Egyptian, Atlantean, Greek, Judaic presence in the Western Hemisphere, 5000 years before Columbus

by Ed Z, Stamford, CT, and Johnny Ziomek (Los Angeles)

Copyright 2005 by Ed Z, Stamford, CT,
and Johnny Ziomek (Los Angeles)

  • Part 1:  Egyptian roots of the geographical names of ancient locations
    in the Western Hemisphere?

  • Part 2:  Atlantean Puzzle Pieces

  • Part 3:   Egyptian Images of Tehotu on the Temple of Teotu-Huacan (this page)

  • Personal Comments from Ed Ziomek

Personal Comments from Ed Ziomek

Referring to a Chinese history forum (you may have to register):  (main site, lookup "Dawanku" or "Tiwanaku")

Chinese era of Dawanku may be Peruvian Tiwanaku... 

Ken and Kulong... you bring up valid, valid concerns. Keep raising those issues.
But I could not disagree more, from my amateur-tourist point of view, we are talking about almost identical connections in my opinion, and in a growing, if not overwhelming group of scientific studies.

When looking at let's say, 12,000 years of history, which I say plausibly exists in Central America, and the western hemisphere... And my untrained, un-educated eye picks out

Plausible Atlantean naming conventions in the Valley of mexico Atlatzinco, Atlauntenco, Atlaco, Atlacualco, Atlanco, Atlacuinuayan, Atlazolpa, Atlapulco, Atlipac, Atoyac Note: "At-lan" ... the "At" refers, I believe, to the "Vulva land", the land of creation, according to Wallis Budge's 1921 Book, "An Egyptian Hieroglyphic dictionary": 

Plausible Egyptian naming conventions and iconic symbolism in the Valley of Mexico: Co-aten-chan (plausibly Temple of Sun/Moon), Teotu-huacan Tehotu faint image of bird, painted on Western wall of "Temple of the Sun", Texcaca (lookup "Ka (her) Ka" on Yahoo)... plausibly refers to Osiris, in similarity with Titicaca, and Teshekoku (now Chicago, I believe).

Plausible Greek naming conventions in the Valley of Mexico: Temple of Athena: Tenayucan; Hephaestos: Tepetacalco.pu, Epazoyucan, or Tepetzinco; Hill of Hercules, (Phallus of the God-Hill) Tepeyacac; Atlas, Atlaco.

Plausible Judaic naming conventions; Acolman A'S'Allah man, "arm of the first man", probably originally referring to Osiris, plausibly referred in more modern times to Solomon; Yahuatlan, Land of Yahweh?

So, please, dismiss the DNA connectivity shown by Rudeboy, or dismiss the naming conventions, or dismiss the iconic symbolism which Graham Hancock Fingerprints of the Gods wrote about , or the 100 or so authors I have found who wrote of these connectivity discoveries, dismiss them all.

I am not offering scientific proof. I am only the "cabdriver" who finds 10,000 clues in every public library I have been in showing the connectivity clues. Yet, yet, yet, the world believes that the Western Hemisphere developed "independently", and in some kind of cultural isolation or vacuum. Go ahead, believe what you want. I see in your post, you have opened the door a minute crack saying these connections are "improbable" or something like that... you don't have to give me that much.

I have placed all my tourist clues on the table. I stand in line with 1000 or 10,000 authors before me, who tabled their clues, some believable, some too fantastic to believe, many like myself, unqualified to call them true or not... but I am #10,001 who saying the evidence is very strong we were all connected.


There are the two graphics that I want to add to my opinion, and those are from the Davalos map, showing the skewed "cross inside the circle" on a bed of  "water-splash" symbolism (???).
This is the iconic symbol for the earth's shift, causing the World Flood Event.

One of those "skewed crosses" is shown in the "Atlicpac" map picture...
also shown here:

Near Teotuhuacan... and Near Acolman......."Chionauhtlan" c13 - Davalos map,

Spirit of Land of Noah, or... Spirit of Land of NuWa, the "Nautles" tribe of Mexico! ....which is also close to "Atlantenco", Atlant inka -First God of Creation

NuWa in Chinese mythos, is just like the Greek figure Atlas who tried to "hold up the skies".

This Chinese website ties in with our discussion.... presented a major, major "discovery" of sorts (although he may not have been the first)... and that the geographic layout of Teotuhuacan in Mexico is not oriented explicitly North-South, and is actually 15 degrees "clockwise" from North-South. and, Teotuhuacan shows remarkable geographic semblance to Giza: 

The Chinese speak of the earth shifting eons ago, and is the reason for the world flood. So it hints that Teotuhuacan was built MUCH earlier than 3000 BC. It may have been built BEFORE the flood, before the earth rotated and caused an cataclysm. (yes, another theory) 


Please, keep up your skepticism ... it is much healthier than being a believer!

Ed Z


Copyright 2005 by Ed Z, Stamford, CT

All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.



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