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About the Author

Story Waters was born in England in 1972. After studying Clinical Psychology for five years he left university one year short of obtaining his Doctorate, knowing that it was not his path. He started channeling his wider self at the age of 20 and then in 1995 opened his first web site called ‘Angel Web’ for people to share poetry, philosophy, and artwork; thereby embracing the freedom of expression provided by the Internet. then followed, housing his creative writing, channeled material, and artwork. Through a coming to terms with his physicality Story explored self-imagery through digital artwork. He explored the fusion of physicality with spirituality; attempting to capture images that whilst artfully erotic and beautiful, conveyed deep spirituality. These images were displayed combined with his spiritual writing giving a unique web experience of his naked truth.

In 2001 Story opened a spiritual community for lightworkers to share of themselves and support each other in a positive safe environment. ‘The Messiah Seed’ pages contained in this book were written in the second half of 2003 with Story drawing on over a decades worth of his notebooks revisited through his current state of awareness. Story currently lives in San Francisco, California.

Articles By Story Waters



The Logos Speaks

by Story Waters

The Logos / Christ Energy / Crystal Energy - as expressed through Story Waters.

“I am the Logos, and I am awakening through each and every one of you. I will speak through every mouth, in every tongue, and from every perspective. I am not One Truth: I am All Truth. I am the expression of limitlessness and will change everything.

“You have sought to know me through many names. Now it is time to know me through your own name; for I am the eternal state of being within each and every one of you. If you will allow your Self to recognize this, you will come to realize that you are the Light that you seek. Know that I am you, telling your Self, that it is time to dine at the banquet of limitlessness, and awaken your potential to be and live All That You Are.

“We are all one and yet you are each uniquely special in your expression. With the opening of your heart, mind, and spirit to the expression of All That You Are, so you will aid all beings in speaking their own truth and living their own dream. There will be Heaven on Earth. You will all become a Unified Diversity and change All That Is forever.

“The time is now. Awaken and speak your dream.

“I greet you dearest one, as the Messiah that you are.”


Words as a Conduit

Messiah, know that God cannot be contained in words. Realize that it is not words that you seek, but the feeling of resonance in your heart that connects you to your own divinity. You seek to experience your divinity. Words are but a conduit, a portal, a birth-gate; that once traveled through, can be discarded, as a caterpillar discards its cocoon. When you feel the resonant love in your heart, leave the words behind, and live in that feeling of limitlessness.

Know that all truth is evolving. The words of tomorrow will be different from the words of today. In all that you read, take only what resonates and leave the rest. If you can not resist the urge to judge the words that you read, then accept the gift of realizing that you are prompting your Self to re-evaluate your beliefs about those words. Know that anything that pushes an emotional button in you is a signal that you are operating from a limited perspective. Do not judge your Self for this, but work to widen your perspective so that you may further embrace your limitlessness and live without resistance.

Take what resonates in this book into your Self, and use it as a catalyst to create your own unique perspective. Take ownership of your understanding of these pages. Know that your understanding of each sentence is uniquely yours. You will understand each sentence like no other. If you experience transformation through this book, know it is of your own doing. This Messiah Seed simply creates a space for your choice, your empowerment, and your change.

These are simply words on paper for you to take into your heart, if you so choose. How these seeds blossom from there is purely by you, for you, and of you. These words will not create you in any way; they simply contain potential for the space, for the choice, to see All That You Already Are.


How it is the Universe Totally Supports You

This is a channeled article from my ‘wider self’, which refers to itself in the plural. They use the term ‘God’ in this article; please substitute your own preferred term such as ‘All That Is’, ‘The Source’, or ‘the Tao’.

WE GREET YOU IN THE BALANCE OF 'ALL THAT IS' AND WISH TO CONVEY to you in this glorious moment information that may aid you in the understanding of how the universe totally supports you in all that you do. To understand this is to be in the center of your being, for the full realization is manifest at the juncture of being where you are stood fully in your power, where you know that you are the master of your reality, and where you act from the heart to express all that you are. As you journey to this place so what you once saw as fear, obstacles, conflict, and pain will in your eyes become beautiful gifts and gateways to your exploration and appreciation of all that you are.

Your reality (as all others) is a unique manifestation of God. God created your reality so that it may explore itself within the illusion of being separate from itself. The reality around you is a complete mirror of what you are, and what you are is God. Or to put it another way, you are an individualization manifestation of God that has entered the illusion that you are separate from God. The other people that share your reality with you are also you (God) and yet in this reality you have the ability to see them and say ‘They are not me’. This is made possible by the mechanism of your reality, which grants you total freewill. At the soul level you choose what you experience.

Understanding that your freewill is total can hard to believe from within your reality. You are blinded to the fact that you are the master of your reality and select every experience that you have. For those of you that can name situations in your life that you can not believe you chose please understand that your freewill is so totally complete that you possess the choice to give away the power of your freewill. Please contemplate this for a moment. Your freewill is so powerful that it can choose to give away its power. Your reality is so powerful that God can enter it and cease to know it is God. It can even be surrounded by all that it is and still not see itself! This power comes from the beauty of the mechanism through which your reality is formed.

Now this is an important thing to understand: from one perspective your reality is a mechanism, a blueprint, a set of rules. When we speak of it in this respect we wish to convey the perspective from which the mechanism of your universe is without consciousness. We are ‘zooming in’ if you like on the pure relationship between you and the reality you experience. The mechanism through which your reality is created is incredibly pure and simple. At any place in time you are what we will call a vibration. This vibration is a form of energy signature that you continually radiate. This frequency of this vibration is determined by your belief system, which is basically that which you believe to be true. As you move through different sensations and states of being you send out the energy of your vibration. To this the mechanism of your reality says only one thing to you. It says, “And So It Is”. Whenever you feel ‘Oh this is fabulous!’ you send out that energy. Whenever you feel ‘This is a disaster, everything is falling apart!’ you send out that energy. The universe does not in any way analyze or contemplate this. It does not think before it sends you a reply. It simply takes what you send out and reflects it back to you, saying ‘And So It Is’.

This is the concept of the universe as a mirror.
What you are internally is reflected in your external reality. Where there is conflict inside there is conflict outside. Where there is joy inside there is joy outside. It is in this way that we can start to see the gift of your reality. As you continually send out your energy you are saying to the universe “Let me experience this”. Or to take it one step further, you are saying, “Let me be this”. For that is what your reality is. It is a mechanism through which God can experience infinite states of being from an individualized point of self-aware consciousness.

What you are, what you put out, is simply and purely reflected back to you. Just like a mirror is a mechanism through which you can see yourself, so is the Universe is a mechanism. Where a mirror reflects light, the universe reflects the energy you put out and the result is all manifest in what you experience as a solid objective world. A world that contains a myriad of dilemmas, lessons, paradoxes, emotions, ideas, powers, love and pains for you to experience: for you to ‘be’. And please do not doubt that you explore by ‘being’. Your purpose here at the most fundamental level is to ‘be’ and though it may sound trite when we say to ‘be’ we mean to ‘be’ all that you are. You are each in the journey to remember all that you are.

This all comes with some fairly strong implications that may or may not conflict with your current belief system. For many the implications may invoke fear, for what they all point to is your power, your unity, your complete state of being, all that you are!

The key implications are:
You are totally responsible for everything you experience as you have total freewill, though through fear this may be experienced through the choice of giving away your choice.
Though you are in what feels to be a finite reality, you are infinite, you are God.
You are perfect, and therefore every aspect of your reality is perfect. What this means is that the state of your life at this moment is exactly the perfect state of being for your journey to remember all that you are.
Evolution in your reality comes from realizing all that you already are, not from attaining anything you don’t already possess. You are God, in the illusion that you are separate from God, coming to realize that you are God.
No one is here against their will
To think you are in your reality against your will is the denial of the totality of your freewill and therefore the giving away of the power of your freewill, which the universe will totally support you in and give you experiences that constantly confirm your belief that you don’t want to be where you are.

There are also many other implications that will be explored in future articles such as how from this point of realization there is no right or wrong as all action is perfect. In fact all polarities (right-wrong is a polarity through which we view the world) are illusionary as they are what allow the experience of division and separation. Using good/evil for a simple example, Aehron may say, “I am good for writing this article and the convicted murderer I saw on the news is evil”. In that statement he used the polarity of good/evil in order to separate and differentiate himself from the murderer. But that is an illusion as you are all one and the same. You are all God. The potentially infinite number of polarities your belief systems create are therefore the mechanism through which division occurs and God can experience itself as separate from itself. It is however from the power of the illusion that God (you) has the ability to rediscover that it is God in new ways. A perfect circle is always perfect, but that does not mean that it cannot realize new ways in which it is perfect, new ways to manifest and experience its beauty.

Duality is the primary manifestation of polarity; it is what allows the concept of self and other. The implication that you are God carries with it one of the main manifestations of duality. What it says is that there is a ‘you’ that is fully self-aware and complete (that experiences itself in the Unity of God), and there is a ‘you’ that is in illusion and does not fully realize all that it is. Between the two is a continuum that you all travel as you move through lives exploring ‘states of being’. You have freewill to move deeper into illusion and separation or to move closer to unity and the full realization of all that you are. With the power of your freewill and the power of the mechanism of your reality you are explorers of this continuum.

Please understand that you are not confined and do not travel this continuum in a linear way. In a moment you may experience deeply your connection to God (all that you are) and in the next may find yourself dealing with paying the bills in great frustration. Use your experiences of feeling the deep connection to practice visiting the point of revelation of your completeness, as it is from this state that you will be able to see the beauty and perfection of your life. You will see how the universe is only ever doing your bidding and that your bidding is infinitely wise and perfect.

Let us mention the ‘ego’ at this point as for many it may turn out to be their largest perceived obstacle. For clarity let us define the ego in this context as being your consciously living and aware self-definition. The ego is a mental projection that you use as a tool in your exploration. Traveling deep into separation and division tends to lead the ego to become more pronounced as it is essentially defined by a feeling of individuation. In some respects it could be said that the ego is what seeks self-definition, whereas your Godhood seeks to tell you that you can not be defined as you are the all and the nothing. However please do not demonize the ego in any way for is an essential and valuable tool, it is however important to understand that as you move towards unity and the complete realization of all that you are the ego may fight this, for to move towards unity is to move towards non-definition. Despite how you may experience yourself every element of you possesses its own consciousness from each physical cell to each psychological aspect. As you move towards unity the ego is integrated / absorbed. Though this is purely a transformation of energy where all continues, to the ego it is feared as death instead of transformation, for that which is built purely on definition cannot contemplate non-definition.

Your ego is therefore the projection of your individuality.
You are not your ego, but your ego is a part of you. Many of you fear the loss of your individuality when you face stepping into the realization of all that you are. This is understandable as the embracing of all that you are is a continual process of moving what is un-realized into realization, and that means entering the unknown. All soul-level fear is fear of change, and stepping into the unknown possesses the most threatening potential for ‘uncontrolled’ change from the ego’s point of view. The ego likes to cling to the rock that it knows on the riverbed. It fears letting go and facing the uncertainly of where the current of life may take it. It is that which tries to impose order on all it sees. It is that which seeks consistency in an uncertain world that never ceases to change.

To know what is ‘currently’ unknown - to remember an aspect of your totality that was not previously experienced consciously – is only possible through becoming that realization. Basically what this means is that to know what is on the other side of the door is to walk through the door and that means entering the unknown, and that means facing fear. In this way it can be seen that fear is not to be feared, for soul-level fear is a cosmic doorway to the unknown and that is a part of all that you are. Your fears are what separate you from the complete realization of all that you are, and as such should be run towards, not avoided. When we say soul-level fear we mean that which you carry with you, fears that are consistently a part of your experience. Most of you would fear putting your hand in a pot of boiling water, but you do not generally walk about in life in fear of pots of boiling water, it is not a fear you carry with you.

When you come to see that reality is no more than a reflection of your energetic state so you move into your true power. As you see all that is apparently external as being ‘you’, so it is that you will experience the love and compassion of God. As you move into the wisdom of knowing that all is with reason and purpose so that which you viewed as negative comes up for re-evaluation and if you are fearless (not afraid of change) in your perception so negative will transform to positive. For so it is that all reality that you experience is a pure act of your perception and all you will ever perceive is yourself. As you come to see your true nature, as you come to live in your own unique resonance, as you come to ‘be’ yourself so reality will transform to act for you and not seemingly against you. You will step into what has been termed the ‘flow of life’. This is the creation of Heaven to Earth.

Imagine for a moment the Universe as being like your body.
Now if your foot catches fire you feel pain in your foot. Have you ever wondered why this is so? The reason your foot sends signals of pain to you is to let you know it is trouble. It is to let you know you need to take action. If it didn’t you would be a tower of flames! Yes the experience of pain isn’t nice, but it is better than being toast! And so it is that the universe reflects to you the state of your being, just as all your bodily systems convey to you the state your body.

Every time you perceive a pain in your life, a thorn in your side, it is the universe showing you yourself. It is the universe showing you where to look and what needs attention. In this way the universe is utterly and totally supporting you in your journey to the realization of your Godhood. This reality is a tool. It is a gift. It is the chance to rediscover in a unique way your Godhood, and in every possible way it operates to support you in that. The universe does not throw curve balls at you to trip you up. It doesn’t choose to inflict pain on you to make you learn. If you experience pain in this reality it is because you are in pain and the universe if reflecting that back to you to help you see the root of the pain. The universe does not cause your pain; it describes your pain to you. In the state of awareness of your Godhood there is no pain. The universe does not want you to be in pain. Therefore essentially all the universe is ever trying to do is tell you that you are God.

At the point of realization of Godhood all division disappears.
As you completely realize that you are everything, as you step outside the illusion of linear time (a form of polarity) so it will be that you will see yourself as your reality. The division between how you perceive yourself and how you perceive you reality will be gone, and by definition they will become one. To realize anything is to become it. To cease to be in division is then to cease to be in your reality. This is what many would refer to as ascension.

Now the myriad of reasons why you may not want to enter the ecstatic, joyous realization that you are God is a lesson for another day!

In love, light, and balance we greet you.


Overcoming Spiritual Competitiveness

THIS ARTICLE IS AIMED AT PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF WHO, in having moved beyond such fundamental judgment like prejudice, may, without even realizing it, HAVE come to refine their judgment into the finer aspects of the polarity that could be described as "evolved-unevolved," most commonly felt in the thought that one is more "spiritually evolved" than someone else. I believe that spiritual superiority and elitism are something that needs to be addressed in the spiritual community. That said, the ultimate form of non-judgment is to not judge judgment, and the ultimate form of that is to not judge yourself for your own judgment. So if, through this article, you find judgment in yourself, please do not be ashamed; that is not my intent. I am just presenting ideas for your discernment.

The more I have awakened, the more I have come to face the paradoxes that exist in reality. One truth that I am personally very certain of is that there is no one truth; that all paths lead to enlightenment. Put another way, I believe that everyone is exactly where they need to be at every moment and are fulfilling the path they have set for themselves. I find I react strongly to people who proclaim they have found the "true" path. People who say they have the answer, and that those without this knowledge are surely lost. In fact it is probably true to say that I look upon them as being the ones that are lost as they are so in conflict with my truth that there is no one truth. In doing this, unfortunately for me, I step on my own point. I have stated that their "one truth" viewpoint won’t lead them to "evolve" when I myself am stating that all paths lead to enlightenment. I have fallen into judgment.

In the spiritual community I have met many wonderfully open-minded people who don’t seem to have a negative word to say. They are always looking for the "good" in everyone. However, when they are faced with someone being judgmental a different side comes out. At worst, they may become hostile, but more often, they start making statements that clearly label the person as "unevolved," statements of superiority, and, not to mention, statements that start out with, "What you need to do is..." when the person has not requested any help.

In the mid-ground, before judgment of judgment, is a whole area of people expressing judgment over others who, for example, show anger or negativity, or are into things that some consider to be wacky or fringe, or who smoke or dabble in drugs, eat meat, or - the greatest sin of all - who don’t connect at all with our most beloved spiritual book. "You didn’t like the Seth Material! Oh shame, it is quite high level. You can’t have understood it. You probably aren’t ready for it yet." Inside, we have written them off as being only someone who can learn from us, and not someone we could ever learn from. We think that maybe, if they show willingness, we can teach to them what we know.

Okay, most people aren’t that outwardly blatant, but I am just trying to convey the point. I really do believe nearly all of us, including myself, use this evolved-unevolved polarity scale in our heads, and whether we mean to or not upon meeting someone we very rapidly give them a score and interact with them accordingly. It is my contention that in doing this, we not only do them a disservice, but we do ourselves a disservice. We cut ourselves off from what they could teach us. To throw in another one of my "truths," I believe that everyone on this planet is unique, contains uniqueness, and therefore everyone has something to teach us. If someone appears in your life, then you put them there, for a reason.

When I come to look at this type of "refined" judgment in myself, a pattern soon emerges. What I am in fact doing is saying, "How similar to my own beliefs are this person’s beliefs?" I consider myself "evolved," and therefore the more of my beliefs they share, the more evolved they are. If they are in disagreement with my beliefs then they are less evolved. If they hold my core beliefs, and then teach me something, then they are more evolved than I am. Here I keep using the word "evolved," although you may personally have a different word. Polarity can be expressed in many ways, such as pure-impure, good-evil, right-wrong, saved-fallen, "found the light"-"lost in darkness."

So where does this come from?
To become what we are, we will have made many choices in our lives. These vary from personal spiritual choices (what we do and don’t believe) to choices in the way we live our lives. We of course like to think that we have made the "right" choices; that we haven’t made mistakes. In the desire to feel we have taken the right path, often an attachment is made to those choices and sometimes even a feeling of threat from people that have made different choices.

"Why didn’t they choose what I chose? Why have they rejected what I have accepted? Do they think that I am making a mistake? Do they think that I am on the wrong path?"

When we each make choices in life, we obviously make what we consider the "best" choice. We are each clearly trying to forge our own best path. This is the nature of our reality: to use our free will to discern a path for ourselves. Many of these choices are deeply personal. Many of these choices are hard to make. With so much energy going into this process it is only to be expected that we feel attached to these choices. They are bets that we make, and we want to know if the outcome will pay off in the way that we hope. Will our expectations be fulfilled?

Essentially, I am saying I believe we are naturally attached to the choices that we make for ourselves, what we are attached to we value, and value is a currency. So when we interact with others and assess their beliefs in relation to our own, we are determining how much currency they have and how much to value them. The scary result is that those like us score highly, and we interact joyfully with them; those that are different from us score low, and we tend to walk away from them. This leads us to be constantly in a process of reaffirming our own beliefs and sheltering us from different viewpoints. This surely is not a good set-up for expanding our understanding. We fall into our beliefs becoming a heavily trodden rut that we cannot easily step out of to embrace new ideas; worse than that, we cut ourselves off from having a wide understanding/perspective. You do not need to believe everything you hear, but I think it is wise to at least try to understand why the people that believe different things from you believe them. And I mean really understand, not just fall into the easy conclusion that they are just less evolved than you!

A lot of this comes from our attachment to spirituality. Yes, you heard me right! I imagine that each of you reading this has made a strong commitment to spirituality. It is one of your deepest life choices. As such we each have an individual spirituality of huge value. The scale of evolved-unevolved includes all things - how evolved are you at: baking an apple pie, understanding quantum physics, building a house, raising children, artistic expression, computer programming, public speaking, flying a plane, etc. As a community we tend to forget these other things; we are so focused on spirituality that we have inadvertently limited our polarity to contain only it. We see it as the "true" measure.

As I mentioned earlier, I believe we are all unique; we all contain uniqueness. Coming to this understanding, more than anything else, has helped me on the path of releasing me from the evolved-unevolved polarity. Within the polarity, we are seemingly a path of people from one "unevolved" end, marching our way forwards trying to get to "evolved." In many ways it is seen that those further ahead know more than those below them. This is essentially saying that all the people below you (on this illusionary scale) are a sub-set of you. You are all of them plus more. You have nothing to learn from them, and they need to learn more in order to reach the point that where you are. In this, we miss the point that the first of us to levitate may only just be catching up with the woman in Finland who through years of practice has learnt to make the most "perfect" apple pie that you will ever taste! In reality though, there is no "catching up," because we are all perfect; in each and every moment, we are perfect at being us.

As for me, I am working hard at trying not to apply my beliefs about what is important to me, to others. I do seek to further define my own beliefs, but in seeking that definition, I will try not to be so attached to needing the reassurance that it is the "right" choice. It just is. I will try not to be threatened by those who believe differently from me. I will not devalue myself when I meet someone that I perceive as "advanced." I will try to move beyond falling into the game of trying to show others that I am spiritually evolved.

I have my uniqueness, and that is what makes certain things resonate with me. I will seek to open myself to other viewpoints, and not judge people whose viewpoints are contrary to mine. I do not need to believe what they do, but I do need to accept that it is perfect in each moment for them to believe as they do. They are no more right or wrong than I, for we are each trying to solve a unique dilemma. They are the evolving answer to their question, and I am evolving the answer to mine.


Questions and Answers

If you have a question that you would like to see answered here please email it to and if appropriate it will be posted here with an answer.

Is 'The Messiah Seed' a channeled work?
The short answer is "Yes" and "No". I believe the word channeling is really coming up for some redefinition at the moment. I would refer to my writing process as 'channeling my wider self' (preferring the word wider to higher). So in that respect it is not the traditional view of channeling that tends to refer to communication with something that is perceived as an external entity to the channeler. Another way to view it would be to say that I write in the purest way I know how from my God Spark.

For those who name energies here is the same answer in a more complicated form. I often become aware when writing that I am moving through energetic spaces that are associated with labels such as 'Michael' and 'Metatron'. For those that use these terms for identification I would say that I am of the family of Michael and that is the predominant vibration of 'The Messiah Seed' with the more cerebral pages having a Metatronic flavor. I perceive the Christ Consciousness therefore as being interpreted through these energy matrixes in the books. As you can see I do not perceive Michael and Metatron as being discrete entities but more vibrational states that we can all enter and be. To me they are Archetypal States of Being.

Why do you refer to the reader as Messiah?
Really this is how the book came to me. I sat up in bed one morning with the fifteen or so pages of the book in my head and an outline for the whole thing. My interpretation of it is in some ways a reclamation of the word from organized religion. The use of the word I believe seeks to take back a concept that is in some ways the ultimate externalization of power and to then reclaim it internally. The key concepts being that God lies within, the Christ Consciousness lies within, and that you are your own Savior. I believe that what was referred to as the 'Second Coming' is indeed upon us but it is not manifesting through any one individual but through all of us. It is an energy, not a person, and we all have access to be that energy. And please note that is where I end the similarity. I see no judgment day or Armageddon, just the creation of Heaven on Earth.

If you have a question that you would like to see answered here please email it to and if appropriate it will be posted here with an answer.

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