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Absolutely the best site i have seen in many a' moon. I could get lost on your site & still be happy with just this one. You show that there's more than 1 side to almost any question. I love it. 

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Visitors' Comments about this website/ Guest Book

I just recently got on the web, your site was one of the first I hit. 
I've been in heaven ever since. Keep it up!

Tina Dixon

Absolutely incredible website! I am so glad I found it. I haven’t been able to tear away from it as it has been answering so many of the questions I’ve had. It is a perfect repository of information of all the things we wish to learn about. Who we are.. where we come from and why. With references and links from very compelling authors and scientists, people can be sure that they are getting very useful information.

My hat is off to you. Keep adding more!

Steven Kenney
Ontario, Canada

I cannot help to express my congratulations for your wonderful website. It is truly one of the best on the Internet, not only in regards of the contents but also in terms of presentation and navigation. A real pleasure!

Heinz Boente

After browsing, I am able to say that it is one of the best sites I have read for years.  Clear and concise, pleasing to the eye and neatly categorizing the most important Mysteries for all to see. A researchers delight.  May it continue to flourish and open the Mind.

Crichton E M Miller

I spent some time last evening and looked at all the parts of your new web site. The design and appearance of it is very pleasing, it is easy to navigate and read, and the information is good. Your links section is very nicely done...

Martin Gray

Your site is very cleanly laid out; it even looks better than mine!


Quite an elite site you have! Very professional and graphically defined. I will need more time to thoroughly examine the many unique aspects of your site.

John E. Chitty
The Time of Our Visitation

WOW.. you do have an unreal database of links there.. it looks nice and clean, well laid out etc. ...  I really like the spaceman photo...

Larry Cosh-Ishii

Very impressive... I am really impressed by the layout and graphics of your web site... I find your site interesting... 

Charles Hartley
Surya Siddhanta

Very nicely done, clean, no clutter. Good info.

Lumir G. Janku

Congratulation! You have an excellent web site.

Rich Anders
God's Ultimate Task

The End of the World - Then What

Your site is well organized and filled with a wealth of interesting information. 
While reading it I am learning all kinds of new things I knew nothing about. 
Your bibliographies indicate that your information is much more reliable than the typical web page.

Steve Hazlett
Alberta, Canada

I love your site is wonderful...

Ed Leon

After visiting it again, I realize that I've seen your web site before and it is very nicely presented though I don't necessarily agree with much of the content. You have obviously put a lot of effort and study into your site.

Larry Orcutt
Catchpenny Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Well done, great job, keep continue!

Roman Klesik
Brno, Czech Republic

Your website is great keep up the good work

Norman DeCindis

I think your site is GREAT! It is very informative and well organized.

Kathy Hermanowski
Affiliate Program Manager, E-commerce
A&E Television Networks

I was browsing your website (which I came to through Atlantis Rising Mag)
which I find thoroughly enjoyable... You've got a great looking site!

George Erikson
Atlantis in America

I like you site.  Blessings,

Jennifer Borchers, President
United Nations SRC Enlightenment Society

You have an exceptional site.

Phil Vermiglio 

I fell in love with your site this morning. [...] Keep up the great work.  
Good luck with your site.  It's a gem!

Lizette Sinclair

I am sooo excited, has become my new favorite site!
Everything I have browsed though {so far} has been interesting, easily understood, jaw dropping informative fun and excitement.
If I could hug a web site I would hug this one for sure!

Andrea Saari

Well! I found your site today [...] An interesting jewel in the middle of many horrible sites... it is wonderful... My family and I are always interested in our world full of mysteries.. great site.. keep it up. I will visit when I need it very often. Thanks

Anonymous (bellelyly)

Before your site appeared to me, I was considering creating a similar site.
After I felt no need to. I have a passion for Mysteries, Archaeology, History, etc.  Your site is extremely ..."knowledgeable"

Indiana Rippon
NSW, Australia

Nice site - as a designer and surfer, I'm a big fan of clear simple layouts, plenty of whitespace, and quick intuitive navigation -- you get my vote on all three! :)

Jon Ralls

Wonderful site!....

Dr. Karen M. Ralls
Celtic Medieval Historian
Oxford, England

Thanks to the "yahoo pics", the website that I've been searching for has been found! It's taken a couple years to find it, but definitely worth the wait. One must always question "mainstream" beliefs, and never just blindly believe. Thanks for giving us "doubting Thomases" a place to gather!!!!! 

Debra Conway

Dear World Mysteries, I think I found your website by a Yahoo newsletter, and I was glad I found it!

Your information about Science Mysteries - Parapsychology is one of the best sources I have found about the subject - I had looked in libraries, bookstores, and the internet, but your information is clear and is what I have been looking for.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Jennifer Chorvat

Congratulations! has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award.

World Mysteries has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award. has been chosen as "Pick of the Day" on Yahoo! Picks


World Mysteries

This is by no means the definitive guide to solving the great mysteries of the world, but its collection of essays and explanations are extremely entertaining. Doug Yurchey, for example, looks at Nostradamus' prophecies and whether they really refer to the September 11 attacks. Fans of John "I speak to dead people" Edwards might like to read the discussion of psychic phenomenon, where author Rich Anders delves into near-death experiences and ouija boards. And just how did the ancient Egyptians construct those huge pyramids? Will Hart gives us his perspective, and takes a swipe at current scientific thinking in the process.

Maria Nguyen
The Sydney Morning Herald

WOW- loved it . I have always been interested in this subject as a layman. 
The site has everything. I like the way you fade one subject into another. 
I will be visiting "World -Mysteries often.

Clifford Wieger,Jr 

I am amazed with amount of information about ancient history, theories and mysteries in your website. The presentation of information, references and picture elements are remarkable. Keep the good work and enlighten humankind with your collective information and knowledge.

It's really fun browsing the entire website and will definitely will spend some more time to get into details. [...]

Anil Patro. P

Excellent site! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Very thought-provoking. There was quite a good amount of detailed information on a wide variety of subjects. I found that it was well annotated with plenty of links to specific reference material, with representation of opposing or divergent views on a variety of subjects. Just what I was looking for beyond the normal day to day types of intellectual challenges! Keep up the great work!

Renee M. Morin
Ontario, Canada

I would like to express my great satisfaction with the great layout and very useful information which you provide. Just keep up with the great work.

Lulzim Fushtica

Dear Webmaster of World Mysteries, after viewing your site, we can see the hard work you put into it. We loved it all, you did a Fantastic job. Our site is the first Italian Portal of Mysteries, inspired from a true history. This site is created and maintained only by volunteers opera and from the large passion. Please, accept our Exchange Awards in mark of friendship and admiration!

A big “Ciao” from Rome!

Jerry (staff / co-author)

Hello, sirs & friends, I am Deepak Shinde from India.
You gave us a supergift as
I am interested learner & wish to find something in history.
I like your DENDERA, NAZCA, and such something other presentation so much. its beautiful.

Thank once again for this site.
Wish you all the best for future to find more and give us.
This is your extra ordinary talent.

Deepak Shinde

After reading one of Sylvia's books, I noticed a reference to your web site.
All I can say is WOW! I've been wasting my time on other things when I could have been absorbing all this. I am so amazed by all this's exactly what I have needed to see. Thank you so very much. It's a dream come true.


Your website is fantastic and my eyes are currently sore from looking at all the illusions!! I am 11 and have a project at school about artists. This website has really helped me choose my artist while being very fun to do too!!
Thank you very much,


I just wanted to email you and say THANK YOU for the wonderful resources you have gathered. My research is taking me deeper into hidden ancient artifacts / knowledge and I have found myself going to for several source references.

Keep up the great work!

Jason Martell

Absolutely the best site i have seen in many a' moon. I could get lost on your site & still be happy with just this one. You show that there's more than 1 side to almost any question. I love it!



I just wanted to show my deepest gratitude for such a fruitful site, your ancient texts section especially. Its people like yourself that me this world a pleasure to live in, you bring so much knowledge, wisdom and excitement to this world. I truly admire your hard work and feel it is only fair that you can at least acknowledge that people do appreciate it. Thanks again for providing me with such a creative insight into this amazing world, I owe you guys and girls so much, I have obtained knowledge that I am sure most 23 year olds have never heard of. The time is now - And as I travel upon my own journey, saviours like yourself just appear, like jewels on a red pillow. You have planted the seeds of the tree of life in my mental, and for that I am forever thankful. Bless and I wish you all the best of future comings.


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