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A Guest Appearance of ROBERT BRUCE BAIRD on
The 'X' Zone Radio Show
 Friday, January 12
from 11 pm - 12 pm Eastern

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1. Why should my listeners give much credit to your insights into the JFK and other assassinations given the massive exposure other authors have given the subject? I see the author of the book that the movie JFK was based on thinks you have a lot of knowledge about secret societies, but Jim Marrs can be wrong.

Yes, Jim and I and all others can be wrong. That includes any official report like the one bullet theory of the Warren cover-up that saw known enemies of JFK convene for a witch-hunt. I have to laugh when I see guys like Dulles or CIA types JFK was about to abolish sitting on that Commission.

But more to the point of your question - there is no other book that addresses all the assassinations and attempts on American President's lives as well as the likes of Colonel House and Jean Lafitte. I had to do another book to more thoroughly address Lafitte as well as one on Old Joe Kennedy.

2. I guess what I am asking is more in regards to what credentials you have.

None really... I tested out of a college degree and was selected by the students of Canada's top University Master's Program to represent them but I did not complete my MBA or my Chartered Accounting program a decade earlier. At that time I started a business promoting positive aspects of American cities and spent a decade meeting with the top spin doctors or the likes of John Oppenheimer who offered me the job of running his European printing operations. I suppose you know the Oppenheimer name and how Professor Oppenheim was a role player in the founding of the Rothschilds and Illuminati. I did not know those things in 1980.

I think my experiences inside the occult while in Las Vegas for a few years gave me some personal contact with some of the players in the Kennedy assassination and Rat Pack goings-on that readers will find shocking. Did you like the report on the numerous skeletons recently found under the home of Ben Franklin in London? I like to use archaeology and forensics but I have the words of major players admitting most of the intrigues.

3. You do cover a lot of ground to be sure. So how on earth can any reader accept some of this stuff? I mean Jean Lafitte founding communism and unions is a bit of a stretch don't you think?

I was surprised to find the extent of that particular alchemist's involvement and so was a descendant of his who is a lawyer in Bordeaux, France. That person sent me documents that ended up taking me into the acts of many Ministers Plenipotentiary including Livingston, Dupont and my own ancestor Rufus King. But the mind control of Woodrow Wilson and House's freeing of Trotsky from a Halifax jail kind of brought it all together I think. House was also the man who selected the members of the first Federal Reserve Bank.


4. Can adept occultists really run an 'alter' without the technology of present day Black Ops like MK Ultra?

There are more amazing things than psychic sex and Borgia 'remote poison' or the tepaphone to be sure. I know this one book does not address the full answer to the question you ask. I hope it causes people to do their own research into these things too.

5. Pretty dismal things to consider. You know most people prefer to enjoy life without worrying about all this stuff, I hope. But what can people really do to make these things stop?

People could inform themselves and see the game or Hegelian Dialectic that plays both ends against the middle in some Hobbesian "war of everyone against everyone". They could put their foot down and be willing to risk losing the table-washings of elite or imperialistic intrigues and rip-offs. But it won't happen soon and Stephen Hawking is right to warn us that the future of our species on Earth is in imminent danger or about to come to an end. I loved seeing him make that comment last year in Japan to a crowded auditorium. If Bill Gates and Warren Buffet's foundations wanted to establish a forum for change it could be made into the start of a real and positive creative new world where everyone was wealthy, healthy and wise.

6. You tout the Club of Rome and other elite functionaries as sources for such changes and yet many authors warn us that these groups are dangerous or devilish. What makes you a better judge of these things?

There is no boogeyman really. I respect Jean Lafitte and the knowledge of a Seventh Son of a Seventh Son like Colonel House and his father. The elite include my namesake Robert the Bruce who re-established Templarism and ran the northern secret trade to the Americas. He was willing to kill people under a flag of truce and created the first Baron Baird of what passes for history. My father told me we were related to him through an illegitimate relationship and that first Baird made into a Baron was his illegitimate son according to recent research I have done. You can be sure I have studied the nature of these things throughout my life.

I don't blame the Illuminati of Weishaupt and Jefferson despite the Tantric sex rituals and miscegenation of the races they engaged in. I have studied long and hard and I can see many things about the not-New World Order that deserve serious implementation. So when you find Bible-thumpers blaming Jesuits or the Black Pope and other Luciferian designs that even include Findhorn and Damanhur or other good things, you must look deeply into your soul.

The abortion of that soul is as much due to people wanting easy answers and not taking the time or using the elbow grease to get informed. It is not just that some elites seek power in degenerate Royal families.

7. So you blame the average Joe who won't work at learning how he has been manipulated? That is more than a little ridiculous.

Yes, it is. Maybe you could explain the nature of reality to a scientist like Thomas Jefferson or Count Rumford who along with Ben Franklin were chosen by FDR as the three most important personages in the founding of America. FDR was not the real decision-maker anymore than Franklin and Jefferson. St. Germain was more important than them all including the Hibernian Thomas Paine.

8. So you defend your alchemist forbears and heroes while blaming the common man?

Common Sense was a book written by one of them. It is an entirely un-common thing to be sure. I thank you for asking these tough questions and not giving me the usual media backslapping or politically correct nonsense. We as a species must delve deeply into reality and history if we are to survive and allow all other lifeforms on earth to also survive. I am sure Jefferson learned a great deal in his studious life so full of actual deeds. I can defend many things about all of these people. I can also expose the hierarchy and the sheep or pulpit-pounders who go off half-cocked blaming devils they do not understand.

9. There is a lot to consider. How can one person learn enough to start a real momentum towards Peace and Brotherhood?

Just six poor people with dedication and commitment could probably make a real dint in the propaganda and mind-controlling efforts of social engineers inside religions that Francis Fukayama confessed about in his book The End of History and the Last Man. I am doing what I can do and whether it is a blessing or a curse can be argued till the cows come home. I choose to try.

10. Do you think Prescott Bush and his lackey Nixon actually participated in the assassination of JFK?

An OSS general and a separate contact of mine inside the Cabot and Lodge enterprises in the 1970s told me a few things about the Bush lackeys or paladins. The Pilgrim Society and the Hibernians and BEES are not easily delved into in sound bytes or even one book.

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