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Kenneth W. Hogan:

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To suppose that earth is the only populated world in infinite space is as absurd as to believe that in an entire field sown with millet, only one grain will grow.

Metrodorus of Chios
4th century B.C.

"Our sun is one of a 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies populating the universe. It would be the height of presumption to think that we are the only living thing in that enormous immensity" 

– Wernher Von Braun

Twelve Under Publicized Facts

I have written Veritas to say loudly and clearly what the scientific and religious communities have been whispering about for a number of years now. They all realize something, facts have come to light that is going to be uncomfortable for all of us when we realize the implications.

As I did my research into human and Earth histories, new discoveries were being made that started to make the puzzle of who we are much clearer. The puzzle of modern human is much like a jigsaw puzzle. Most of the pieces are still in the box, Earth sciences, history, and religious dogma being the pieces. They all fit together, we just do not know how they fit yet.

As I write this, studies are being done to try and pinpoint why the answers come back the same, again, and again. Answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask. They were by-product answers of studies intended for other questions. I put the pieces together, imagined the missing pieces, and believe I saw the completed puzzle. It seems the only answer. Veritas is of course, mostly fiction, strictly from my imagination. But the following facts are not. They are simply facts that anyone can look up and are the underlying basis for Veritas.

In four billion years we are the only sentient (thinking or conscious) beings ever to inhabit this planet. No other thinking creature has ever existed here. If there had been, we would have seen evidence. There is none.

Prior to 75,000 B.P. there were several hominid species on Earth. Nothing like us, but their forms were close. Most of us have seen the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. If not live, then in films. Mt. St. Helens ejected 1 cubic KM of material into the atmosphere. If you have seen it, you know the devastating effects it created. But the effects were for most purposes localized. In 1815 the island volcano of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia exploded. The eruption killed over a hundred thousand people over the archipelago and ejected into the atmosphere 100 cubic KM of material. History records 1816 as “the year without summer”. There was no summer for most of the world. The material ejected blocked sunlight and very little grew. Even after 1816 the summers were shortened for several years. Untold numbers simply starved to death. The world the humans knew was in chaos. In all, millions died from starvation, and the diseases that come and take the weak, suffering from malnutrition. What saved us was the ability to store food. Without that ability, the impact would have been much greater. Tambora was an insignificant event compared with the eruption of Mt. Toba in Sumatra 75,000 years ago. That eruption, a VE1-8, the most powerful eruption known and the largest known in recent Earth history ejected 2800 cubic KM of material into the atmosphere. That is 28 times the size of the Mt. Tambora eruption. The effect on the Earth’s ecosystem was immediate catastrophe. The cloud encircling the Earth was thick and cut off much of the sunlight. Six years of winter followed, and the Earth plummeted straight down into the bottom of a nineteen thousand year ice age. That ice age was one of the most brutal known in recent Earth history, and was at it’s worst in a matter of days. Still we wonder why we have found wooly mammoths frozen solid in ice with green plants and flowers still in their stomachs. Someone should take a guess. The answer was in front of us all the time. The hominids that lived at that time had no way to store food. They lived day to day, scavenging for food. For all but a tiny few, it was the end. They were no more. No one today has much to say about this enormous eruption that would have changed the world far more than any eruption in the last six hundred thousand years. I believe it is for good reason we don’t say much about it.

The only hominid species known to survive were the Neanderthal. There were not many of them left. When the ice age was ending, estimates put their population at just a few thousand. All Homo erectus, Java man, and any others that might have been on Earth, all evidence of their continued existence was gone.

Approximately sixty thousand years ago, as the ice age was diminishing, there suddenly appeared ten thousand modern humans. No different in anyway from humans today. The exception being the eventual changes in outward appearance due to climate or survival conditions. We are, according to blood MtDNA comparisons, ALL, every human alive on this planet today, descended from those ten thousand modern humans. The problem confronting everyone is that at the time, there were no hominids on the planet alive except for Neanderthal. We simply appeared as we are today out of “thin air” so to speak. This poses a huge dilemma for evolutionary human theories and religious beliefs as well. Why are we so very different and vastly superior to anything that has walked this Earth?

We are all ONE species: there are no “races”, just differences caused by evolutionary outward changes due to climatic or survival conditions. This fact is worth repeating, we are all one species; there are no “races”. Only changes due to climatic or survival conditions.

MtDNA can be tested to show measured changes over time, giving an estimate of how long a species has been in existence. It cannot measure where a species existed. The ten thousand appeared in one place at one time, again let me say, exactly as we are today, and they spread rapidly out all over the world. We would not be descended from just the ten thousand if they had not been accessible to each other for mating from the beginning.

The ten thousand humans that we all descended from came out of North Africa. In forty seven thousand years we covered the globe, and completely dominated it. We eliminated all competition. If we felt threatened or were threatened, whatever stood in our way went extinct, no exceptions, no mercy. Name any dangerous animal that was around sixty thousand years ago. Cave Bears, Saber tooth Tigers, Cave Lions. They are long gone. We exterminated them all. Only the Neanderthal would dare fight the Cave Bear, and they lost more than they won. The twenty thousand year war we fought against the cave bears was a testimony to our determination and intelligence. Nothing on this Earth could have exterminated them but the modern human. Nothing on this Earth stood any chance against the modern human, including the Neanderthal, whom we wiped out at our leisure. The only dangerous animals left on this Earth today are the ones we now protect for reasons of guilt. The trail to our present civilization is clear from the remains of flint factories forty thousand years ago to our airplane factories of today. We have progressed light years further in sixty thousand years than any species that resembled us ever did in the whole of their existence. Yet still science insists, despite direct new evidence to the contrary, we descended from some species that didn’t change the way they made a flint tool for a hundred thousand years. We change clothing styles every year.

Humans do not match up in DNA comparisons with any species on this planet. That includes any extinct hominid known. 98.5% isn’t good enough, that only means our bodies perform similar, not alike. That does not make them us. Our body form is a common form on this planet; but our brains and hands are capable of performing complex, delicate physical actions. Why would we have this ability, when the other animals including the hominids are unable to do this? Perhaps because we were made for a different reason. Why would the rules of DNA and body forms be any different on the other side of the galaxy? Our body form might be common everywhere. Or for a special purpose yet unknown.

Our brain superiority is beyond question. We appeared on this planet with a vastly superior brain to any animal ever known. For our size we have the largest and most energy consuming brain on the planet. Also the density and construction of our brain is completely different from anything on the planet. That is not even getting into a discussion of the frontal lobe, which no other animal has ever had. Our brain is so different; those studies suggest that we may not have evolved from anything on this Earth. In our lifetime, we record everything we sense. Huge amounts of sensory information are recorded in our brains every minute of our lives. We die with only ten to fifteen percent of our storage capacity filled. Those are simply the facts. Why the vast unused capacity? Were we meant to use it for purposes as yet unknown, or long forgotten? Logic could point to the conclusion we are in fact a “genetically engineered being”. Every new DNA discovery that comes, points to that conclusion. There is not a shred of evidence that we evolved from anything on this planet, other than we “look” similar to some mammals that used to live here.

In Egypt there are a few massive granite and limestone buildings, including the Sphinx that cannot be dated, as well as the bases of the Pyramids. Some of the stones in these few buildings weight 200 tons or more including the bases that the Pyramids were built on. Weight we would have great trouble moving today. They made buildings out of them. Stacked on top of each other for walls. In the valley temple by the Sphinx some of the blocks are 10 feet by 12 feet x 30 feet long. No one, especially in those times could have moved and stacked that kind of weight. They had to have had help. Outsourcing on those projects would definitely be required. From where we have no clue. What the buildings were for we can only speculate, but they are stark and bare, not Egyptian looking at all. They are much older than we ever imagined. Much older. Time will tell on that story.

In the Bible, Jesus says that the end of days are here when, “The Sun will darken and the Moon will not give it’s light. The stars will shake and stars will fall from the sky.” That is a perfect description of a super volcanic eruption. How could he know to describe the end of days in those terms? Even if the words were not his and were simply made up, how would someone in 100 A.D. or before, know what a super eruption would look like? Perhaps at some time we did have “help”. Though I am not a religious person, there could be a kernel of truth to some of the religious myths that we hand down. We would have had no other way of describing what was really happening. If you don’t know what you are seeing, you describe it only in terms you know how to express.

The last is a disappointment for me. Making hydrogen fuel by mechanical means is not feasible. We have worked on this problem long enough to recognize it will never happen. We expend more energy producing it than it will return. We can burn wood and have a more efficient and cheaper supply of power. My question to a top chemical engineer about hydrogen fuel brought laughter. It will never be economically feasible by mechanical means. He said that if we could find a chemical to separate them, as in my story, then he and I would never have to work again. I don’t believe that will ever happen. But still, we pour money into the research black hole of producing hydrogen fuel by mechanical means.

These are all facts that everyone seems to let go by unacknowledged, though anyone with access to the Internet can find the same facts in study after study. Science downplays these facts. Religion ignores or denies them. There is a huge white elephant standing in the middle of the room, and everyone walks around it, ignoring it, afraid to mention it. If anyone can dispute any one of these facts I listed, I would like to hear it. The conclusions can always be disputed and should be. Though one of the themes in Veritas, that well, humans will be humans would be hard to dispute.

We by no stretch of the imagination know who we are. Humans are a race with amnesia. Our distant past is unrecorded, or lost. We all recognize that humans are special to this planet, unlike anything ever seen. Are we from here? I believe we are just beginning to discover who we are and why we are here. There is much left to uncover. We have to keep looking into the how and the why. All of us would benefit if we were to really find Veritas.

Copyright 2007 K.W. Hogan
All rights reserved.
Reprinted with Permission.

Excerpt from novel VERITAS by K.W. Hogan


Fifty Nine Thousand Years B.P.

In the days since the seven discs had arrived on the planet, there had been no sign of any living being stirring from within the vessels. In the early morning light the foreign objects gleamed pure white, but the only eyes observing them or the strange work taking place, were the birds and animals living throughout the lush, river valley. The ominous noises of machines at work signaled an alarm for the vast changes about to occur for every living creature on the planet, all of whom carried on in blissful ignorance.

The discs rested atop hills sloping gently downward to the flood plain of a wide river, which neighbored a series of high cliffs facing them from the opposite side. At that point, the water was deep and swift running through the valley, then widening out as it flowed down to the delta and into the sea. The river was fed from a huge lake, far inland, which was kept continuously full by a seasonal, torrid downpour and the rest of the year by steady tropical rains even further inland. In the early morning chill, a thick mist rose from the water, so heavy that it almost obscured the planting machines at work. Silver colored machines, as silently as possible were planting trees. The young trees were all six feet in height with pale green, four-pointed leaves. Each machine contained four independently working arms. An auger was attached to the end of the first, boring large holes into the ground. The second had a grabbing claw which would then reach into the back of the machine to an open bed stacked with upright trees, pick one up and deposit the tree into the fresh hole. A third arm gently tamped all the dirt neatly back down into the hole, while the fourth arm sprayed water and fertilizer mix until the ground was soaked.

Finally, the grabbing arm would reach back into the bed, picking up a very thin, finely woven net, and carefully dropping it, to completely cover the newly planted tree. The machines worked quickly, steadily, and as silently as possible, repeating the same task thousands of times. Someone had prepared well.

In seven days the trees would be fully grown to thirty feet. The unmanned planting machines dotting the upper flood plain had been at work for six full days. On this seventh morning their work would be complete. In all, twenty thousand food trees had been scattered in groves across the plain, and those planted on the first day were already bearing their fruit. The birds swooping through the air made attempts at flying into the trees, but the thin nets protected the ripening fruit on the branches. Smaller tree-dwelling animals tried as well, but met with the same lack of success.

The bright, yellow sun broke over the cliffs on the far side of the river, its rays reflecting off the seven large objects resting on top of the slopes, which made them shimmer in the sunlight. The discs were thick in the middle, tapering to a thin edge, and measuring three hundred feet in diameter. No openings or view ports were apparent. By midmorning all planting was complete, and the machines started back up the slopes to reenter one of the discs in an orderly fashion. As the machines headed toward that vessel, two ramps slid out each side of it, and they slowly lowered to the ground. Doors that had formerly been imperceptible slid up, allowing the machines back into their hold. Inside the other six crafts, the holds, which were as brilliant white as the outside of the vessels, had lined up within them row upon row of cylindrical objects, a total of ten thousand in number. In unison the other six discs started their part of the operations. The tops of the cylinders slid back, revealing their contents. Ramps extended out and descended to the ground, doors slid open.

At first, there was no movement. Then, slowly the People enclosed, one to each cylinder, awakened from a long, deep sleep. As they became conscious, they shakily began climbing out of their cylinders and stood looking around at one another. Unsteadily, they stretched and moved to regain their equilibrium, but no one spoke. The People nearest the doors started toward the sunlight that streamed through the openings of the holds. They were all young males and females, striking in physical appearance. The People appeared healthy, perfect, all of average height. They were dressed in loose-fitting gray tunics that came down to their knees; soft gray shoes covered their feet.

As the People worked their way outside and down the ramps, two solid walls of pulsating light appeared in the middle of the holds, from ceiling to floor, cutting the holds in half. The walls of light were solid to the touch and began to separate, forcing the People to the openings. At the back, the People closest to the beams started pushing, their voices finally being heard. Growing frantic now, their voices became louder and angrier as they desperately tried to stay ahead of the slowly moving walls. The People knew how unpleasant the sensation would be if a beam were to touch them.

As those in front began stepping off the ramps, some migrated out, heading into the groves, exploring the strange, new scenery. Others gathered in groups, anxiously looking about. When the last of the People began walking the soft earth, the pulsating beams finally reached the doors. Then, the ramps of all six discs unexpectedly dropped to the ground, their doors quickly sliding shut. Those watching immediately were filled with alarm at the sight and sound of the ramps hitting the ground. Most began screaming and crying in fear. Fear in some swiftly turned to anger. Several thousand rushed the solitary disc that was still reloading the planting machines. When they came within twenty yards, the last ramp was released and fell to the ground with the final planting machine still on it. As the last door slid down, the People stopped, and the hysteria climbed ever higher. Some People — both males and females — screamed and cried. A number of them sat on the ground, while others simply stood there.

Not knowing what to do, more of the People moved into the groves.

A few thousand still sat nearby, staring at the discs in shocked disbelief. A large group of males flew into a collective rage and tried to find a way back inside the vessels, frantically pawing at the undersides. There was no way in to be found. The males gave up and backed away. Anguished screams and cries echoed grotesquely against the far cliffs. The People now had more than an inkling of what was to momentarily happen despite their desperate hope that it would not. Finally it began. The hysteria of the People reached a new climax when they heard high-pitched, whining noises coming from the discs. The engines were being fired up. The People backed away as the noise grew into a thunderous roar. All seven spaceships suddenly jumped five hundred feet straight up into the air, turning on their sides as they did. They looked like seven gleaming full moons. For a few moments they hung motionless in the clear afternoon sky, as if gathering strength. Then their rapid acceleration up and out of the atmosphere made them seem to abruptly disappear before the eyes of the People left behind. The crying and screaming died away at once. Five thousand young males, and five thousand young females, were left in shock, staring silently up into an empty, blue sky. They had been abandoned. The People had no clue what planet they were standing on, or in which solar system they were located. They had no idea if they could find a way home. Or even if they did get their bearings, how to even start to begin to get back to their home planet.

They had been left only with food-bearing trees and the clothes on their backs. There were no explanations, no reasons at all as to why this had been done.

Disputes arose immediately as to who had control over the foodbearing tree groves, getting water, sleeping arrangements, and most important of all, who would dictate these things. By nightfall the fighting and killings had begun.

Copyright 2007 K.W. Hogan
All rights reserved.
Reprinted with Permission.

About The Author

K.W. Hogan lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He has spent many years doing the research necessary for the book, using all the medical, science, and theological information available in order to create this tale of what just might be Veritas.

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VERITAS  by K.W. Hogan


Book Description

Ross Mitchell is made to face his own doubts when he finds himself aboard, of all things, a spaceship. Told with intelligence, humor, and intensity, Veritas will make readers question everything they took for granted about the origin of humanity.

About the Author

K.W. Hogan's fascination with the origins of humanity, scientific advances, and religious creation mythology has been a lifelong interest. Based on carefully researched information gleaned from experts in studies of ancient man, as well as new discoveries yet to be widely publicized, Hogan has crafted Veritas as an explanation of human origin that has more proof to support it than current theories of creation and evolution. He lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.





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