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Introduction for "Hitler vs. Frabato and The Charm of Making" 
by Robert Baird


Hitler received a legacy from his Rothschild relations in Vienna where he
and his father before him had studied. The De Medicis agent named St.
Germain had established a solid schooling system for the occult in Vienna. I
have dealt with these things in many books and soon will have to compile
them into one book on Hitler and the Occult. Churchill spent much of his
last days on earth with Ari Onassis who is part of the Merovingian 'octopus'
in a big way as are the Randolphs.

There is so much about Hitler and his occult handlers which one must
understand in order to see why the Germans tried at Nuremberg were not
allowed to talk about occult programming and esoteric mind control. Here is
something important that includes the Cistercians and some of Hitler's
handlers. I do indeed include the Dulles Skull & Bones family with the
Bushes who were named in the funding of Hitler and trading with the enemy
issues surrounding Prescott Bush. There is a great deal in the following
quote from a Holocaust site which we must deal with in this book.

"1893 February 24 Guido von List lectures on the ancient cult of Wotan and
its priesthood to the nationalist Verein, "Deusche Geschichte." List claims
that this extinct religion was the national religion of the Teutons before
it was destroyed by Christianity. In time, this ancient priesthood will form
the basis of his entire political mythology.
1893 April 7 Allen Welsh Dulles is born in Watertown, New York.
1893 July 31 Adolf Josef Lanz, age 19, becomes a novice at the Cistercian
monastery in Heiligenkreuz on the present Austrian-Hungarian border. Lanz
was born in Vienna on July 19, 1874, but later claimed to have been born at
Messina, Sicily, on May 1, 1872. To mislead astrologers, he said.
1895 January 24 Sir Randolph Churchill (1849-95), father of Winston
Churchill, dies. At the time of his death, his estate owes Nathaniel "Natty"
Rothschild and Rothschild's Bank more than 66,000 pounds, a huge sum at that
time. Had this been generally known, it would have caused a major scandal
since he had always shown great favor to the Rothschild family and its
various business interests. (The Churchills)
1895 The Sphinx, one of the most powerful advocates of the Germanic occult
revival, ceases publication. It had been published since 1886 by Wilhelm
Hubbe-Schleiden, founder of the first German Theosophical Society at
Elberfeld in July 1884." (1)

Conor Cruise O'Brien gave a speech to a group of international performing
artists which I hope the readers of this book will be encouraged to find. In
it he notes the influence of the Wagnerian cult that is pre-Christian and
yet might be true Christianity as Hitler would have argued. We will have to
maintain an open-mind if we are going to understand rather than trivialize
the forces at work that still run this world. I hope we can improve on it
because I fear the lack of ethics in an age of rampant technological power
capable of ending all life on earth is soon (if not already) upon us. Here
is a little of that speech.

"In the case of Hitler, the phrase 'the cult of Wagner' is not a mere figure
of speech. This was a cult in which he believed as fanatically as any
devotee has ever believed in supernatural revelation. The depth of his
commitment to the cult is apparent from what he did early in 1923 on the eve
of the most important decision of his life to date: that of whether or not
to head a rebellion against Versailles, in Munich. In preparation for that
decision the daemonic devotee repaired to the great shrine of his faith, at
Bayreuth, in northern Bavaria. There he consulted the oracles, custodians of
the shrine, Winifred Wagner and Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Winifred was
the composer's daughter-in-law; Chamberlain the great English apologist for
imperial Germany. Both were passionate nationalists; Chamberlain had been
one of the first proponents in the service of the generals of the myth of
the Dolchstoss, in the closing months of the First World War. Both warmly
encouraged the project Hitler was considering. Hitler returned from Bayreuth
with his mind made up.

The Bierkeller Putsch of 1923 has been trivialised in retrospect, like so
much in Hitler's career. It has been depicted as a ludicrous failure. This
is to misunderstand its nature which falls within the performing arts, in
their larger sense, and is also near to those arts in their narrower sense.
It was never intended as a serious revolt in the literal and military sense.
It was a symbolic revolt, resembling to that extent, and in that respect,
the Easter Rising seven years before in Dublin, Ireland and indeed it also
resembled that earlier and distinct revolt in being closely linked to the
performing arts. The Wagner of Dublin's Easter Rising was W. B. Yeats (A
near alchemist of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn who became its head
man after Crowley was booted for his purposeful conflicts.}. His virulently
nationalist play, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, performed in 1902 by Maud Gonne, had
been an inspiration for the generation of the rebels of 1916. This was a
thought that troubled Yeats on his deathbed when he wrote: Did that play of
mine send out / Certain men the English shot?" (2)


Solomon was no Fool
by Robert B. Baird


The Bible tells us that Solomon was a wise man and his name alone tells us
he knew the secrets of the sun (Heliopolitanism) and moon (Gaian or Earth
worshippers). This union of knowledge would have included travels to India
and other nearby places such as Qumran where later Therapeutae and adept
people met and worked on the same things Solomon sought to understand. His
father David had a Temple built by Ophir or his guild named after him. Ophir
was a Phoenician and it is a name that Gene Savoy used on his boat
recreating the Phoenician ships that plied the ocean and had what amounts to
windlass technology in the ropes connecting the masts. Savoy found these
designs in Peru. Ophir's craftsmen were using laminating or hammering of
metal technology developed in Peru according to many sources. Whether or not
there ever was an Irish (Keltic or Phoenician) king named Ophir who had
mines in the so-called New World going back at least two millennia before
Solomon is not that important. It doesn't even matter if the story of David
and Goliath is factual.

We can be sure that there were such occurrences and events if the people of
his elite family went to South America if there were such hominids as the
Patagonian Giants that the crews of Magellan and many British officers of
the 18th Century report about and artist renderings show. Ah yes, it might
even have something to do with the Yeti or Sasquatch. So now you know - I
must be a fool to think just because some guy named Kenyon has photos of
their skulls in private Museums and sensationalist British officers went
along with some legend and had some conspiracy over more than a century to
dupe the public - that actually means something. Yes, I do think that there
were other hominid strains that developed out of the same genetic
evolutionary material that was on the supercontinent called Gondwanaland
before it split to form other continents like South America. I thought this
kind of thing even before the recent discovery of the Mungo Man.

I am foolish enough to even think that some people like to make others think
that we or some European-based culture was most important and at the top of
the Scale of Nature. I even think these same people have used science under
their funding initiatives to reduce the complex matters of human and
spiritual reality so that black and white answers can be managed to their
benefit in law and nations developed under Manifest Destiny. Stupid me! Why
my stupidity goes so far as to ask them to do genetic testing of the
Aleutian mummies and a study of the Moriori of New Zealand and Ainu of Japan
(Where some reports say there are only 300 pure blood Ainu left to be
persecuted.) to ascertain if the governments of the 19th Century were
involved in wiping out the remnants of these cultures on Easter Island and
in Newfoundland or the Aleutians and elsewhere.

Heck - I am so stupid I even wonder if the reason the Jews are persecuted
throughout recent history has to do with racist divisiveness fomented by the
Benjaminites or others that the Jews through them out of the so-called Holy
Land. My stupidity is even willing to wonder if the pogrom against the
Brotherhood included what Stalin did in the Ukraine.

The fact that I have studied the things that Solomon and his family have
studied for millennia before his time has nothing but ridicule to be
directed towards me. Yes, I am an alchemist of some sort. I actually do
believe in soulful sciences such as the shamans have created throughout
hundreds of thousands of years before white man even existed on earth. But I
am not so stupid as to buy the astral constructs that these myth-makers
built up or other alien theories such as the Elohim in the Bible or Sitchin
and Sir Laurence Gardner's work. I even think the Seals of Solomon do focus
energy like other mandalas and I think some of these seals were on the stele
I found near the Pelota at Chichen Itza.


Paraiba Stone:

Cyrus Gordon has numerous examples of pre-Columbian rocks and language that
have been found with skeletons of in the Americas with things like Roman
amphorae. He was a Professor of History and a linguistics expert from New
York University. The Smithsonian article that was republished in Reader's
Digest is one that I think illustrates the problems that those who claim
expertise often fall prey to; you could call it ego and you could call it
ignorance. I call it conventional ass-kissing or adherence to common
'gradualistic' mindsets that are closed to the facts. Here is the quote from
Reader's Digest in a condensed version of a Smithsonian article:

"When nine skeletons were unearthed from a burial mound in Bat Creek, Tenn.,
in 1889, scientists thought they were American Indians. An engraved stone
found under one skull was believed to bear a Cherokee message. But in 1970
historian Cyrus Gordon, an expert in Middle Eastern languages, said
researchers had been scrutinizing the rock upside down. The script, he
concluded, reads "for the Judeans" or "for Judea" and resembles writing on
Hebrew coins from around AD 130.

Despite questions raised in the archaeological establishment about the
stone's authenticity, Gordon is unfazed. He hypothesizes that the Tennessee
Nine might have been descendants of the Jewish refugees who fled Rome
between AD 132 and 135 to escape persecution. 'Put yourself there,' he says.
'You're a member of an oppressed minority. Your people are navigators and
sailors. So you get away as far as possible, even across the Atlantic.' Then
maybe you sail into the Gulf of Mexico, go upriver and somehow arrive at Bat
Creek.'" (13)

They could have landed near Savannah (present day) and made their way inland
towards the Hopewell 'finds' where thousands of artefacts have been found.
They could have stayed and mingled with the pleasant and gracious Cherokee
who they would have shared perceptions of the 'Brotherhood of Man' with;
they would both have known about Iesa, who Jesus was named after (that is
the name of the 'Brotherhood of Man' concept and the original name of the
Pyramid called Cheops, now.). The Cherokee were (and are) a very advanced
culture with strong laws and an agriculture that has been with them for a
long time. Their spirituality and mystical awareness is something that
maintains to this day despite the 'Trail of Tears'. (14)

Another book sheds some light on both linguistics and other themes or areas
of contemplation, as it quotes Cyrus Gordon again. This book is written by
David Hatcher Childress and it is part of a series of books with all kinds
of things that archaeology or supposed scientists will not tell you about.
'Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America', says:

"In 1872, a Portuguese land owner discovered some stones near the Paraiba
River (not far from Rio de Janeiro) with strange writing carved into their
surface. He sent them to the president of the Instituto Historico in Rio de
Janeiro where a well-trained naturalist, Dr. Ladislau Netto (1838-94),
identified the script as Phoenician. Dr. Netto then forwarded a few excerpts
of the inscriptions to Professor Ernest Renan (1823-92) of Paris, who
replied that, while no one can really pass judgement on artifacts he has not
personally examined, he was nonetheless confident they were a forgery!' (15)

Dr. Cyrus Gordon, a professor at New York University, acquired a copy of the
inscriptions in 1967, later identifying the script as Sidonian, close to the
letter-forms of the Eshmunazar inscriptions of the early fifth century BC.
However, two letters were more archaic, suggesting a sixth century BC date.

Certain linguistic oddities thought a century ago to discredit its
authenticity, now actually lend to its credibility according to Dr. Gordon.
He writes "No forger who knew enough Semitics to compose such a document
would have committed so many apparent errors. Now that nearly a century has
passed, it is obvious that the text is genuine, because subsequently
discovered Phoenician, Ugaritic and other Northwest Semitic inscriptions
confront us with these same errors."

This date would tie in with the worldwide expedition of Solomon and Hiram of
Tyre (a Phoenician) that is often said to have only gone around the
continent of Africa. A very similar situation to this is recounted in
'America BC.' by Harvard history Professor Barry Fell, regarding the
Davenport stele.


13) 'Reader's Digest', Feb. 92, article - 'Who Really Discovered the New
World?' by Donald Jackson, condensed from 'The Smithsonian', pg. 96.

14) The Trail of Tears - A forced march to Oklahoma that many died on. One
of their descendants (a Cherokee mystic named Marsha) almost was my wife.
They were robbed of the plantations they built following white man's ways,
because they were very successful and integrated into the heathen Christian
modes that included slavery. The movies are well worth seeing and the books
should be used in schools who want to tell some truth about European
civilization and 'colon'-ization.

15) Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America, and books like the
censored Biblical Book of Enoch (which tells about paranormal or psychic
things that all learned men of the day studied) can be gotten from the
'World Explorer' people in Kempton Illinois. They also have a web site and
associates in book store/coffee shops around the world.

Lost Tribes of Israel

by Robert B. Baird

The Trojan founders of Aa-Mu (Troy III) and the Northern Semites like
Sargon are Phoenicians and the elite of the Emporiae they developed over
tens of thousands of years. The notorious and sensational cases of
international corporate intrigue that hit the pages of our media today are
not new. When Nike makes shoes in Vietnam it helps that the labour rate and
ethical issues are different there. In the distant past the trading posts or
'emporiae' were able to buy items in one part of the world at very cheap
prices and sell them in another for exorbitantly higher prices because of a
lack of competition that we know Carthage later enforced by stopping travel
to the Americas. The matter of exclusive potions including special drugs
like cocaine can be likened to Coca-Cola and its secret formula. This
likeness is very relevant because the original recipe of Coke was cocaine
based. Clearly these are not egalitarian ethics at work for some greater
good or collective 'Brotherhood'. We must be honest and point these
dalliances out to our reader. When the need of greed became ascendant is
anyone's guess but we see 5,000 years ago as a good watershed moment in
When we gave you the description of the carving at the Peruvian site
which sounded like Caesar describing the Kelts we noted the 'trophy heads'
that looked like the very "warriors" Lanning correctly surmised. These
statues may show the 'Brotherhood' (crossed hands and all) at play in the
Peruvian drug fields. Would you be able to imagine white men fighting over
such spoils then, as they have done in recent time? Can you see the Onassis
family trade in tobacco and the like might have a nine thousand and more
year history (which Smyrna does in the archaeologic record) of involvement
in these secret potions? The rest of the Merovingian family who wouldn't
fight their Phoenician 'brothers' are involved in these same trading
enterprises we have shown are related to Benjaminites that the Israelites
went to war against. The Kennedy drug fortune married into old Fitzgerald
(alcohol) money and JFK and RFK have the 'F' to show it. The Reynolds family
of the main Merovingian families are still proudly associated with the
tobacco industry. The Russells who include a Prime Minister of England
around the 19th century Opium Wars and their relatives in the US who had the
American monopoly of opium trade to China; are in charge of the Foundations
including some who are not even of their ilk. Naw! It can't be this
But consider the ethnic homogeneity isn't as strong as the usual
presentation of the Jews for an instant and you might recall Russian Jews
were persecuted by other Jews. You don't even have to have read Koestler to
know this because the elite of Judaism aren't always free of discord in
every ghetto or Jewish part of the world you know about. Horror of horrors,
at the end of this line of reasoning you might conclude the Priory of Sion
and the Benjaminites like the Rothschild/Rockefeller money that funded
Stalin and Hitler, might actually like to see the Israelites suffer for
their war against them that led to the Phoenicians taking them to Arcadia in
Greece. The Germans did offer to let the Jews out of Germany in 1941 and the
Zionists in Switzerland refused in order to force the world to create Israel
after the war. Here is part of the story according to one Rabbi.
"By Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT"L
Dean of Nitra Yeshiva
IS IT TRUE that in 1941 and again in 1942, the German Gestapo offered all
European Jews transit to Spain, if they would relinquish all their property
in Germany and Occupied France; on condition that: a) none of the deportees
travel from Spain to Palestine; and b) all the deportees be transported from
Spain to the USA or British colonies, and there to remain; with entry visas
to be arranged by the Jews living there; and c) $1000.00 ransom for each
family to be furnished by the Agency, payable upon the arrival of the family
at the Spanish border at the rate of 1000 families daily.
IS IT TRUE that the Zionist leaders in Switzerland and Turkey received this
offer with the clear understanding that the exclusion of Palestine as a
destination for the deportees was based on an agreement between the Gestapo
and the Mufti?
IS IT TRUE that the answer of the Zionist leaders was negative, with the
following comments: a) ONLY Palestine would be considered as a destination
for the deportees? b) The European Jews must accede to suffering and death
greater in measure than the other nations, in order that the victorious
allies agree to a "Jewish State" at the end of the war. c) No ransom will be
IS IT TRUE that this response to the Gestapo's offer was made with the full
knowledge that the alternative to this offer was the gas chamber? IS IT TRUE
that in 1944, at the time of the Hungarian deportations, a similar offer was
made, whereby all Hungarian Jewry could be saved?
IS IT TRUE that the same Zionist hierarchy again refused this offer (after
the gas chambers had already taken a toll of millions)?"
History has many secrets to bend the mind trying to understand but the
"They killed our Saviour!" fiction has as many twists and turns as any. When
the Holocaust was over and six million Jews had joined the thirty-two
million other Kelts or Ukrainians of the original homeland of many
worshippers of Dana and the God Don that the Ukrainians named their rivers
after; what was Mississippi Senator John Stennis doing accusing the
Hollywood moguls of killing Jesus? This happened at the House Un-American
Activities Committee. Who was behind all these years of blaming Jews? Surely
the Roman Catholics are part of the scenario but could their Templar/Teuton
Knights armies have a connection through the Prieuré de Sion Bradley et al
have brought us? We know there is a connection that was existent in the
Papal Decree that gave the Templars free rein in Europe. Could they be
saying one thing and doing another? Would that be unusual?
One thing is nearly certain. The history of the Jewish origins is known
to some people and the Phoenician part in this whole escapade is tantamount
to being a larger cover-up than the Druids and de Danaan. They worshipped
the bee, butterfly and bull symbology of the regalia and enterprises which
carried these symbols as their ancient corporate logo in places like Crete,
the Danube, Miletus and Egypt. But is there a true connection? We are
looking into the matter further and will report whatever we find. Being a
'lost tribe' is a good thing if you are plotting crimes against humanity,
but why isn't it until the last few decades that historians and journalists
have been able to publish many books on these things? It does seem to have
enough fact and data to make the question worth asking doesn't it?
Drugs, alcohol and theology as management tools for the people
appealing to the Machiavellian 'basic human urges' are now antiquated and
the mind control methods of today or tomorrow are even scarier. Personally
we find no reason to blame Jesus for instigating such terror or suppression
and we hope there are members of the Merovingian/Benjaminite/Sionist/
Rosicrucian/Maltese nobility who are able to see what he stood for and
overcome the elements within their own agencies or enterprises who have made
all the Stuart and Jacobin intrigues and wars.
We thank scholars like W. F. Albright and the authors of Carthage for
having the courage to say the Bible is a Phoenician literary legacy. We hope
we haven't said too many things that upset people as we endeavour to think
our way through this maze of plots and counter-plots leading to places like
the Skull & Bones Society. We certainly don't want anyone to stop
questioning our guesses or start accepting our scholarship as fact when it
is so hard to know why humanity has allowed such suffering to exist for so

by Robert Baird

Part of chapter 11 of  the " Custer and Keogh"

This truth is a path that has lots of pitfalls and users as well as secret
agents in its history. Thomas Merton lived from 1915-1968 and the good
church that spent time with him near the end of his life helped put this
collection of his thoughts together. It is a beautiful story of a fine group
of people. The book is called 'Love and Living' and this is what it says on
pages 50 & 51:

"The first cities of the North American continent were centers for
celebration. These were the early Mayan cities of Guatemala and the
Zapotecan city of Mont; Alban {A Scots name in Central America?} in Mexico.
(10) Very ancient cities of around 500 and 300 B. C., contemporaneous with
the city states of Greece. The first Mayan cities {They were there 6,000
years by this time.} and the Zapotecan center of Monte Alban were not the
capitals of empires. They did not have armies. They did not have kings. They
did not conquer anyone. Fighting, if any, was on a small scale. The city was
not built on war and conquest {Some church people fight the good fight
against war while others create them, as the recent international commission
found the Catholic and Anglican Church culpable in Rwanda, or what has been
going on in Ireland etc..}. Money did not exist. The city was built by the
people, not for a king, not for a clique of generals, but for themselves;
'it was their place of celebration.'

A lot of work went into those stone pyramids: yet one can say they were
built for fun. And for nothing! {If religion is nothing and observatories of
the stars are nothing. Is he just trying to lead us to believe something or
is he really this naive?}

When the Mayan pyramids and Temples were first built, the people came
together in the great open spaces between the buildings. They were dressed
in the most beautiful clothes the world has ever seen, made of the bright
feathers of paradise birds. They danced, and played a ball game that was
also a form of worship, uniting game and ritual. There were as yet no bloody
sacrifices, human sacrifices came later with the Toltecs and Aztecs and
military empires."

We have the words of Bishop Landa and Monteczuma to refute the claim that
Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl/Toltecs advised human sacrifice. He does not address
the 'white man' issue. There were white men who did human sacrifice for some
of the reasons we've shown that would have been with the
Toltec/Ovates/Druids however - just as there were such things in the time of
Abraham and even worse in the Crusades. As to Empire the white man may also
have tried to unify the North American into a central government but the
result was some death and though that is the case - it was FAR better than
in Europe and Asia! Getting back to his prose:

"The first cities of the Americas were spaces marked out for the ample
expansion of celebration, joy, worship, play, praise! In the space of
celebration built by the people themselves and for themselves, they came
together in joy, in beauty, and each recognized the other as a fellow
creator of the common celebration. Their city came alive! The streets of
those cities were not streets in which they watched somebody else going
someplace else where all the joy was hidden behind expansive walls. The
streets were places where everyone sang together, converging upon the
central dance which was the life and identity of the city...

Obviously there was something radically different about the way those cities
were planned. The streets led to open spaces that were free for everybody,
not to closed buildings reserved for the few. Those early cities knew what
to do with space. And what they did with space made human life joyous, real,
fully credible. The Bible tells us that in the end it will be like that
again, in a city of pure celebration." (11)

Hip hip HOORAY! For the Bible. This is the book the Franciscans were shoving
down the throats of the natives while they burned their libraries and owners
alongside them. Think about it! Here you would think the church of Thomas
Merton is really supportive and enabling kind people in search of beauty and
the respect of the Mayan people. It surely is beyond just the word
-'HYPOCRITE!' The Mayans left these cities and hid in the jungle. Their
luscious and playful nature that so respects everything was centered in
marvelous structures built on the earth energy grid in ways we are only now
beginning to intuit - but still they left them! Rather than have their
mothers and daughters suffer the indignity and rape of the Spanish heathens!
Perhaps he is just naïve or following some researches that mislead him you
might say. The fact is he wrote a whole book on them. He displays an
incredible belief of the paradigm that foists the opposite behaviour upon
the people of earth - even if he is just naïve. Listen or contemplate these
words from later in this same book as he talks about 'tribal cults':

"Spiritual rebirth {Read 'Resurrection' and 'Salvation' fictions, not the
true rebirth that Jesus and the Gnostics seek.} is the key to the
aspirations of all the higher religions. By 'higher religions' I mean those
which like Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity, are not
content with the ritual tribal cults rooted in the cycle of the seasons and
harvests." (12)

That is clearly not what 'pagan' or the Mayan religion was all about. The
Christians took over those same celebrations like Yule and changed the
names. What is going on here is revolting! Demeaning and ridicule as well as
destruction of the libraries and culture aren't enough. They even have had
the audacity to create 'blasphemy laws' which aren't even off the books
everywhere as yet (It took until 1951 for the British to remove them, no
doubt thinking they had everyone duped or doped up on fictions such as
Britannica feeds our kids.).

The churchians take advantage of any possible situation like claiming to
have rid Ireland of snakes. They revive old knowledge and put their face and
mark upon it with impunity. They are thieves and worse! The inside flap of
'Jesus Through the Centuries' says it a little more conservatively as it
documents the changing perceptions of how to sell society on stupid
attitudes through putting a new 'spin' on Jesus. How they do this is a
masterstroke of genius and demonstrates there is one area where man has
certainly achieved a 'god-guided' evolution towards a zenith of cultural
reality ~ lying!

"Jesus of Nazareth has been the dominant figure in the history of Western
culture for almost twenty centuries. Each age has created Jesus in its own
image, finding its own thoughts in Jesus, and discovering in his life and
teachings the answers to fundamental questions of human existence and
destiny. Studying the images of Jesus cherished by successive ages-from
rabbi in the first century to universal man in the Renaissance to liberator
in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries-Pelikan suggests that the way a
particular age depicted Jesus is an essential key to understanding that
age... What happened to the political fabric of the Roman empire when Caesar
decided that Jesus was to be called King of kings? How do we explain the
irony that a tradition which began with the prohibition of sacred images
went on to produce the greatest explosion of religious art in human history?
How did the vision of Jesus Christ as the disclosure of the rational
structure of the universe contribute to the rise of science? How could the
Crusades, both medieval and modern, invoke the name of the Prince of Peace?"

Of course I would respectfully ask - 'How did they have the gall to remove
women from a position of ecclesiastical import in the church', and a lot of
other questions as well? Am I raving mad? Does it not seem that sick and
perverted MEN have been having their way with the people of this world? It
is a disease of immense proportions and leads to all sorts of heinous acts
like genital disfigurement {with broken glass if necessary}. And all the
native people who showed respect for women had to be dealt with in an
expeditious manner starting with calling them 'heathens'. God should be
damned if this church has anything to do with his work and energy - but it

Oak Island
by Robert Baird


Part of the forward to the book "Oak Island"

This article explains much about how 'sensitives' are tricked 
by designed 'traps' in the astral world.

Here is a response to a Mason who has seen enough of my stuff to
realize I know more than he; and he thought he was 'hot stuff' and even told
me I should join them if I wanted to pursue my interests and really get to
know what it is about. Of course they also call anyone who thinks they know
about these things arrogant or worse when they are threatened. It has been a
few months and he is backing off that kind of thing, as hard as it is for
those propped-up by deceit and ego. I think most people who will read this
will not accept what I am saying here without doing a lot of checking into
the facts.
'I tried sending through an attachment from a fellow researcher who is
working on the Kaballah as derivative from Qaballa which is an ancient
Verbal Tradition such as kept by the Bairds or bards and the Bardic
Tradition for over 25,000 years. He finds my history is supportive and I see
his sets of codes in English and other things of great value. The particular
piece is 19 pages on just the letter 'E' without getting too verbose or
using illustrations, which he has lots of. The Gematria is not a specialty
of mine although I am pretty good at pre-history languages and not bad at
Green Language and alchemical allegories in the Jung from Silberer subset
derived from alchemy or Hermetics. That has usages in psychotherapy and mind
control which they call Neuro Psycho Linguistics and other words and systems
they often do not understand, it once was called Dream Analysis; but they
have gone far along the path of programming the mind. Kind of funny how
psychiatrists say they do not believe in a soul and yet they use these
archetypes from our collective soul.
So as Dion Fortune did say - Kaballah is 'twisted'. They have built
these constructs or dimensional energy designs so that Masons and other
'traveling men' as you call them will think they have stumbled upon a great
truth through their 'visions'. After all who can imagine that elementals and
dimensional energies are subject to such design engineering - eh? As Jung
says in his forward to The Tibetan Book of the Dead - the Hindu will see
Shiva and that hierarchy whereas the Christian will go through the Bardol
stages of Afterlife and see the likes of Gabriel then Jesus.'
The fellow researcher and I have done verbal sparring matches with many
top Masons and shamans or Rabbis who have built ethereal constructs to
capture 'traveling men' or those astrally accessing information. These
constructs sometimes are admitted to by our adversaries who say they can
differentiate the 'constructs' from the real thing. In the case of most
secrets including the Oak Island bank they have built 'constructs' to cause
more mystery and it was most important to do this in the Americas where
shamanism was a common practice.

The Mystical Physicists

An excerpt from the "Mystical Physicists"



I had the great pleasure of watching a movie called Infinity by Matthew Broderick
and his wife. What a joy! To see a person whose father taught him to observe rather
than codify or label in order to get marks or social acceptance. What a treat to see
the ethics and honesty that made it difficult for him to lie to his lady even when all around
them were pressuring him to do so when they thought she had Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
What mastery of mind and reality to simply portray this exceptional couple as she
thought first of how difficult it must have been for him to lie rather than what this
terminal illness might do to her. But as usual the doctors were wrong and she had TB
although it could have been discovered earlier and she might have lived if these doctors
had not been trying to avoid saying what they thought.

When Feynman was at Los Alamos he danced spirit dances frequently; and he had been
aware of the so-called paranormal all his life. In fact I believe I learned through the same
methods he did - not in school. When he was at Princeton as a grad student the head of
the Physics Department begged him to go with their government project as he said there
are none like you anywhere. I loved hearing the care Robert Oppenheimer showed even
though he had never met the young couple. I say that because his cousin John in London
who offered to make me the head of his printing company showed that same kind of care
for me.

Feynman died in 1988 before his partner John Wheeler met Steve Lynds who is now
promoting an ancient Greek theory on Infinity. Wheeler supports Lynds who has
no real formal education and that is to his credit. I must say there aren't enough people
like Dick Feynman and I wish there were a lot more.

Thank you - the Brodericks.



The 'octopus' of a hierarchy that has played both ends against the middle since the time
of the Hyksos in Egypt or before that is always coming up with new names.
Here is a little about their 'Atlantean' organization to ponder.

Image source:

Paul Le Cour, 'L'Ere du Verseau' (The Age of Aquarius).

     Quoting Peter O'Reilly: 'In it Le Cour looks forward to the future Age
of Aquarius as bringing with it the return of Christ in the role of Christ
the King. It is a work of esoteric and apocalyptic Christianity in which the
author also voices his belief in an esoteric spiritual tradition that
originated in Atlantis.(and quoting from the book) 'The work of 'Atlantis',
founded the 24th of June 1926, is inspired by the same directives as those
of the director of the Hiéron (i.e. de Sarachaga) whose signet ring
representing Cybele was bequeathed to me by Mlle Lepine.'.[the book
contained a drawing of an octopus subtitled] 'une symbole de la tradition
primitive: le poulpe' (a symbol of the primitive tradition: the octopus).'

'Vaincre' Nr 1, page 1 (21 September), featuring a quotation from Paul
Lecour, Editor of 'Atlantis'

     '.When a stream is polluted it is necessary, if you are to find the
pure water, to go back to the source. It's the same with tradition - it only
remains pure at its origin.'
     'Vaincre' was the bulletin of the Alpha Galates, an anti-Masonic,
anti-Semitic Right-Wing organisation that stemmed from Plantard's earlier
Right-Wing activities of the 1930s: the Statutes of the Alpha Galates being
dated 27 December 1937 (Feast Date of St John The Divine). The Alpha Galates
believed that their secrets were originally derived from Atlantis, and a
strain of Theosophical thinking runs through some of the Bulletin's articles
written by Le Comte Moncharville, who seems to have been Plantard's mentor.

     Third edition of 'The Age of Aquarius', with Le Cour quoting a passage
from a novel by J-K. Huysmans:

'I think that society has started to putrefy,
that its bones are rotting, that its flesh is falling off. It has to
collapse; it cannot be bandaged up or healed. It must be buried, and another
one born. God alone can accomplish such a miracle...'" (5)
     They are the only ones they trust to interpret this God or G_d's
intents. I personally think Plantard started to get a better idea of what
they were doing when he stopped being their puppet or head of the Priory of
Sion. This last quote within the above quote is instructive to why I say
that. They intend to de-populate the earth and begin anew with those they
think are worthy.

Sex, Drugs and 'Rock'


Driving That Train

I may have given Icke the original start to this Anatolian connection
he is covering here. He has not given me credit and he has fleshed out the
personages involved much more than I did in the book I sent him as I started
writing a few years ago.
"The area that is now known as Turkey played a major role in the
Mystery Religions. The use of drugs to create "religious" experiences was
developed to a fine art by various occult fraternal mystery religion groups
in the Turkey area. The Assassins from where we get the word hashish
controlled parts of Turkey and Lebanon in Medieval times. They used drugs to
gain the allegiance of their recruits. Some of the most powerful figures for
the Illuminati have been Turks. The Grand Orient has had some powerful
figures in Turkey. For instance, at the Masonic Congress of all the Grand
Orients' (that's European Freemasonry- although several American presidents
have been members of European Freemasonry) Grand Lodges, Bou Achmed came
from Turkey. The Grand Lodge of Asia was represented by Sebeyck-Kadir from
Asia. Bou Achmed took a big role in the Grand Orient's decisions. As an
aside, let me explain one example of the power of the Grand Orient in
America. The Grand Orient was originally strong in Louisiana but spread
itself to many other US. locations. Garfield, a very powerful man in the
Grand Orient, managed to become US. President because the political process
got deadlocked at the convention and the Masons suggested him as a
compromise candidate. Although Garfield was an extremely powerful Mason, had
been perhaps the youngest general in the US. Army during the Civil War, the
Illuminati ordered him shot after he had served about a year in office as
President. Garfield was reported by an eye-witness to Satanic rituals to
have participated in the cannibalistic rites of Satanism done to gain the
spiritual power of the eaten person. The Grand Orient Freemasonry has been
linked to other orders of Freemasonry that are also called Rosicrucians.
Pope John XXIII joined a Rosicrucian group that had links to European
Freemasonry when he was in Turkey. While the secret Grand Orient Freemasonry
was very strong in Turkey in spite of its small numbers, the regular
American Freemasonry granted a dispensation for a Masonic Lodge to operate
in Smyrna, Turkey in May, 1863 but the charters were withdrawn on Aug. 27,
1880. However, it is interesting that of all the Turkish cities, Smyrna was
definitely the best place for Freemasonry to gain recruits. Men like Achmed
Pasha and many of the other Pasha family have been leaders within
Freemasonry and the Illuminati. Achmed Pasha was a Satanist and had a large
harem. Mehmet Talaat Pasha (1872-1921) was a Freemason and part of the
Turkish revolution of 1908. He was the leader of the Young Turks, which was
a joint project of the Sufis and the Frankist Satanists. (The type of
Satanism led by the Frank family has had connections to Turkey for hundreds
of years.) Mehmet Talaat Pasha was the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of
Turkey. He was held the political position in Turkey of grand vizier of
Turkey (1917-18). Another Turkish Pasha was part of the Turkish royalty
running Egypt when Egypt was part of the Ottoman Empire. His name was
Khedive Ismail Pasha and he was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Egypt. It
was this Turk, Khedive Ismail Pasha, who gave the famous Obelisk to the
United States. This Obelisk was called Cleopatra's Needle and was originally
erected in the city of the sun, Heliopolis, about 1500 B.C. The Obelisk is a
representation of a human penis, because sun worship, worship of
regeneration (sex) and worship of the sun god Satan were all tied together.
Masons helped with the moving of the obelisk, and its dedication when it
arrived in New York City. Large obelisks have been erected by Masons in New
York, Washington D.C., Paris, the Vatican, and London. (If my memory serves
me correct Berlin received one too at one time.)
Every morning when the United States President wakes up he can look out
the window and see the Masonic obelisk and be reminded of who controls
America. If the President has any training in the Mystery religion of
ancient Egypt, he will also know what body part is symbolically erected in
the Washington Memorial." (1)
Notice the importance of Smyrna as a source of Freemasonry here. That
is where the Onassis family has operated potion-pushing or altered
consciousness drugs for millennia. My friend who uses the name Eternum1 on a
web community has this to say about the issue.
"Sometimes, when my tiny head is spinning with disinfotainment and
other artifacts of the mediasphere, I try to think what archaeologists and
social historians 2,000 years from now might make of our particular little
epoch. How, for instance, would they parse the word "drug"?
Is a "drug dealer" a pharmacist or a petty criminal? When we talk about
"reasonably priced drugs for seniors," are we discussing marijuana or
Lipitor {or Levitra}? What would they make of the fact that the last four
American administrations have declared a "war on drugs" while taking money
from drug companies?
Why is it bad when residents of Colombia build mansions from profits on
the sale of drugs, but it's good when residents of Newport, R.I., do the
same thing? When one person cannot live without "lifesaving drugs," we
express great sympathy, unless that person is a "drug addict," in which case
we may even throw him in jail. When a mood-altering drug is sold in pill
form in stores, it's called an antidepressant and hailed as a medical
breakthrough. When a mood-altering drug is sold on the streets, it's called
felony drug trafficking and subject to stiff criminal penalties.
Because we are native speakers of Americanadianese, we can wend our way
through the contradictions. We know that the bad drugs are the ones the
cause euphoria and impair judgment, unless the drug is alcohol, but that's
not ever called a drug, so there's no confusion there. We know that the good
drugs are the ones that cure diseases or relieve symptoms, except sometimes
the good drugs are ineffective or even counterproductive in achieving those
Street dealers do not finance experimental trials on the effectiveness
of the drugs they sell. Drug companies do, but they fudge the results.
Street dealers have a small feedback loop because customers can tell pretty
quickly whether they're loaded or not. Drug companies have a long feedback
loop because human beings can't instantly tell whether their cholesterol is
being lowered or their blood thinned or their insulin production stimulated.
A drug with a long feedback loop is clearly more profitable than one with a
short feedback loop because the dealer can keep an ineffective drug on the
shelves much longer.
Interestingly, the people who sell ineffective drugs are generally said
to have made "honest mistakes." If a street dealer sold you an ineffective
drug, you could take five of your friends and go back and have a brisk
conversation with him. If a behind-the-counter dealer sold you an
ineffective drug, you'd have to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit and maybe,
maybe, 10 years later you'd get some money, although probably you'd be dead
by then.
Street dealers don't have patents on their drugs, which means that
they'll always have plenty of competition. Drug companies do have patents,
so they can set their prices without worrying about market economics. And
when their patents run out, they can put out a drug with a slightly
different formulation, promote it like mad and sell the new drug in a
monopolistic setting {With government mandated market support in order to
manage the 'money-trees' while building bureaucracy.}. You have to wonder
when street dealers are going to come up with Cocaine XR or LSD Reditabs.
Since the street dealer works in a competitive atmosphere, he has to
keep his prices relatively low. In order to increase his profitability, he
can "step on" his product, that is, dilute it. It would be unwise for a drug
company to adulterate its product, but since it owns a monopoly, it can set
prices artificially high and achieve the same profitability levels. A street
dealer who knowingly poisons his clientele is called "the scum of the
earth." A drug corporation that knowingly poisons its clientele is called "a
tobacco company." People who sell illegal drugs often rot in jail for 20 or
30 years. People who sell legal drugs are often forced to attend tedious
daylong board meetings. People who take illegal drugs are called "losers."
People who take legal drugs are called "everyone in America."
Glad I'm not an archaeologist in 4040; my brain would ache a whole lot.
One pill makes you larger, and one pill puts you in jail, and please do
not operate heavy machinery with the ones that mother gives you. {My
ex-roommate was being told to apply for his old job as a forklift truck
operator while being given drugs for Schizophrenia which he did not have. He
was no liar and could not expose a potential employer to the insurance risks
or his fellow employees to the life threat this would entail. Many drugs
people use are impairing their driving prowess and there are laws to take
away their license that go unenforced.}
Driving that train, high on ethyl 4-1-piperidinecarboxylate, just like
Et and the ungreatful dead."
It is a wonderful thing to have the Joy of Learning and to make a
career that you find is related to your studies. There are so many ways to
get a Doctor label and thus claim expertise in the many fields and
disciplines which we have broken knowledge into. Some of this is counter to
real expertise and much of it just sets people apart from knowledge and each
other. But people are also being segmented into classes within the hierarchy
of government backed by and for elites in all so many ways. Medicine has
been one of their more dastardly tools alongside religion and the so-called
education system. This next little factoid reminds me of how Edward Gibbon
almost died because the British Medical system would not approve
vaccinations through use of scabs as had been done by the likes of
Paracelsus or others in antiquity and which was approved in the France of
his era.
Did Gibbon's Jacobin Masons use this among their members since the time of
Moses Maimonides or earlier alchemists?
"When the Cholera epidemic reached England, it provided another
opportunity to compare homeopathic treatment with the conventional methods
of the day. Regular allopathic medicine yielded a mortality rate of 59
percent compared to only 16 percent for the Homeopaths. (2) When these
statistics were collected, the information was so startling that a medical
commission was sent to the London Homeopathic Hospital to check the records.
Though the data were duly verified, it was decided not to make them public,
and the facts were not released until a hundred years later." (3)
The formation of a political machine such as the American Medical
Association who helped bring the FDA into control is a major issue against
alternative healing or real care for people. In the late 19th Century as
these issues were becoming apparent there were many who knew that the
allopaths or medical doctors selling laudanum and the like were actually the
'Killing-trade'. There are signs that stress management (don't fret - sweat
or exercise) and the connectiveness to the 'all' around us are again making
a play to be considered in health maintenance. Vitamins and supplements are
able to prove to even the most duped person receiving medical care that they
work and yet some doctor's groups and the governments that back them still
disqualify doctors who advise their usage.
The whole area of academics is subject to a 'Knowledge Filter' (Berkeley
Law Professor - Johnson) or Literary Theory (UBC English Professor Graham
Good) and the outright suppression of creative or thoughtful and meaningful
potentials. (4) I think the concept of Bucky Fuller that he called 'the
observer of the observed' and his more detailed 'creative realization' is
part of what we operates as we 'project' upon reality. For example the
things (!) we see are actually a mixture of fields of energy from the dross
and less excited to the highly excited or vibrational energy inside the
atomic structures. In one way of visualizing this we could SEE something
including an aura which is the field of energy not usually visible but
associated with the solar body and integrative centers called chakras.
Perhaps we could contemplate a time when all people had the ability to see
or sense auras and yet by our socially normed 'projections' that include
telling our children certain things do not exist, we have lost the conscious
integration or incorporation of these fields of reality.
When I read that the psychic surgeons of the Philippines and Brazil
have had their energy measured during operations at the same vibration rate
of 7.8 cycles it started me thinking of how we can alter our state and how
others might perceive us in these altered states. Clearly if anyone could
see all the spaces between our electrons and the nuclei or between the
different atoms and molecules we wouldn't seem solid by a long shot. Thus
these surgeons who use no utensils would be able to energize the infected or
diseased body part or tumor to remove it at an altered vibration level.
There have been solid documentaries with such credible support as X-rays
before a San Francisco businessman had such a tumor removed and X-rays a
year later showing it hadn't returned. The video presentation was impressive
but we all know the debunkers can show how to fake these things. In the end
you must decide who has the most to gain from the arguments and whether or
not you want to actualize your own potential. Once you do a few things the
debunkers say are impossible - then a smile will come to your face; and the
intellectual conflict loses all import unless you are stupid enough to try
to write a book such as this.
String Theory knows about the harmonic forces that are less than solid
which somehow combine to make what we perceive as a solid. The
astrophysicists now have told us that 95% of the universe is 'Dark Matter'
or 'Dark Energy' - so get with it before you are invisible and don't know
it! Just kidding! We fear that which we cannot fully comprehend and our
experts or priests and doctors have been some of the worst perpetrators or
enablers of our fears. We even allow fear to pre-empt love which is ironic
because at the end of our lives it's not the fears or the differences that
matter the most but whether we loved and allowed ourselves to be loved as
much as possible.
"I won't go into the countless intricate details of the phenomenal
human body, which includes trillions of smart cells and thousands of complex
biochemical processes occurring each and every second, let alone the ability
to think and be self aware. It's miraculous. I strongly believe that all of
nature's potential to develop further is based on the ability to better use
the Ultimate Intelligence was all comprise. Nature constantly draws from the
Intelligence for the purpose of preservation and balance.
Creationists may use the above examples as proof that evolution can't
account for these marvels, that only an intelligent creator-God-could have
produced that progression. But if this were exactly the case, then why
didn't God, the absolute Intelligence, create animals perfectly to begin
with, without the need to evolve?
For example, the human brain was originally very basic. Called the
reptilian brain, it consisted mainly of the brain stem and it was built to
support strong survival instincts. After many years, the mammalian brain,
which among other things was geared to develop emotions, emerged. It took a
few million years for the neo-cortex, or the thinking brain to develop. This
brain is capable of many of our day-to-day functions such as performing
mathematical calculations and reasoning.
Experts agree that these three brain areas are not always coordinated.
In fact, in times of stress they activate in the order of their creation.
First the reptilian brain reacts, then the mammalian followed by the
neo-cortex. In other words, the brain responds to stressors first from the
instinct region, then from emotion, and finally from reason.
Because the brain developed only as human's needs evolved, I believe
that like all of nature, development happened through the process of
InteliTapping. This phenomenon can more clearly explain on the one hand the
development of the most complex and sophisticated organ in the planet, and
on the other a somewhat uncoordinated and to a certain extent ineffective
Every new perception of knowledge is always based either directly or
indirectly on older knowledge. InteliTapping allows us to connect with the
oldest, yet most complete source of knowledge." (5)
The archetypes and their symbols that were intuited and developed by
the alchemists are the SOURCE of the teaching or learning of Jesus (whoever
and however many people constitute his amalgam character). The excellent PBS
TV show called Nature produced a show on the origins of music and the
biological and archetypal impact it has had on our evolution and emotional
wherewithal. Along with reed instruments from as long ago as 60,000 years
that obviously show sophisticate development of technology they had the cave
operas of those who rubbed and drummed on stalactites. They posited that the
tree-swinging hominid that like the Sumatran Gibbon co-ordinates community
for protection through territorial chants, is not so much less aware as most
of our great Lockean influenced academics seem to be. These animals also
learned what plants are dangerous and what plants alter your spiritual
consciousness. You can see it when your puppy goes outside for the first
time and chews on some grass to settle its tummy. Our genes contain a lot of
information or the ability to tap-in to much knowledge. The buzz you get
from 'weed' is the buzz coming from your Thalami and Third Eye or Pineal
gland that has a crystal radio receiver and grains or crystalline
structures. Crystalline structures like quartz were know to be useful in the
Lost Chord of the Druids and more ancient shamans. There are magnificent
quartz caves in Central America and other places that would have been used
by early hominids for a certainty.


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All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission.


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