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The Bilderbergs Conspiracy

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I have been following (Mr. Baird's) work with great interest. It is obvious that (he) has accumulated much knowledge regarding the older secret societies.

Jim Marrs, author of Rule by Secrecy and Crossfire
(The book used to make the movie JFK.)

Robert Baird's work is profound in the extreme. His links and lateral way of thinking are enough to put Einstein to shame. His scope and range of work far exceeds anybody I know and he deserves credit for his work in uncovering the secrets of the ancients. He also deserves to be published by the world's leading publishers and I commend his writings to all those with an open heart and an open mind. If you seek deeper understanding, if you can truly say that you yearn to know more about the world of ancient man, then read Robert's work.

Philip Gardiner, UK, 2005

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The Bilderbergs

by Robert Bruce Baird
Presented with Permission

Here is an article on the Bilderbergs - it was run by the London Stock
Exchange website about a year ago.

In the words of a secret agent who has signed the Official Secrets Act in
Britain we find the rationale for what government and supranational
organizations have been involved in since Cleopatra, Christopher Marlowe and
his own immediate predecessors Crowley and Ian Fleming. David Barrett tells

"Although the policies of 'need-to-know' and 'compartmentalized knowledge'
can sometimes cause more trouble than they're worth, there are very sensible
reasons for them; there are many things which do require the highest levels
of secrecy. If a careless word at an embassy cocktail party were to reveal
how successful Britain was at intercepting and decrypting another country's
communications, a simple change of cypher equipment or cypher key generator
could throwaway years of painstaking work at GCHQ. Another careless word
could cause the life of a long-term, well-established British agent abroad
to be threatened, or at the very to be bust open.

Lord George-Brown, a former Foreign Secretary (1966-68), raises a disturbing
point about security, and the trustworthiness or otherwise of members of the
security services and the Diplomatic Service - and, by extension, MPs and
Ministers of State. If someone is under suspicion, he writes,

'Inevitably, much of the evidence in such cases is hearsay or almost
unprovable deduction, and one must reckon with the natural wish of
colleagues to protect, as it were, a fellow-member of the club, especially
when they don't know, and can't really be told, the full extent of the
matter. This clearly happened in the case of Burgess and Maclean. (60)

MPs themselves are a club; very senior civil servants - 'the Whitehall
mandarins' - are a club, members of MI5 and MI6 are a club; the British
establishment, whether in public office or not, is a club. Most of these
people also belong to various gentlemen's clubs; some belong to that huge
but secretive club, the Freemasons. Without casting any aspersions against
any of these organizations, or their rules, regulations, restrictions,
customs or obligations regarding 'mutual support' and 'members in need', it
is not in the slightest surprising if individual members look out for the
interests of each other, especially if they are friends and dinner and
drinking companions. Over the years favours, large and small, are traded;
when someone is potentially in trouble, fellow 'club' members are likely -
rightly or wrongly - to help them out.

The sort of 'corruption' of which critics accuse Freemasonry is not the
fault of Freemasonry any more than two members of any other club helping
each other is the fault of that club. In most cases it's questionable
whether it's even corruption. Really it's simply human nature, for good and
for bad. But those who spend their lives looking for evil, will find it
everywhere." (61)

That is another way of demeaning the quest for honesty - simply put it down
to a 'natural human act' when the essence of cronyism is against the good of
society or of questionable ethic. Reading Hegel and Machiavelli gives one
great insight into how well our leaders use and train us to be just the kind
of unethical people that will accept what they do in a big way. Thus we are
accepting of it because we are used to doing the same kind of thing. If you
don't know your soul there is room to justify even incest and rape
(especially in war). The dialectic or 'playing both ends against the middle'
is so well refined that we could easily be convinced there really is no
better way - given the nature of the human beast. Recently the coverage
blackout on the Bilderbergs (started in the early 50s by Prince Bernhard of
the Netherlands as forwarded by the OSS - the nation not the religious land
[nether-land].) was lifted and Katharine Graham's control of the U.S.
publishing interests seems to have diminished as a result. However, there
are those who expect the 'octopus' or Medusa has grown a new arm or head.
The Masonic Order does this every time they get a little too well known and
whenever an organization has a certain number of members.

Thus we will see that they really are just important world leaders getting
together and we will therefore reasonably expect that is all they ever were.
Cecil Rhodes 'Round Table' even had a newsletter, and his Committee of 300
truly had all the best of the leaders. Who could suspect them of arranging
wars (like the Boer War that A & E has recently laid at his feet) in order
to sell armaments or finance new political regimes like Hitler and Stalin
(Rothschilds money went to both). Today it may be the IMF or World Bank and
the arbitrage that provides the insiders with all their productive output
and interest earned. Who can say the rich really deserve all the tax breaks
or national sweetheart deals and matching funds?

Cecil Rhodes is an outgrowth of a high Masonic club that was supposedly
outlawed in Bavaria and we will touch on Adam Weisthaupt and his Illuminati
some more. They were founded on May 1st of the same year the U.S.
Declaration of Independence (the famous one, rather than the Mecklenburg one
from North Carolina a year before) was instituted. May Day celebrations in
Russia are held on that day for no other particular reason, are they? Wow!
That is 'heavy' conspiracy talk, and I must be one of 'those who spend their
lives looking for evil' as Barrett does say. But isn't that the job of
security people? And tell me who protects citizens and the average Joe?

Copyright © 2004-2006 by Robert Baird
All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with Permission

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Bilderbergs Conspiracy (BB)


John J. McCloy (former Chairman of the CFR, and Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank) used his position as coordinator of information for the US government to build the framework of what was to become the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), created in 1941-1942 era, headed by Bill Donovan. During 1947, the OSS was rolled into a new group called the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by the 1947 National Security Act, which made the activities of the CIA immune from all civil, and criminal laws. In 1950 General Walter Bedel Smith became Director of the CIA. The CIA helped organize, and sponsored the formation, and operation of the Bilderberg Conferences. There is little doubt that the CIA sponsored the formation of the Bilderbergs, and continue to do so, to this day.

Kai Bird’s excellent account in "The Chairman, John J. McCoy, The Making of the American Establishment", states:

"In late 1952, Retinger went to America to try the idea out on his American contacts. Among others, he saw such old friends as Averell Harriman, David Rockefeller, and Bedel Smith, then director of the CIA. After Retinger explained his proposal, Smith said, ‘Why the hell didn’t you come to me in the first place?’ He quickly referred Retinger to C. D. Jackson, who was about to become Eisenhower’s special assistant for psychological warfare. It took a while for Jackson to organize the American wing of the group, but finally, in May 1954, the first conference was held in the Hotel de Bilderberg, a secluded hotel in Holland, near the German border. Prince Bernhard, and Retinger drew up the list of invitees from the European countries, while Jackson controlled the American list."

Prince Bernhard, of The Netherlands, became the first Chairman, and served in this post until scandal forced him to resign in 1974. Dr. Retinger became the first Secretary, and remained so until his death.

Liberty Lobby, Inc., 300 Independence Ave., SE, Washington, DC 20003, publishes a weekly newspaper titled "The American Free Press". At my request, they sent me a reprint of a summary of Bilderberg information, titled Spotlight on the Bilderbergers, Irresponsible Power, published mid-June, 1975. Page 6 of this document states:

"The Congressional Record - US Senate, April 11, 1964, states:

(Speaking) - Mr. (Jacob) Javits - Mr. President, the 13th in a series of Bilderberg meetings on international affairs, in which I participated, was held in Williamsburg, VA, on March 20, 21, and 22.

I ask unanimous consent to have printed in the Record a background paper entitled ‘The Bilderberg Meetings.’


The Bilderberg Meetings

The idea of the Bilderberg meetings originated in the early fifties. Changes had taken place on the international politician and economic scene after World War II. The countries of the Western World felt the need for closer collaboration to protect their moral and ethical values, their democratic institutions, and their independence against the growing Communist threat. The Marshall plan and NATO were examples of collective efforts of Western countries to join hands in economic and military matters after World War II.

In the early 1950’s, a number of people on both sides of the Atlantic sought a means of bringing together leading citizens, not necessarily connected with government, for informal discussions of problems facing the Atlantic community. Such meetings, they felt, would create a better understanding of the forces, and trends affecting Western nations, in particular. They believed that direct exchanges could help to clear up differences, and misunderstandings that might weaken the West.

One of the men who saw the need for such discussions was the late (Dr.) Joseph H. (Heironymus) Retinger (as a matter of interest, the name Heironymus is literally translated to be "MEMBER OF THE OCCULT"). In 1952, he approached His Royal Highness, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, with the suggestion of informal and unofficial meetings to discuss the problems facing the Atlantic community. Others in Europe wholeheartedly supported the idea, and proposals were submitted to American friends to join in the undertaking. A number of Americans, including C. D. Jackson, the late General Walter Bedel Smith, and the late John Coleman, agreed to cooperate. (Very reliable information from a former CIA member now reveals that the CIA financed Dr. Retinger's efforts to convince Prince Bernhard to form this group that was later to be called the Bilderbergs. This is confirmed by the fact that General Walter Bedel Smith was the CIA director from 1950 to 1953, so, is it surprising that he would agree to join this group?)

The first meeting that brought Americans and Europeans together took place under the chairmanship of Prince Bernhard at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland, from May 29 to May 31, 1954. Ever since, the meetings have been called Bilderberg meetings.

No Strict Rules of Procedure

From the outset, it was the intentions of the Bilderberg founders, and participants that no strict rules of procedure govern the meetings. Every effort was made to create a relaxed, informal atmosphere conducive to free, and frank discussions.

Bilderberg is in no sense a policy-making body. No conclusions are reached. There is no voting, and no resolutions are passed.

The meetings are off-the-record. Only the participants themselves may attend the meetings.


It was obvious from the first that the success of the meetings would depend primarily on the level of the participants. Leading figures from many fields - industry, labor, education, government, etc. - are invited, who, through their special knowledge or experience, can help to further Bilderberg objectives. Representatives of governments attend in a personal, and not an official capacity. An attempt is made to include participants representing many political parties, and points of view. American participation has included Members of Congress of both parties.

Over the years, Bilderberg participants have come from the NATO countries, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, and Finland, and have included prominent individuals such as Dean Rusk, Christian A. Herter, Maurice Faure, Franz-Josef Strauss, Amitore Fanfani, Panayotis Pipinelis, Reginald Maudling, the late Hugh Gaitskell, Omer Becu, Guy Mollet, the late Michael Ross, Herman Abs, C. L. Sulzberger, Joseph Harsch, and T. M. Terkelsen. Individuals with international responsibilities have also participated, among them being Gen. Alfred Gruenther, Lord Ismay, Eugene Black, Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, Paul-Henry Spaak, and the late Per Jacobsson. `

The Meetings

Bilderberg meetings are held at irregular intervals, but have taken place once or twice a year since 1954. All the early conferences were held in Europe, but a meeting is now held on this side of the Atlantic every few years to provide a convenient opportunity for American, and Canadian participants to attend."

The Spotlight reports that the Bilderberg meetings are highly secret, and are held at random times each year, and rarely at the same location, for security reasons. The responsibility for security for these meetings is in the hands of the government of the country in which the meetings are held. They must supply military security, secret service, national and local police, and private security personnel to protect the privacy and safety of these very powerful international Elite members who are not required to conform to regulations that private citizens are subject-to, such as customs searches, visa requirements, or public notice of their meetings. When they meet, no "outsiders" are allowed in or near the building. They bring their own cooks, waiters, telephone operators, housekeepers, and bodyguards.

The Bilderberg membership is made up of Kings, Queens, Princes, Chancellors, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ambassadors, Secretaries of State, Wall Street investors, international bankers, news media executives, and wealthy industrialist. Their meetings are by "invitation only", and no "outsiders" in the news media are allowed, except by special invitation. However, the news media are always present at these meetings such as: Peter Jennings (BB, Anchor & Senior Editor of ABC News, World News Tonight), Joseph C. Harsch (BB, CFR, former Commentator for NBC, Inc.), Bill D. Moyers (BB, Executive Director of Public Affairs TV, Inc., former Director of the CFR), William F. Buckley, Jr. (BB, CFR, Editor-in-Chief of National Review, and host of PBS’s Firing Line), Gerald Piel (BB, CFR, former Chairman of Scientific America, Inc.), Henry Anatole Grunwald (BB, CFR, former Editor-in-Chief of Time, Inc.), Mortimer B. Zuckerman (BB, CFR, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief of the US News, and World Report, New York Daily News, and Atlantic Monthly), Robert L. Bartley (BB, CFR, TC, Vice President of the Wall Street Journal), Peter Robert Kann (BB, CFR, Chairman & CEO of Dow Jones & Company, and husband of Karen E. House, CFR), William Kristol (BB, Editor & Publisher of the new The Weekly Standard magazine), Donald (Don) C. Cook (BB, CFR, former European Diplomatic Correspondent for the Los Angeles Times), Robert Leroy Bartley (BB, CFR, TC, Vice President of the Wall Street Journal), Albert J. Wohlstetter (BB, CFR, writer for the Wall Street Journal), Thomas L. Friedman (BB, CFR, TC, Columnist for the New York Times), and the "Queen" of the Elite - (deceased) Katharine Graham (BB, CFR, TC, Owner, and Chairwoman of the Executive Committee of the Washington Post). The 1998 meeting included Leslie Stahl, of CBS’ 60 Minutes. Even though the media moguls attend these secret meetings, they do not file reports about the Elite Bilderberg activities during their meetings.

The security measures taken by the Bilderberg Conferences are clearly illustrated in an article appearing in The Spotlight, which stated:


By James P. Tucker, JR.

Bilderberg is scheduled to meet June 3-6 (1999) at the Caesar Park Penha Longa in Sintra, Portugal. Sintra is a remote resort, about 40 miles from Lisbon. Information about the secret meeting was provided by an agent inside Bilderberg.

Of all the media in the world, only THE SPOTLIGHT, has tracked the Bilderbergers every year and reported on their secret meeting where vital questions and issues are decided which effect every person in the world. American and European financiers, manufacturers, media moguls and politicians meet at remote luxury resorts, allow only "loyal staff" to remain on the job, empty the establishment of all others, employ platoons of police, military and their own private security to seal themselves off. They have tried to keep the meetings secret for 45 years.

But this year following extensive SPOTLIGHT-generated publicity last year in Scotland, and earlier in Germany, Scandinavia, Georgia, and Canada, Bilderberg is taking more extreme steps, its agent confided.

Instead of closing down the Penha Longa to all outsiders one day before the meeting starts on June 2, Bilderberg has ordered the resort shut down a full 48 hours before the internationalist confab.

In addition, Bilderberg will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to reimburse the Portuguese government for deploying military forces to guard their privacy and for helicopters to seek out intruders.

All Bilderberg participants, their staff members and resort employees will wear photo identification tags that look much like state drivers' licenses. They will have separate colors to identify the wearer as a participant, staff, or employee. A computer chip "fingerprint" will assure the identity of the card's wearer. ‘Any intruders are to manhandled-cuffed, jailed, or if resisting or fleeing, shot,’ the agent said.

Bilderbergers are greatly disturbed over the growing public knowledge of their control of the world and of resistance to their schemes for a global government as nationalism grows around the world.

Bilderberg was instrumental in tearing down Jean-Marie Le Pen, who founded France's National Front. The French-first party has stunned the Establishment by regularly capturing 15 percent of the vote in that nation.

Expecting recession, Bilderberg feared Le Pen and "nationalists" from other countries would interfere with their "free trade" goals as they fight to protect their domestic industries from exploitation by the global cabal.

Because Bilderberg shares common goals with the Trilateral Commission, the agenda that emerged in Washington (SPOTLIGHT, March 29, 1999) will be major topics in Portugal, too.

This includes a "Globalization summit" called for by Peter D. Sutherland, head of Goldman Sachs International. Sutherland attended the Bilderberg meeting in Scotland last May and is expected in Portugal.

Sutherland is expected to again call for "Supranational institutions to manage the global economy while denouncing nations that "cling tenaciously to their separate identities" while calling for "sharing sovereignty"

In a related topic, there could be renewed calls for the UN to be able to directly tax all people. In the past, Bilderberg has proposed a UN levy on International travel and on the oil at the wellhead, so all who travel or drive will be taxed.

SPOTLIGHT, VOLUME 24, No. 14, Page 3, April, 1999

More very revealing facts about the Bilderbergs will see sunshine soon. - Stay tuned.

The Bilderberg's addresses are:


Charles W. Muller
Phone: 1-212-879-0545
American Friends of Bilderbergs, Inc.
477 Madison Ave., 6 th Floor
New York, NY 10022


Maja Banck-Polderman
Phone: 31 20 625 0252
Fax: 31 20 624 4299
Bilderberg Meetings
Amstel 216
1017 AJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Article Source:

The True Story of the Bilderberg Group

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement (2007)

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement


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