in Sanskrit. Sruti are the names of the holly revelations in Vedic literature. Sruti is also pronounced Srushi, Srosha or Sraosha through the inflection of t into sh as in many Slavic and Iranian languages. Sraosha is the name of God in Zend Avesta, the language of Zarathustra, who was one of the “chosen” people as were Moses and Abraham. The name of Zarathustra incorporates the same root (srt). The arrival of Magis when Jesus was born, who were followers of Zarathustra, denotes that Iranian connection of the Nazarene sect. The Nazarenes were those to whom the truth was revealed. John the Baptist and Jesus both belonged to the same family, who practiced the Nazarene mode of worship, which is the same as followed by modern Sufis or Yogis. The Mandeans of southern Iran are the present day descendants of Nazarenes who recognize John the Baptist as their spiritual preceptor. There was no difference between the faith of Moses and the faith of Zarathustra or the faith of any other true servant of God. Any distinctions are human inventions of no consequence. They are invented to divide while all servants of God come to unite. Jesus tried to revert the people to the old faith of Moses but the same story of Akhenaten played itself again and the priesthood would not let their corrupt and hypocritical ways go. By the time Mohammed arrived Christianity was only an empty shell. It was Christianity only in name but not in the spirit; so he tried to revive the old truth as told by Jesus before him and Moses or Zarathustra before him or Abraham and Melchizedek before them or Noah before them etc. Christians and Zoroastrians readily converted because they saw in Islam the true precepts of Christianity or Zoroastrianism.

There is no place or time where God is not. Saints are his eyes and his ears but also his arms and feet and above all they are His mouthpiece and His heart. The biblical account or any other Scripture of different faiths are by no means end of any line. There were countless other servants of God between those major preceptors, who kept the flame burning, some known and many others unknown as well as many of them who came after especially amongst Sufis, yogis, Buddhist, Shinto or Tao monks and western hermetics. In the new world (America) the way was followed through many native tribal shamanistic practices. Some belong to no group at all. It is a medley because the outer appearances are of no consequence and “only love counts in the court of the Lord” as Hindu saint Paltu says. It is this shamanic or direct experience of God that is the esoteric core of all extant and all extinct religious movements. It is only a man guided by his ego, who puts faith in his own tiny self that gives any significance to such outward show of variety. Servants of God know each other, no matter into which religion or nation they are born. They know each other because they are embodiments of the same spirit, the same Higher Self. They are the spiritual twins, different bodies but the same spirit. If they meet they are silent because they have nothing to say to each other except the courteous exchange of welcome since they know exactly the same thing. They know whatever God knows; hence they all know everything there is to know. To see them in a conversation would be like seeing God talking to himself. To see “chosen” people as an actual nation is the travesty of truth. To commit atrocities over one’s own brothers on account of such claim and in the name of God is even worst blasphemy but this is an age of Kali and anything goes. Everybody does the same thing. They all claim a privileged position and the supreme understanding of what is the truth so that they might kill and plunder their own brothers. They all deny the preceptor while he is alive but as soon as he dies, they all claim to be his followers because he is not any more in the position to say anything.

They corrupt his lofty teachings and spread their own perverse ways under the banner of his name. Every ostentatious show of religion claims the supremacy of their own ways while a true religious adherent knows all too well that no religion or a nation is inferior or superior because religion is an affair between man and God not an outward display of piety. That is why his truly “chosen” people must be always present – to show the true way to those who seek it. The departed saints and sages can help us no more than a dead dentist can cure a toothache or a dead judge preside in a court. Yet it is all the same because the “chosen” people are immortal – the saints of the past live in the saints of the present. Different names, the same spirit. Adam gave you a negative example; the saints gave you the positive example. Which way will you choose, the broad path followed by many and which leads to death and eternal condemnation, or the narrow path followed by few that leads to happiness and eternal life. Remember that “all are invited but only few will accept the invitation to be chosen”, as your Scriptures told you. Don’t postpone making a decision because this might be your last wake up call. Procrastination is the defensive weapon of your mind and mind is the mortal enemy of your soul. Unless you choose now, the choice will be made for you in 5 years time and you might not like it. You can wake up now and choose what you want to be, or the truth will awaken you on that day but then you might not like what you have become.

If truth is only one and God is one then all religions must be essentially the same, yet by superficial examination they might differ. Any perception of differences means that you do not understand correctly your own religion because if you do then you will see no differences; then you will see that what your religion tells you is that all religions are the same. The differences arise in superficiality of rituals and dogmas but their esoteric core is identical. Sometimes what is revealed to some people is not revealed to the others because they would not be able to bear it or it will lead them in wrong direction. Whatever is revealed is revealed on the “the need to know” basis. Different places and different times have different needs; hence the focus is not always the same but the truth remains unchanged. One must try to understand what he/she reads and not be satisfied only by a superficial examination; such approach creates more harm then good. It is better not to read the scriptures at all then to read them half-heartedly. Ignorance is better then the wrong kind of knowledge. The principle of reincarnation is the main point of contention. Followers of Christianity and Islam might argue that their preceptors did not teach it. East is spiritually more advanced and they had a great deal more saints then in the West. They have long history and greater spiritual stability. Their spiritual understanding is vastly superior. In the East, spirituality is a science unlike in the West. They are able to digest the complex precepts of reincarnation and karma while people of the West would only be distracted and confused by it but it does not mean that reincarnation was not taught in the West. It was taught amongst older religions of Egypt and Sumeria as well as in ancient Greek and pagan mysteries. The Quran has many veiled references about it but to teach simple nomads such lofty principles would not be productive. Mohammed and Jesus have both said that they did not teach everything because their followers would not be able to understand it. Mohammed said many times, “Give God a generous loan”. It means what he expounded is a bare minimum of requirements. He told them not to eat pork, meat containing blood or unconsecrated meat. If he told them not to eat meat at all but to stick to the commandment from Genesis, “All the green plants and fruits are given to man for food”, who would listen to him? If he wanted them to listen to him about more important issues he had to compromise on the dietary requirement; else they will reject his precepts completely.

He minimized the damage regarding the diet just as Jesus and Moses did before him. Who would listen to the spiritual message of Jesus if he insisted that wine and certain kinds of meat are prohibited? Surely, it is more important what comes out of the mouth (words) then what comes in (food), but that does not mean it is unimportant what one eats. He never said that but if one must prioritize and be practical than one must compromise but those who understand the deeper truth beyond the verbal message will give him a liberal loan. Would they listen to Moses if he told the exhausted people in a desert that all meat is a prohibited item? It would be a spiritual suicide. It is a great accomplishment to forge the nation and instill the faith; let the future generations worry about the more appropriate diet if this people ever mature enough to be able to comprehend importance of the diet coupled with principles of karma and reincarnation. It is a step-by-step affair. The thing that acts as a medicine in small doses also acts as the poison in large doses. You cannot feed them more than they can digest, else they will vomit everything. Notwithstanding any of it, not one of them said that eating meat or drinking alcohol is good. Genesis gives clear guidance on that but the people of later times could not bear it so all the saints have to focus on more important issues, leaving this item for the future generations but none of them said that it is desirable to be a carnivore or a drunkard. They only said, “It is permitted”. They said it because their hearts were hardened and they would not understand. They thought them only half the code of moral and honest living because they were unable to learn more at a time, not that the other half of the code does not exist. Regarding karmic principle, it is clearly recognized in “You reap as you have sown”. There is no contention here yet karmic principle and reincarnation are two sides of the same coin. Karmic principle is inseparable from principle of reincarnation. In Quran there are many remarks that cannot be interpreted as anything else but as a hinted reincarnation, i.e. “You can punish us only in this present life” or “He will cause you to die and to live again” etc. Even if explained in terms of resurrection, any theory on resurrection is only an abbreviation of the larger theory on the reincarnation of the soul. What difference does it make whether the soul is reincarnated in this world or resurrected in the next? Resurrection is reincarnation on the higher level of existence. Many Sufi saints recognized this tacit implications and accepted reincarnation as an essential element of true faith. Some openly spoke about it, like the best-known Sufi mystic Jalaludin Rumi.

There are many references to reincarnation in the Bible, New and Old Testament. The prophets mention it and it is spoken of in Psalms and hinted in many other places. Perhaps the most direct reference is when Jesus explained that man is blind not because it is his or his parent’s fault (according to “reap as you sow”) but “so that works of God might be manifested in him”. In other words, karmic principle (reap as you sow) is inseparable from principle of reincarnation. The man was born blind because of his past karma and it is neither his fault in this life nor is it fault of his parents. In other words we all come into this world with a certain karmic load. That is why we are born different, with different aptitudes, different likes and dislikes, with different tendencies and characters. The “works of God” means the law of reincarnation. No one who is born in this world is sinless or karmaless or else he will never be born here. It is his past karma, his unfulfilled desires, and consequences of his past actions that bring him back here. No one is born perfect in this world because we all have a long history. But it does not mean that if we arrived with a karmic load we cannot depart free of it. If we atone for all accumulated sins of this and past lives than we are free and we do not come back in this world but are reincarnated on a higher level of existence with a higher moral code and higher standards of love and purity. Only the past karmic load, our past sins, can bring us in this world; hence reincarnation is included in biblical precepts but without much pomp. The Bible would contradict itself without recognition of reincarnation. Why would we be born here? What force would bring us here? Listen to the common sense! The only reason of our birth can be previous karmic debt due to which we must reincarnate again and again. There is nowhere in the Bible any stipulation that would go against the reincarnation. Nothing is said in there that excludes it. There is a very good reason why Jesus, Moses, Mohammed or any of the prophets did not like to talk too much about reincarnation. To expound it to ignorant masses would mislead them completely. It is a difficult subject for spiritually immature people. Even today those of Christian or Islamic origin completely misunderstand it. They think that a man always reincarnate as a man. It is not true. God is origin of all life. Everything lives in Him. Every living being shares in the same overall life of our Creator. There is no difference between the souls of a man, an animal or a plant. Souls of all living beings are the same. The difference is only in the degree of obscuration of the soul by the mind of such creature. Animals have heavier karmic load; hence they are duller than a man. There is less truth in them but make no mistake, every animal once used to be a man and vice versa. A steak that you eat was maybe your grandfather. An egg that you have for a breakfast was perhaps your departed daughter.

When Krishna was explaining it to one of his disciples, he pointed to an ant, saying that it used to be God Vishnu himself. It is the vast cycle of transmigration on the space/time level of the common Soul of all. In a way, all that exist is a reincarnation of the Supreme Being. If even today a man has difficulty in accepting this vast concept in all its ramifications, just imagine reaction of those illiterate people who lived millennia ago. The simple truth is, if a man lives like an animal, unable to restrain his senses and cravings then it is better for him to dwell in an animal body. It is not a punishment. It is the fulfillment of his desires. There is nothing wrong with being an animal. It is only our pride that makes us think that it is an unacceptable humiliation. It is not a humiliation. It is love of God for his creatures. If one has certain animal instincts, is not it merciful to give him a form in which he might express himself better then in the human form? On the other side, even such beings as angels and deities are not free of this principle and every angel or a deity will in due time be reincarnated not only in a human form but also as many different species of animals and plants. Life is one but it has many different forms. It is the vast concept. One has to undergo transmigration through thousand of species of plants and animals before he is granted the boon of human form. One lives millions of lives over millions of years before one is granted a human form. The human form is as rare as hen’s teeth and one should never ever waste it in any other pursuit except to attain enlightenment and salvation. Man cannot imagine the worth of every breath he draws in. Soul has worked for millions and millions of years without a hope of escape from this vast cycle of transmigration, being thrown from one body into another. Only the human form offers the potential of escape from this cycle and thus overcome death because only man can worship God. Volumes and volumes are written on transmigration of the soul. It does not mean that a man will not reincarnate as a man but usually he does not. He will get another chance in a human form only if he was seeking God yet he did not find Him in this life. Only if he repented the desires of his flesh and was working toward realization of his divine potential will he again be born in a human form.

Men ruled by their passions, their desires, their greed, lust and pride, man overcome by jealousy, fear etc must by necessity of their desires and their actions descend on a lower evolutionary level to fulfill those cravings. Man is where his heart is. That’s why Jesus said, “Do not store your treasures where moth and rust corrupt but store them where there is no corruption or rust”. Even animals eat, have families, mate, and fight, love and fear. If a man leads that kind of life then he creates such destiny for himself in the next life. Why should not a deserving animal get chance at a human form and why should not an undeserving man be given an appropriate animal form. You have seen love and devotion of many dogs. Men can learn many a lesson from them. Some animals are more humane then an average human and many man are more bestial then an average beast. So why should God be unjust? Is it because men are his “chosen people”? No one is chosen per se. God is like Sun. He gives light and warmth to man, plant and animal. He shines equally on saint and a sinner. What is it to him whether you are a saint or a sinner, a man or a beast? He loves all his creatures equally. It is your call what you want to be. He will fulfill your every desire so be careful what you wish for. A wish is not a verbal expression but the love of your heart. Verbal expression and the true wish are always opposing each other in a hypocritical and a materialistic person. Man will be very surprised to see who he really is, but whatever he is, he is not that which he thinks he is. And he certainly does not wish for that which he thinks that he wishes for. That’s why Socrates says, “Know thyself”. To know one’s real Self is not only purpose of this life but also a purpose of the entire cycle of transmigration spanning over billions of years. The human form is only the last stage of this learning and evolutionary curve, yet such a large proportion of mankind simply waste such tremendous opportunity that might not ever again come back. This is why saints do not like to talk about it. What is the point? It is a complex theory and if a man for all practical purposes does not fulfill his mission in this life, of what help will transmigration be to him? Who knows when will he get a human form again, if ever? Consequently, it is now or never.

Do not put your hopes on reincarnation because only few reincarnate again in a human form and where is the guarantee that you are amongst them? To presume that a man must reincarnate again as a man is a grievous mistake and this is what people normally presume. If this is what they will think then it is better if they never heard anything about reincarnation. Then it is better to say that there is no transmigration of the soul because if they bet their hopes on it for another human birth, they are committing a serious mistake. It is much simpler to say that choice is Heaven or Hell, because transmigration is Hell. Unless you fulfill your potential in this human form and transcend this wheel of transmigration, by ascending to higher level of existence, you will descend into Hell because the wheel of transmigration of the soul is the original Hell. To keep the silence on something that is not beneficial is better than to speak about it; hence all those servants of God chose silence because it is by far a better option. One should never utter a lie but to keep silence is not a lie. They do not deny it but they do not want to talk about it. It is not beneficial for a man to entangle himself in something that is beyond his scope of understanding and something that can never profit him. It would have been better if transmigration remained a secret to a western mind because it has caused a huge damage by people pinning their hopes on another human birth. The Orientals do not do that because they understand what is transmigration. They’ve been taught about it over many millennia. They had it thoroughly expounded in many books. They know that a soul transmigrates through the millions of species of life before lending a coveted position of a human birth. There are more people in the East who do get another human birth because they are more spiritually mature but they are also aware that only the advanced adepts do get such a chance. In the West, the number of those who get another chance is much less then in the East, but regardless, the Orientals understand while Westerners do not; hence for them it is better to forget all about it unless they are prepared to educate themselves properly on the subject. Be on a safe side and forget all about reincarnation. Follow the precepts of your teachers. It is now or never. It is Heaven or Hell. It is that simple.

You have no need for reincarnation. It is just another illusion. It is a mental concept that is of no avail to you. Forget all about it. How will it help you if you are born again as a lettuce that will end up in some cow’s stomach? It will only help a cow to make milk, and not much of it. Man is the top rung of the evolutionary ladder. Just one step and he is beyond this whole creation but if he falls, he can fall all the way to the bottom and start all over again from the very first rung, which is the lowest form of life. The transmigration of the soul is too complex precept for you to pin your hopes on it. Do not be deceived by the form. Man is not a body but an immortal spirit and spirit can and does changes its forms according to its karma. And what are karmas but the burden of our sins. Karma means “action”. It means any action, regardless whether we see it as good or bad. Is detrimental to our freedom. Everything that we think or do is a sin, even the noblest precepts and actions! All mental activity is your sin because it is a dark cloud enveloping the brightness of your soul; hence you will never escape this prison of illusion by any mental activity. On the contrary, you get stuck even deeper in this quagmire. It is like a quicksand – the more you struggle and resist, the faster you sink. No mental concept is of any avail to you. You cannot escape by “thinking”. It binds your soul tighter and tighter. You do not know who you are. You might “think” that you are the soul and not the body but in all your honesty you do not know it. You have no proof of it and you will never have a proof if you persist to give your allegiance to your own mind. You mind only busts your ego, which is your only problem. As long as you trust you mind you are its slave. As long as you rely on your own strength you are helpless. If you are stuck at the bottom of a pit you cannot extricate yourself out of it without an outside help. Any reliance on one’s own strength; any reliance on one’s own mental effort only breeds the pride and it entraps your further in your illusory world. This is why you have to humble yourself before a God’s servant because only he can help you. God receives absolutely no one unless he/she is ushered into His Presence by His servant who is sent exclusively for this purpose. There are no exceptions. It is His Law.

You must annihilate pride and ego. It is easier said than done. You cannot annihilate your pride through imaginary surrender to an imaginary god. It is only a mental illusion. Your surrender must be real. It must be surrender to a living being. It is the only real way to overcome pride and ego. You must give a saint all your love and trust him with your life because only he can help you. His help is more valuable than your own life because he can give you an eternal life. If he asks for sacrifice of your life you should happily give it to him/her. He will pull you up from a pit. You cannot pull yourself up, no matter how hard you try. It is impossibility. Can you lift yourself up without a support? Your own strength is irrelevant. Only someone else can lift you up. Talk is cheap. All religions speak about surrender yet they all pin their hopes on illusions that dead men can help them. It is a deceit. You need a living being to help you out of your predicament. You can give real love and surrender only to a real human being. You do not know God. It is a mental illusion. To surrender to an imaginary god through imaginary power of dead men is a senseless concept that binds your to your misery. You do not know your karmic load, which you have accumulated through countless lives. You present life is only a part of it. There is much more waiting for you. There is a vast store of your sins waiting to be accounted for. You know nothing about the vast mental activity and actions of your past lives; hence you do not know what awaits you after this life. You have been a saint and a sinner. You lived as a beast and as a sage. You have no idea who you are. Do not deceive yourself. There is a perfect reason why you do not remember any of your past incarnations. If you can remember all those vile roles that you played, you will not be able to bare the burden of your gilt. Do not flatter yourself. You were the vilest demon there is but you were also the gentlest soul there is. You alternate between the extremes. You cannot atone for those sins without a preceptor who will stand surety for you. Your immense karmic load is as light as a feather for him because he is a God-realized soul. His spiritual strength is enough to lift countless lost souls but you alone are spiritual dead. You have less then zero spiritual strength.

All your strength is in your mental powers, which are an exact opposite of the spiritual power. You can only entrap yourself further. Without a God-sent saint you have no chance whatsoever. Trust him with your life and never question him, no matter how irrational or even unjust his actions might appear or however his precepts might be unbelievable to you. Your hope is in the strict obedience to him. This is what ultimate faith and love is. This is annihilation of ego and pride. He can help you only through your total surrender to his will. He can help you only if you merge your spirit in his; if you loose yourself in him. This is the only way to end separation of the body from the spirit. It is the only way for you to really know that you are not a body but the soul. This is the only way to know your true divine Self. This is nirvana. Abandon all hope that you can do it on your own. Realize your utter helplessness and ignorance. This is what repentance is. It is to let go all false perceptions; to abandon all your personal beliefs and opinions; to withdraw from all your mental and physical activities except the one given or permitted to you as his instructions. Repentance is abandonment of random thoughts in favour of supreme love. You cannot surrender to him without love. You cannot overcome your pride without love. You will surrender to another human being one way or another through the love according to your karma (your destiny). You will put your trust in your spouse, children, friends, various kinds of leaders etc. You have tacitly or implicitly put your trust into so many things. You trust your family, your trust your country, you trust your religion, your trust your friends, you trust your science and technology etc. etc. All of this is the working of your mind. All of these are different aspects of the faith you have put in your mind. You choose those things implicitly or tacitly according to your nature, which is an effect of your karmic make-up. You become like the company you keep. You merge your soul into theirs. Bad company will pull you down on their level, while good company will pull you up. Then why not give your love and faith to the best person on Earth who can pull you up all the way? You have to love one way or another. If your love is misplaced and you are being dragged down then your love will be the source of your pain and misery. It is good that way because such agony will sober you up. Through such pain you will have no choice but to realize your erroneous thinking. Only the agony of love can make you realize the truth; hence do not shun suffering. It is good for you. It is the source of enlightenment.

On the other side, if you place your love in a person worthier than yourself than the upward pull of his/her soul will be the source of your joy and happiness. The worthiest the soul, the larger bliss will your soul experience. Since the worthiest soul of all is a God-realized soul, the love for such saint is the source of immense happiness and bliss. What is happiness? It is love. More love means more happiness. What is love? It is the absence of thoughts; it is the merging of two souls. Consequently, your happiness is in direct proportion to the absence of your mental activity. The emptier the mind, the larger is the bliss. Nirvana is the ultimate bliss. It is void, emptiness, the total absence of any mental activity, as Buddha thought us. We live in a very unhappy world because the faith we put in our own minds slowly replaces the love of the heart. Love is the source of life, intelligence and happiness. It is source of everything truly good. Mental activities only cloud the pure love. Whatever is good in us comes from the love of the soul. Whatever is bad comes through our own thinking and our own actions. A person who does not think is a divine soul; the embodiment of love. Our lives are slowly webbing out because we live in the last days. We are dying. As our love ebbs out, so does our power of discernment (intelligence; buddhi) and our happiness. Kali is upon us. The grip of darkness is accelerating. Love, life and intelligence flow out every day faster then the day before. The decline in life and happiness is proportional to the inflow of mental activity. The more we think, the less we love. The less we love, the unhappier and duller we become. The less we love, the less we truly know. The less we love, the more we get involved into our own thinking thus shrinking our world and our life day after day. All this mental activity, all this science and technology, all this worldly authorities, all this attempts to regulate the life of a human being up to a minutest detail are the signs of the dying human race. All this achievements we are so proud of; all our material comforts etc. are the signs of the death of our souls. We are proud of our achievements because they are an offspring of our mental activity. It is a pride in ourselves on a global scale. It is our death knoll. It is our grave. We dig it ourselves and we will lie into it in 5 years time when all of this will be no more but a distant memory just as the world before the Deluge was; or the world we remember vaguely as the time of Atlantis before that. And what about countless worlds before that? Not even memory of them exists yet they too were proud of their own achievements. Many of them had science and technology incomparably more developed than us, yet where are they now?

Your own mind is your personal devil that drags you into your own tomb. It is a projection of the Universal Mind. It does not belong to you. You belong to it. It is your master. You cannot defy it because it is your destiny. Your own mind is an outcome of your own sinfulness. It is the measure of your accumulated karmic debt. The more you trust it, the stronger is its grip on your soul. It is a spiraling involution towards the hell, which is existence on a lower level of creation. You drain your soul power to satisfy your mental cravings; to placate your pride and to gratify your sensual pleasures and desires for material possessions. . You bargain away your immortal soul for the mortality of your body. Your mind is a parasitic outgrowth of your heart. It is not who you are at all. You are not satisfying you true Self but the Universal Mind, which is also called Satan, Devil, Kal, Brahm, Chronos or simply the Time. Your mind is a cancer slowly killing your soul. As it progresses, the mind becomes stronger and the soul weaker; yet mind is an illusion while the soul is the reality. You are thinning out into the thin air. You are disappearing little by little as you give more and more credence to your own mind and as you put more and more faith into the power of your own thinking. The only thing that can save you is to slay this mind with the sword of love as a proverbial dragon that devours you and keeps you enslaved. The mind is the real dragon. The dragon is the protector of a hidden treasure. You can get that treasure, which is infinite wisdom, immortality and ultimate bliss only if your slay it. This is the true meaning of all such ancient myths, if you but know it. Love is a panacea of all ills. It is the ultimate weapon of creation. The cure is bitter but it will enliven you. The cure is love, which is the total surrender of whatever constitutes your ego or pride. Any love is good but the love for a pure soul is the best cure. It is an instant cure for all of your diseases but it is also the most bitter because it goes against the very core against what you “think” you are. It is by no means easy to surrender so absolutely to another human being. To put such unconditional trust in another human being is the most difficult thing to do for someone who is dominated by his mind and pride. To sacrifice this illusory “I” appears to be tantamount to death. It is death but only for the mind and it is not who you really are; hence what you see as death is not a real death. Soul is immortal. How can it die?

The death is the mother of all illusions. It is the source of all your fears, which are prompting you to seek refuge in the power of you own mind. Fear, death, mind, doubt – it is all the same thing; many names and many perspectives of the same thing – the Negative power. Will you have any fear if you know that you are immortal and nothing can harm you? Get rid of that fear (death) and an infinite bliss will descend upon you instantly. It is fear that makes you miserable yet you mistake that fear for love. Love for sensual or material satisfaction is fear in disguise. We fear that we might loose what we have or fail in getting what we crave for and we call that feeling “love”. That is not love. It is fear. As long as you “think”, you also fear. A person who has nothing to fear is an ultimate warrior who is not afraid of anything and lives in a perpetual bliss, no matter what happen on material/mental plane. What is there to be afraid of when you know that you are immortal? Unless you are in a perpetual bliss and have no fear whatsoever of whatever might come your way, in all your honesty you cannot say that you know that you are a soul or that you know that God exist. It is your feelings that speak the truth not your mental concepts. Your mental concepts are your own trappings. They are your jailers. They are your fears. If you only “believe” that God exist then there is also a possibility that He does not. Your mind cannot give you a proof. You will know for sure only when you get the proof but your mind is incapable of giving you that proof. It is not its function. You are asking impossible if you ask to have proof through your mental speculations. You can have proof only through the love of your heart that will open your inner vision. It is only when you forsake your two eyes that see outside for a single eye that see inside that you will have your proof. “When your eye becomes single, your body will be full of light”, said Jesus. When the dual function of the mind (thinking) is replaced with the singular function of your heart (love) than darkness will be lifted and you will see light of your divine Soul. In that light all your fears and all your doubts will dissolve. Then you will not “think” anymore. Then you will know!

You can either enliven your inner vision now and see the truth or else you will see it even with your two eyes when your inner truth is manifested in the outside world (2012) but then such proof will be of no avail to you. You have to die before you die to gain immortality. You have to die to death. You must conquer death while you are still alive else it will conquer you. You must use your life correctly. You must use it for spiritual realization, not for chasing the pleasures and wallowing in the comforts of your materialistic existence. The purpose of life is death just as the purpose of death is life. If you are alive here than you must also be dead there. You soul is dead. As long as your mind is alive, your soul is dead. It is your allotted task to enliven it but you cannot do it alone. To give birth, there must love; there must be one who receives and one who gives the seed of life. There is no Immaculate Conception. It is a fraud perpetuated under God’s banner if it is understood in a physical sense. Unless you receive a “divine seed” from a God-realized soul, you will remain barren. You have to be impregnated by divine love, by the total merging of two souls. Only this will enliven that potential within you that you call the soul. As long as the soul lives in your imagination, it is not real. This image will become reality only through an absolute faith and devotion to a God realized soul who is for all intended purposes a God on Earth. Whether you call such a saint a reincarnation of God, servant of God, Word made flesh or whatever other name you chose; all of this is verbalization of an unutterable truth. Islam is against the word “reincarnation” but it matters not because it is just a word. Truth is beyond words. It is correct that a saint is not an incarnation because God is forever unmanifested and unborn but it is also truth that God is beyond any duality; hence manifested and unmanifested, born and unborn etc are 2 sides of the same coin. God lives in everything and everything lives in God. So a saint is a reincarnation as long as you do not identify soul with the body but if you do that then he is not. Whoever reads Quran with his/her heart will understand what was the intention but who clings to verbalization and interprets Quran through his own “understanding” will fanatically cling to the words, forsaking the unutterable truth beyond all the words. Such fanaticism was neither intended by the Prophet neither will it profit to anyone who fanatically clings to his/her own mental images without an overriding framework of love.

Kali is upon us more then ever. It is fastening its grip on everyone. Do not think that you can escape it without divine help in a form of a saint. Kali weaves a thick cover of ignorance by fastening the mental grip on the soul thus squeezing the juice of life from them for the purpose of sensual and material gratifications of the Mind. To “think” is not to know. Thinking is a process depending on time while knowledge is a state independent of time. Kali spreads a network of superstition and belief blanketing the whole world with its darkness like a snow covered lifeless field in the winter. We cannot complain because it is the divine order – there is no spring without winter, no life without death and no knowledge without ignorance. One cannot resist divine orders without bringing harm upon himself/herself. One cannot fathom it on mental level and divide the truth in good and bad. Such perception is illusory. God is love; hence whatever comes is love. All is good, even if we “think” that it is bad. In an ignorant age, the superstition prevails; hence in this age everything is based on superstition - our religion, our science and our social order. The science is based on beliefs and personal opinions because it is a product of the mental process. Our “science” hardly deserves that name. It is based on our subjective opinions yet we call it objective. We will eat what our “science” served us in 5 years time when truth will be exposed and such science will collapse as a castle built in air. If it was worth its lofty name then such pseudo-science would be able to predict what will really happen in 5 years and why. They are in complete oblivion because it is superstition. You know that survival depends on adaptation. It is very simple thing to understand on mental level but in reality it is the very difficult thing to do. How can you adapt to something unknown to you? You will never adapt to what you see as unbelievable, will you? The adaptation is an easy thing but adaptation to what? It is obviously an adaptation to reality. So what happen when you will in illusion? You become totally inadaptable and unfit for survival. Today’s science is a battlefield of minds. It has nothing in common with earlier age when science was a matter of faith and devotion that leads to moments of inspiration. Modern science is completely devoid of those geniuses that discovered the universal laws of our reality. It is not an age of Newtons, Keplers or Einsteins but an age of mediocre minds. They cannot fathom any new “laws”. They live from the old glory because they are so involved with their egocentric ideas. All they are interested is to battle it out and convert as many as possible to their own beliefs.

They call this superstition science. It is as superstitious as is the modern religion. They do the same. They try to get converts to their own beliefs and they also battle it out but on a real battlefield yet every battle is fought on the mental level first. When such mental battles are exhausted they eventually continue on the real battlefields. There is no contradiction between science and religion – they are two mutually inclusive superstitious sets of beliefs yet they see themselves as mutually exclusive. They see themselves as mutually irreconcilable because neither is a truth but a superstitious belief. In truth, religion IS the science; or rather a true religion is at the same time the true science. A true religion is not based on mental images, beliefs or dogmas. The true religion is a scientific process of verification of the spiritual truth. True religion does not command blind faith into something that cannot be proven. On the contrary, true religion calls for verification of any belief. There must be proof of existence of the soul, God, immortality etc or else it remains a baseless superstition. The proof is in inner vision and verifiable results obtained by spiritual experiments in the same manner that science should work. The true science never claims objectivity because it knows that all of this is ultimately a result of the unreliable mental process, which is entirely dependant on the subjectivity of mind. An honest science recognizes that the only objective science is the one that admits its own subjectivity. It means that there is no difference between objectivity and subjectivity; hence there is no difference between the science as a pseudo-objective discipline and the religion as a pseudo-subjective discipline. It is the same thing. Is not the ultimate motivation of any scientific research the truth, which is God? Not in today’s science, which is a battlefield of egos who try to preserve their conjectures and feed their prides. The truth is sacrificed on the altars of prides. In the past when the grip of Kali was not as firmly established as today, there was no difference between religion and science. It was the same field of activity.

The religions of today are just as the science a set of dogmas and beliefs with no validity whatsoever. They ensnare the populace with promises of life eternal after death. It is a false pretence. What do they know about such things? Where is the proof? Can someone who dies illiterate become literate after death? It is all nonsense. How will you know whether you deserved life eternal or not if you do not even know what your sins are? Whatever you think is incorrect because “thinking” itself is the main culprit and the main sin. You can attain salvation only when alive. There is absolutely no guarantee of whatever nature what will happen to your soul after death. You have not got the clue what your sins are then what will you repent? You are actually proud of your sins. How can you repent in that frame of mind? It is impossible. The only person who can help you is a living saint. He knows your state of sin and he can help you if you fully cooperate with him and follow his instructions explicitly. He will wash you spotlessly clean of all your karmic impurities. The cleaner you become the more is your inner spiritual vision opened because you grow you wisdom and intelligence in this way. Remember that your sins blind you and make you stupid. As you atone for them your intelligence grows. A saint will with your cooperation strip those thick clouds of ignorance that envelop your heart. All it takes is a little bit of faith, even as a grain of mustard seed, as Jesus said. That little bit of faith will feed on itself as you grow spiritually and become more and more enlightened. The proof of all the spiritual truths gradually comes within the horizon of your vision. Eventually you will have all the proof that you need and your faith and love for a God-realized soul will become an enormous force that will propel you beyond this realm. It is only then that you can say that you have gained your immortality. Then you know for sure that you have atoned for all your sins, you have seen your soul in all its purity just as you see your body now and you have also seen God, in as much as he can be seen on a soul level. Without a proof it is only an empty conjecture. In other words, unless you know with an absolute certainty while you are still alive that you will go to heaven after death, it is highly unlikely that you will. If you are not sure what will happen to you, it means you will go down or at best, you will return back to this world.

Jesus said, “We know what we worship, while you do not”, he also said “You cannot save yourself. You can see Kingdom of Heaven only through me” etc. No religion of today knows what they worship because they do not have their own living God, a living Jesus. They are all shame and pretence. All such religions that pin their hopes on dead saints are dead religions. They are godless religions with no power to save anyone. They deny waters to the thirsty yet they do not drink it themselves. A true religion is built around a living God, a God in the human form because He is the only one who can save you from this misery and pain of death. The true Christianity died when the last living disciple of Jesus died. True Islam died when the last of the Companions of the Prophet died. True Judaism died when Joshua, the successor of Moses died. True Sikh religion died when the line of their gurus came to an end. The Jainism died soon after the death of their preceptor, Mahavira. True Buddhism died also with his disciples etc. There is no Hinduism as a religion either unless you have adopted a living saint, which is permissible in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism and other eastern religions. It is also partially permissible in Islam through adoption of a Sufi sheik, which are true spiritual offspring of the Prophet Mohammed. In all druidic/shamanistic religions, a living preceptor that acts a bridge between man and God is the foundation of their religion. The druids of old would dance clockwise while the others would dance anti-clockwise to figuratively express their allegiance to the Moon, which is a subtle force beyond the physical appearances symbolized in the motion of Sun. They were the bridge between the two worlds – the world of appearances and bodies on one side and the world of truth and the spirit on the other side. In old days there were many saints but as grip of Kali fastened so their number was reduced to those few extraordinary souls, which religions of today pretend to follow. Even the most barbaric nations of the past would laugh at our stupidity and belief that dead men can help us. When Spaniards arrived with their missionaries to the New World, the Natives did not reject Christianity. On the contrary, they said they know all about it because they speak to Jesus every day yet those missionaries thought themselves wiser than God himself and regarded those simple and truthful souls as ignorant infidels and forcing their beliefs on them with the tip of a sword. What they did with their own Gnostics and so-called heretics they did it to the world. The dark ages did not end yet. They will end only on the winter solstice 2012. In the time of reckoning no man will remain uncompensated according to his/her deeds, no matter when or how many times did they live in the human form in the past 5200 years. Every soul will be reimbursed in whatever form it is found on that day. Every living being is liable to judgment because soul is one in all living forms.

A man who sees another man differently then himself on account of national, racial or religious difference is a man only in appearance but not in his soul. How can there be any difference because we all share in the same divine Self? Did not the same God create us all? Are we not built all the same pointing to the same Source? Do we have different hearts on account of our health, wealth or intelligence? All those differences are human inventions of no account. Man came first then he invented all those other differences. Man is God’s creation. The divisions into societies, nations, languages, religions, castes etc are his own inventions, which are inconsequential in the eyes of God. You might say God is completely unaware of such things. He knows only what is in the heart of man because this is what a man is. Man is what is in his heart. On whichever object man puts his heart this is what he becomes. Man worships with the love of his heart. The verbal expressions without devotion of the heart are meaningless pretence. God will not be mocked. By such empty worship one deceives no one but himself/herself. There is no life without honesty and sincerity. You can deceive other people only temporary but you can never deceive God. The only person you truly deceive is your own self. Wise up! With such hypocritical practices you harm no one but yourself. Admit your utter helplessness before God. Admit your lack of knowledge and lack of power. This is what repentance means. It means, let go off your false images and dreams (mind) and put your faith in truth (love of the heart). Your true wisdom and power is in your heart, not in your deceitful mind. You have no power over your mind. Mind controls you; you do not control your mind. Your mind is your master. The mind is an agency of Satan. God is in the heart. Switch your allegiance. You will have the full control over your mind only when you put your faith in your heart. Then your heart will be your master and the mind will become your faithful servant. Then you will become fully enlightened. You will remain in darkness as long as your own mind rules over you because you are actually not using your mind – you mind is using you! What you perceive as knowledge is the deepest ignorance but you are completely unaware of this slavery because you have mistaken true for false and false for true. You think God is Satan and Satan is God.

There is no shame in admitting the truth. It is the first step in a recovery. As the Tao sage, Lao Tse says, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”. Your potential is infinite but you will never realize any of it unless you make this first step. It is all-important. It is the gate of heaven. Repent! Admit your utter helplessness and utter ignorance and seek your refuge in Him who is the Master of hearts. Can he let you down since He is your true Self? Can you search without finding, when an act of searching is already a confirmation that you have found it? If truth is what you are looking for, you will never find it with your mind. It is not its purpose. The purpose of your mind is to deceive you and mislead you as far as possible from the truth yet you have put all your faith in it. Whatever you are capable of thinking, the truth is not that. The truth is an exact opposite of whatever your mind can fathom. Mind is good only as a perfect gauge to indicate what is not the truth. Mind is the surface of your heart. It is only the shadow of the truth; hence it is a negative imprint of the truth. You will find the truth only by a complete negation of whatever your mind projects on you. As soon as you have thought about something know that this is not and never will be. What is and what will be is the complete opposite of whatever you have thought. A perfect man has a blank mind because a perfect man is pure love. A perfect man act according to dictates of his heart and his conscience. He seeks for the truth in the feelings of his heart, not in schemes and calculations of his mind. It is very easy to say it but it is extremely difficult to do it because we are so used to rely on our mind that we started believing that our mind is actually our heart. When we think we “think” that we feel and vice versa. Without a total surrender to your divine Self you cannot do it. You cannot switch your allegiance by an effort but by the total absence of any effort because the effort is generated by the mind, which is your enemy. You cannot trust your enemy to take you to your true Friend. The deceit is ingrained very deep. The seed of deceit has been planted long ago. You’ve been circulating in this vast illusion for countless ages transmigrating through millions of forms. The seed has grown into a might tree since then, which is very difficult to uproot. Actually, it is impossible for you alone to uproot it even if you are given another million lives. Only God can do it for you and he is your true Self. Your total surrender to Him is the only way out of this quagmire. You stop “thinking” and trying to resolve the situation by your own illusory power only when you stop judging. Only in your utter helplessness before God is your salvation because whatever you think is the reality is a deceit.

The infinite power of your heart has been circumscribed by your mental activity. Your mental activity drains the inherent power of your soul rendering you completely helpless and ineffective. This is the truth. The soul has an infinite potential. The mind is reflection of your soul; it has an infinite negative potential. The positive potential of the soul is offset by the negative potential of your mind leaving you drained of all energy. Sooner or later, one or the other side will have to prevail in this eternal tug of war. If you mind eventually prevails than you will slide down the scale of existence. The gravity of your mind will pull you down. If your soul prevails then you ascend up the scale of existence; you defy the gravity of your mind and rise above it. I can say all of this is predetermined and what will happen is not really in your hands but it is also predetermined that you have a free will and if you ever succeed because it was your destiny it will only come through your own free will and through you own effort (where such an effort on spiritual level means working toward the total absence of any effort on the mental level). Your true Self is beyond your mind but your mind has enslaved it and uses its energy for its trivial pursuits. The soul is your life force. Neither can your mind function nor can your body be alive without it but you are completely in dark about its existence. The verbal admission that we have soul is of no consequence because there is no certainty about it in our hearts. Such verbal admission on mental level cannot help. It actually obscures your own awareness. Mind will never let off the grip it has over you. Do not ever underestimate its power. Whatever it serves you, however noble or good it might appear in your sight, it is designed only to ensnare you even deeper. You have no true power of discernment between what is good or what is bad. You perceptions of good and evil are completely distorted. You only hope is in giving up all those ideas even if they seem as embodiment of perfect sincerity and goodness. All of it is deceit, regardless whether you see at as good or bad. It is duality, a relative illusion. If you want to break free you must give up completely your own discernment and seek refuge in Him who is your true Self. To be good or righteous is not good enough. You must give up all your knowledge, all your ideas and concepts because they are the chains that keep you in bondage. There is no good and evil. Everything is good. Do not divide and dilute one love else you turn against yourself. One love is strong but a divided love acts as love and fear, which are in perpetual conflict. The division is killing you slowly but surely. The entrapments of our perceptions about what constitutes knowledge, what is good, what is right, what is love etc are the sweet chains of the freedom and they are more dangerous then those bitter chains of what we perceive as ignorance, evil, fear etc.

To be good is better than to be evil. To love is better than to fear but this is far from enough. What we think is good or what we think that love is is only a mental verbalization, which has nothing in common with true love and goodness. Man has verbalized everything. He thinks what love is but he actually does not know it. He thinks that fears of loosing the objects of our attention are love. He thinks that fears of not acquiring the objects of our attention are love. This is not love by the divine standards. Those are the attachments and cravings of our mind. Those are an exact opposite of what true love is. True love is non-attachment to any objects (or persons) of this world. It is the total freedom of all material bonds created by the mind. Mind drains the life of the soul in order to satisfy its material and sensual appetites yet we think it is love. It is only a pale reflection that has nothing in common with the true love. The light causes our own shadow but the shadow is not light, it is the obscuration of that light. The same is what our entire world. It is the shadow, not reality. It is a complete inversion. Whatever we think it is, it is not. At least it is an indication and a good start. It is a negative knowledge, which is a perfect replica of its positive original but we have to realize it. To see an illusion as an illusion means to see the truth. Double negation in mathematics creates a positive affirmation. But to perceive the truth of it is not enough because whatever we know on mental level is ultimately a deceit however divine or good this deceit looks. To really see the truth means the total abandonment of oneself to the Will of God; a total reliance on his guidance. To really perceive the truth of our souls we must die to our minds. Mind must be completely annihilated. This consciousness that creates feeling of ego in which there is “I” or “mine” must dissolve completely because it is the veil between our lower self (mind) and our higher Self (Soul). No one knows that he has a soul just because he imagines it. Only those who have seen it know it. Only those who have died to their minds know that they are not the bodies but souls. Those who claim that they know their souls yet they have never seen it are lying. How can you know that you have soul if all you see is the body?

This is why Islam says, “Die before you die”. This is why St Paul says, “I day daily”. This is why Christ says, “I take up my life and I lay it down as I wish” You have to die to live just as you live to die in the end. That’s why in the Apocalypse, it says that those who live must die but those who die will live. Death is unconsciousness. Unless you annihilate your mind and your feeling of whom you are you will never know who you really are. You have to die to this life to gain a life eternal, so to speak. You have to die to your lower self (body) to become your higher Self (Soul). There is no other way. You cannot serve two masters. It is a choice between your mind and your soul. Do not ever say that you can comprehend your soul with your mind. It is not possible. Can you put an ocean in a cup? It is a futile exercise. The only purpose of life is death. It is its only certainty. You have to learn how to die to yourself before you actually die. You have to die on mental level and realize potential of your soul before your body dies. That is the only reason why you have this body. The purpose of this body is to realize the soul within but your own mind plays the tricks on you and will not let you. Every religion says that human body is a temple of God. God is not in a church, mosque or a temple. He is not in a holly grove or some other holly place. He is not in dead idols or holly relics. You can burn all those things down. The true temple of God is the human body. It is the only place where you can find him. The human body is the true temple of God. It is the place where you have to worship him; hence you should worship every man, woman or child as God himself because this is what they are, yet you will kill them to protect your churches and mosques. Man worship what he loves. His god is the object or a person that he loves. Since man loves many things he has many gods, which are not real gods but idols; hence no one who loves anything except God can really say that he worships His God only, which is the 1st commandment of all religions. It is all an ostentatious show of piety but God will not be mocked and neither will your true Self. Your personal god is the thing for which you will die. If you will die for you children, you worship them only and they are your gods. If you will die to protect your property than those things are the idols you worship. If you do the things that are against your conscience than you forsake the real God for such things, which become your idols that you worship. To live according to the cravings of the mind means to forsake the real God and to surrender to the idolatry of your own making. If you cannot rain in your appetites for sensual pleasures and material possessions than you do not know your true Self or God. “Know thyself”, said Socrates – and then he drunk the poison with a smile to find his true Self.

The mind creates this illusory world of appearances by draining the power of the soul. It transmutes the real love of the soul into likes and attachments that we call the love. You get attached to the things of the world, which keep you in slavery and blindness. You think your own the things yet they own you. You serve your own possessions if you would but see it. You think that people you got attached to belong to you yet it is you who belong to them while everyone should belong only to God. You a slave to your own passions and cannot control your own senses. You bargained away the strength of your soul for the weakness of your mind. “God is love”, says every religion. Whatever you love becomes your god. Man is what he worships with his heart. Man is where his heart is. If he puts his heart into inanimate material objects then he becomes as a dead wood. He becomes heartless and void. He drains his soul power for attainment of inanimate objects. He is killing his soul and bargaining away his own wisdom and immortality. “Sin is your master”. You carnal cravings blind you to the truth. Your desires color your every thought and you cannot see beyond your own sins; hence in you perspective everyone is as weak and sinful as you are. You cannot see past your own cravings and desires. They blind you to everything else. They are the true objects of your worship. Every religion in the world since time immemorial is trying to warn man about this trappings of the mind and how to seek shelter in His love and His strength and never ever try to depend on our own cleverness or our own strength of body and mind. The religion teaches us not live in an illusion that we have any kind of control over anything in this world because it is all work of His hands. He moves our hands. He stirs our hearts. It is an appearance that it is our puny selves who do these things. It is the Creator creating through his creation because God is the only thing that really exists. We have our life in Him and He has his life in us. We are inseparable. Any separation is illusory. Mind is the source of illusion and conflict because it is neither the body nor the soul. It exists neither on material nor on spiritual level but in between. Mind separates us from our immortality. Mind creates idols that we worship and because of which we must undergo the penance of death. Life eternal is only in God; hence if we worship idols, if we trust our mind, then we have to die sooner or later because an appearance cannot last forever.

Mind is projection of the soul and body is projection of the mind. To die means to become unconscious of the mind and become conscious of the soul, because soul is real and mind is not. Soul cannot die but mind must die yet the mind does not die when body dies. Mind dies only when we die while we are still alive. The death of the body only transforms the mind into another body according to its cravings. The mind keeps the soul in this vast prison of transmigration by shifting it from a body to body ad perpetum. Death is the supreme illusion of the mind. There is no death. Soul is immortal but you will never know it unless you kill your own mind and see that you are not the body but Soul. Mind will make you die again and again until you make the mind to die. Mind will not die just of its own accord. You must kill the mind to live forever. It is making you die and live again as long as you do not rebel and slay it with the power of your own soul; hence “die before you die” Die on mental level before you die on the physical level and you will live forever on the spiritual level. Die to the appearance of the self to become you true Self. You cannot serve two masters. You must completely annihilate your mind before death of your body overtakes you to attain immortality and true knowledge. It is an easy thing to say but an extremely difficult thing to do, which you will not to be able to accomplish alone without a guidance of the living preceptor. Your mind will definitively deceive you. Have no illusions that you can overcome it on your own. Only those who have vanquished their minds know how to help you. Only those who have become pure souls free of all blemishes of the mind can help you. Do not deceive yourself that God himself will help you. You do not know God; hence he cannot help you. How would you discern whether it is God that is helping you or this is just an imagination of your mind? You cannot discern between what you feel in your heart and what you think in your mind. You are in utter confusion. Do not trust yourself. Trust only God because he is your real Self. You do not know your reality. How will you know whether what you worship is real God or the figment of your imagination? Do not deceive yourself. Accept the truth. You are completely helpless. God does help you through his servants and prophets. This is how he really helps you. He sent his saints for that purpose because he is aware of your utter helplessness. If you try to help yourself, it is an effort and you have to cease all efforts because they bind you. If you try to help yourself you will fail and ensnare yourself even deeper into this quagmire.

You must surrender yourself to God but you cannot do that either because you do not know who he is; hence you are bound to surrender yourself to your own fictations thus falling for yet another set of mental cravings that will envelop you in another thick cloud of illusions. You can only “think” that you have put your trust in God but you have put your trust again in your own mind. Mind is too cunning for you. Have no illusions that you can outsmart it. It will always win, no matter what you do. You are a puny human but your mind was goading you through countless lives and many different forms. Your mind is like a chameleon; it is highly adaptable. You are no match for your mind. It sways you anyway it likes like a leaf in the wind. Abandon your pride that you can somehow find the way to God through the maze of mental tricks, which are like the head of the Medusa, in the place where you cut one of its heads; hundred new ones will instantly spring. You are like a fly in spider’s web; the more you resist, the more you ensnare yourself. To free yourself by your own effort is contradiction in terms because you can save yourself only by cessation of all efforts and ceasing to resist. You can overcome your mind not by resisting but by becoming invisible to it; by becoming completely transparent and non-existent. Mind is a predator that sees you by your movements, no matter whether you are running away or toward it. You can surrender to divine guidance only through another human being, who is free of mind and is above all of its tricks. He is an intercessor for your soul and he will show you the way but you must give him your implicit and unswerving trust. You must abandon your own pride and your own discernment and obey implicitly his precepts, regardless whether they seem to you as good or as bad. You must follow his instructions regardless whether they seem reasonable to you or not. Even if his instructions seem the most absurd, you must follow them if you wish the pierce that cloud of darkness surrounding your soul. Immortality is surely not a cheap thing and comes only to the deserving ones. It is always easy a pleasurable to talk about it but reality is something quite different. The reality is that you will never succeed without perfectly honest and moral living, without detachment from all kinds of worldly pleasures and without strict compliance with even the most absurd instructions of your spiritual preceptor. He recruits the souls, which are ready for transformation and initiates them. Those who are ready to be transformed have already complied with initial two requirements – an honest living and detachment from the world and cravings of the mind. He transmutes the mortal body into an immortal soul. He is the only one who can help. We have to worship a living human being who is the light of God on Earth or else we remain in this vast prison shifting from appearance to appearance like ghosts lost in time. God can help you only through his servant. He cannot help you through your own mind because it is the mind that is a barrier between you and him.

You must find a living Jesus in his current form to find salvation for your soul and gain immortality while you have the time; it means either before you die or before 21.12.2012 when the whole world will die. There is always at least one that collects those souls which are ready, but often there is many of them. Make no mistake I made no such claim. I am acting only on behalf of John the Baptist. I can baptize you only with waters of understanding but I am not the one who can baptize you with the fires of the spirit. I am only paving the way for Him who is to come after me. I can show you the way but I am not the way. I am one of you who have to walk the way with you. I was baptized with the waters of knowledge but not with the fires of immortality; hence you will understand if I am often absent and send no correspondence for long periods of time. I have to attend to my own work too. Unless I help myself I cannot help you either. Listen to the spirit within and seek the guidance. The spirit within will baptize you with the waters of wisdom but this is how far you can go to help yourself. Silence your mind. Listen to that sound of silence. It is like the wind that you do not know from where it comes from, as Jesus said. It is the sound of your spirit stirring up within you before you wake up and see its light. Listen to this silent tinkling of bells and seek your Lord with all your heart, body and soul and he will surely answer your call by sending you His appointed servant. Answer that silent whisper within you with a loud cry for the Lord and he will send his brave warrior to free you from this dungeon of ignorance and misery. The nightmare is almost over; make sure that you wake up in a better world, not in an even worst nightmare. Forsake your pride. Surrender to an invisible God is a contraption of your own mind. It is an excuse not to surrender at all because you can surrender only to another human being, which is real to you. To pretend that you have surrendered to God will be of no avail to you because it is a devious trick of your own mind, which is an agent of negative power, the power of darkness. God (heart) deceives Satan (mind) by sending His saints. This is how he defeats dark powers with their own weapon. He ensnares them just as they ensnare you.

God knows that in your predicament you can never love Him. He knows you can pretend that you love Him but that will not help you. He knows you can love only things of this world because your mind dominates you; hence he sends his human servants, whom you can love. That is why Jesus said; “ I will know you loved me when you obeyed me”. Love is obedience. To obey God’s servant means to love God but be careful because Satan knows that trick also and he sends many of his own servants pretending to be God’s servants. No one said that it would be easy. Immortality is not cheap. Satan, which acts through the mind of men, will induce many to act as Saviors, yet their only purpose is to ensnare human souls even more then before. Many have fallen in this trap. You will discern between the real and the fake saint by their behaviour. The fake ones never act as they preach. There is always some or the other discrepancy between their words and their actions. They are the pretenders. There is always some hidden agenda – money, power or fame. They do not control their pride, greed or lust. They get angry. They do not control their minds; mind controls them. They are agents of the Universal Mind, not the agents of the Universal Love. They are after something in this world, so be careful if you decide to go that way. A true saint will ask you for a complete surrender but will never demand anything from you. He never charges for his services. He never depends on other people for his own maintenance. Spirituality is not how he earns his/her own living. Jesus was a carpenter, not a preacher. Mohammed was a shopkeeper; Indian saints Kabir and Ravidas were a weaver and a cobbler respectively. Well, some of them in the past were even kings like King Janak from old Vedic tradition or earlier institutions of divine kingship, but none of them earned his/her livelihood by preaching. They might preach but this is not the source of their income. They never live from a prostitution of divine Word and they never depend on their disciples for their living. How can they command authority if they depend on their disciples for their own food and upkeep?

Jesus said, “Give unto Caesar what belongs to him and to God what belongs to Him”. It means that you cannot earn living through spirituality. Your earthly needs must be fulfilled by earthly means while your spiritual needs are satisfied by spiritual means. You cannot mix them else you defile the spirit with the desires of the flesh. It is an abomination to earn earthly livelihood and to satisfy the needs of the body by spiritual means. A saint maintains himself by his honest work, in his chosen profession, just like everyone else. He does not live a parasitic life. He does not defile his soul by selling the Word of God for coins of that world. He gives it freely to whom he deem fit. Any institution of priesthood that lives off their congregations are not fit to perform the work of God. Saints can take donations but never for their personal use. Any donation received by a saint is distributed back to the people in its entirety, regardless if those people are his followers or not. The compromised “saints” are easily discernable. True saints do not take; they give and they never come to divide but to unite. Any preacher preaching exclusivity and superiority of one religion over another one is a fake. Neither did Moses, Jesus, Abraham , Mohammed or Buddha ever demean the past saints or any of their own contemporary saints. On the contrary, they said that they act in their names. They said they have no new truth except the eternal truth taught by all of them. Those who claim that salvation is possible only through Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc perverted the original teachings. Nothing can be further from the truth. The truth is that none of them can help you now except a living saint because you can only pretend that you love people who died long ago. You can love only a living human being. You have to respect all of the past saints but you can love only the one in whom their spirit lives right now. Since God is love, the way goes through love and a living saint. God is not in Scriptures just as he is not in temples, mosques, ashrams or churches. God is in the heart of every living creature. Scriptures and the superstructure of religion based on them cannot help you. They can give you an indication but a scripture is not a living thing that can take you to your God.

A scripture is a manual. It gives you a direction. It is a map but you will get nowhere by studying the map. You have to take a journey through your heart. A scripture is the record of past saints but it can transpire only a verbal message, which is liable to interpretations and corruption. No one reading a scripture knows what was in the heart of the person who wrote it; hence no one will understand it unless such a person is on the very same level with the person who wrote it. There is nothing holly about scriptures. They are full of corruptions but not so much that an honest seeker would not be able to discern the truth in them. That’s why you have to be wise moneychangers, as Jesus said. You have to discern the original from the fake. That’s why Mohammed was so much against the title of Jesus being the Son of God. So-called “Christians” debased the original spiritual meaning into the physical meaning. Of course Jesus was not begotten by God but by man like everyone else. God is his spiritual father. He said, “Flesh is born of the flesh and spirit is born of the spirit” and also “God is spirit”. Body begets body; Spirit (God) begets spirit (soul). Now, this is so clear yet the ignorance will corrupt everything. By the time of Mohamed, such “Christianity” was only pretence of following in the precepts of Jesus. Jesus also said, “Unless you are born again – born by the spirit, you will never see the Kingdom of Heaven”. Since he was born by the spirit, God become his heavenly Father, but we all know whom his physical father was. Such doctrines as the divine intervention and immaculate conception have only one purpose – to ensure the position of the priesthood for posterity. They invent things, which are obviously not possible, to eradicate any possible competition. Who can compete with someone who is born through immaculate conception? No one, because it will never happen just as it never happened. Did ascent of Mohammed happen on physical or spiritual plane? Did he cleave this Moon above our heads or the moon that exist in the skies of our soul? It is a common device of the human mind to verbalize spiritual experience or the spiritual truth. All over the world, the followers pervert the truth in order to present a particular saint as superior to all the others. It is nothing but their own pride and selfishness. Since the saint is dead he cannot say anything any more. If his so-called followers claim that he came from another planet than it will remain so. Surely you can justify anything. In a way, it is the truth that Jesus was predestined for his role; hence you can say that God was his father since the inception but every man can claim the same. And every man can ascend or cleave not one but innumerable moons if he only knows how.

Mohammed showed his staunch opposition to such misrepresentation of the truth along many other Gnostic groups of the time. He only reminded people of the original message of Jesus just as Jesus reminded them of the original message of Moses, who reminded them of the original message of Abraham etc etc. It is always the same story playing itself over and over again over countless eons of time. Every time few understand and are saved while the saint lives while the vast majority continue living on the laurels of the old glory deceiving themselves that a departed saint will be of any help to them. How well they understand this world and how little do they know about the spirit yet they go on with their great pretence with pride. Even a child knows that a dead doctor cannot help. A dead man cannot beget children nor can a woman marry a dead man yet in matters of spirit, which is more important and more difficult thing, they go on preaching how a dead man can help them. Dead people believe in dead people but living people believe in living people. Did not Jesus tell them, “Let the dead take care of the dead and the living of the living”. It is all there in black on white, but no verbalization will help because they cannot understand the heart of Jesus. No matter how much proof you give them, they will see what they want to see. Mind can justify anything. Their sins (karma) are their masters and they cannot see beyond them. They distort the scriptures and call them holly. They perpetrate the fraud over mankind in the name of God and those great souls. How can a scripture be holly? It is a dead thing. God is not in there; God is in the human heart. Only the human heart is holly. They go on destroying human beings because they “blaspheme” against the “holly” scriptures not knowing they are the supreme blasphemers and evildoers. They destroy the living human beings who are the true holly scriptures and the true temples of God to perpetuate their own delusions. Whoever propagates the supremacy of one religion over the other and hurts the human hearts in the name of religion will never have a part in the future to come. Even those who preach tolerance harbor only deceit in their hearts. It is only pretence because they still believe that their preceptor is the only right one. There cannot be true tolerance unless you realize in your own heart that it is irrelevant whether you follow in footsteps of Buddha, Christ, Moses or whoever. It makes no difference because none of those great sages can help you now.

They preach love but they harbor hatred in their hearts. They preach tolerance but their actions show intolerance. They follow neither Jesus nor Mohammed nor Moses. It is all a big shame and an ostentatious display but God will not be mocked because he knows what is in their hearts. He knows that they profess adherence to a dead saint yet in their hearts their gods are their own sins. They are all idolaters worshiping their mental images, satisfying their material and sensual craving and placating their own pride. They are proud of their own sins. They worship their own sins because they are their true masters. They trust only their own minds, while the heart is in exile. They claim surrender to the Will of God while they surrendered only to their own wills. What do they know about the Will of God? If they knew anything about it they will know that the Will of God is love, which they will never find in their scrambled minds. They destroy the holly of the hollies, the human heart where God himself dwells to perpetuate their own shame. As long as they believe in dead men there will be peace in their hearts. As long as they pretend that they know better then the next man and that their preceptor is superior to all the rest, there can be no true love in their hearts and they are bent on destruction and violence against God himself who resides in the heart of every living creature. All this religions, all this following of dead saints is nothing but a shame and pretence. It is an excuse not to follow a living saint. How can they in their entire honesty claim that they are disciples of a dead teacher. Did he accept them as his disciples? Everyone can say whatever they want but of what consequence are such verbal expressions? God does not hear it. He hears only what is in their hearts. It is all a deceit on a grand scale. Only a living saint can accept or reject them. To follow a dead saint is an excuse not to follow a living saint because if they follow a living saint they have to forsake their prides and obey the instructions as they are told implicitly. Not just some general rules but the specific tailor-made rules that befit everyone’s personal circumstances. The scriptures give only general instructions. It is a good beginning but far from enough because no two souls are alike. It is an excuse to bust their own pride and to disobey God in such extraordinary claims of adherence to long departed saints. It is only an excuse to give themselves right to follow the dictates of their own mind. It is only a justification for their lack of love.

Their claims of love of God or love of such departed saints are a shameful pretence. They never knew those saints just as they do not know God. It is all in their imagination. Man can love only another man. This is an honest truth and God knows it; hence he sends his servants for that purpose. No one can claim that he knows God unless he has evidence of him and only a saint can provide it by instructing a disciple about a proper regimen that he must follow. No one can outsmart his/her own mind because his/her own mind is his jailer. A mind of man is the totality of all his sins; it is his karma. Man cannot outsmart it because he has to pay for his karmas before he is set free and he will never pay it off because he goes on accumulating more and more sins with every thought of his. It is a living saint that can convince that jailer to let go but the jailer will have to be paid off. Not even saint, not even God can help unless the debt is paid off because it is God who imprisoned them within their own minds for the lack of their faith and love. A saint will teach a disciple to reverse this flow of karma through an honest living and surrender to his sweet will. In this way he will stand surety for all the karma they accumulate while under his protection. He can even pay off some of their past karma if he chooses so. That is why it is said that Jesus took the sin of mankind on himself. Actually he took the sin only of those who were given to him as he stated explicitly. “I came not to save the world but those my Father gave to me”. After his departure no one can claim to be his follower. “I am the light of the world while I am in the world”, he said, and also “After I am gone you will seek me but will not find me”. It is all black on white yet to what avail? Man sees what he wants to see. He is the prisoner of his own sin. Muhammad also advised his successors (Rightly Guided Caliphs) to swore their allegiance to his successors after his departure because he will be of no avail to them then. Those who were initiated by him will follow in the guidance he gave them but he surely cannot take new initiates after he is dead; hence they will have to be initiated by those who succeed him and if the line gets cold, they will need to look elsewhere for genuine preceptors. It does not matter whether a saint comes from this line or that, whether he is born in this religion or that; God is one and all saints share in His spirit.

This is what is meant that Jesus is the only begotten Son. It is also said that Jesus is the Word (Spirit) made flesh. Since Jesus is the spirit made flesh and since spirit is one, there can be only one begotten Son. The true Son is the spirit not the flesh. He is the spiritual Son of God. Since the Son is the spirit that wore the human garb of Jesus, all the saints who share in the same spirit can be regarded as the only begotten Son. The ignorance always debases the spiritual message to its non-intended physical meaning. Every saint is the only begotten Son because every saint shares in the same spirit (God). They speak the same, they think the same and they feel the same. Their outward multiplicity is a reflection of their inward unity of the spirit. They twist the truth, making possible impossible and possible impossible in order to perpetuate their hold on the claim for supremacy, for who else can be send by God if Jesus is the only one? They are the Satan’s servants. They have effectively closed the doors of salvation for all those who are caught in the net of their machinations. The same goes for those who claim the following of Moses. They will wait for another Messiah forever together with those who claim that they follow Jesus. Mohammed tried to revive the old truth. He told them that salvation is possible through any saint and any religion. He, just like any saint did not come with an intention to form a religion but with a simple task to enlighten the people of his place and time and collect those who are ready to receive the boon of initiation into divine mysteries. There is no such exclusivity in any of the eastern religions. There is no contradiction if one who follows Buddha, Lao Tse or Confucius is at the same time a member of any other religious group. Hinduism does not accept converts but it is tolerant to all other religions and has no claims to supremacy, either patent or latent. Hinduism is not a religion but a philosophical background of many interdependent religions. It is only the Judeo-Christian community that is intolerant and exclusive, which is the reason of their spiritual barbarity. Islam has had a good start and this tradition is still followed in Sufism but it has also degenerated along the lines of Judeo-Christian institutionalized priesthood and intolerance.

Not even Rama or Krishna, who were the reincarnations of God Vishnu himself at the end of Silver and Bronze Age (10000 and 5000 years ago) could gain salvation and enlightenment without initiation by a saint. How can a man disentangle himself from the trappings of the mind and ascend if even deities, who are on the higher level of existence, could not do it without help? Kali is upon us and such spiritual and intellectual regression is normal for this age. Every coin has two sides. Larger spiritual regression is at the same time creating larger momentum for the possible spiritual advance. While pendulum is swinging toward left it is also gathering momentum to swing right. The actuality without is offset by the potentiality within (space/time division). It means that those who can overcome their mind even under such unfavorable conditions will benefit even more than those who lived in a Golden age when attainment of salvation was easy and without the need for help from the saints. Everyone was a saint in the Golden Age. Every man knew God and no man needed to preach to another man about such things. Yet there can be no Golden Age without an Iron Age (Kali Yuga). The quality offsets quantity. Everyone is an average saint in Golden Age but those few saints in an Iron Age are extraordinary saints. An advance that is possible under Kali is extraordinary but an advance in Golden age is only mediocre. The purpose of a Golden Age is not to enrich the souls but to give them reprieve from The Iron Age. Man learns and advances only through toil and adversity and Iron Age gives the best opportunity for that. Similarly, those who despite all disadvantages of the western religions, still conquer their own minds and accept the Truth will earn a double merit in the end.

Except Judeo-Christian religions all other religions recognize the importance of a living saint as a Saviour of ordinary souls. It is the main tenet in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and all the others. They have no saint of the past that they follow. They respect all the past saints but they know that they can get freedom (moksa) only through a living saint. The same applies to the shamanic religions as well as to all extinct religions classified as polytheistic. They were not polytheistic; there was a pantheon of deities but only One Supreme Being. They were more monotheistic then today’s religions because they knew with their hearts that God is one and they practiced what they preached unlike today when only lip service is paid to that one God, while we carry on worshiping all kind of idols and images of our own minds. All of those have or had the esoteric core and were based on a worship of a living saint. Islam keeps the tradition through Sufism. It is only the Judeo-Christian religion that is devoid of its esoteric heart; hence it is only this religion that is not a religion at all because religion is an affair between God and man that is conducted through the heart. All other religions have a living heart despite all outward deteriorations. Only Judeo-Christian religion is a dead religion with no living heart. They were very tenacious in their efforts to eradicate any opposition and to extinguish any living flame amongst their followers. We all know about their persecution of heretics and Gnostics. We all know about the Inquisition. We know about their forced conversion, crusades, and the slaughter of the innocents. No other religion had gone so far to erase any trace of the living spirit amongst them yet despite all of this even they had some of their saints. Consequently, any esoteric teaching in the West is deeply secretive and it does not act under the wings of the official religions as in Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism.

Although I spoke a lot about esoteric teachings and the needs for a living saint I cannot respond to any enquiries about where such saints might be found. I have no authority to divulge such things because religion is an affair between man and his God and no other man should interfere. There is no compulsion in the matter of belief however subtle they might be. One has to search one’s own heart and follow where it leads him/her. There are many saints in every age. There are esoteric and hermetic groups in the west but one should check their credibility very carefully. There are many spiritual adepts, yogis and saints amongst adherents of Eastern religions but one must always employ his/her own discernment and listen to his/her intuition. There are many Sufi masters, as well as some shamanic adepts but one must screen those very carefully. Any use of intoxicants is detrimental in long run although it might highlight the inner senses temporarily. It is a wrong way wherever there is some use of intoxicants or any kind of senseless rituals. The rituals have nothing to do with the truth of the heart. The rituals are invented to obscure the truth either intentionally or non-intentionally. Many shamanistic rituals are employed to screen the aptitude of the candidates and to hide the truth away from the non-initiates. They are created to test the faith, for only those who see through the appearance of such rituals are accepted. Those who just accept the rituals without enquiry are rejected but it can also be quite the opposite if one’s obedience and earnestness is tested. Sometimes those tricks are played very subtly without candidate even realizing that he/she was being tested. The spiritual adepts come in varying degrees but the saints that can bestow salvation to the soul are very rare indeed. There is no harm adopting a lesser saint who can help at least part of the way by imparting on initiate a certain kind of spiritual practice. Actually it is good that way because one develops discernment and grows spiritually. Many have attained supernatural powers in that way but this is not the purpose of spiritual training. Supernatural and healing powers, hypnosis, telepathy etc are not spiritual but mental powers that only bind one more to this world.

To affect a change in natural order of things by supernatural means is interference in the Will of God. It is not surrender to His Will but exercise of ones own will on a higher level; hence it is even more detrimental in attainment of salvation of the soul. It is a more evolved trick of the mind. It does not bring one nearer to God. On the contrary, it makes the task even more difficult by building up the pride instead of humility and surrender. The spiritism belongs to the same kind of things and one should avoid any of these because they incur very heavy karma (sin). Any of such activities blind a man even more than simple cravings for sensual pleasures or material possessions. One should never seek to develop such gifts nor ask for initiation from a spiritual adept that uses them or teaches them for the sole purpose of developing the mental capacities. If such a gift is bestowed on a candidate in the course of his/her training, one should resist the temptation to use them under any circumstances whatsoever. None of the real saints and spiritual adepts advertise their services. Those who do are the fake adepts. It is for the seeker to seek according to the capacity of his/her heart. Although no saint or a spiritual adept is under obligation to accept any one, no one will reject a seeker really if he is a right candidate. Every saint and spiritual adept knows that the hand of God moves behind all things and that no seeker has come to him out of his own volition. They see beyond appearances and will perceive the right reason why someone is seeking, whether it is just an idle curiosity or a strong resolve. It is easy to get rid of a curiosity seeker but not so easy to get rid of someone with a resolve in his heart. Whoever seeks will find according to the level of his resolve, sincerity and desire. The level of resolve depends on the karmic load of an individual; hence not everyone is meant to find a perfect saint, which is an emissary of God on Earth. Only few are chosen to go that far. If everyone has that capacity than everyone would seek. Than who would remain here to run this show?

I would appreciate if you disseminate the content of this correspondence as wide as possible to whomsoever you might think it might be of interest. Do it not for my sake but for the sake of the Truth. Do it for the sake of your own Self. You can copy it, post it on the Internet, quote it or use it in any other way without asking the permission to do so. I claim no copyright or any right to its content whatsoever. Only the theories and speculations are copyrighted. Only the works of men are patentable. God’s Truth belongs to all. Since I regard none of it as my personal work and since none of it is my opinion it belongs to everyone just as the air we breathe is free for all. No one has monopoly to God or His Word. He belongs to all of us because He is our true Self, the reality of which we will all witness on winter solstice 2012, the day of the Lord when He will consummate His love and we will consummate ours. Whether we believe it or not, the truth will be disclosed 21.12.2012 when lover and beloved meet after a long separation. God will not be mocked; he will know whether we remained faithful to Him or if we engaged in unfaithfulness with the world in which we’ve been sent. Will we fall into each other’s embrace with joy or are we going to stare in the angry face of our Beloved in the sheer terror and trepidation from the punishment for our adulterous and promiscuous behaviour with the attractions of this world? Search your soul and see what it says and then do what you have to do. Thank you for all the interest that you have shown and I hope that this correspondence will reach all those who really want to know the truth and act upon it. My only wish is to serve those who seek the way to our Beloved. May God bless all of you my dear brothers and sisters.

Daniel Srsa

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